We commemorate our fallen Volunteers best by getting what they fought and sacrificed themselves for…

Only one entity is fit to lead our – or any other – nation: it’s people, guided by a team that has their well-being at heart and that has done it’s “homework”.

The real Peace Process takes off



240621-1227: Not Ukraine – NATO!

It was not Ukraine that attacked Russia last night, but NATO, the current name for the British empire that also calls itself the “Free World” – the empire of the big lie. This unprovoked aggression has been ongoing since before 2014, but most of the people don’t know this because they are constantly disinformed by these same criminals.
This existential threat to us all needs addressed urgently.
They have successfully established the lie that Russia is to blame and now proceed with their invasion and destruction plans.

240619-1049: Will a $50 billion loan save Ukraine?

The question is, as usual, a form of disinformation in itself:
firstly, Ukraine does not need saved, it needs to sort out it’s “borders” (ie communities) imprison the murdering criminals who have taken over their government and live in peace with it’s neighbours (none of these necessities need any weapon!!), instead of allowing a tiny minority to steal all it’s wealth and to oppress it’s people in service of the ultimate dictatorship by Washington, Whitehall and Wall Street.
And, as far as the “money” is concerned:
the 50 billion gets decimated by the vultures as it buys “weapons” which prolong the war and ultimately are spent, explode or get burned. In short, the 50 billion “loan” is one big cruel lie… the ultimate money-launder – worse, in ways than the “vaccine” scam, since it brings the threat of nuclear war caused by the aggression of the US/UK/Zion/Neocons (NOTHING to do with nationality, religion or race, these parasites live in all societies, constantly pushing for total dominance) who need war to conceal their next “Great Reset” – ie their next big cull and further enslavement of the survivors.
But back to the “money” – the ability to hoard stolen power. The prime scammers know well that the most effective money-launders fulfill 3 criteria:
1. they must be seen as “charity”, philanthropy;
2. they must be seen as defending us, the people, from a serious threat that must seem real, but actually be the result of lies and propaganda….. and, most important of all:
3. the “stuff” (ie. material which now becomes “matériel”) “bought” must end up disappearing into thin air: the tanks burn, the jags are absorbed… the “education” destroys minds, the “progress” hinders, the “development” makes us dependent; the whole system turns human beings into what Victoria Nuland treats the Ukrainian puppets as when she uses the neo-con phrase “attaboys” for the bribery that is the life-blood of the murdering dictatorship that calls itself “The West”.

240609-2136: On leave as the massacres continue

This was an automated reply from another entity that does not do what it’s name tells you it does:
“The IPSC National Coordinator, our single part-time member of staff, is currently on annual leave until 18th June. “
Then at the bottom:
Please be aware everyone is a volunteer, and that they are not always immediately available to respond or act. 
Finally, we would ask you to respect the work-life balance of the our National Coordinator, and if you happen to have his mobile number or personal email, please do not call, text, WhatsApp, email or message him while he is on leave, thank you.
In solidarity,
The IPSC Team
We’re not on leave here at Omlán-. We’re never on leave, but have been obstructed in our efforts to help the Palestinians by two sub-groups of the IPSC: the Derry and Letterkenny groups are controlled by what can only be described as Fascists, who excluded me inexcusably – and I know I am not the only one they did this to. First they let on to have “lost” our contact details, then just deleted us from “WhatsApp” – the decision of one single person and unknown to the rest of the group.
Those who keep people away from action in support of the Palestinian cause are doing the work of the Israelis.
The IPSC is worse than a lie: it ensures good workers are kept away so the Israelis will win as the IPSC poses as something they most certainly are not. They don’t support, they Sabotage!
The word “despicable” is not strong enough to describe these agents of Zionism who wear the keffiyeh and tell you lies.
An independent group has evaded these Zionist agents and we meet weekly at the Station Roundabout in Letterkenny from 12 noon every Saturday.
So when you wonder why we were not gaining support, this will explain – and cure.

240608-1944: Simple as it gets… but not so easily done.

The current threat of nuclear war comes from ONE source only, despite what the media tell you.
It is ONLY the USA that has a “first-strike” doctrine; the Russians would only consider using nukes if their very existence was threatened, whereas the US has an insane first-strike policy, causing the Russians to need to be on full alert. This full alert is then used by the US as justification for their almost daily escalations which have brought us to the very edge…
When the USA returns to the agreements it signed, we all can have relief from the very real possibility of nuclear war… oh, and they have to stop their unprovoked and genocidal aggression on Russia via their Ukraine-based fascist/mercenary proxies who were put in power by Victoria the mass-murderer Nuland and co. on their behalf.
But the puppets and the rest of the people chosen for the 21 century Noah’s Ark don’t care about the rest us all dying (more accurately: this is their very plan), since they go by the unwritten mantra: “less of them, more for us” – AND – they have the private jets on standby to fly them off to Patagonia so they can survive the nuclear winter that will kill the rest of us. They will, of course, deny this, but they have yet to commit a crime that they didn’t blame on their victim.
This habit will only die when they do… and these identifiable individuals are all deserving of the death-penalty.
Continuing restraint is essential, but needs to be accompanied by a massive campaign to inform the people, so we can unite in our pursuit of these criminals who now threaten our very survival.
Our “Irish Initiative for World Peace” is working for peace, both by providing info and by pushing the criminal and justice aspects, rather than allowing these murderers to re-offend by their incessant provocations – all crimes in themselves…
These terrorists are ex-state and above the “law”, since it was they who designed the systems that now allow them protection from punishment for their many heinous crimes…
Our job is to arrest these criminals and to bring them to justice before they kill us all.
Go mbeirimis beo ar an am seo arís.

240608-1014: Making the best of a rotten system.


240608-0847: Democracy works!!

It’s nice to be out of the self-promoters-season for another while: the elections are over and those who push themselves into jobs where you pay them highly for talking hot air, will go back to doing nothing useful.
That doesn’t apply to us volunteers, though, happily, otherwise we ’d never make any progress.
To be fair and just, democracy needs full truth, so you make the right decisions… but you NEVER get ANY truth… so democracy works perfectly to ensure that you consent to being ruled by the most inhuman and useless people.
Truth deals with facts, not opinions and truth is seldom popular, but truth is REALITY.
Prejudice, the result of long and industriously circulated error (accepting untruths as fact, or being duped into falling for the deliberate confusion of “opinion” and “fact”), makes the anti-democratic “democracy” work permanently…
Except when we rebel against the “teacher” who tells us the lies and create our own true school.
Don’t let them tell you that “you can’t do that”
You can.

240607-1745: …and Macron is a traitor.

France has NO reason to be fighting Russia, yet this criminal does what the bosses in Washington and Whitehall demand, endangering his people with neither reason nor mandate. He, like most of the World’s illegally-installed leaders, is a mass-murderer.
Mass-murderers should be in jail, not in power.

240605-2028: A 2-state solution: without a border…

… just as we are now creating here in Ireland, after having levelled the playing-field to some extent.
Britain and her allies still sabotage our freedom struggle, but the principles of democracy and justice demand this solution. No force will ever erase our Irish and Palestinian rights to full citizenship and an end to violence, coercion, injustice and media lies by the invader, who still blames us, the victims of their tyranny.

240530-2256: A concise history of the NATO aggression on Russia. Essential: first 30 minutes or so…


240529-1930:“Israel”’s attacks on UNRWA: just another act of genocide.

“Israel”’s attacks on UNRWA – with NO evidence – are one thing and one thing only: another act of genocide, by removing the main source of humanitarian aid.
They have produced exactly NO evidence to support these allegations: they and their USA masters lie endlessly.
The terrorists here are those who have killed over 30 thousand innocent civilians – and those who are supplying the weapons and the lying propaganda which tries to justify this long series of war-crimes – mass murders on a daily basis – that they call war.
Contradicting the known truth is rightly against the law I was brought up with.
The Israelis, the USA and the British do this as a policy so the average person doesn’t know where the truth lies.
This is the foundation for what they call “democracy”. It is not democracy; it is fascist dictatorship.

240529-1403: Funding war when 90 percent of the population wants peace.

It’s dead simple. This is how it works:
“Sweden”, for instance, “donates” a load of weapons “to help Ukraine defend itself from the big bad Russians”, then Sweden gets new versions to replace these outdated ones that they dumped on the Ukrainian proxies, feigning generosity, as “Westerners” do.
All the massive costs are then laundered back into the hands of the warmongers by the corrupt government. This is hypocritical, criminal and inhuman, but people see it as philanthropy.
Variations of the “vaccine” scam are used in this, the current big money-launder which funnels our stolen resources into the hands of those who are working on the technology to solidify their global tyranny.
And we are all targets.
This is our punishment for being stupid and falling for the lies of the British, US, Zionist, NATO, EU criminals.
I’ve personally been warning of this for 13 years now, but the defeated Irish republican movement has ignored me, since I only spent two days in jail – the only two days I ever wasted…
No welcome in the veterans club for anyone not institutionalised over long periods in British jails. The qualification required to be taken seriously by the veteran provos is that you have fully swallowed the lies of the British and taken as a premise that we cannot ever beat their masters in Whitehall.
I never did and never will subscribe to this insanity, but I deal with it almost daily.
Those of you who still seek a free life should join us here in our resistance.
It won’t happen by magic.

 240529-1301: An unequivocal act of war by NATO.

The attacks (plural!) on the Russian Nuclear early-warning radars were simply acts of war.
All red lines have been crossed by the NATO warmongers, who have, don’t forget, already stated their intent to strike first.
We are now IN World War 3, since these attacks are an existential threat to Russia.
The US/NATO caused and sustain the current war in Ukraine; they also caused and sustain the ongoing genocide in Gaza.
We all have been attacked numerous times by the same criminals; the war is not our choice, but we are not blind to reality.
This is what we Irish got for making peace with devils.

240527-1605: More danger ahead. Your future is in the hands of RAND!.. and they call this “Democracy”!!

This post summarises/quotes some of the “Truth Unmuted” essay linked here…
“NATO’s 2021 report indicated that neuroscientific warfare techniques can be used to destabilize “a political leader, a military commander, an entire staff, a population, or an Alliance…” As a result, governments and militaries from many nations are working feverishly to combat the threat mind wars pose to citizens and nations. Their alleged goals are to maintain trust in democratic values and processes while simultaneously implementing greater controls on the flow of information. Paradoxically, they are attempting to maintain (the illusion of) freedom, while authorizing new forms of digitized censorship “for the greater good.”
Klaus Schwab, former Executive Chairman of the WEF, spoke about this new world where privacy is “severely restricted” in a 2013 interview, mentioning:
Everything is transparent, whether we like it or not. This is unstoppable. If we behave acceptably, and have nothing to hide, it won’t be a problem. The only question is, who determines what is acceptable.”
So, as they rant on about “privacy” (means censorship), they act as follows:
“The sooner we accept the inevitable and inconvenient truth that privacy is gone, the sooner we can start actually thinking about how to make sure our societies are ready for the post-privacy age”
a transparent lie: when they talk of privacy they are lying and doing the exact opposite
The company behind both reports connecting bodies and brains to the Internet is the RAND Corporation.
this is Victoria Nuland + Co.
See their Report: “Extending Russia” for a taste of what types will be dealing with your control…
We all need to read this in full. Then read “Extending Russia”.
This is an essential aspect of the ongoing war on us all by maniacs who have almost achieved automation of their tyranny.

240521-1622: “Pales”: the enforcement of “Western Democratic” dictatorship, fascism and tyranny.

3 different locations, one repeated crime.
They call Ireland a democracy, too, but plantations cannot be called democracy… they are the antithesis of democracy: kill or displace the natives, then plant foreigners, then call yourself a democracy and call them “terrorists”. Convenient, but not very democratic…
This link summarises how the Zionists committed these crimes and how they now call the natives “terrorists” and themselves “democrats”
By means of deception shall you wage war… Mossad motto, same as US/UK unstated motto: “9-11” > Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria… all weakened… now for phase two.
Palestine is the “Pale” of the East:
the criminal “Western World”s foothold as it attempts to conquer the whole continent of Asia.
These images look alike because they portray exactly the same phenomenon: “settlers”, “pioneers”, planters… same crime, same criminals: the suited parasitises who use others to do their killing and dirty work.
It worked at least twice before and might work again…
not on my watch,

240520-1706: Thoughts on the current danger to us all.

From my experiences during the 70s-90s “conflict” in the part of Ireland under direct British rule, their main weapon is the vicious circle sketched below – with the difference that we were weak, but the not-“Western” World, (ie the countries that as yet remain free, to some extent, of the pure fascism that has for long ruled and oppressed us Irish) are not weak.
These “Western” domineering criminals – especially now – use conflict to take our attention away from the central issues.
Their tyranny depends on exploitation of many to bribe a few and thus needs lots of death.
They don’t care how this is done, but need it to be blamed on the non-conformers, so they can call us “terrorists”.
They will provoke until they get a response that gives them the excuse to attack and will then blame the victim.
This modus operandi has been their speciality for centuries, but becomes a terminal threat now to us all since their unsustainable system has come to the crucial point where it’s unsustainability is at breaking point. If they don’t get a big war to blame for the inevitable collapse of their rotten system of coercion with bribery, they will be forced to use some other method of ridding the World of most of us “useless eaters”.
War, then, is the decision they have already made… only the pretext now remains to be created so they can provoke an attack by our defenders.
So we must defend, not attack…. and NEVER take their poisoned bait.
Concentrate on making the truth be available to us all, so the people can deal in an effective way with the criminals who now rule the world.
The Irish, as with the majority of the world’s people are peace-loving and want to work in co-operation, so this must be our focus. The criminals in control are in a terminally unstable position, but that puts us all in mortal danger, since their “democracy” is tyranny in disguise.
Especially since we do not know how far advanced are their developments of inhuman weapons of mass-murder, we must increase vigilance and, especially, must unite in common purpose to lock up these criminals who use the system they call “Democracy” to rule us in pure fascism. This is a trans-national, evil, criminal organisation that has been allowed, by our ostrich-like behaviour over many years, to bring us right to the edge of the final cliff: nuclear war can now be brought to us by the decisions of some of the most psychopathic people this world has ever known. I count 3 and 3 against 8.5 billion does not give a democratic decision!!
We, the people, have been fooled yet again.
This time, we must win.
This is not an issue that can be ignored as not in our back-yard.
It threatens us all, so we must unite in our common defence.
There is no law here in Ireland and this is probably true in all the “Western” countries.
This needs our urgent and undivided attention.
We will be safe only when the leaderships of all the aggressor-nations/entities are safely in custody, being questioned and the information being used to protect us all from the small but powerful and evil minority who cannot see anything beyond their dominance of us all.
These “nations” are: USA, UK, Israel.
To call this situation dangerous is the understatement of all time.

