A gang of murderers, led by the current “Tánaiste“, Leo Varadkar, has taken over ALL aspects of the rule of our country.

Fix that and we fix everything.

Ignore that and we can never make ANY progress.


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220119-1001 – …when we regain our independence by being informed, we will immediately reinstate Irish Law.

I have read up to page 41, but will not likely finish, Stephen Manning’s “Criminality in the Irish Courts”.
My reasons are starkly simple, but deadly accurate.
Irish law is Dlí na mBreitheamh.
What is referred to as “Irish Law” in this publication is English law that was forcefully imposed and maintained by a corrupt, post-colonialist, West British junta that operates outside the “democratic process”, which is NOT democratic, but a massive gerrymander…
In total contravention of Article 2 of BunReacht na hÉireann (another “Irish” document in need of full revision, since it was ratified under the covert British rule that still exists in our country), “European Law” was forced on us illegally – as have been ALL decisions by referendum before and since:
Article 2 of BunReacht na hÉireann is contravened by the “State”s refusal to include the Irish citizens of the 6 counties in any referenda, making the existing decisions by referenda ALL invalid and illegal. We were forced into the “European Union”, too, by the same tricks…
As for “International human rights…”, the “Universal Declaration of Human rights” refers to people being “born” into these rights, thus deviously dehumanising the first stages of human life that occur within the mother.
We all know how this has been used to justify the current régime’s barbaric butchery and poisoning of the pre-born and the extension of these “services” to the old and defenceless, then to the rest of us, the innocent victims of a murderous, cowardly, criminal gang of anti-human psychopaths.
As should you all, I totally reject any decisions made in this country that have not been made by a truthfully informed and respected people, then implemented to the letter by volunteers who shun personal gain and serve the people.
My summary of the so-called “Brehon Laws” – Dlí na mBreitheamh will follow, but two fundamental aspects that I need no revision of are that these laws had the full support of the people since they were just and that their (our) language was/is Irish, which might be uncomfortable for those of you who now profit from the covert British cesspit we now inhabit.
Our “10 Steps to Irish” course will be a basic necessity for citizens of the new Ireland: I do not make the rules, but I did make this course, with the help of the best speaker of Irish I have ever met… The “Irish” education system’s forcible ramming of the English language down our throats ends now.
I do not now, nor will I ever, recognise the legitimacy of any form of British rule in Ireland – and when we regain our independence by being informed, we will immediately reinstate Irish Law.
That reinstatement begins NOW.
Go n-éirí an bóthar linn,


220118: the “roadmap” restated…

I’ve just finished reading three more books* that repeat in different words the thing that, since I have had my attention focused on this problem for more than 20 years now, I already understand:
That there is a small powerful minority threatening us all with annihilation.
My statement/slogan “Murderers out of government, into jail” is a fully accurate and on-target summary of all these books and previous and ongoing observation. Our collective, focused action against the source of this problem should replace the flies-in-a-jar “activism” still being pushed on us by the self-promoters.
It is only when the murderers have been taken out of their current positions of power over us all that we can effectively move forward to a bright future: this bright future is already being lived here at Omlán-, but it’s visibility has been suppressed by the same people who are misleading you all.
Finally, the enemies of us humans are working 24/7/365, but we still have no coherent resistance.
I have supplied the research, the centre, facilities and the “roadmap” and offer to help guide us on our way forward.
I also repeat the need for a central team. This is not any form of dictatorship. It is, as is written on our flyer (No.2 of our 5 priorities), full peoples “government” – a thing NONE of us has ever experienced before…
I do not make ANY of they rules – I just summarise vast research for the benefit of us all, who now need consolidated action to move us out of the mortal danger in which we remain.

* “Covert-19, by Carina Harkin;
“Crisis Cull or Coup” by Stephen Manning, and
“The truth about Covid-19” by Joseph Mercola and Ronnie Cummins.


220112-When your consent has been informed by lies and deceptions, you have been coerced.

This would make a good placard. Or words to that effect… It is a core issue and backs up the charges of murder.

