Roñ nĉ hAeráĵĉ & ‘n CoμΣэļ

This film is well worth the time you will spend watching it. As I always say: don’t “do your own research” – take advantage of other peoples work and check what you feel you need to check. If you did all your own research, you would have no time to defend yourself: this is exactly what the enemies of humanity want.
…”Environmental manipulation is the ultimate method of covert warfare because you can shut down food production. You can create a situation where the people within the country will revolt against their own government. Then you’re invited in to mop up the mess…”
“It could become a more important weapon than the atom bomb”.
“Owning the weather in 2025” – U.S.A.F. August 1996.
The extinction rate is now 1,000 times normal (+100,000% of normal) and 70-80% of that extinction – both plant and animal – is related to fungal infection. Geoengineering particulates are known to proliferate fungal reproduction.
Then you have GMOs that produce non-viable seeds, so you have to buy seed every year – on top of the fact that GMOs are extremely harmful to humans and other life.
And – wonder of wonders – the weather “disasters” seem to be directly correlated to an increase in Monsanto sales…
And – another wonder of wonders – Bill Gates invests heavily in Geoengineering and GMOs.
There has been a big push to get bioengineered crops into Africa: these parasites regard man-made severe conditions as a business opportunity.
The big players are “disaster capitalists” – they are there greatest enemies of the human race that ever lived.
In summary, they cause famines, then profit from the misery: all of them should be in jail.
All these psychopath-produced problems will get worse until we regain our democratic control. This process begins with us being informed of the full facts. The existing dictatorship will never do this, but the New Irish Republic 2020 will.
We all need clean air, water and food. The Geo and Bio “engineers” – “tamperers” would be a more fitting name, or vandals and mass-murderers – are trying to get a monopoly so we all come to depend on them to exist.
We are all vulnerable and must begin to defend ourselves against these suited psychopathic thugs.
No individual or group has any right to threaten our collective future for any reason. There are natural and sensible ways of solving our problems, but we must urgently remove the killers from their positions of power and get them into jails.
It is only when we exercise our power of control and get rid of these lunatics that we will begin to see the light of freedom and real modernity.