 240513-1911: Graham to Jail

Lyndsay Graham should be in jail, as should many more like him.
His hate-speech, incitement to violence and genocide are criminal offences.
It is only when we lock up all these criminals that we can ever be safe.
And if you think this is far-fetched, just continue to do nothing useful and you will have this bleak outlook realised: these psychopaths in power are our common enemy.
They hate anyone who doesn’t think exactly like them.
They will come for us all if we don’t deal with them urgently.

240512-1105: World War II: Churchill’s Big Cull.

“… the millions of casualties of World War II demand that his (i.e. Winston Churchill’s) leadership be soberly researched and told. Few families were left untouched by Churchill’s wars. They robbed families of fathers, husbands – and wives – mothers and children too.”
From “Churchill’s War” by David Irving.
Failure to read this history is now helping to cause it’s repetition:
Our disinformed acceptance of the deceitful default of an English “Education” (called Irish, of course) in which the truth is suppressed and the big lie rammed down our throats at an impressionable age is repairable in this important case by reading this book. Available online at this link.
We all got an English “schooling” but few of us also got an Irish education.
This injustice is now being put right.
The fact that your own culture seems foreign to you is caused by the British “Education” system that was forced on us to make us comply to it’s tyranny.

240507-1142: After a long tolerance, hit the bully…

The patience of the leadership of the Russian Federation is amazing… after being attacked deviously by a US led coup, the arming of the most despicable of the UkroFascists and their unceasing attacks on civilians, thousands of innocents (all but the aggressors are innocent!) are murdered by US/UK/EU/NATO suited war-criminals…
Then the tolerance gives way to the necessary next stage of dealing with an anti-human bullying psychopath – you hit him full on as hard as necessary.
I am reminded of being bullied myself by the usual big coward who thought it cool to beat up the wee soft-target…
It went on for months until he pulled me from a seat of our school bus and sat on it himself… and, inevitably, the wee softie seized the initiative… from lying on the aisle, my right boot got him full force in the face.
I had to be on guard for a few days, but the job was done.
I was at a gathering of Russian-Irish yesterday and was impressed by a few things: like us, their celebrations are among themselves with no in-your-face provocations like those I experienced from the loyalists in Derry in my young days; their family/friend units were welcoming and we were welcomed as guests.
And, I especially noticed that the only speeches were made in English by Irish people.
We might take a lesson from these friendly people. The people of the “Gaeltacht” area I now live in were like this, too – until recently – when the overwhelming force of British rule in all of Ireland poisoned the minds of the majority and made them think they were also the chosen people – the suburban, English-speaking pseudo-Irish who still oppress those few of us who still live by and keep safe the priceless ways of those who live on the land and still respect the integrity of the WHOLE system that nurtures us all.
Our precious ways of life are now in no danger, since we have taken back our spirit.
I have no hesitation in stating that Ireland has a good ally in the Russian Federation… and that we will share our long, painful, experiences of the oppression we still suffer from those very same psychopaths who now attack them using Ukrainian Fascist-Fanatic lunatics as weapons…
So now to my first few bits of “advice”:
These “people” do not have ANY respect for TRUTH…
They do not have ANY respect for for ANY other person, people or worldview.
They think it is OK for them to foment wars, murder millions and profit from the arms-sales.
They understand nothing of justice, but they are as devious as it gets – incredibly twisted.
And, of course, they are bullies who seek out those they think are vulnerable… but, most of all… they are cowards.
They obey NO rules, so their “rules-based international order” is just another lie: it is a fascist dictatorship… the accusations they make against us the resisters are just transference of their own evil mindset.
So… when they accuse Russians of imperialism, they are reflecting their own evil-minded intentions on the latest “victim”.
This serves two purposes:
to create the fear of a common threat that will justify war which will be fought by their own coerced and misinformed citizens, so the big boys never see the blood they cause to be shed – always by other …lesser humans.
and to cover up the evil intent of their own bloody war-lust and that this is just another rung in the ladder of what they see as their justly-inherited way to complete control of EVERYTHING.
Time for the boot in the face – full force.
Then we might well get some peace.
We certainly didn’t or won’t get it from their so-called “Peace Process” which was and remains just another big lie of the big cowardly bully – and a ground-clearing exercise for the “New American Century” which they began by the crime of treasonous mass-murder of their own citizens that they used to excuse their next few wars in service of the empire of the lie and the oppression of mankind.
The perpetrators of these despicable crimes – those who have not since died of natural causes – still roam free.
The “West” has lost any pretence of humanity and will only ever get it back when they have locked up all these criminals in suits… but their media-dumbed citizens keep voting for them to protect their own little suburban gardened houses, their cars and their holidays in the sun… not the sensible thing to do, but very helpful to the tyrant!!
who is about to get slapped where it hurts…

240426-0646: Planning leads to management, but not if you are working for the British state in Ireland.

Since the genuine, real “Language-Planning”* was done long ago by us here at Omlán, the British Government that resides in Kildare St, Molesworth Street, Maynooth, “Acadamh na hOllscolaíochta Gaeilge” and a few other bastions of the big lie, are now actively bribing workers to make the antithesis of our universal blueprint for success (linked here) their paid work for another few years – until our language would fade away, helped by the false illusion of movement that is the speciality of the rotten state that still bribes the weak and oppresses the progressives…
But, since our 18-year, compressible Language plan has now been unofficially “Launched” – for the second and actual time, we move quickly on to Language Management.
The mercenary pseudo-academics who composed the criminal ‘Comprehensive Study of the usage of Irish in the “Gaeltacht” ‘ are paid by the British here to stifle any progress while portraying themselves as front-line benign progressives (just another lie).
This has been ongoing since this state was created by our enemies, but now runs parallel with its real alternative: this alternative was designed by volunteers of our new Irish Republic and, from now on, all our communications on this essential subject will be in Irish.
Our plan was first “published” – but state-suppressed – in 2014? and is linked here.
Our “CeannÁras” is here at Tearmann na Fuiseoige (spelled correctly in our own works)
We will co-operate only with individuals and groups who are willing to follow our active plan rather than the anti-plan that was created by bribery and corruption to satisfy the money-lust of the mercenaries among us…
We couldn’t care less how much more the mercenaries are paid than we are, since we work for the people, not our own comfort.
It’s time to banish the big lie.
Our World affairs work continues in, for now, English, since our problems are the result of the criminality of the leaders of the Empire of English, who think they own the world and all it’s people.
That world-view is on it’s way out, though,

* NOT the anti-Government’s “Pleanáil Teanga”, bureaucrat-style, i.e. endless and with a deliberate negative outcome


240423-2117: Strange difference in efficiency…

You might also have noticed the difference in efficiency:
The humanitarian aid to Gaza is dead slow, but the supply of weapons is lightning fast. See all the lorries loaded with US “Bradley” armoured fighting vehicles waiting at the Polish border on the all-clear to go to Ukraine to cause more deaths.

Then think what the aim is… is it to improve our lives or to profit from ending them??
No prizes for the correct answer.
We are ruled outside of the publicised institutions and the dictators are miles ahead of the “parliaments”.
Just the small matter of the money which has to be borrowed from Zionist bankers… to be laundered into the hands of the private companies that get the loot from the Fascist states that make up “The West”…
…the funnelling of profits into the private hands of the complex web of criminals who control the military, industrial, pseudo-academic, media, and the rest of the blood-suckers that they call “lobbyists”. In Irish, the word used for “lobbyist” means: “one who looks for something for nothing” – a scrounger: perfect!
So the anglo-Irish – who call themselves Irish –  and the rest of the slaves, who have joined the enemy for comfort, ignore the crimes being committed against us and keep living it up in the soon-to-burst bubble of false comfort that they call “The Free World”
i.e. the part of the world where NOTHING is free.
It’s great to live outside of their “Free World”.
I cannot think of one single facet of this rotten society that hasn’t been taken over and destroyed by the lowest of the low.
This will end when we BEGIN to act to stop it.
As of yet, not one single effective action has been done to resist these criminals… but they move forward daily by leaps and bounds.
This cannot go on for much longer.
Since nobody cares, the criminals will remain in power – and get worse.
Our location and contacts page has all necessary details for any of you who are concerned for our collective future.
The Irish, having been defeated so many times, now think that winning is impossible.
This is not true, but the defeatism has gone so deep that it is difficult to cure.
So I just repeat: they cannot control us if we unite – and take the correct steps forward.
…those who don’t move don’t notice their chains…

240416-2016: Not a word of truth.

The US/UK/Zionist empire will only tell truth when it suits them, which is almost never.
The main “spokesperson”, the US, pretends to be seeking peace as it stirs up war.
Best policy is to believe NOTHING from any of these criminal anti-democratic Governments.
If you disbelieve all that they say, you will be close to the truth.
And to expect the worst, also, is sound judgement for us all, since these terrorists want the whole world under their rule.
They are mass-murderers: that has been verified MANY TIMES.
They have been the cause of most premature deaths for hundreds of years and they are getting worse.
Time to take heads out of sand.
Plenty of room here for those who want to assist in a genuine Irish peace-justice initiative.



240414-1839: Self-interest would mean the end.

If any of the target-countries – ie Russia, China, Iran, India, and many more, including all the nations who still retain ANY independence from the tyrant…
… if any of these entities look at things from a selfish position, we will be annihilated by these demons.
We all need to unite against these criminals – they obey NO rules.
They never tell truth; they are as ruthless as can be: proven on numerous occasions.
We are all in grave danger.
Israel and Ukraine are the agents provocateurs – the front-men, but the Brits and the US are calling the shots.
Anyone who expects mercy – or even fair-play – is living in cuckoo-land. These nations have killed millions and have no qualms about a few more… in fact, their view (unstated, of course) is “the more, the merrier”.
This is not two separate wars, but one single, multi-faceted attack on most of the human race. We are “excess population” and are to be eliminated.
This will only begin in earnest if they win this initial divide-and-conquer routine.
They are massively experienced in this criminality and we thus need a solid, united resistance.
We must unite.
Even united it will not be easy, but as fragments, it would be impossible… the end.

240414-1330: not for denial of the “Holocaust”, but…

The diligent and courageous truth seeking of the English historian David Irving has been hidden and his name vilified, not because he denies the “Holocaust” deceptions, but because he states the full truth of BRITISH war-crimes during that WW2, their previous assault on the human race using proxies.
The THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of tons of bombs dropped indiscriminately on innocent German civilians.
“Every night the British bombers visited a different town or city of the Ruhr and unloaded one or two thousand tons of bombs over the streets and houses. A handful of bombers breached the Ruhr dams, unleashing the reservoirs on the sleeping populaces below;”
He doesn’t accuse them of terrorism and mass-murder – but I DO.
The criminal hates the truth-teller.
And we truth-tellers hate these criminals – and we are not afraid of their terrorist ways.
They will not beat us.
They are human animals and deserve to be locked up – permanently:
Churchill was a mass-murdering criminal; so have been EVERY single leader of these NATO countries since and for long before too.
Do YOU have the courage to resist these parasites? If you do, join us here.

240413-2027: France goes to war with Russia – gives no reason…

This undeclared act of war adds to the ongoing aggressions against the Free World that began with the US-led coup in Ukraine, the supporting of a terrorist state there… and now the first country to openly join the ongoing NATO illegal, evil war of aggression on the Russian people.
Simultaneously, the same aggressors use Israel to foment the southern front in this enlarging war of the Saxon and their mercenary lackeys against the human race itself.
The lies have been evil; the provocations by genocide have been evil; the NATO enemy is evil itself, posing as defender of their “Garden”, when they are just a bunch of mass-murderers.
This is what the British have been doing as the Irish made peace.
They know of nothing good – just killing and criminal deception.
And they dare to call us terrorists!!
Every human being killed by these French soldiers is a murder that Emmanuel Macron is guilty of – as will be the deaths of all the French soldiers he has sent to interfere in a conflict that is not their right to interfere in.
Macron is already guilty of murders; just watch as his death-toll increases and see the total lack of any justice in their rotten “Western World” of mindless terrorism.

240410-1407: All governments lie

 – and the most powerful lie first… and their lies reach more people, since they have stolen our media.
That is the problem with their so-called “democracy”…
Our new Irish Republic is not controlled by a government, but by it’s people and we don’t accept any information as truth until it has been fully verified. Neither do we steal your resources to give to our cronies.
We can, therefore, progress despite the neoBritish tyranny of lies, bribes and deceptions that has been oppressing us for centuries.
Our previous “leaderships” have all been duped again and again by the tyrant’s lies and seduced by the bribes they steal from us all to give to the compliant cowards.
That dark era is ending and we are already progressing.
As more of us join our Republic, we will efficiently disempower the self-servers among us who have helped an evil enemy to oppress us for far too long.
We give information, not propaganda and political censorship;
we give an Irish Education, not an English schooling;
We give referenda, not gerrymandered misinformed votes;
we give practical action, not empty-worded west-British posers who call themselves Irish republicans.
We give you the republic at last
We don’t need an army: our defence is in good hands already.
We need volunteers who will do what the people need us to do.
We already have some and more are coming.
The “demos”, the public… get to choose to be part of this or not.
There is no coercion, but the right road is obvious to the sighted and the blind will come when they switch over from TV, newspapers, social-media, etc, to our national information service as it develops at www.omn.ie
Elections are not urgent, since our founding proclamations remain unfulfilled.
They will all be fulfilled.
“Elections” are simply decisions as to our next steps forward and are done by votes on ISSUES, not personalities.
These can be organised literally overnight when we reclaim our stolen national broadcaster, the criminal RTÉ.
If you choose this future, volunteer to act on it’s behalf by arriving.
ALL the incidentals have been arranged.

240407-2006: None of us are safe.

As long as psychopaths like Zelensky and Netenyahu can cause nuclear explosions, none of us will be safe.
As far as any rule of law is concerned, we are firmly in the stone-age.
Exactly where the Saxon tyranny wants us.

 240401-2233: Why do Western media censor the Russians??

Here is a representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to answer this question. You will NEVER hear this stuff if you stay within the open prison they always push you into. The censorship of truth is the main cause of wars. That’s why they erase people like Maria – and that’s why we give you the chance to hear how much more human they are than the idiots who think they rule us here… Links on the title and the image. I have no doubts who the aggressors are…


240401-1245: Almost all of us voted for peace.