ALL those who have “chosen” to allow themselves to be injected by servants of a criminal gang of thieves, drug-pushers and mass murderers who have told them countless lies, have actually been injected without their informed consent: ie they have been coerced.
As before, I assert that the charge is murder, not negligence.
is up to date and a tight summary.
Part of my job is to save you “research” by summarising stuff, so all you have to do is check the odd source to make sure I’m not telling you lies…
But, when another team does it better than I could do…, I just quietly thank them and get on with something else.
… Such as uncovering yet another group of controlled opposition…
I undertook to do a job 21 years ago and stick by what I promised. I get censored by these pseudo-defenders more than by Big Tech.
This “leadership” is the main reason why Ireland has still to create a mass movement – because the pseudo-leaders are doing their utmost to keep the lid on this. Don’t fall for their lies. Instead, I suggest your first, or next, reading of my report “Ireland’s Big Lie” and to consider my two comments:
1. This was published 10 years ago, but shows exactly the same method of manipulation/social-engineering that I described then being used this time by the same enemy. The use of bribery to infiltrate communities is alive and improving…
2. This report (“Ireland’s Big Lie”) has been hidden from widespread view by some of those who are now making the speeches at the public events that are supposedly resisting what they actually do better than Big Tech: i.e. censor. They have censored my work almost to dissappearance … while complaining of their own censorship by Big Tech.
Then, today, I was accused of “sabotage”!! of their rally on Saturday (8thJan2022)… not realising that, when they exclude me from their wee group, they cannot then expect me to abide by their “decisions”…
These people are easy for me to spot, because the liar always makes mistakes
This aspect of my work sickens me, but it is essential.
To summarise: all the groupings that are organising the street-protests are being manipulated by a few self-promoters, in disgusting contempt for the common good. At a time like this when we are all in grave danger, this is criminal.
I “reached out” to 5 different groupings last Saturday: one made return contact.
Slán g fóill,
220109 – All existing groups are part of the whole – and the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts.

Some people are asking for a vote for a “United Ireland”.
I now ask these people:
Who will organise the vote and who will implement the decision?
The British government?; the “Irish” government??
The very “discussion” shows how far off course the Irish people have been blown by the dependent mindset and the resulting insanely slow reaction to current, ongoing, mortal danger.
Two years into the current cull/scam/robbery/rape and we still have ZERO effective defence against a murderous scam that is robbing us of the last of our communal wealth and putting us into terminal debt so we lose our sovereignty – not to mention killing lots of people.
This is absolute madness when a small cohesive, whole-time team could change the game in our favour.
Omlán- continues the work and to search for the necessary few whole-time volunteers who will provide the core team necessary for progress.
We do NOT ask for a vote on anything if it is to be the gift of the powers that have oppressed us for centuries and that are perfecting that oppression as we speak so we are now prisoners of their indoctrination and lies.
We become united, independent, etc by OUR OWN work – not by waiting on those currently murdering our people to allow us to vote and who would then subvert our decision: that is the cause of all our problems today – that we have been trained to depend, not to do.
When your family had your land robbed from it a few centuries ago, your forefathers were forced into this dependence.
We can ALL escape this, but it will need work.
When I say I know the way, it is not arrogance, as some would accuse, but truth. I do know the way – and that way begins with the assembly of a core team of 3 whole-time volunteers here in this centre/site. The fact that my inputs are censored, (not only by the dictators, but by those who profit from the status quo while claiming to be on the peoples side) is easily enough cured – you should make a special effort to share this urgent and important message.
I volunteered for a job and I have LONG AGO done it. It was done well. It was done correctly. It was done by attention to duty well beyond the normal, but has been vilified and hidden by the self-promoters
– and the ordinary people have been denied sight of the path to lasting peace by their own “leaders”.
I have been ignored and excluded from all working groups. My ideas are stolen – they were my gift to ALL people, not just to the few cute huers who rehash them to serve their own agendas, but who do not understand what I had proposed, and who deviously deny me the opportunity to show how things could – and will be.
the Irish language movement has been annihilated by bribery.
The pro-life movement has been taken over by professionals who consume resources and give only hindrances.
The “Irish republican movement” is still in defeat-mode – so much so that any radical thought is censored by those who cannot see the way: “I cannot see the way, therefore there is no way” is the current and terminal mindset.
The ageing gatekeepers of these non-movements knock my inputs down and replace them with the terminal vacuum that has existed now for more than a quarter of a century, dressed up in new clothing.
I contacted ALL the groups who call themselves republican, pro-life and Irish, but found NO republican, pro-life or Irish groups: many genuine people who work for a society governed by it’s own people for our common good, but all the existing organisations have now accepted the unacceptable of participating in government by the British of both states in a partitioned Ireland – one open and the other covert. These corrupt states have stealthily brought us to where we are today: nowhere.
Our communities have been misled for far too long.
The blindness to reality is worse than despicable, since the real Irish Republic is ours for the taking, but the same people refuse to put their own narrow cul-de-sac thinking to one side and unite in common purpose to allow us to move forward to a bright future.
The New Irish Republic 2020- does not recognise or legitimise ANY facet of British rule in our country, including Britain’s rule of the “Irish” state via Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil, etc, who have been raping their own people for a century now while they tell us we live in a democracy…
The new Republic is almost at the end of it’s second year, but the propagandised and misinformed Irish people still take all their leads from their enemies within who still conceal the truth while posing as defenders.
Petty childish divisions and the worship of speech-makers who do not act is leading you all further into the trap the dictatorship has laid for you.
Anyone who is not giving ALL their time to our defence from the psychopaths who now rule us does not understand the danger we are in.
The dinosaurs and mé-féiners who now hold us back from progress have been doing this for years, so most people do not even know what freedom looks like.
The criminals who now dictate to us all are becoming more powerful by the day while the speech-makers ignore anything that might require a bit of action…
When we replace these speech-makers and misadvisers with active volunteers who make informed decisions and act to implement them, we will see progress.
The agents who have been controlling the people’s struggle, too, must be jettisoned. I have named some names: those who have been respected and listened to as they led us all into the swamp we are now drowning in, while they themselves live the good life.
There is so much to do and so much to create. There is NO reason that anyone should have to live in fear or servility, waiting or dependence any more.
Anyone who works for, or is being bribed by, the current tyranny, should not be in any position of leadership in our resistance to that tyranny: they will not bite the hand that feeds them.
The hand that feeds them should be in jail.
Please do not be complicit in their crimes: we must unite in common cause.
Whole-time volunteers who put the common good first are the only people dedicated enough to co-ordinate our resistence in this mortally dangerous time.
Omlán- unites the best of the Irish-language movement, the republican movement, the pro-life (not just anti-abortion) movements – and all the positive movements for good into one common struggle against the anti-people forces that now rule us with stealthy tyranny.
That is why The New Irish Republic is not a “party” and needs no “members”: it is our decision-making and implementation system.
We, the volunteers, are the implementers of your decisions.
We are incorruptible and serve because we care about our common future.
All existing groups are part of the whole – and the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts.


