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Irish Home/Community Education Service.

It is for adults firstly, to then pass on and will be added to as demanded.

Lesson 1: the big lie so often rammed down our throats, that Irish Education is done in the language of our torturers, is hereby smashed.

We do not ask for recognition or funding from a state that administers British rule in our land and tells us it is the will of the people.

We are and will remain totally independent of that evil murdering junta that has been destroying our people for years.

We will produce material as efficiently as we can and welcome individuals and families who will become involved in this essential work as they educate themselves and their children, thus breaking the chains of oppression and becoming full Irish and World citizens.

Our higher Education courses will be undertaken on demand, beginning with our “Breaking Free” course which gives a summarised history, followed by practical steps forward out of a life of oppression and dependence on the most evil régime the World has ever known..


As promised, here is my assessment of the current (140921) situation in Ireland re the murderous dictatorship and any defence measures:
Effective defence measures: Zero.
Reason: because people continue to put everything else above the danger, thus proving they do not understand the danger (or don’t want to leave what they’re doing to acknowledge reality, since the acknowledgment of current reality will change their/your? future).
I repeat: I will not waste your time if you do not waste mine.
I have pledged the rest of my life to this cause and, realising we are being censored, but that so-called friends and relations are worse than the “enemy” on this score, please do not bother to contact me unless, as I am, you are willing to give your life to/for this cause – the cause of the future of the Irish and World people.
That will save me wasting the precious time of, as far as I know, the only whole-time volunteer we have. If any of you know of others, please put them in touch with me.
Anything less than total commitment is worthless, since it proves an incomplete understanding of the problem.
Meanwhile, I do not change one single bit of all the posts I have been making recently on “social media”, by e-mail, via this site and by face-to-face discussion.
The work I promised to do was completed in 2011 and I have been wasting my time searching for sincere people ever since.
The content of our website summarises where we are and I will now undertake a complete re-ordering and try to make it a bit more user-friendly. (Completed 210914-2308)
The content will, by this coming weekend, be in a form that will not then change until we get 2 more whole-timers, as described above. (Completed 210914-2308)

Proinsias; (“Frankie Jimmy” on Facebook)


Below is the only information you need to know to be 100% certain that Irish people

are being systematically mass-murdered by the Irish government!

The two videos below are of my initial witness statement of 18 December 2020

3rd time lucky??

And now, for the 3rd time in roughly 100 years, the British are once again playing the very same dirty trick and the Irish are, so far, seeming to be ready to fall for it once again…
In 1921/2 the so-called “Treaty” was yet another British lie and actually created 2 British states in Ireland, one open and Orange, the other covert and “Green”, calling itself “Ireland”.
Since then, the “Free State/Irish Republic/Ireland” has deliberately and consistently suppressed the will of our people whenever it differed from British and ascendency interests.
Fast forward then to 1998 and what was sold as “The Peace Process ” > “Good Friday Agreement” was simply the same trick packaged in a different wrapper: another British/U.K. sub-state, as before – just like Wales and Scotland – and the way cleared for full U.K. rule of all the British Isles…
As part of the implementation-plan for this current anti-democratic sleight-of-hand, we now have an agent of British intelligence in control of “An Garda Síochána”, we have a gang of mass-murderers in “Government” in Dublin and the British are about to sell us the “United Ireland” the less-aware Irish have been “aspiring to”, when we who are aware of current realities have been working towards our own independent republic, which is what we have fought for for years and which we will get, when we see the latest slick trickery for what it certainly is.
The British and their mercenary servants in Ireland want a United Ireland under total British control, just as the 2 partitioned states are now, but with full compliance.
And that is exactly what they will get, unless we wake up and walk into the real Irish Republic that has been created from all the years of struggle: a republic/democracy that gives full and truthful information, allows our citizens to vote on issues, not personalities and which has a team of volunteers who implement our decisions in an open, accountable and impartial way with zero corruption, theft or collusion with mass-murdering psychopaths such as are now at the very heart of what calls itself the “Irish Government”.
I have now asked An Garda for the 3rd time what is the position with my complaint of 18th December of LAST year in which I accused Leo Varadkar, Simon Harris, Tony Holohan, the management of RTÉ – and a few others – of deliberate murder and a long list of other crimes.
My initial video statements are now – and will remain posted on our homepage at – until justice is done, seen to be done and we are for ever rid of the terrorist junta that now runs Ireland and is deepening our debt, destroying our society, laundering our resources into private hands, outlawing health-care and replacing it with psychopathy and now openly murdering our citizens – while the state propaganda and misinformation service (falsely known as the “state broadcaster” i.e. RTÉ) portrays them as heroes, perverts the course of justice and treasonously does the PR work for a terrorist junta who should all be in jail.
Whenever the Irish people once again realise that we are all entitled to a place on this earth and to be free from tyranny, we might make some progress on these life-and-death issues.
Meanwhile, we will be treated to various fan-clubs of pseudo-saviours who keep us occupied “protesting” against a single symptom of a very big and multi-faceted wrong and pretending they are even scratching the armour of these cowards in suits. Street-protest, as I know well from long experience, just gives overtime-pay to those who should be protecting our citizens from the terrorists in suits, rather than helping them do their evil work.
The justice I refer to above will not be achieved without discomfort and I, for one, am not afraid of that – or of anything else that those cowards might throw at me. Nothing could be worse than seeing our people being abused and destroyed by a gang of lunatics and criminals who pose as saints and scholars: they are neither, they will go to jail and we will have, at long last, peace and justice in our own home land.


Poblċt nh Éρn 2020-


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