A gang of murderers, led by the current “Tánaiste“, Leo Varadkar, has taken over ALL aspects of the rule of our country. Fix that and we fix everything. Ignore that and we can never make ANY progress.  Ending the so-called “Pandemic” and it’s deliberate and continuing mismanagement are not enough: the guilty must be punished. As long as these criminals are in control, none of us will ever be safe.


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3 initial statements of witness Proinsias Mac Bhloscaidh concerning murder charges: 18th December 2020; Pulse I.D. 19091862.

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220526: An Irish Language Act – from the British!!! Now if that’s not insane, nothing is.

The crowd they call An Dream Dearg, the new version of what used to be the Irish Language Movement, but who have turned professional and thus British, are able to get 17,000 people to demand an Irish language act from the British government.

You can keep that act.

The British have oppressed our language for almost a thousand years now. The only act we should seek from Britain is for it to remove itself from both of their anti-democratic states in our country.

The people who attended the rally in Belfast are being misled by people who have been holding out a begging-bowl to the British for a few decades now and have no understanding of the work they have set themselves up to seem to do. This British “Irish Language Act” is being sought to ensure FUNDING for work they have made a mess of for years – work we in Omlán- do right for free – as it should be.

The only thing the posers behind An Dream Dearg are good at is suppressing the truth, genuine activism and progress.

It’s all about money with them…

See our “Ireland’s Big Lie” report for the 26 county scam-system that they are a clone from.

Our work in Omlán- goes on and will be seen to be the right way forward despite the censorship we get from the professional wasters who run the show funded by what calls itself the Irish Government. The report above has never been challenged by ANY of these wasters – because they are well aware that what they do is criminally wrong. I use the word “criminally” deliberately: criminal because they KNOW – and are thus stealing our communal resources to put us back rather than forward, as they should be doing: criminal. They depend on the dictator-establishment’s ability to ERASE effective opposition. Their only defence is to make us disappear. In that they have so far succeeded, but truth has a nice habit of rising through the smokescreen.

As with all aspects of Fascism, it depends on being “the only show in town”, but the reign of the well-paid incompetent cannot last…


20-May-2022: “Artificial Intelligence”

“Artificial Intelligence” is artificial, OK, but is not intelligence beyond the visions of the person creating it. It has all the flaws, but none of the magic of human intelligence – and never will. The native Americans advised not to make any decision until you have looked 7 generations ahead for it’s effects. This advice would improve the outcomes for the current arrogant anti-intelligent humanoids who think they can control the universe.

Arrogant psychopathic empty-heads, who excel at one thing only: the LIE.


15-Apr-2020: The cause is just, of that there is no doubt. Note also the repeat of the historical use of the cull – followed by redistribution of lands to the servants – now ongoing. It is a carbon-copy of the subjugation of individual countries, Ireland included, now being done on a global scale and with much more power.


220520-1143: I am a whole-time volunteer for the Irish Republic and am quite entitled to criticise any branch of the Republican Movement. My criticisms are always truthful and constructive and begin with myself and my own work… Sinn Féin, being the strongest branch numerically, though the farthest from the target, is no exception. Constructive criticism is one of the foundations of a Republic. This summary is from March 2020, but, as with all our work, has been suppressed…

Quite simply: TREASON.

Without a referendum by informed Irish citizens, the ceding of our sovereignty to a drug-pushing cartel is quite simply TREASON.

Minister Stephen Donnelly confirms that “Ireland supports the WHO led process to negotiate a binding legal instrument on pandemic preparedness and response” or global pandemic treaty, if you prefer.


It will be time to commemorate 1916 when the Guilty stop bullying the innocent…

We have no freedom yet, but we will have…
See www.omn.ie for more info about the continuing struggle for justice for the innocent victims of Fine Gael and Co’s ongoing cowardly killing of innocent and defenceless Irish citizens, using our communal resources as bribes to ensure support and to further enslave our people by squandered debt. Without any doubt these criminals in suits are guilty of the most despicable crimes that were EVER committed on our people.


220414-1115: My warnings to our shattered republican movement began in 2011!!

