Ireland’s Big Lie(s).

This is a summary of the conclusions of a 10 year study on how the Irish State subverts it’s own Constitution and democracy.

It uses the example of the Irish language and was first published in December 2011.

That state remains today as it was then, though we have won some ground on the issues we have worked on…

Use of the Hebrew language as an example in no way implies support for the state of Israel.

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10 Steps Free Irish Course:

Below are the course introductory notes and a link to the videos:

It is best to read through all the written material before you watch the videos. All can be downloaded as required, as you will be needing to watch the videos 10 times or more.

Please note that the contact details on the pdfs below are out of date. E-mail for info.

10How to become an independent Irish Speaker without wasting your time.



04An Nead LogbookMuiris

Course Videos on Vimeo.

02The 10 Steps Irish Acquisition Course-2018

…& a wí futnót:

…this course was researched and produced without funding. This has made it look “unprofessional”, but John has ensured it is genuine and we did not have to obey the Plastic Paddy State’s unwritten law that projects must be useless, expensive and retrograde, contained in an expensive building that doesn’t do what the sign outside says it does. All the products of the aforementioned Bullshit State were vetted to ensure their ineffectiveness before they were allowed funding. That is not the case here and we guarantee that you will not be wasting the time you spend using this facility.

Baļ úυ Υía ‘r ‘n obρ



Tá ņé búrθĉ fúυ ‘n φógrυċt: ñí “Lucozade” atá sa βuĵl, aċ uψχĉ glan!


 Oĵċs d gċ Sэránċ

Éducation pour tous

Education for all


11How to make your Family Irish again-2018