You can fine-check the percentages yourself, but, as examples, we Irish voted for peace yet again in 1998 – in the high 80’s percent averaged over the 2 British-ruled statelets here. This was, though, as usual, another British TRICK to clear the way for more of their wars and to use our people as a HUMAN SHIELD for their military-industrial complex!! (see pages 6-7 of the linked pdf for details of this ongoing war-criminality).
The Ukrainians also voted for peace (75%??) when they voted the lying US puppet/actor Zelensky into power on his callous promise of peace. Peace cannot co-exist with the forms of coercion in force in both these countries: in Ireland we are still ruled by Britain; divided, denied democratic rights; and stifled with propaganda and censorship which fatally distort any vote anyway: in short, we are ruled by British war-criminals; Ukraine is ruled by US/British war-criminals: Nuland, Johnson, Sunak, Biden, Blinken, etc, etc ad nauseam.
The Ukrainians are still being hunted down like beasts by the Zelenski proxy-US government in Ukraine as human sacrifices to the criminal network that now terrorises all the “Western” countries.
You might think the word “terrorises” is a bit strong??
So what do you call locking people in their homes under threat of jail, scaring them with lies about massive death from a virus, then coercing them into “allowing” mercenary so-called “Healthcare” workers to inject them with poisons (the death-toll is counted in millions: check this fact, too!!) so they would be allowed to have a drink in a pub or eat in a restaurant???
The US mass murder in Ukraine has killed over half a million people so far and every single one of these deaths are MURDERS by the US/UK, etc tyrannies who are 100% to blame for this war that could NEVER have started without their evil interference and criminal, psychopathic supply of weapons.
The rulers of the “Western World” are  ALL guilty of the continuing denial of peace to people who are totally innocent.
We do not ask these criminals to give us peace, but we will TAKE peace by locking these perverted anti-human vermin in cells and by exposing and punishing the guilty who now seek to escape justice, as usual and to increase their criminality.
Into jail with the murdering scum, but not before they are themselves forced to tell their us the full details of their evil deeds.
That will not take much force, since these parasites are the biggest cowards that were ever born – as bullies all are.
The “police”, soldiers and “justices” that they bribe daily with big wages for their co-operation are also fully guilty:
until they revolt, that is…
then and only then can they use the names they call themselves honestly.
We volunteers are coming for you.


240330-2200: US should be at war AGAINST Israel, but:

..their new military aid package includes Israel’s MAIN MURDER-WEAPONS:
1,800 MK-84 2,000-pound bombs and
500 MK-82 500-pound bombs, along with
25 F-35 stealth fighter jets that drop those bombs on innocent, starving Palestinians.
“We have continued to support Israel’s right to defend itself,” a White House official tells The Washington Post. Conditioning aid has not been our policy.
Washington gives $3.8 billion in annual military assistance to Israel.
These are the works of the ultimate evil who call themselves the defenders of democracy…
and are accompanied by public postures as neutral mediator.
These are the “Human animals”.



240327-2014: The “War on Terror.

Remember the “War on Terror”?
Well, that was, as usual, the big lie in action:
this was – and still is – the war OF Terror, where the “Allies” attack a chosen nation and then create and arm the most demonic terrorists to destabilise any nation that dares to oppose the total dominance of the “Land of the Free” i.e. The Land of the Slave.”
Opposite of what is stated is usually dead on truth.
To call these lies is not accurate – they are fundamental reversals of language: so big that people cannot accept that they are being deceived.


240320-1900: Citizenship, freedom, democracy replace tyranny, dictatorship, coercion…

So we got what we expected from the defenders of tyranny and the big lie in Washington, Whitehall and in a few of their slave-states: seething anger that the Russian Federation has once again led the way in real democracy.
Those who voted in this election did so as voluntary citizens of the Russian Federation, though many more are still cut off from their home community by the stone-age British concept of divisive, anti-democratic “National Borders” that the “West” – the war-mongering mass killers of innocents – uses as an excuse for their eternal war on us, the people.
These type of voting rights should be extended to EVERY SINGLE human being living on this planet: we should all be allowed to take citizenship in whatever nation we choose, irrespective of borders, by our choice of passport… and to be fully enfranchised in the Global assembly of the nations of the World.
And this progressive democracy is the main reason for the conflict that the USA and it’s lackeys concocted and continue to promote in Ukraine… the U.S./U.K./Zionist terrorist, criminal states are always killing “in defence of freedom and democracy”… Simultaneously, though, they do all they can to destroy any freedom or democracy that exists anywhere on this earth.

If you take this image of the World as an illustration, you can, with this progressive step, put the name of your home country on this map as being “our nation”… Although the criminals who think they control us would boil with anger (as is their usual reaction to any human progress, which they detest vehemently) this is true “Globalism”. Once again, contrary to what we have been forced to accept as unopposable fact for years, nobody owns any land, whether you like it or not. As we Irish say: “You can’t take it with you”…” there are no pockets in a shroud”… etc.
And it is only the de facto, but tottering, criminal system of finance and “Government” corruption* that allows the few to control the many – and to make it look as if they are the entrepreneurs, when, in fact, they are no more than thieves and murderers.
My home country is still under the dictatorship of the British Empire that rules both illegal states here in two slightly different ways, leaving me (us all!!) still stateless.
So, in solidarity with oppressed peoples everywhere, I help move us forward to full equality as human beings on a shared planet.
The dictatorship needs rooted out, just as any cancer would be – and this current, so-called “Western Democracy” is the worst cancer this world has ever suffered from.
We will have true freedom when we stand up together and lock the criminals in cells.
Justice and right are firmly on our side.
Our society needs to reverse – yes, 180 degrees – and travel the short, correct road towards: reversing the current zero tolerance for driving a vehicle that has a faulty headlight bulb, or no Tax, but full tolerance of powerful criminals who rob, torture and kill in industrial quantities.
When we re-balance the existing pro-criminal justice system, we will immediately move into the real world.
What controls us now is a blatant, homicidal, tyranny, controlled by the criminally insane…
But, since it calls itself “Democracy” we all fail to see the naked emperor before us.
Not only is this emperor naked, but THEY are insane… dangerous to the unwary… but bumbling cowards behind all the bullshit and sabre-rattling.
No sign of Emmanuel Napoleon Macron on the front-lines in Ukraine, yet?? Himself, Lindsay the super-hero Graham and a large number of the other “emperors” should all be put into tanks and, with their own supplied “Javelins” in the hands of the enforcers, they should be ordered to do what they are coercing others to do, as they live in luxury and talk the biggest hate-crime in history.
Straight to the front-lines for the whole lot of the wasters who promote wars from the safety of protected spaces.
These are the “Human animals”, these are the “terrorists”; these are the criminals.
There are no words powerful enough to describe the evil of these cowards.
Out, out, out.

*  “Fascism” is the word that best describes the current system that dominates the “Western” nations.



240319-0848: Like father, like son…

The forefathers of the main NATO “nations” ALL did what the Israelis are now doing in Palestine… they see no problem in subverting the “democracy” they tell us that they respect above all. No problem with mass-murder, as long as their media and “academics” can paint it over with lies and deceptions.

They ALL slaughter(ed) the indigenous people – Brits, Yanks, French, Dutch, Spanish, Portugese, Australian, New-Zealand… and I have left some out.

These are the enemies of ALL people… including “their own” people!! They have infested all the “Western” countries and these nations are now being dissolved to leave the preferred setup of a tiny minority who terrorise the compliant majority – going as far as mass-murder EXACTLY when they consider it expedient – and always using scapegoats as they preach virtue… War, “Famine”, war, bio-terrorism, war, homicidal injections, war, cultured and deployed disease, war, climate and environment sabotage…

And the so-called “Parliamentary Democracy” system (Rishi the billionaire typifies) is the weapon they use to make us constantly accept their “postponement” of progress, as we once again fall for their big lie that political progress is a slow process.

It is NOT a slow process:

just remember how quickly these criminals get weapons to the Israelis and Ukrainians who are their front-line troops in their ongoing war against reason, peace and any freedom we might have ever had: their war on humanity itself always gets top priority.
Their deceitful justifications come a very close second.. savages, human animals, terrorists…

Don’t fall for their well-presented bait.

As with all baits/deceptions, it is fatal to believe one single word they say.

Assume the worst and you will not be far off the mark.

Action is needed… on a wide front.

But we still assume that someone else will do it for us… that’s the most powerful weapon the criminal tyrants have.




240318-1605: “I don’t want it perfect, I want it Monday!”

My St. Patrick’s Day contribution to freedom and peace for the Irish – not beginning with the language, but now putting it in it’s rightful place for the Irish – first and made easy by one who understands it’s soul: OUR soul.
This work is far from finished, but we need to publish and move on. When we get some “oxygen of publicity”, we will increase the workload… I do a bit almost every day, but that would take at least 4 years, so it’s a case of: “I don’t want it perfect, I want it Monday!”
The voice-recording is a reading of the first part, which explains our new system. It is not perfect, but when you begin at page 1 of our “dictionary and grammar book”, this recording gives the average semi-fluent Irish speaker, who was “taught” by servants of the enemy, a comprehensive exposé of our new historically and linguistically correct spelling/grammar system which brings Irish out of the English-enforced “classroom” into the light of day that has been withheld from it since the British landed here in 1100 or so.
In a few words, their 800 years-long attempt to exterminate us Irish has, with this work, failed. The work of one single dedicated, untamed but realistic individual has ensured success.
We will continue this work until we have risen above the sewers of the English empire that currently empty over Ireland… and elsewhere…
This “St. Patrick’s Day” work has been ongoing now for 50 plus years and will continue as long as I have breath in my lungs.
The beast will never beat us.
And now we can begin making our language visible and unapologetic.
The oppression goes on, but it’s success is now impossible.
Those who still accept money for any Irish-language-related work are now exposed as the thieves that they are. They have been parasiting off our people for far too long.

The image below links you to the pdf of this work-in-progress; and the sound-file explains the new system by letting you hear and see it in use. It is a reading of the first 1+1/2 columns, which explains our new system even if your Irish is not good.



240303-1827: As I work…

As I work through the collections of our traditions as represented by our Irish “Dictionaries”, I am regularly confirming – proving – my “hypothesis” that one or more saboteurs have been at work at the deepest levels of our culture-preservation attempts. Those who have worked for this enemy within are mostly unaware of this, since they are cellularised, as Bobby Sands was, though in a far more pleasant way…
But I am not cellularised…, though, since I promote truth with power and full conviction, I am censored, ignored and, when that fails, vilified. But as I commemorate the third day of the final sacrifice of Bobby and the others, I do exactly as they did: I give my life to, rather than for, in this case, the cause of justice and peace for us all.
The heroes of ’80-’81 are not forgotten, nor was their heroism in vain, as we repair the serious, almost terminal, damage done and move forward to full freedom from the terrorists who still think they can break any of us who refuses to bow to their tyranny.
I can prove sabotage, so this, as is all my work, will be hidden from as many people as the British war-lovers and oppressors of innocents – especially those who are also weak – can hide it from.
And, since I don’t exaggerate, I was for the xth time, attacked with a deadly weapon last Saturday, and have total video proof of this, the crime that would have got me locked up immediately for, if I had been the aggressor, has the criminal/lunatic still free and this community still in danger from a violent madman.
There is no protection for the victim here, but full protection for the criminal.
Our Irish Constitution is now being changed by referendum, when all our decisions should be made that way, but the existing Constitution has always been disregarded any time it fails to suit the ruling British minority here:
Art. 8 is a classic example, but the evil disregard for Art. 2 is the full enforcement of the British partition of Ireland against most peoples will – and is done on a daily basis, mainly by locally-recruited mercenaries, but under the full command of the invader.
Every single election here has been in breach of Art 2 since day one (1937 here), so it’s small wonder that our “police” force is no more than yet another local servant of the British aristocracy. The Garda I have dealt with here were mostly unaware of this – up to now – and courteous, but the higher ranks were and still are fully aware of this crime against the Irish nation that they all, as a unit, protect by their acceptance of payment for protecting the guilty, so the guilty can continue to oppress the poor.
That is not the Irish “nation”.
Just as the Palestinians are, we are stateless still, despite our long-ongoing efforts at making peace.
The recent massacre in Gaza (latest in a long list) is exactly the way the British starved, culled and ethnically-cleansed millions of Irish, during what they then called “The Famine”. The map of the deployment of their regiments is available (Thanks to one family of the Irish-American community), but suppressed. Their thanks will be the freedom we are now taking by force of truth.
As with Gaza, this was no Famine; it was genocide. But we will rise above the criminals who have murdered us as they called us terrorists for centuries.
Our work goes on, despite the oppression, to the end.

240301-1958: A question for the leadership of the USA:

You invaded Iraq using the lame excuse that they had “Weapons of Mass Destruction”, which you have yourselves, though Iraq did not and do not have, so why don’t you now invade “Israel” since they DO have WMDs and, judging correctly by their ongoing genocide in Gaza, have every intention of using them against ANY country that might threaten their reign of terror.
Would it be loyalty to the state of Israel that you helped create and continue to support, or is it just plain cowardice?
I suspect that the links between US neo-Crims and Israeli mass-murderers are closer than they would have us believe.

240229-2222: “9-11” – NeoZionCrim-controlled US/UK’s first strike of WW3…

These images were sent here by a commentator on yesterday’s post (“240228-1759: The wants of these criminals do not come above the needs of us all”).
And, for those Irish citizens seeing this, do you now see what the upcoming “Referendums” (x2,x2) are about? Apart from the deliberate leading, by framing the natural way as “NO”, as usual… so the semi-conscious TV-heads will vote YES without understanding…
First, they got enough of us to accept “same-sex marriage”… by calling it “equality”.
Now they want us to accept the Family “whether founded on marriage or on other durable relationships” – ie NOT the Family and now including “carers” – mercenaries on the payroll of our local servants of the empire of the Lie!
But the point is:
that “the provision of care” (and here is the trick: “care” has long since been turned upside-down to mean a professional service sold by the state to the citizens that they have confused by devious language-twisting), “by members of a family” (new meaning – opposite of existing meaning – including professional “carers” – another new meaning)…
In short, by voting YES to these few seemingly trivial proposals, we give up our rights as parents to mercenaries in the service of the totalitarian state which will then be “legally” entitled to take children from their homes into “care.”
Now do you see the “direction of travel”??? Family out; professionalised “carers” in.
Now do you also see why we the fully-awake citizens are branded as “Far right”??? It is classic “poisoning the well”…Media does the leading of the blind (by censorship and propaganda) and the discrediting of the sighted (by erasing us from the public consciousness, or by our character-assassination by a servile “Media”)…
These criminals have destroyed the reasoning-powers of most of us…
and this was done as an integral part of what they here called the “Peace-Process”

So back to the images: a picture is worth a thousand words.
the first strike of WW3 was the Zionist/US/UK strike on the Twin Towers – false-flag, of course…

sorry, it was in 1948, when they “gave” Palestine to their new “planters” – just as they “gave” Ireland to their old planters who now still exploit and murder us… They are evil, but certainly not lacking in devious dirty-tricks that exploit the trusting nature of us, the good human beings who they despise and never cease to murder by all means that their perverted minds can come up with.