So far ZERO movement apart from what is done here: movement along the wrong path, being a negative, is worse than no movement – a waste of more of our scarce resources!
The permanent blasting of the “Famine” lie took 150 years due to expert lies and coverups by Britain and their servants here…
It is in ALL our interests that that long delay changes to IMMEDIATE reaction to current, ongoing, mortal danger
but people still focus on commemorating events – usually defeats – that happened years ago.
We need this terminal problem fixed, so all can move forward…

220319-1707: We do not ask anybody’s permission to live in peace, equality and justice.

I was almost the sole exception to what I relate below: I went to Q.U.B. to do Irish, not to get a job, but to reconnect with my people. I also chose to do this in Belfast because of loyalty to our continuing struggle against abuse by a foreign invader. It was even done against a principle of attending a University named after the big boss of that same nation…
But just about all of those who sang the rebel songs and talked the talk in the student bars were, at that very time, training to become servants of those same British states in Ireland.
They are now at pension age and probably still singing rebel songs in their oversized, under-occupied homes…
This is disgusting enough in itself, but worse still is the fact that it was these people who influenced and continue to influence the republican family. The vast majority of the ordinary Irish people got nothing from the 1998 “Treaty Mark 2”
The first cul-de-sac was called “armed struggle”, but the self-servers ensured it’s defeat, our people’s demoralisation and the almost total annihilation of our centuries-long struggle for a decent life.
Then we got version number “unknown” of the Irish signing agreements with the British (that particular big lie was called “The Good Friday Agreement”) that the British proceeded to rip to shreds as it invaded a few more innocent countries…
But the ripping to shreds was done with a smiley face and many big lies and bribes, so the servants were promoted and the volunteers made to disappear. All the while, the dictatorship and exploitation of our people continued…
And that’s the reason why these ageing British servants, with set-smiling faces and impeccable good manners, viciously censor, provoke, slander, ignore someone like me who serves the Irish and ALL people with no bias and full respect for diversity that the enemies within constantly drone on about and simultaneously suppress…
These people are actually worse than the N.W.O. dictators, since they not only are complicit in mass-murder and many other heinous crimes against the people, but they are hypocrites who pretend to oppose the murderous hand that still feeds them..
That’s why they have been for years trying by all manner of dirty tricks, to make we volunteers disappear.
These people should have no positions of leadership, but should also be shunned: the path I have come to recommend is based on honest research and complete lack of self-serving. This path serves ALL our interests – including theirs. What they have done, also, is no crime, as such, though it is reprehensible in the extreme.
Some of these same types used to call people like me “terrorists”, but that false label no longer works, so they just censor, ridicule, ignore, plagarise, accuse of many personality faults and generally make absolutely certain that the project that I have dedicated my life to will die, almost at birth.
They will not succeed: the cause of justice for all is THE cause for all humanity.
The self-promoters should examine their personal lives and immediately make open the way to the bright future for us all that this way will soon bring – not just to the privileged few.
I will continue my service until we get our just Irish Republic.

This Republic is the alternative to the dictatorship that has for years posed as democracy.
We do not ask anybody’s permission to live in peace, equality and justice. These are not privileges, but rights.
The New Republic is being repressed now by Irish people.
That is unacceptable now and will be until it ends – sooner rather than later.


220317: Remember Iraq and the “Weapons of mass distruction” lies?

Well: “The US has 336 labs in 30 countries under its control, including 26 in Ukraine alone. It should give a full account of its biological military activities at home and abroad and subject itself to multilateral verification.”

Or is it one rule for the U.S. bullies and another rule for the people?


220313-1011: Without ever having met, two observers say almost the same thing… truth is universal…

This from John Waters 2022-03-02:

“It is very hard to predict whether or when the people of the West will start to wake up and realise what has been happening to the world they imagine themselves to inhabit. For many years, for sundry reasons, their governments have been working assiduously to transform their societies from democracies to fascist dictatorships properly defined: power cartels of government and corporations with a view to total control. To achieve these ends, they have rotated the political left 180 degrees so that it now, without even knowing it, represents the interests of the greediest and most ruthless forces on earth. While demonising any residual voice of opposition as ‘far right’, these neo-fascist governments are prepared to deal with any bunch of extremists thugs from left or right in order to achieve their primary aim of subjugating and terrorising their populations. Now, they think to present themselves again as champions of democracy.”