Below is the only information you need to know to be 100% certain that Irish people are being systematically mass-murdered by the Irish government!

The truth is known by common sense. My first statement was published on the 24th April 2020. The delay in the arrest of these murderers is not a conspiracy-theory, but a conspiracy proven.
See omn.ie for three statements and please share. I stand over every word and will be corrected if wrong.

The videos below are of my initial witness statements:

Below is my first statement of 24 April 2020:

and my second statement of 12 December 2020

Both these statements were reported to An Garda Síochána on 18 December 2020:

Pulse I.D./Incident number 19091862.



A graphic illustration of the “Irish” establishment’s use of the very British weapon: “Plausible deniability”

is given in this summary of 10 years of investigation which foretells exactly how the present and ongoing cull is being managed. It was first published on 14 December 2011 and, though it focuses on the Irish language, the facts are fairly universal throughout the state departments.

None of the crimes described in this report have been punished and all continue, paid for by a traitor/parasitic government, that continues to rob the resources/suck the blood of the Irish people – mainly by laundering into private hands. This is allowed to continue by our people’s consent by silence and inaction and by the triumph of the criminals’ propaganda – again due to the mé-féinism of a sizeable minority of Irish people who live on bribes.

My use of the Hebrew revival as an example in no way implies support for the state of Israel or any other oppressive state, including our own.


211222: When my way forward is released from the grip of the enemy within, we WILL overcome these terrorists in government.