And their 2020+ trick – bio-terrorism: ongoing.

Then a couple of “wars” – actually part of their ongoing WW3 against most of us…
Just to see how far they have brought us on the road to accepting the fate of cattle in the slaughterhouse – the “Goyim”, the “Human-animals”.
But, thankfully, these psychopaths are short – very short – on any apprehension of reality…
and their bribery and corruption system ensures that all essential aspects of “governance” are controlled by the least competent, most corrupt, most useless human beings that they can buy.
But we, the incorruptible, can do work that is infinitely more effective than the HollowWood-style, glitzy, empty, self-serving dung that now passes for state institutions and their waster, mercenary servants.
It is already too late for those who have already been murdered by these criminals, but we are now prepared for the big lockup of these lunatics and many of their pathetic, useless hangers-on.

So now to the most apt and powerful image:

those who would call us “Far right” don’t know that our very brains go from far-right to ultra left and that these “political” terms were composed by the enemy of the Irish – and of everybody else who is not in their collective of lunatic, powerful, perverted half-wits who still think they can rule us by deceit and censorship…
If you would call “Far Right” one who donates ALL of his time, ALL of his income, ALL of his very being, to the service of the common good,
you are yet another victim of state brainwashing by Britain and it’s axis of evil that they call “The Free World”.


240228-1759: The wants of these criminals do not come above the needs of us all.

This question-summary is addressed to the criminal cartel that operates under the von der Leyen “flag”.
The hijack by these criminals of the EU has run it’s course.
So to a question:
Was Ursula aware of the fact that the so-called “vaccine” that she pushed for profit; the war she/they created and support in Ukraine; the ongoing genocide in Palestine… caused (would cause) the deaths as below…?
(numbers are disputed, but facts are documented) of ESTIMATED 17 million by injections; 490, 000 in their attack on Ukraine/Russia and 30,000 excluding those lost under the rubble of a “Western”-backed terrorist power called Israel/US/UK and other names, as need requires…
figures for injured are massive, too, and are not overlooked… famine is already ongoing and killing – pre-meditated murders all.
The wants of these criminals do not come above the needs of us all.
When her business partners encouraged her to attempt a money-launder by buying up loads of jags… support the provision of weapons to lunatics in Ukraine and full support for the Blue terror that they promote in Palestine as they murder more innocents…
The figures are NOT irrelevant and can be verified…
And each and every one of these crimes will be fully investigated by us, the victims of the criminal cartel that causes all our “excess deaths”.
The Who, the motives, the position, the long track-record of criminal behaviour…
and masses of hard evidence, all lead us to an open court of justice where these criminals are to be called to account for their actions.
Since the existing anti-democratically “elected” institutions are obviously inadequate, we will do this outside their foundation-less structures.
The Irish sub-cartel is also well known to us and is under investigation.
Our peace process is at around year 30 by now and we are close to a result.
Our initiative for World peace, though suppressed, is tackling these serious issues.
We will be consolidating our system of democratic governance as we go along this road to being guided by benevolence, instead of being coerced by bribery and corruption from the perverts who think they can rule the World against the will of it’s people.


240223-1150: Democracy: U.S. style:

U.N. Security Council Motion calling for an immediate humanitarian cease-fire in Gaza:

For: 13

Against: 1. U.S.A.

Abstention: 1. U.K.

Motion defeated.

The two countries who support genocide won against thirteen who would be against genocide.
The World is ruled by anti-democratic, pro mass-murder tyrannies: FACT, not “opinion”.
If we continue to accept this, we will cease to exist.
The UN needs replaced, as do all the current “institutions” that were designed by the US/UK/Zion, etc empire to oppress us silently.
WHO, ICJ, ICC, EU, WEF, UN and a few more, are ALL criminal entities that steal our resources to produce anti-democratic shows that also fully support any AND EVERY mass-murder: Gaza, Ukraine, CovID and other bio-terrorist weapons, including the CovID cull-injections, “abortion”, where facts are falsified and the young and maliciously-misinformed are further lied to to get their consent to the most unnatural and unjust murder of all: committed against a TOTALLY innocent and defenceless human being…etc.
The dictators have only one “contribution”: mass DEATH.
Those who have some experience will see the now-obvious pattern:
The World is now controlled by people who are fully in agreement that the World’s population should be reduced from 9 billion to 1/2 billion, so the “chosen few” can become richer/more powerful.
There are more than enough resources to support 20 billion people on this Earth – and global warming is EASILY dealt with – but these killers – psychopaths – need to kill, so all other solutions are suppressed and censored so we never get to decide: we are dictated to by the suppression of what should be common knowledge.
Resistance needs action, not words. Action follows understanding and our centre here is the hub in Ireland.
Street protest is sociable and good for contacting, but is controlled by part-timers and mercenaries, so there is no ongoing action. This is part of the control-system which has been designed to ensure control of any dissent.
Without 24/7 action, there can be no success.
That’s why this centre is always accessible: details at < http://omn.ie/index.php/tengml/ >

240219-1308: First version of Irish Dictionary:

…fully searchable, from original 2,520 page Dictionary of the Irish Language (Old and Middle Irish, which, as you can see, has not changed much since that period!!): various contributors, including this most recent that opens our heritage to us all.
It will be completed when we get it fully in Irish and when it is accompanied by the same jobs having been done on our modern Irish dictionaries, which are all sabotaged by the state, but need – and are getting – some care and diligence…
This is work in progress and is done in bad weather and winter…
Two modern dictionaries in process.
The so-called “Concise English-Irish Dictionary” is not one of these, since it, being a product of an anti-Irish leadership who pay well, is a disgrace and a waste of space: English is it’s target language; it has many English words dressed up as Irish; it has many arbitrary “translations” of so-called idioms into Irish; it is spelled in an English-Irish system… and a few more disgusting sabotages from well paid servants of the English language totalitarian state that calls itself “Ireland”.
This new yuppie-Irish, British establishment will try to make this work disappear, as usual, but they cannot hold back the tide of the long-awaited rising of the Irish people from 8 centuries of vicious oppression that has now become a local élite who do the British dirty work for them – for profit, of course.
We, the citizen-volunteers of the new Irish Republic, have nothing in common with mercenaries who would serve Satan himself for a comfortable life.
Proinsias & Pangur Dub


240213-1006: The turning of the tide

The pre-edition of our first Irish dictionary is almost ready. It will be a simple digitisation > disentanglement of a mercenary digitisation… of the sources for online and offline use. The tool is functional already, giving a search by “Command f” that gets things moving. These will be upgraded as fast as possible. This first one is early: from first writing to around 1100 or so.

The modern language is also being done and will be on similar lines, but will develop, also, from a mercenary west-British mess, to the real thing, done in the new 21st Century writing system which is as near perfect as it gets. This has been in use now for more than ten years and the floodgates are now being opened to our future free from the professional waster.
The main thing is that these works will, from first publishing, be complete and accessible. They will be in pdf form for download, so they can be used offline. Printed versions will only be considered when fully adapted back to original Irish: a lot of factors here.
This work has up to now been controlled (sabotaged!) by the British – those who cause and sustain the oppression of our free world. The Anglo-Irish “Educational” establishments have been a major hindrance to progress – by design, but the choice of a real education is now available. It might take years to break the centuries of indoctrination… it has already, since this is ongoing since 2011 without support: we are totally censored and our volunteer organisation denied the oxygen of publicity, not because we are “terrorists”, but because we are exposing the terrorists in government, who have bought our people by bribery and misled us by the pseudo-modern mythologies of useless profiteers who would sell us the air we breathe if they could meter our lungs… this might not be too far away, either, if the lethargy continues… but none of that should ever again be acceptable. I live the alternative and have no doubts.
These dictionaries will have no so-called “loan-words” when Irish has a native one; no English words dressed up as Irish – which are a badge of slavery in all the existing servile works; definitions and etymologies will be in Irish – in the correct spelling, so etymology and the priceless Irish mindset are preserved – this is one of the crimes of the so-called standard spelling: it is ENGLISH and designed to be seriously damaging. And those who would call me racist or “right-wing” don’t even know what planet they’re on: this is the assertion, protection and development of native, universal rights in a free world. It oppresses nobody but the criminals who now think they can terrorise and murder us.
This first edition is a field wound-dressing and the full Irish versions will follow. This may take years (should be done in months, but workers are bought), but is work in progress and a definite turning of the now-filling tide. The mercenaries have held us back, but that is the disease called “capitalism” – the rotten evil system in which the bully/coward/waster who has stolen the riches from his innocent neighbours calls the shots – and this way of working always involves holding back progress and, recently, just plain criminality going as far as mass-murder – even genocide. We the Irish people should know better by now not to trust the invaders. But instead, the invader has brainwashed us into not trusting each other. As long as this continues, we lose.
I once again recommend that we begin disengaging from the comfort-tyranny: it’s more than pleasant out here “in the cold”.
And far more healthy for body and mind.


240214-1112: Massive state-organised crime posing as charity.

So, I, as the core voluntary-worker with the Charity “Iomlán” (Chy 18591>20071622) am being threatened with 10 years in jail for asserting our right to use the first Irish state language in our dealings with that state. This video

shows the most recent battle, but this new “CRA ” has deliberately and fatally sabotaged our volunteer organisation’s right to exist in our own country.
The only true Irish charity (every other “charity” pays workers and is thus a business, not a charity) has been blocked by the state (as far as I know, none of CRA’s paid employees are even qualified for their jobs) and they are now threatening me (since I am the named “trustee”) with 10 years in jail for using the word “charity” to refer to a charity (the 300,000 euro fine is irrelevant, as the figure is wishful thinking, at best, since I don’t donate to criminals, especially those calling themselves servants of the Irish state). The rest of the over 20,000 entities that call themselves “charities”, but are BUSINESSES, are free to do as they please, but we are oppressed for being what we say we are: an Irish Charity. This systemic corruption, by the way, is about to be investigated.
<https://www.charitiesregulator.ie/en/information-for-the-public/search-the-register-of-charities> has info concerning one layer of this corruption: there are many more…
We are now going to pursue criminal charges against this illegal entity (CRA) for obstructing our charity in our legal and legitimate charitable works.
When we registered with the pre-CRA authorities, we had full service in Irish and we were – and still are – registered under the 4 headings. I don’t know of any other entity that has this, but our investigation is ongoing. Then the top criminals in the west-British bureaucracy in Dublin disbanded this and created the “Charities Regulatory Authority” – now called Charities Regulator) and we were immediately attacked by these semi-literate mercenary bureaucrats just as we were getting established. The British Government that rules us illegally from Dublin decided to make sure we were caged from the outset. This is a serious crime: in effect they have made a corrupt money-laundering scheme out of peoples charity! The amounts of money and resources involved are massive: massive state-organised crime posing as charity.
We will fight this criminality in all it’s facets, until our people are free from liars and thieves in our “Government” and in it’s mercenary servant-entities.
We have kept all the evidence and will prove criminality in the “Irish” state:
they have wilfully sabotaged the only Irish charity that exists. But we still exist and will continue to work for justice for us all.
I now appeal to those who read this summary, to send the details of our case to any influential persons or entities as we struggle for freedom in our oppressed nation. I am also sure that a similar criminal network is at work in most “Western” countries, so I recommend they follow our lead and investigate this serious ongoing criminality.


240213-1540: The “Settlers”

Before 1948, Palestine was home to a diverse population of Arabs, Jews, and Christians.
But the US-clone, the perverse, illegal, pseudo-state called “Israel” has been, since day 1, doing a more modern version of the invasion, genocide and robbery with extreme violence of north America by the WASPs. Britain’s “giving” what didn’t belong to it (ie Palestine) to the “Jews” was never intended to be a solution to the “Jewish problem”, but to be a bridgehead into Southern Eurasia via it’s “soft underbelly”: they want it all.



Their “system” cannot survive in a just world! The US/Canada genocidists both call themselves nice innocent names like “pioneers”/“settlers” and their monster-creation is called “The Land of the Free”, but they are – both North America and “Israel” – manifestations of the cancer of pathologically violent Anglo-Saxon invasive and bloodthirsty warlords. They have infected many lands and, when you watch all this video, “The Settlers – inside the Jewish settlements”
you will get to know these, the ”chosen people” who “believe” that all other humans are “human animals” “Goyim”: cattle!! and that they alone have any rights. The US/Canada/UK, etc did the same mass-murder and robbery with extreme violence and also intend to invade as much as they feel they want of Eurasia (and subjugate the rest) – that’s what the “war” in Ukraine is all about, too: it is another attempted invasion of the Russian nation – totally unjustified, evil aggression with criminal lies to protect the guilty from exposure.
These greedy, oppressive, perverted, anti-humanity criminals have the whole world in their sights. And, as you can see in this film, they don’t even conceal this any more, since they know they are well protected by Big Brother, the USA/UK, etc. They “think” they have right to oppress us all: now you can see clearly why they are always talking (and acting) about there being too many people on this earth… coercing people to limit the number of their children and cull us by the thousand using “legalised” bio-terrorism as these Zionist colonisers breed full throttle. Now you can also see the mindset that glorifies the killing of children and innocents.