We hear a lot of talk and theorising about the origins of the CovI.D. virus “SARS-CoV-2”.
When you stop and think, though, the true picture emerges, despite this waffle:
Firstly: there is absolutely no doubt that both China and the U.S.A. (among others) have for years been developing biological weapons, including viruses such as those (i.e. more than one) we are now being attacked by.
Secondly: their deployment is just about impossible to trace – no forensic evidence here from a conventional weapon… neither the place of deployment, nor the mass-murderer’s hitman are ever likely to be traced.
Thirdly: The viruses themselves are only part of the weapon. The deliberate, plausibly-deniable mismanagement of the countermeasures is where the real damage is done by servants of the “New World Order” who go by the psychopathic mantra: “less of them, more for us”
This link is to our At least 8 proofs of guilt” of MASS MURDER and I remind you that my first video statement was made to camera and published on April 24 2020. Scroll up this page to find this video and that of my second statement of 12 Dec 2020.
I knew this was (and continues to be) deliberate mass murder more than THREE MONTHS before that date.
And, if you look once again at my proofs, you will clearly see that the ongoing promotion of “scientists” virologists and other “experts” are part of the waffle described above:
NOT ONE of my proofs of guilt needs more than average common sense, though state censorship and misinformation have done massive damage to perceptions of reality:
72 day delay – just count from 30 Dec 2019 to 12 March 2020; the “deliberate” word is 100% justified since the perpetrator is a doctor of medicine;
Prediction by NPHET of 30,000 deaths is on public record;
Lack of “action to protect the people” is again on public record;
Suppression of at least 2 effective cures needs little proving: the people will hear conclusive proof of the effectiveness of Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine – these are, as with the previous proofs, on public record, as is the suppression;
As for the “misleading” and “falsifying figures”, both these proofs have many examples: hundreds or even thousands – and this falsifying was actually admitted by the godfather himself, Leo the mass-murderer-in-chief Varadkar.
The exemption of the pharma cartel is incontrovertible: it was publicly announced…
Isolation, prevention of health-service normal operation are arguable, but not assailable: there was MASSIVE deliberate sabotage of the health service; this is ongoing and still just as murderous as ever.
The pushing of this proven high kill-rate injection and the collusion with Big Pharma was done fully in the open – I saw the program myself, where all the pledges of money were being laundered…
RTÉ’s blatant propaganda and fearmongering is also deserving of a few life sentences. The many layers of massive lies are the constant input into the minds of the people by RTÉ, the cover-story-makers.
The fact that these obviously guilty people are still in government and in control of media is proof upon proof that we are being systematically culled by agents of the global dictatorship.
Unfortunately, it is also proof beyond argument that our resistance has been controlled by wasters, at best, traitors, at worst…
I have been obstructed from my job of informing the public of these facts by a long series of agent-induced “banana-skins”.
There are a few people on our own side (they tell us) who actually fear and support this ongoing state-organised criminality.
I advocate the use of peaceful means to solve our problems;
the line has long ago been crossed to where the use of lethal force in our defence is fully justified;
but the Irish people can still save the day peacefully. (This is not peace, I hear some of you say, and I agree, but to resort to violence would give the murderers the appearance of moral equality – though it would not, even then, be true)
Our freedom from these vermin must be done by uniting behind the campaign that I personally instigated on behalf of the Irish (and World) people to have these parasites answer for their crimes before our people. As I said, my efforts have been viciously censored to the point of almost obliteration: the junta’s main policy to deal with dissent is always “containment and delay” – they simply obstruct and sabotage…
This message needs circulated to all activists and we need to come together IN PUBLIC to move us all forward.
The current street-protests and speeches are no more useful than the recently-proposed private meetings – which also foster the cellularisation and division that the junta have been forcing on us all…
The censorship and exclusion of a dedicated volunteer like me from all decision-making – by what calls itself our side! – is done because the current controllers are cowards and need people like me out of sight so they seem like the real thing. This current situation is far too serious for that childish behaviour, yet it still goes on.
There are MANY effective actions we can take, but all will need widespread support. This can never come from the “my gang secrecy” that is used by the current wasters to make people like me disappear.
Once again, I have numerous examples of this having happened – some I have already made public – though I did not stress enough that you all need to pass these messages on. The agents enjoy the “secrecy”: real activism is a communal thing that needs open, honest and dedicated discussion – followed immediately by action as agreed.
How many of you who have been at the public meetings, protests, etc recently, have gone on to do anything after them??
These events should be to inform the public and to unite us, the front-liners in effective action.
Never before in my life have I offered so much and had such venom spat at me in return by people who see me as a threat when they should see me as an asset.
I am a threat, not to them, but to the murderers who they give permission to by their pseudo-opposition and by their sabotage of one who has spent 20 years preparing and who has been held back for 10 years by the same people.
I do not exaggerate when I say: If I had got the support I asked for from 2011 on, NONE of this COULD have happened.
And, when my way forward is released from the grip of the enemy within, we WILL overcome these terrorists in government.



Click here for pdf of our “Top 5 Priorities/Murderers Out” leaflet.

Contact us for printed copies at scel-@omn.ie


The top 5 priorities to secure Ireland’s future:

This is not a simple reading of this leaflet, but is actually my third statement in this murder charge. The entity (“An Garda Síochána”) that has ignored this ongoing serial-kill for almost a year is NOT a police force. It’s disbandment is now essential as part of our progress towards a free and just society.

The top 5 priorities to secure Ireland’s future: pdf for printing.


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