The ongoing cull by bio-terrorism is  being honed to perfection and we must erase our own differences and treat this problem as it is – a fatal cancer that intends to rid the world of most of it’s people – and just about all of it’s cultures: I would not use the word “culture” to describe the violent theft of other peoples land and genocide (justified fully by their “religion”) that is, without any equivocation or fear of justice, discussed as we would discuss the weather.
We the innocents who are under the very real threat of genocide (it is ALREADY ongoing) from these lunatics, need to put all our differences aside and tackle this problem, because, if we don’t, they will up the ante. Wars are not only their killing-fields, but their experiment-sites and their money-laundering operations – it’s win, win for them, but…
We have already seen that the USA is prepared to go to full World War in support of these demons and that the so-called ICJ is just another time-buying deceit.
The USA has not the slightest intention of complying with any international law, nor has Britain and the rest of the mass-murdering criminal gangs that now pose as “Governments”.
And, do you now see the point of the destruction of Iraq and Afghanistan and the threats to Iran? None of these “wars” were anything but criminality at a perverted level and thus the rest of the “Arab” nations have already been dealt with.
And never forget that, above all, these people are liars: what they did themselves to their “own” people – “9-11” – was their “New Pearl Harbour” to kick-start their current phase of legalised mass-murder. What they deceitfully called the “War on Terror”, is THEIR War OF Terror.
And every single one of their “agreements” – Oslo accords; Security Council Resolution 242; The Agreement on Movement and Access (AMA); Minsk agreements, etc, etc, were all done to create the illusion of progress as their plans are put into action at full speed – as the world is led to believe that they are making peace.
They are currently doing the very same trick for the umpteenth time here in Ireland, too, so some of us (though not any of those who put themselves forward as public “representatives”) are wise to their criminality posing as peacemaking. These demons must not be allowed to get away with this tyranny. That’s how important it is to get these criminals into the cells they belong in. Failure would be fatal for most of us
and the constant wars will never be stopped until these evil people are brought to justice.


240211: Another tour of our site: first spring day after a rough winter.

Thank God, though, that we have some freedom here and are not being bombarded by psychopaths.

As stated many times, refugees are welcome here.



240208-1707: Smash Thatcherism.


We the defenders of the people have two serious problems in communication:
One is that we are censored and a false message is constantly rammed down our throats;
and the other is that any sensitive messaging that we want to keep secret is seen by the enemy, but mostly not by the intended recipient.
This method of communication is, to understate, insane: it is the result of dependence on “technology” – but the tech has been hijacked and is being used as a weapon against us.
First, we lose skills, but worse, we put ourselves under the power of the criminals who control bigTech.
As an example, use of GPS in the mountains is rightly frowned upon by “assessors”, since all it takes is a flat battery or a good soaking to leave the techno-kid stranded. This is potentially fatal, but is on a tiny scale when compared to the current cellularisation of community that has been achieved by the abuse of power and modern technology.
Remember the “united we stand..” mantra? Well, the dividers never forget this and always sow division. The new tech is a gift they use well to serve their evil ends.
But all this is 100% fixable. I can say that since I live it.
Here’s how to get free of the totalitarianism of the techno-psychos:
First we deal with how this trap was set and is now being used to defeat us.
In my lifetime (since 1959, so “conscious of surroundings” from mid 60’s) our community has gone from being tight-knit and co-operative to being almost 100% selfish – this selfishness is referred to by euphemism, of course: “individualistic”, “entrepreneurial”, etc. But this is a lie to cover up what really happened: it was no accident, but a devious and malevolent social-engineering project>job.
You see, in my young days, we lived by the guidelines that are fairly common to all true religions – and our family, like most, had only “lost” our language less than a century earlier. It was not “lost”; it didn’t “die out”: it was annihilated! It was anihilated because it, with the Christian civilisation that had cradled it, gave us cohesion and purpose. Again I can say that confidently since I have studied this, getting my facts from the treasures that the beast failed to destroy…
These cohesives  were forcibly replaced: the mass killing came first, then the mass media became the more acceptable tool, but the forcible culture-replacement was directed by the so-called “elites” who fear nothing more than a cohesive community.
Margaret Thatcher epitomised this gradual and unseen replacement of good by evil… but there are many adherents to this mé féin madness: it destroys communities and people, so the psychos love it.
Some of us, however, resisted these criminals successfully and not only did we preserve our soul, but we are more than willing to re-share that back to the descendants of the people we got it from – free and without “conditions of sale”. That’s our “communication system” – the “academics” call it “oral tradition”, but, as usual, this is a twisting of fact. The only reason any Irish person was ever illiterate, since early Christian times, was because of our vicious oppression by Britain’s wolves (the very same crew of murderers that now slaughters children in Palestine).
So to the present: as the cellularisation intensifies, first with “social media” which was the filling of our mouths with an empty spoon: these are NOT social media, but anti-social, totally un-secret, monitored and viciously censored tools of a dictatorship that we had slipped on us as we thought we were making peace and creating a bright future. The fact that this happened elsewhere points to a trans-national entity (once again!!!) not a “conspiracy theory” but a fact.
Speaking of fact, the truth has also been so confused with “opinion” as to leave it non-existent for many. I know some of those people: they don’t even know the difference between truth and deceit.
I was often told, mainly by Shinners, as we call the bullshitters of our generation, that “You’re entitled to your opinion”. This was taught to them by their grant-form paymasters who used grant application forms to dictate conditions of those who took the bribe… Again, I know this because I refused a bribe. Sorry, two. One was a grant-aided job that was doomed to fail by design and the second was an offer of 5.25 million Euro if I allowed them to turn a perfect project into a scam-opportunity for fat wasters and parasites. I lost a lot by these refusals, but I do not regret being true to my soul.
So I now will deal with the two blades of the sword that cuts our free-speech in tiny pieces: in reverse order, since number 2 is much more simple – as easy as abc.
When you want to keep a message secret, put it on a memory-stick – or write it – and deliver it by hand: if you consider any message important, under no circumstances trust it to ANY online method, since they are ALL “OSINT”, as they say: ie they are as private as a bus station…
So now to the crux:
Again assuming you are in receipt of a message you fully agree with and are “passionate” about. Share, share and share.
There is often a confusion between these two types of message: the secret one gets full secrecy, the public one gets your full effort to pass on. No need to be told… just do it.
Our website at www.omn.ie typifies this: it has links to all our own work, but also to any source of information I (or you if you volunteer to help here) consider to be impeccable.
RTÉ, our so-called “national broadcaster” has been involved with the criminals for years, so we will take their (sorry, OUR!) building and equipment over soon, but, in the meantime, I suggest that all the small independent Youtubers, Vimeoers, face bookers, etc come together, pool resources and, as is being pioneered now by X (exTwitter) provide a wide-scoped media service to a people who have, for too long, been the victim of state indoctrination. RTÉ will cease to exist when we make that happen, not before.
So you were expecting some complicated, ultra-modern communication system, I think, but you have been given something far more valuable. These two systems work ANYWHERE, ANY TIME.
The framework for this new “media” is on our website (www.omn.ie).
As is usual with a volunteer organisation that is oppressed by it’s “own” government, all our work looks rough, since we have no professional designers and no funds, but we do have dedication – in large measure. And we also have a sense of community that has become almost unknown in our Thatcherite “society”… but not for long!!
Finally, I need to remind people of their communal duty and that the enemy uses massive bribes that we neither can nor would use, so the crux is voluntary work.
I look at all things from a community point of view, but most people see the me-only world. That mindset is a burden and is easily thrown off – and the lightness is healthy, to understate again.
Our www.omn.ie site exemplifies this mindset – and this article is a summary of the guidelines for a thing that comes so naturally to me that I find it hard to describe… as a gift to the majority who have been tricked into life as a prisoner in Margaret Thatcher’s hateful creation: Thatcherism – the individual is all that matters; “there is no society”
They successfully indoctrinated the Irish to be like this and I know that we are not alone… all the tyrannies have been working from the same “playbook”, since they are offspring of the same sow…
But we will break free once again. I can say this, since I have already done so – and I more than recommend the result: the result is true freedom: freedom with the responsibility to make sure that that freedom is for us all, not just for any “chosen” few.
Anything that is for a chosen few is garbage, pure and simple.


240208-1604: The USA should be AT WAR with Israel.

Many of the Palestinians who have been murdered by Israel are citizens of the USA.
…yet we didn’t see any “retaliatory air-strikes” from the defenders of democracy.
The USA should be AT WAR with Israel.
but it supplies and supports instead. Why?
Because this is nothing to do with nation, democracy or anything else good: it is about the ongoing war being waged by the evil, criminal minisculity, against the rest of us – the human race.
They have concentrated their most vicious servants – the butchers – in Israel and Ukraine.
The Ukrainian professionalised psychopaths have been dealt with by Russia – but the US is to blame.
The Israeli professionalised psychopaths that the US/UK, etc have created should be dealt with by the US/UK, etc. but the aforesaid professionalised psychos are the army of the US, despite their chameleon-changed uniforms. The IDF is a unit of the Neo-Crim’s Army: they are controlled from Washington, as were the Right Sector/Kraken/Azov, etc.
When these type of thugs are armed, they are a danger to us all: that’s exactly why the arch-criminals in Washington, WhiteHell and Brussels have armed and continue to arm them.
When the USA forces Israel to disband and decommission, they can take a seat at the table of the United Nations – and I do not refer to their own masquerade, but to the real United Nations who vow never to use force except in extreme cases of self-defence.
All logic leads us to peace, yet these criminals are still in power.
If the USA/UK/Zion, etc persist, we, the innocent citizens of the world need to force them to yield to reason: this will be done by citizens arrests, on-camera interrogations and the LEGAL incarceration of the guilty.
We have nothing to hide: we have right and justice on our side.
The MEMBERS of our “police-forces” have a choice to make:
do you defend the victim, or protect the guilty? And the guilty in this case are not guilty of petty traffic offences, but of mass-murder of innocents, including children.
So do we have a law or not?


Britannia’s “Expeditionary force”, perhaps?


240207-1032: Zaluzhny is being replaced by…

Big Daddy – NATO – unofficially, of course, as usual.

It’s time to admit that the US/UK/Zion/NATO criminal gang – that we, in our love of and addiction to the comfort zone, have allowed to deeply infect the “body politic” – is now easing the existing “leadership” of the military (ie their mass-murder-gang) over a bit more visibly to the sideline, handing the reins to those who really have been controlling the incessant push for war since day one anyway: the aforementioned NeoCrims. Budanov, the CIA-US/British Army-trained terrorist, is only one of a big, dangerous team who just love terrorism, but who pose as the “War on Terror”… you have seen what the rule by a psychopathic state can do to a people: just look at the inhuman antics of the Israelis as they gleefully kill Palestinian children.
This de facto is as dangerous as it gets, yet, since, as was done with the Cov-ID ongoing mass cull, it is being done slowly and is concealed by a galaxy of lies and disinformations, people don’t react to defend themselves.
These tyrannical, fascist criminals are coming for us all – and their “narrative” that “Putin the aggressor” wants to rule the World is just their usual “transference” – ie they accuse “the enemy” of exactly what they themselves are doing.
The question you should ask yourself about the effectiveness of your own attempts at resistance is: has this crime been stopped and the criminals removed from positions where they are a danger to us all??
The answer shows that we still have not really dented the armour. Too many of us have been bought and are too used to the luxury of the servant.
If you feel that a change of tactics might be appropriate, given your honest but negative response to my question, feel free to land at my door. There is plenty to do – all effective.
The “talk” has been done on our channel www.omn.ie … that will continue, but the action will gain momentum, too.
But most people have failed an unannounced (and unplanned!) test: I never thought that the propaganda and cellularisation could have had such drastic results.
The information freely given by my 23 years of service was not given to you (singular), but to you all (plural!!), so the taking without sharing “punishes” itself by ensuring we never get a critical mass of workers.
As long as we remain in our own “back yard” – ie putting me first and last – we almost invite the murderers, who work on the “less of them, more for us” policy to up the kill-rate. They just love Thatcherism – and this precisely describes the insane selfishness that what used to be the Irish people have descended into.
It is only united, effective, incessant actions that will cage these criminals: that’s why every arm of their rotten tyranny pushes us towards individualism: since an individual whose people has been bought – stolen from him by the tyrant’s theft and unjust reallocation of the resources that should be being used to make our future secure, just and happy – can not dent the armour, but can so easily destroy himself trying… I know this from bitter experience.
Slow reaction, within limits, is good, since it ensures a measured response, but when the “slow”, as is now the case, is measured (accurately) as 12 years, things get seriously out of control: that’s today’s de facto.
12 years is how long ago I published my “Ireland’s Big Lie” report – and I have been wasting my time since then trying to motivate people who still refuse to open their minds and see reality. Meanwhile the cull continues and the evil get richer on OUR resources!
That trait of allowing the enemy to communally blindfold the members of our movement, was the cause of the defeat of our 1990’s peace process:
no admission of mistakes; refusal to see reality; division and distrust replacing getting to the heart of a problem and fixing the problem rather than another irrelevant symptom; allowing the enemy’s propaganda to infect our core teams; misunderstanding, but ploughing on, since to admit that one individual can do what a movement failed to do… causing misinterpretation by populist incompetents of concepts that require a collective mindset – might be seen as weakness by the “electorate”; falling for every trap set by these experts at destruction of human lives.
The movement that still calls itself the Republican Movement has long ago ceased to be republican… it has turned full 180 degrees and is now pure deceitful fascist dictatorship with ZERO freedom of speech – oh, they allow you to speak, but they suppress the number of people who can hear.
That movement was destroyed by the almost total infiltration by a devious, powerful and criminally insane entity – the British Empire, now including the USA, Zion, European Union and a few more, as we sit at our screens and allow ourselves to be locked in mental cells when we should be operating as a cohesive and resolute unit to rid the World of the criminals in power so our children might have a life.
That “movement” was obliterated; the Republican Movement, however, has been repairing itself since 2011 and has, since March 2020, begun to lift the weight of the future guidance of our long-oppressed people. The effects are already being produced.
The Irish Republic will not ever coerce you into joining it, but as we move forward at speed into the new free Ireland that is beginning to lead other nations on a positive path to peaceful co-existence, coercion will not be necessary, since the choice is between current evil and the good that will soon stifle the evil and ensure our future.


240206-2031: Complicity in Mass-Murder.

Any individual or nation that has stopped it’s support for UNWRA on the word of the Israeli liars, is a party to the ongoing Genocide… every day lost by inaction kills more innocents. The so-called ICJ is also fully guilty, since the ongoing Genocide is well understood by them. This deliberate delay and blocking of even basic aid kills over 100 innocents every day and that number will increase dramatically very soon, as the dirty water does it’s well-understood work… There are zero accidents here and the Israeli war-machine are literally being ENCOURAGED to kill by the US who pose as mediators as they supply the killers.
And this deliberate genocide is only now reaching “crisis point” – ie famine and disease are now set to kill more than the bombs are killing.
Crisis for the Palestinians; glee for the “Israeli”, US and British mass-murderers… and that also includes those “Israeli” civilians who are blocking aid convoys and the army that is encouraging them to prevent aid getting to the needy.
Those who are now punishing an entire community for defending itself (i.e. Israel and it’s supporters in crime) are the one single community that is collectively guilty of this criminality: there is absolutely no grey area here.
So, almost all “Israelis” all the governments who support Israel and especially the USA and Britain who are, as they pose as peacemakers, fully supporting this crime of all time are thus guilty of premeditated mass murder. Any understatement of this is also a crime. All these criminals need locked up. So have we the courage to force this to be done?
If we fail in this imperative, we don’t deserve to escape the fate that these psychopaths have in store for us, too. And if you think I’m exaggerating, just continue to accept what is going on, but please stop pretending to care.
Our framework for peace is correct and we still appeal for a few full-time volunteers so we can move forward.


240205-2223: Tucker is being called a traitor now. Well I wonder why…

The truth is that the Neo-Crims are in terror of their people seeing and hearing Vladimir Putin, because they then would compare him with Genocide Joe Biden, Tony Blinkered, Jake the Joke, etc and people would see the reason for all the censorship and anti-democratic madness that calls itself “The Free World”.
Sorry, folks, but you live in a Fascist, totalitarian dictatorship, so Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is NOT ALLOWED to be seen or heard.
That’s their rules-based order – their “Democracy”.
The Iron Curtain is the “Western” media that lies to you and covers up the light of day itself from it’s abused citizens.


240205-1347: As usual, the Neo-Crims use Religion as a pretext.


<Calling Israel the ‘Jewish State’ is like saying ‘Halal Pork’ or ‘Kosher Pork’. The entire idea of ​​Zionism is contrary to the Jewish faith. (Know that Israel is a completely secular state and its laws violate ALL the fundamental commandments of the Torah and the Jewish religion) 
Using the Torah to insert a ‘Jewish’ character to the State of Israel is like trying to make pork Kosher. imposible
Israel is not the state of the Jews.
Zionism is not Judaism.
Being against the state of Israel and Zionism does not make you an anti-Semite.
Israel is NOT our political nation-state.
Jews are a religion belonging to many nationalities.
Zionism is the diametric opposite of Judaism.>


240204-1310: It is only when you understand…

It is only when you understand that the USA, UK, “Israel” and a few others are one and the same entity that you can do anything effective: the “Neo-Crims” are a transnational criminal network which has serious power. Understanding the aggressor/coward/psychopath is essential.
This usurped rule by a criminal network lies to and deceives us as a rule, so people remain divided solely because of our differing levels of belief in the Big Lie that is used as a deadly weapon against us. These big lies confuse people and allow these criminals to be seen as peacemakers as they construct, fund, supply and profit from wars. Their false image as good protects them from most resistence: DEADLY!!
The danger cannot be overstated and we need a communication system: the one they use to divide us is ours by right, but has been stolen.
We in Omlan- have developed the alternative, but need the support of volunteers.
If YOU think ANYTHING else is more important, you don’t understand the danger.
I can and will continue my work, but that duty is not enough: the work needs a team.
We are being terrorised and attacked by a powerful and devious enemy.
The team we need is at least 2 full-time core volunteers who will co-ordinate the work of others.
This team is sufficient to govern our country.

But if that is too big an ask, the future is bleak. Black… terminal.

The choice is summarised in the two images below, but the “peaceful co-existence” option is only possible after the removal of the criminals from power – and their removal depends on YOUR choice: taking the default of doing nothing EFFECTIVE gives us continuing and widening GENOCIDE which would soon be aimed at us all…



240201-2305: Israel’s territory and population.

Netanyahu called the UN court’s ruling a “vile attempt to deny Israel’s fundamental right” to defend its territory and population.
But “Israel” has neither territory, nor population: the territory these criminals call Israel is Palestine and is illegally occupied by force and against all justice.
And the people who have “settled” there are from other countries and, like the planters in Ireland, have been “given” land in return for their constant use of violence against the innocent indigenous people.
Those who say that a “two-state-solution” is the only way, or any way, are supporting these violent, murderous robbers-of-land-with-violence.
Biden’s slimy, cowardly “sanctioning” of so-called “settlers” – banning them from the USA is as hypocritical as it gets: these vermin should be sent back to their countries of origin – many to the USA – to serve LONG sentences in jail for murder and other war-crimes.
The USA “rules based order” is one big, rotten lie – just as the whole myth of their “Free World” is: a massive, dirty, lie.
“Israel” has NO right to self-defence, since “Israel” has NO right even to exist.
And the USA was and is the biggest backer of this mass-murder-state.
And what nationality was the chief “justice” at the so-called “International Court of Justice”???
USA, of course: …ex legal advisor to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton under the Obama administration.
Yes: Joan E. Donaghue, the “judge” of Genocide, was advisor to Hilary:  “We came, we saw, he died”… she who, with her dear mass-murdering husband, Bill, came to Derry to lie to us about peace as they made more bloody, murderous, unjust, criminal wars of aggression against weak, innocent and defenceless communities.
The lowest of the low: the land of the cowardly murderers of innocents.
And still the “Irish” prostrate themselves before these gods of child-murder: the most cowardly, insane bunch of killers this world has ever known.



240202-1743: Cultural Genocide, West-British style.

I have just finished the first stage of the repair-job on one of our Irish dictionaries. I saw the need by trying to use the state-provided online service and by discovering that it had been deliberately designed to be the opposite of “user-friendly”.
No accident, as you will understand if you spend the half-hour it would take you to read my December 2011 report “Ireland’s Big Lie”
This “dictionary of the Irish language” was digitised by mercenaries and deliberately CELLULARISED to make sure the contents were difficult – almost impossible – to access in the way you need: there are well over five thousand – 5,000 – separate “pages” – actually separate documents, to be searched for any word… and there is no chance of scrolling through to compare and manually search. But it looks ever so modern!!! This EXACT same ploy is used to cellularise so-called “social-media” to turn it into what the saboteurs succinctly refer to as an “echo-chamber”: they rule the “mainstream” that gets 2 million viewers here in Ireland, while, for example, our painstaking work is seen by a few hundred at most…
This academic and governmental deceit is typical of the British anti-Irish forces that still profit from the sabotaging of the development of all facets of our Irishness: “Irish Dancing”, for example, replaces our own “sean-nós” dance with a choreographed, composed, wigged, powdered and competitive mercenary insult, which, as usual – as with our “Gaelic Games” – coerces us into a blind alley by the replacement of a living culture by competitionall done through the English language, too, of course, since this is the WHOLE aim of the indoctrination that is done in and around our “schools”.
All facets of Irish culture are vandalised covertly by the same formula: pick the most corrupt and incompetent to lead the people down as many blind alleys as possible, so they become demoralised and give in to the “superior” way of life: make us think we are primitive and that our way of life is behind the times… encourage dissent and in-fighting (I will, as usual, be cursed for being so cheeky as to mention the obvious truth: that the Emperor HAS NO CLOTHES. He has been stripped by mercenary British servants who seem so very Irish…)
If you think this is an exaggerated statement, just go to www.edil.ie and see the same pages being repeated many times, leaving the online service totally useless – deliberate without a doubt…
And how do I know this is deliberate???
Because the same methods of ensuring complete inaccessibility are used in the modern Irish dictionary at focloir.ie: you need to type in a word – and each word is on a completely separate page, so you can’t get out of the cell they put you in…
Add this to the fact that the spelling-system has been so sabotaged as to render it laughably useless and you see the devious manoeuvrings of the enemy within. Then add the fact that the upholders of this treason will – and do – defend it to the hilt, since their wages depend on it!
And, when the young student struggles with useless “equipment”, (s)he soon gives up and leaves, with the false opinion of a crazy language for the old and the “un-cool” (a term composed by the enemy within and quoted as being the opinion of the young): exactly as the faceless designers intended.
The misappropriation and “copyrighting” of our free culture by a foreign-controlled “government” and bureaucracy will be resisted to the last by us, the few defenders left uncorrupted by these low-life, suited, criminal, west-British saboteurs-for-profit who pose as committed and selfless patriots.
Then, since few students ever succeed in becoming competent in our language, the other sub-facets of our culture become aspects of English culture, since the young are “taught” them through the medium of English. The “teachers” are easily “selected”: those who choose a “job” with minimal qualification requirements, a short working day, a false image of superiority – and enormous holidays.
This devious strategy is used for a wide range of aspects of our lives and is not only used in Ireland, but in all the nations these criminals have infected with their totalitarianism.
I work daily to counteract this sabotage and our new digital dictionaries are in one single searchable and wholly visible document, repairing some of the damage done by the traitors in control and ensuring the failure of their anti-democratic sabotage and their anti-human use of our resources to constantly attack the very foundations of our independence as Irish/Gael.
This dirty attack, also, is a form of Genocide: the 1% hate us all and will never tolerate the diversity they constantly promote, but incessantly corrupt.
We in Omlán- will never give in to these criminals.


240201-1923: Blinken Fully complicit in Gaza genocide.

During an October 31 Senate hearing on Israel’s war in Gaza, Secretary of State Antony Blinken offered his rationale for rejecting a ceasefire. Summoning as much emotion as a dour Democratic Party operative could muster, Blinken conjured up a gruesome scene intended to illustrate the savagery of Hamas, and the impossibility of negotiations with such an organization: “A young boy and girl, 6 and 8 years old, and their parents around the breakfast table,” Blinken intoned. “The father’s eye gouged out in front of his kids. The mother’s breast cut off, the girl’s foot amputated, the boy’s fingers cut off before they were executed.”

As this link verifies, this is a dirty, murder-provoking lie used by Blinken to justify the following genocide which he is fully complicit in.

Israeli ultra-Orthodox rescue group ZAKA is responsible for some of the most obscene post-October 7 atrocity fabrications, from beheaded babies to “mass rape” to a fetus cut from its mother.

Secretary of State Tony Blinken and President Joseph Biden have each echoed demonstrably false ZAKA testimonies about Hamas atrocities.

If this is not “Hate-speech”, nothing is; if this is not “incitement to violence”, nothing is; if this is not punishable by a long stretch in prison, there is no justice.

There is no justice in the “Western World”, since these vermin rule it mainly by the most vile of lies. They vilify an entire community by their hate-filled incitement.

THEY: Biden, Blinken and the rest are the worst terrorists this world has ever seen.

Yet the cowards in all walks of life ignore their evil because they fear that their comfort might have to be sacrificed if they do anything more than “protest” at this vile, murderous, inhuman, psychopathic criminality.



240201: “Fake Justice” at The Hague:

The ICJ “Appoints” Netanyahu to “Prevent” and “Punish” “Those Responsible for “Genocidal Acts”

when HE is the main offender, since he gives ALL the orders!!

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky

The President of the ICJ Joan E. Donoghue was a legal advisor to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton under the Obama administration.  Joan Donoghue takes her instructions from Washington.

the President of the ICJ, Joan E. Donoghue, is de facto  in “conflict of interest”.

Video: Palestine. “Fake Justice” and Genocide

Article IV of the Genocide Convention reads as follows: 

“Persons committing genocide or any of the other acts enumerated in article III shall be punished, whether they are constitutionally responsible rulers, public officials or private individuals”.

What the ICJ judgment intimates is that the “Constitutionally Responsible Rulers (CRRs)” (identified in Article IV), namely Netanyahu’s Cabinet are Innocent. 

And that is where “Fake Justice” comes in.   

“Constitutionally Responsible Rulers (CRRs)”

Netanyahu, Galant, Ben-Gvir, Katz,  Smotrich, et al are the architects of the Genocide. Yet they have been assigned by the ICJ  with a mandate “To Prevent and Punish”. 

The CRRs “Criminals in High Office” (Netanayahu et al) are invited to take law enforcement in their own hands. 

The option to entrust Netanyahu’s Cabinet with the “Prevent and Punish” assignment was a decision of the World Court. The 17 Judges could have and should have recommended that it be assigned to a United Nations body, including the UN Security Council.

The Netanyahu government has ordered the most hideous crimes against the People of Palestine. 

And now the World Court has instructed a criminal government led by Netanyahu (who has a criminal record) to “take all measures within its power” to “prevent” and “punish” “public officials, “private individuals” (Article IV) as well as combatants within the Israeli military.

The Israeli military has been “Obeying Illegal orders” emanating from a government which is firmly committed to the conduct of genocide against the People of Palestine.

And now the IJC Judgment enables Israel’s “Constitutionally Responsible Rulers”, namely civilian politicians to place the blame on the Israeli Military.

Based on the Nuremberg Charter, what is required is a campaign encouraging:

Israeli, American and NATO Combatants to “Disobey Unlawful Orders” and “Abandon the Battlefield”

Nuremberg Charter. Principle VI 

Both Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu as well as President Joe Biden are responsible for “war crimes”, “crimes against peace” and “crimes against humanity” as defined under Principle VI of the Nuremberg Charter:

The crimes hereinafter set out are punishable as crimes under international law:

(a) Crimes against peace:

(i) Planning, preparation, initiation or waging of a war of aggression or a war in violation of international treaties, agreements or assurances;
(ii) Participation in a common plan or conspiracy for the accomplishment of any of the acts mentioned under (i).

(b)  War crimes:

Violations of the laws or customs of war which include, but are not limited to, murder, ill- treatment or deportation to slave-labour or for any other purpose of civilian population of or in occupied territory, murder or ill-treatment of prisoners of war, of persons on the seas, killing of hostages, plunder of public or private property, wanton destruction of cities, towns, or villages, or devastation not justified by military necessity.

(c)  Crimes against humanity:

Murder, extermination, enslavement, deportation and other inhuman acts done against any civilian population, or persecutions on political, racial or religious grounds.

Today, we are “fraternizing” and acting in solidarity Worldwide with the People of Palestine against the hegemonic agenda of the U.S. and it allies  which are waging an all-out war against humanity. 


240130-1818: Genocide Joe holds Iran responsible for the attack that killed 3 US soldiers – since he says that Iran supplied the weapons.

Thus: the US is responsible for all the deaths on both sides of the conflict in Ukraine… AND for a lot of the deaths caused by US bombs and other weapons in Gaza.

Joe is a war criminal and, worse than that, he is now inciting a full-scale World War, as he poses as peacemaker.

If justice is done, he will be immediately removed from office and put into a cell – on DEATH ROW, since his crimes – as is also true for Rishi, Ursula and the rest of the weapons suppliers – are deserving of the death penalty: ONGOING genocide of three groups: Ukrainians; Russians and more recently Palestinians.



The video linked here is the complete version of the one above (20 April 2023) and deals with some of the big issues…



240111-2322: The movement towards World Peace is now well under way. The problem is easily defined: Criminals in and around Government.

Our first “published” mention of the Irish Initiative for World Peace (TESD) was on 17 Oct 2022 and the video below maps the path in no uncertain terms: borders are replaced by chosen allegience (by choosing your “national” passport) and “the implementation, by volunteers, of the will of fully and truthfully informed citizens” as a framework for just governance.


The principles of siding with the victim of crime – irrespective of what was “popular” – and focus on removing the guilty from power are key.

Our 4 point process was itemised first on:  3rd Dec 2023.

Stage 1: Suspension of suspects from decision-making…

Stage 2. Ceasefire; rescue/investigation…

Stage 3: Interim Report

Stage 4: Trials; justice; PEACE

Our Interim report was “published” – and, as usual, totally suppressed by a criminal media and political system – on 11th Dec 2023. It is quoted in full below and gets straight to the heart of the matter.

231211-1724: Interim Report.

You’ll notice immediately the contrasts between the items that we can control ourselves and those we cannot – for now…Four stages:

1 is going to upset their equilibrium, so is ignored.

2a has been proven the first real step but is being suppressed; 2b and c are being taken care of by us, the people and this is being done in an exemplary way.

3 this is 3.

and 4 they will need more pressure to comply to – as 1 above.

So the pressure is once again increased. The defenders of genocide do not get any leeway in our justice system, since this is a democracy/Republic. What these criminals have called our collections of oppressed communities for years is of zero concern to us.

Our next move is ongoing…

South Africa currently leads the way (240112) and the order has changed, but this is because the Zionist genocidists have the full support of an equally guilty USA and will need to be induced to comply. That is a job that I look forward to helping with…



240127-2303: The Talk goes on… the Genocide continues.

And gathers pace, as the deliberate, murderous destruction of homes, infrastructure, hospitals and the even more deliberate creation of the perfect conditions for disease – the time-tested and reliably plausibly-deniable method of getting rid of big numbers of unwanted people fast… just as the “Pioneers” did to the native American and the British did to the Irish… to name but two of the long list of peoples they have reduced to subjects of their tyranny – those that survived their slaughters, that is… so as to ensure the continuance of their luxurious lifestyles that they call “Our Freedoms”.

As the robed posers talk, the US and UK continue supporting this mass-murder of what will end up being ALL of the Gaza Palestinians, if the Zionist psychopaths get their way.

So far, no sign of positive action to prevent this crime of crimes. We must increase the pressure and never allow them to get away with this carnage.

And the UK/US supply-and-supporters keep pushing the Big Lie that Israel, backed by the US/UK, etc tyranny, is not actually trying to kill innocents – just fighting terrorists… It is the Israelis who are the terrorists and murderers. That is plain to be seen by anyone who has the courage to watch the constant stream of graphic film that gives truth to us. The blood-covered floors and the pain being suffered is difficult to watch – for us – but the psychos in Knesset, Washington and Whitehall are quietly loving this show. The ostriches who fear reality do not change it by their cowardice, but they do further endanger us all, since (remember: that what they accuse us of is generally fairly close to what they themselves are doing)…

if they get away with this Gaza Genocide they will come for the rest of us and we will never have peace. We need to recognise that this challenge is common to all the human race and action needs to be on an international scale.

My home land of Ireland has also been taken over by the tyrant, leaving absolutely nothing positive being done by our government, which serves the murderers, since it itself is composed of many murderers who control a corrupt system, a rotten anti-democratic, anti-constitutional, anti-justice criminal gang who have absolutely nothing to offer our people but death and suffering.

The last “rising” here (70’s-90’s) was defeated by the arrogance of the provo leadership which now has been overtaken by the mercenary arrogance and censorship of Shin Bet – sorry, Sinn Féin the entity that calls itself “Republican” as it serves the British Empire that still tortures our own and many more innocents all over the World.



This video is to let you experience the reality of this criminal, terrorist assault on innocents:


240126-2108: Rishi to the front line.

Since he feels so strongly about his friends in Ukraine, Rishi should put his passion into action and go to the front lines – or maybe he could fly one of the F-16s??

But what are the chances of the British PM being sincere and staking his life on his beliefs?


Prove me wrong, Rishi.



240126-2012: Israel: the psychopath among nations.

Israel, the Jewish State, is the psychopath among nations.

Large companies behave like psychopaths, insensitive to the suffering of those they crush in their pursuit of profit: “Corporate behaviour is very similar to that of a psychopath.”

But Israel is much more dangerous than any giant company (even Pfizer), because the ideology that causes its personality disorder is much more insane than the liberal, social-darwinian ideology that rules the Stock Market. Israel’s ideology is biblical.

Jews have been taught by Yahweh to keep strictly separate from other people. Food prohibitions serve to prevent all socialization outside the tribe.

Dispossess others or be dispossessed, dominate or be exterminated: Israel cannot think beyond that alternative.

It is true that Theodor Herzl, the prophet of political Zionism, did not draw his inspiration from the Bible. Yet he termed his ideology Zionism, using a biblical name of Jerusalem. As for post-Herzl Zionists, and for the actual founders of the modern State of Israel, they were steeped in the Bible. “The Bible is our mandate,” declared Chaim Weizmann in 1919, and in 1948 he offered Truman a Torah scroll for his recognition of Israel.

“It is not tolerance but stupidity” said HG Wells (…to ignore the very real threat)

And my comments:

So where is the Jewish people’s commitment to the principles of justice and peace that make it a “light to the nations”???

Any statement made about Israel is true of the USA, since they are the same “nation” – as also is the “UK” – Britain – the root cause of most conflict on this Earth: same evil ideology, different name – just to deceive you more.



240126: Blood-money for the robed posers.

The International Court of “Justice”, after an inexcusable and murder-complicit delay, when hundreds of lives are being taken daily in a continuing crime, these “defenders of justice” have taken 15 days when the guilt of Israel was obvious instantly: INSTANTLY.

The fact that this took 15 days instead of being done on one single day PROVE that this decision was, and is POLITICAL, since the time was needed for political manoeuvring, not for an impartial judgement on clear and irrefutable evidence.

These professional wasters are part of the problem and no part of the solution.

They also have blood on their hands and every cent of the disgustingly large salaries they earn in this complicity in ongoing Genocide is stolen, blood-money.

You will also notice that all the so-called “deliberations” were done in private: why do these pillars of justice need to cover up their work?

That is the nature of the crime of deceit that they make large fortunes from.

This is a British court. It’s modus operandi is British; it’s language is British, and it’s despicable hypocricy is British.

Compare this to the Ansar Allah “Houthi” position of our common duty to defend the victims of Genocide:
“Our country will continue its operations until all Gaza inhabitants have access to food and medicine, and the Israeli atrocity ceases … The escalation by the U.S. and the UK will be unproductive and have no bearing on our decisions or positions,” al-Houthi said. “Our battle is ongoing and is entirely linked to the Gaza battle.”
Meanwhile, the “honest peacemakers” of the USA alliance are working with Israel on defence deals that include the supply of fighter jets, attack helicopters and munitions amid the ongoing war on the Gaza Strip, The Times of Israel and Hebrew sources reported.
Israeli Defence Ministry Director-General Eyal Zamir discussed the deals with senior Pentagon and State Department officials as well as with executives from major U.S. defence companies during a work visit to Washington on January 25.
Since the outbreak of the war, 250 cargo planes and more than 20 ships have delivered more than 10,000 tons of American armaments and military equipment to Israel.
The British “Court” buys time so the war-mongers can incite more violence when the de-escalation path is obvious… obvious to those who are not blinded by all the lies and propaganda – which means very few of us.



240123-1803: R4P: Ray for President.

He’d be welcome here in Ireland any day, with his World-rate team: Judge Napolitano, Larry Johnson, Scott Ritter and Doug MacGregor. Now there’s a US Government for you! So why aren’t people like these calling the “shots”??

Ní hAnsa: ‘cos their country is RULED, not governed, by the MICIMATC. And, since the MICIMATC rule the USA, they also rule Ireland and the rest of the “West”. They stole the name, they stole the land – and they stole the power.

You heard of the MIC, the Military Industrial Complex, no doubt, but what is MICIMATC???

Ray McGovern, the voice of sanity (one of the few) coined the acronym to describe the real enemy within: The Military, Industrial, Congressional, Intelligence, Media, “Academia”, “Think-Tank” (lunatics who think “tank” ie, they can see no further than war) Complex. 

The profiteers who thrive on pure bullshit – and an unhealthy dose of psychopathy.

That’s who run the “West” – and sleeping through this madness is not a clever response… not at all, but that’s exactly the response our “leaders” have been giving for too long.

That’s why I work full time watching, analysing and locating the way forward: because the professionals are otherwise engaged: in living the good life as others suffer.

All we need now is for some breakthrough in the wall of blissful ignorance that dominates our “politicians” and thus our people – and which allows the criminally-insane to coerce us, using the MICIMATC to strip us of any form of democratic sovereignty we ever had.

The free Ireland – pre-Bwitish Empire, had no “government” at all… that’s why we got on so well for the more than 1500 years we lived in what we ourselves had created: the cradle of Western Civilisation.

As Ray McGovern says (and as I have said often, since the truth is universal) the well-informed population that can free us from this is precisely what we lack today. I recommend that you see and listen for yourself – and, when you’re at it, compare him to Genocide Joe the Butcher Biden and his band of lying lunatics: because, whether you like it or not, THEY RULE YOU… not in the small things, but in your future and that of us all.

Our emancipation is slowly taking speed, but needs support.

Those who would hold us back – the politicians – need to, as we Irish say:

“Fág an Bealach”



240122-2015: Information Psychological Warfare

I have substituted “Irish/Ireland” for Sun Tzu’s term “the enemy”, for clarity in our case: we the oppressed nations of the World, are ALL their enemy, not because we choose it, but because they force it on us.

1) corrupt all the good things in the Irish country;

2) involve prominent figures of the Irish in criminal enterprises;

3) undermine the prestige of the Irish leadership and expose it at the right moment to public shame;

4) incite quarrels and clashes among the citizens of Ireland and incite the young against the old;

5) do everything possible to devalue the traditions of Ireland and undermine their faith in their gods;

6) destroy discipline amongst the Irish.

and the image is of Plato’s Cave – the “Mainstream Media” big lie factory that heads the massive psyop.


The “Grants” to what used to be revolutionary entities, ensure total compliance, as we saw here from the mid-eighties and which still goes on today – the recipients now censoring us more effectively and totally than the Brits ever did directly.

Cunning plan, eh??

The defeated state is integrated into systems which favour the aggressor, and, consciously or subconsciously, works to ensure the aggressor’s interests.


240122-1419: Essential information to understand “Ukraine” war.


from “Ukrainian Agony: The concealed war”, by Mark Bartalmai


240120-1918: “Regional” War…

What kind of “Region” includes Palestine, Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon, Syria and the United States of America.

The use of the word “regional” to describe the current US aggression is, as usual, a lie.

“Regional” War?

No. US led aggression on the whole World.



240120-1835: A Sense of Urgency

We must recognize that there is “A Sense of Urgency”

The latter part of this article focusses on Principle IV of the Nuremberg Charter. 

It is a proposal which has not been the object of media coverage and/or debate by anti-war activists. While it is predicated on international law, its conduct  does not require the political rubber stamp of either the ICC or the ICJ. 

Based on the Nuremberg Charter, what is required is a grass-roots campaign encouraging: Israeli, American and NATO Combatants to “Disobey Unlawful Orders” and “Abandon the Battlefield”. 

It is based on Principle IV of the Nuremberg Charter  which defines the responsibility of combatants “to refuse the orders of Government or a superior … “provided a moral choice [is] possible“. It can be conducted without delay in the form of a Worldwide grass-roots campaign, concurrently and in solidarity with South Africa’s Procedure at the ICJ. 


240120-1759: Genocide Joe, the butcher Biden.

So how can Genocide Joe the butcher win an election without the Irish-American vote?

Well, goddammit, I just dunno…

He might come “home” to the Emerald Isle – but he will be spat on here, at best.

We have enough murderers in our “Government”, thanks.

Leo Varadkar; Simon Harris; Dee Forbes; Tony Houlihan and too many more, who began killing Irish people “legally” in 2018 and have increased the pace of the new Irish genocide since.

Not one of these or the other killers was elected/appointed fairly or constitutionally and they are all now further accused of TREASON.

Citizen arrests are long overdue, since our “police force” and “justice systems” have long been controlled from abroad: ie from Britain and it’s allies in criminality – including the U.S.A.

Pulse ID 19091862 remains unanswered – not even acknowledged – since 18 Dec 2020. Justice is prohibited by anti-democratic holders of office who have murdered our citizens mercilessly for too long.



240120-1527: So here’s my contribution.

This website (www.omn.ie) is a summary of a lifetime of service. I have been full-time since February 2000, but active since 1972. I have already given my take on the GFA document – it is on this site somewhere. I will link it later.

I can still remember and fully justify my decision after reading and analysing the GFA in 1998 or so: This agreement firstly is NOT an agreement, since we were not ever legally consulted.

Secondly and more important, I, on principle, did not vote on this, since neither the 6-County British state, the 26 county British state, nor the main British state centred in Westminster, have the right to offer a “referendum” to our people.

This partitionist “agreement” was written and “offered” by 3 illegal entities: Westminster, since it occupies our country, the 6 county and 26 county states, since they deny the right of Ireland to self-determination, as enshrined in article 2 of our constitution. I take the point that this constitution was not fully in accord with our peoples wishes, but it was a fair effort…

The rebuilding of the Republican Movement has been at the centre of my work since 2010 or so – ever since I found out the truth…

The only thing I would disagree with Pól about is the use of the word “years”. We can do this in days.

And the still-unfixed decimation of our just struggle has left our “nation” in support of the criminal and murderous happenings in Palestine. The post “9-11” attacks on the World’s people could never have happened if our movement had been intact.

The delay in this rebuilding is nothing short of inexcusable. I don’t intend to discuss any reasons or excuses, since they are all invalid.

I can prove (but don’t need to do so, since it is common knowledge) that I have been putting the result of my diligent investigations to each and every republican “splinter-group” – including Sinn Féin – since 2011.

That has been the victim of one result of our defeat by our own “leadership” who have consistently resisted any progress for far too long.

I work every single day on our framework, but am hindered – mainly by those who need votes. These votes are endangered by any criticism of the status-quo…

I continue to serve and have said or written nothing that I do not stand by – 100%.

Although I have never used the term “socialist” in my recommendations, the report below shows my personal “socialism” which has no clashes with my Republicanism or my Catholic upbringing.

The coming together of diverse groupings that Pól  proposes, is much wider than most people think.



240120-1212: So which of these represents the Irish Socialist Republic?

Full contribution is linked here

This is one of the politicians (“Councillor”) who I approached a couple of days after Christmas and who I know since my teens and who knows about my work since before 2012 (more like 2000)! He complains that their office is not manned!!

He complains of youth emigrating: his complaint is caused by the ongoing laziness, self-promotion and self-serving inertness of himself and others. Commemorating past defeats instead of working for the future. And the lack of young people is a DIRECT result of his own and others stagnation and partying when they need to be working… He suggests nothing, but looks forward to the pints and arguments in the pub.

Compare Mícheál to Pól Torbóid below:

Full contribution linked here – recommended. And the report “25 Years of the Good Friday Agreement-Lasair Dhearg” is linked here: again recommended as a realistic assessment of current state.

I was not at this meeting, since I did not know it was happening. I wonder why???


*Current Councillor Salary: €25,788. Plus: €5,160 in expenses per year. Total:€30,948

My “salary” which all goes back into our struggle: €10,920 with expenses paid by me from this.
So which “represents” (serves!) the Socialist Republic?


240120-1054: Finland is an excellent example

of the stupidity of believing US/UK/NATO lies:

Russia didn’t pose any threat to Finland up until Finland joined NATO, and what she doesn’t understand–it is now Finland who poses threat to Russia. And that is a different setup. Finns could have continued enjoying shopping trips to St. Petersburg, cheap gas, good food and Russians gladly offering their huge market to Finnish goods. Boy, did they fuck it up for themselves. And this is just the warmup–Finland is now posed to become poor (as most of Europe). Considering population of Finland being smaller than population of St.Petersburg proper, one can relate a scale of catastrophe which befell Finland. Pietari (St. Petersburg in Finnish) alone was a market bigger than Finland’s and it was close! Transportation was easy and relatively cheap. Not anymore. Well, Finns wanted it and Russia can do nothing about the will of Finnish people. What she can do, though, is to cut off her market from Finnish goods, same way as Russia getting ready to “attack” fish and chips.

The NATO narrative is always the polar opposite of truth: this is more than DANGEROUS, since their lies always push us towards unnecessary and bloody conflict, as they rub their hands in anticipation of the profit – and in their psychopathic glee at more torture of innocents.



240119-1844: A few corrections to “accepted wisdom”.

The terrorist alliance that CONTROLS the ongoing US/UK, etc alliance of the ruling minisculity is the result of several coups. Nothing was accidental, so, when the current big 3 US, UK, France, talk of defence, they mean offence, when they say that Russia or “Hamas” is a threat, they mean that they themselves are the threat.

When Blinken poses as peacemaker, he is deliberately following the line of the Big Lie: all that these criminals accuse us of applies to them, not us. This is how they abuse language – and people.

I use the term “us” since this war is an attack on us all by a minisculity that has amassed wealth and power and that can control us by a united propaganda on their side which always defeats the fragmented attempt at being heard by us, the overwhelming but less powerful majority.

I have often suggested a new media system, but, as with all our initiatives, the imbalance in publicity causes our moves to be too slow and easily flooded by a superior and evil gang of professional mercenaries…

The reason these tyrants back the rotten, invasive and anti-democratic elements (NATO/Ukraine and Israel in the current cases) is because these tyrannies fight for THEM: they are the proxy-terrorists paid by the “West”.

Their use of the word “failure” is a stark example. They do not “fail”, since their efforts are calculated to “fail”, since the effort is always against the stated aim, which is ALWAYS a lie.

When you get your head around this use of the lie, you can see the wood despite the trees.

“Social media” is designed to cellularise dissent and this cannot be changed by use of “social media”.

We have options and these will be pursued when we get some solidity.

The enemies of the human race have expert psychologists working for them, but their intent is deceit.

Truth will prevail when we see the problem, since this is essential to solving any problem.

Meanwhile, we continue to pour resources into a holed bucket.

I do this, too, but that will cease soon.

So to a few rules of thumb:

1 They ALWAYS lie, so don’t trust anything they say. There can never be negotiations for this reason.

This single “rule” is enough: but our message needs empowered, so people know where we are.

Part-timers are not any use at the core: their commitment is always conditional… and the conditions are dictated by their “day-job” which always serves the enemy. I know this, because I have long experience of insincerity, the trait that makes “politicians”. That’s why I am never given a chance to speak at public occasions: because the dedication is too obvious and is therefore dangerous to the posers who lead us astray – always.



240118-1334: Specially Designated Global Terrorist

It is the US, UK, France and the rest of the global terrorist, illegal, anti-democratic régimes who control them that are the “Specially Designated Global Terrorist” entities.

The rest of the World wants peace, but these criminals need war, so their deceitful propaganda will rally support to their evil cause and demonise any dissent, as usual…

The peoples of these nations do not support this criminality: they have been lied to consistently and been swamped by demonic state disinformation for years.



240118-1217: War or eternal tyranny? We have no choice now.

All peaceful means of stopping this mass-murder of the Palestinian people by a ruthless and genocidal invader, backed by the US/UK/EU, etc having been tried and failed, it has come to the time for force.

If the aforesaid backers of this ongoing slaughter of innocents (all Palestinians are innocent, including the armed defenders), intervene, we get World War 3.

The choice is simple: that or an eternal tyranny which will not stop with Palestine, but which will engulf the whole world whether we care to face this reality or not.

This is not our choice, but an uninvited imperative. The “West” has been taken over by criminals and the existing structures, having been created by exploitation of the failure of our peoples to take control of this criminal terrorist almost-global junta, have proven to be just a cover-up by tyrants who remain in illegal power due to our peaceful nature…



240117-2051: “Ireland”-“Israel” Arms Trade

In December 2019 “Irish” Foreign Minister Simon Coveney, met with Israeli PM Netanyahu in the Prime Minister’s Office in Jerusalem. It was his fourth visit to Israel since becoming foreign minister in 2017

“Ireland” has bought €14.7m worth of arms and military components from Israel between 2006-2016 while Irish-based companies have exported €6.42m worth of military and ‘dual use’ hardware to Israel between 2011-2016

In 2019 together with Industry Group Cyber Ireland the Ireland-Israel Business Network (IIBN) organized a forum to promote Irish-Israeli cooperation in developing national cybersecurity strategies.

The “Irish” “Government” acquired a number of licences to use Cellebrite’s forensic technology on behalf of the Gardaí (“Ireland”’s “National” Police Service), who use its physical analyser software to extract and analyse data from phones and other mobile devices


240117-1736: Palestine: one horrifying crime against humanity – ex IDF special forces.

The stories of the battles, the stories of the conquests; Every city in Israel has an IDF plaza. Street names after different units of different generals are all over the country, street names of battles, so it’s everywhere. It wasn’t until I was probably 40 or a little less than 40, that it was the first time that I encountered the other narrative, the Palestinian story, and it was unbelievable. Somebody was telling me the day is night and night is day, or the world is flat, or whatever the comparison you want to make, it was incredible. They are telling me that what I know to be true ’cause I heard it in school and I read it in books, and I heard it from my father and from my mother and from friends, that all of this is not true. And what you find out if you go along the path that I chose to take, this journey of an Israeli to Palestine, is that it was one horrifying crime against humanity.

The choice that I made is to investigate for myself and find out who’s telling the truth and who isn’t. And my side was not telling the truth.



240117-0945: 41 Seconds well spent:


240116-1909: “The US is not seeking war with the “Houties” – they CONTINUE their war with all who don’t bow to their tyranny.

And the “seals” once again destroy/sink the evidence and we are shown a few still images of parts of missiles. Another brilliant success for the defenders of the “Free World”.

Meanwhile, their “economic” wing, in the luxury holiday resort for criminals in Davos, fronts the discussions on the next phases of the “West”s ongoing war of terror on democracy and on those of us who are the true democrats.

Plus ca change…



240116-1852: Remove the blindfold

We live in information societies. We are globalists. We have never been more aware, more in touch, better connected.

Are we? Or do we live in a Media Society where brainwashing is insidious and relentless, and perception is filtered according to the needs and lies of state and corporate power?

The United States dominates the Western world’s media. All but one of the top ten media companies are based in North America. The internet and social media – Google, Twitter, Facebook – are mostly American owned and controlled.

In my lifetime, the United States has overthrown or attempted to overthrow more than 50 governments, mostly democracies. It has interfered in democratic elections in 30 countries. It has dropped bombs on the people of 30 countries, most of them poor and defenceless. It has attempted to murder the leaders of 50 countries.  It has fought to suppress liberation movements in 20 countries.

The extent and scale of this carnage is largely unreported, unrecognised; and those responsible continue to dominate Anglo-American political life.

In the years before he died in 2008, the playwright made two extraordinary speeches, which broke a silence:

‘US foreign policy,’ he said, is ‘best defined as follows: kiss my arse or I’ll kick your head in’.

It is as simple and as crude as that. What is interesting about it is that it’s so incredibly successful.

It possesses the structures of disinformation, use of rhetoric, distortion of language, which are very persuasive, but are actually a pack of lies. It is very successful propaganda. They have the money, they have the technology, they have all the means to get away with it, and they do.’


240116-1547: Land “Owners” of other peoples land: top 5 in USA

1. Emmerson family: 2.4 million acres

2. John Malone: 2.2 million acres

3. Ted Turner: 2 million acres

4. Stan Kroenke: 1.7 million acres

5. Reed family: 1.66 million acres.

The “landed gentry” like their space!

Total for these clever scammers = 9.96 million acres.

Enough land to support 9.96 million people. 9,960,000 people.

Now do you see why these “landed gentry” are fans of the big kill (sorry: cull)?

Yes, while stuffing us “ordinary” people into high-rise flats and urban cages (look at Gaza as an extreme example), they “need” the space their “system” would give to tens of millions of people.

This they call “democracy”.

Our real democracy will return the land to the people along with our rights to determine our own futures.

But if we just continue to accept this injustice, we will never get any life…

and won’t deserve it, either, since acceptance of being servants of these ghouls is a choice we make daily by accepting their “employment”.

Our new Irish Republic has a healthy way of dealing with this crime.



240116-1105: The big wheel turns slowly, the innocents still get slaughtered.

As the empty talk continues, people still get killed by the profiteers of destruction.

And, as far as I see, we still have only one full-time worker on the side of peace, ending criminality in government and the continuing dominance of killers-for-profit who control our lives against the will of most people on this earth.

As I continue my contacting of potential activists, I am constantly put on a queue to speak to people who are “working” – ie they continue their jobs for profit as they pose as activists. If we do not get some genuine full-timers who put the mortal danger top of their list, we will lose all.

Those who “are working” are not working: they are putting their own personal comfort top of a list that has no second item on it’s agenda, since the “work” causes them to miss most of what’s going on in the very fast lane of tyrannical, rich, evil, powerful criminals – those who pay the “wages” of the “workers”

These people are not “workers”, but are being used as agents of the tyrant. Since our “Government” is serving the tyrant, we need a new guidance and working servant: that is our role and it is NOT a part-time, paid post. The paid jobs – all of them – are serving our enemies.



240115-1441: One problem, at least, is easily remedied – when you know how…

The problem in Gaza of raw sewage needs dealt with urgently, before it causes an epidemic. Thankfully, this is not difficult to remedy as soon as the method is known, then deployed.

Shallow holes are dug in farmland (even small areas, depending on numbers of people), then the sewage is minced and poured in, then covered. This causes the native bacteria to compost the “waste” effectively and cleanly: no chemicals should be added.

I do this here in Donegal – a recent upgrade from normal composting which suffers from our high rainfall here… though this also will work there.

The “mix” needs experimented with, to optimise the breakdown of nutrients, but when done by erring on the safe side, will give an effective fix to a serious danger.

From serious danger, the simple process creates fertility.

The Zionist terrorists are doing much more damage than we are told, too, which makes me… once again volunteer to go to Gaza to do whatever I can to help.

The big problem of criminals in control of the earth’s governments remains, but there are definite steps we can take to deal with this.

I only ask for some support, so I can leave our self-sufficiency project – the most important facet of serving human need – safe.

Failing that, I will have to just leave all that behind by rehousing our animals and going…

The destruction of our community’s rightful resistance by a “Peace Process” which was made into yet another attack on us by cajoling us to negotiate with the very entity that is the aggressor against us all, has caused our once cohesive and effective movement to implode and to self-destruct…

Be that as it may – and it is not unfixable yet – the fact remains that, in a country of 8 million or so, the messages I have been trying to send have all been erased by the ongoing anti-human actions of our enemies and by the acceptance of the bribe of a comfortable life NOW (to be repaid later by total tyranny) by a totally uninformed people who are prevented from seeing the whole ugly picture by “MODERN” communications, which actually are the opposite of communication for us and are just another weapon in the hands of the torturers who call themselves “The Free World”.

Not one single glimmer of truth is allowed. Anything that might threaten the ongoing cull is simply erased.

We Irish are further back than ever, but we will bounce back from the ropes and re-create our just resistance to the tyranny that our innocent nation has been subjected to for centuries.



Doρĉ ĊolmΧiļĉ Saθρn 13 Enρ 2024


240112-1932: Duty under International Law.

“All states have a duty under international law to act to stop genocide.

Yemen did so by blocking shipping to the offending regime.

The US is now bombing them for daring to interfere with the US-supported genocide in Gaza.

There is your ‘rules-based order’,”

Craig Mokhiber, international human rights lawyer, who  stepped down as director of the New York office of the UN’s High Commissioner for Human Rights in October over the organization’s response to the “war” in Gaza.


240112-1124: As people watch the ICJ show, the warmongering goes full steam ahead.

As the ICJ keep us entertained, the Empire of Terrorism launches a massive murderous attack on another weak nation.

They know nothing more progressive than bullying, lying and oppressing. Their sidekick, the “United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland” assist them in this criminality.

And, since most nations are currently controlled by these tyrants, via “elected” agents of the Global Dictatorship, we are left with no defence against this criminality. Time to take power: we are 100% entitled to REMOVE criminals from government.

Ireland is a classic example: we have murder charges filed against the current government since 18 December 2020 (Pulse I.D 19091862) which the so-called Garda Síochána has IGNORED for over three years now.

The whole “Irish” establishment is deeply involved in this international terrorist gang that is torturing the people of the World and, by the time they do the next “election”, it will be too late, so we must move.




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