This from me 2022-02-25:

“And now the latest and most devious dividing tactic: the terms “right wing” and “left wing” have been reversed and twisted as part of the subversion of resistance to what, though it poses and is often portrayed by commentators as “left” and that has been branding any resistance to the Covid tyranny as “right-wing”, is actually the most ultra-right-wing fascist dictatorship the world has ever known.
Since the terms have had their meanings destroyed by the minority dictators, I use the term “left” to describe rule by the people and “right” to describe rule by a small élite by bribery and coercion. Leave nationalities and English terminology out and you will see that China, for example, is not despised because it is “communist”/”Socialist” (though this impression is given), but because it is dictatorial, as now is the U.S.A. (NOT “communist”/”Socialist”) – Canada (NOT “communist”/”Socialist”) Australia (NOT “communist”/”Socialist”) and the U.K. – (NOT “communist”/”Socialist”), but all have recently gone from covert to overt dictatorship of the people by a select rich few, using the pretext of protection of public-health.  The net result of this clever twisting of meaning is that most of those who would be on the side of the people sided with the governments and accepted the Covid tyranny as a necessary sacrifice for the common good. The government spin-twisters played this deception incessantly for months. This care for ones fellow man, though noble, was wrong in this case, because the twisting had left the facts almost impossible to access for the majority who are informed by the state media and thus most people got the wrong impression: the murderers were playing the role of protector and being facilitated by RTÉ reality-inverting media trickery and plain old suppression of truth.”

(See <2022-02-25 21:39 These few paragraphs describe the current undemocratic status-quo and introduce details of the replacement process that will follow: the actual step-by-step way forward in detail comes next…> at http://omn.ie/index.php/roncumrsd/)

Interestingly, Waters work is from around 220302 (Any War Will Do)… maybe he was reading my stuff…. as is usual, my work is never acknowledged, but often used.

This plausibly-deniable co-incidence would be better replaced by co-operation, but writing, for some, is an end in itself: not for me. For me writing is simply the thinking process being logged, prior to the ACTION it produces. This essential point is lost on the Irish and most other people and action is always missing, so poor Volunteer PaddyJoe has to do all the dirty work.

As always, I accept what is needing to be done – and that it is me who will have to do it… Like Cú Chullain, I just keep mauling the throat of the demons until the Irish people arise from their sickness…

Ar aghaidh linn,



220311: Give me our thousands of years of combined survival experience and keep these last few decades of techno-arrogance, where the ignorant are made to think they know it all. A society that makes you dependent, makes you vulnerable: they control you. If they take one piece out of the network, the whole thing can collapse in unbelievably quick time. That’s why they encourage you to go “smart”: their “smart” can be made very dumb very fast when they pull the plug.




220311-2010:  So far, we have a sitting government undeniably guilty of three CAPITAL offences:

  1. Ongoing mass murder of it’s own citizens by virus and “vaccine” (more honestly described as bio-terrorism and the deliberate forcing of a poisonous injection onto as many citizens as possible)
  2. Attempted treasonous hand-over of sovereignty to a criminal cartel, namely W.H.O. and
  3. The latest crime: the attempt to endanger all our lives and to steal more of our resources by removing our Neutrality: another attempt at mass-murder of our own citizens by what poses as a government…

And, as for those who are sabotaging our peoples lives by many means, the neutrality issue is not up for negotiation, though these traitors want it gone, so we become a target and so their cronies can launder/steal a few more billion for “defence”.

Jail is too good for these gangsters who pose as politicians.

When you wake up, give me a call and we will begin to free our people from these criminals.

We have enough enemies. Our list of enemies should not include members of our own government, but it does!!

These crimes do not go away because the criminals media is ignoring them: that’s how they operate.

The criminals must be brought to justice.

The ongoing “failure” to do this is yet another proof that we do not live in a democracy/republic, but under the dictatorship of a mafia of murderers.

Anybody awake out there??



A graphic illustration of the “Irish” establishment’s use of the very British weapon: “Plausible deniability”

is given in this summary of 10 years of investigation which foretells exactly how the present and ongoing cull is being managed. It was first published on 14 December 2011 and, though it focuses on the Irish language, the facts are fairly universal throughout the state departments.

None of the crimes described in this report have been punished and all continue, paid for by a traitor/parasitic government, that continues to rob the resources/suck the blood of the Irish people – mainly by laundering into private hands. This is allowed to continue by our people’s consent by silence and inaction and by the triumph of the criminals’ propaganda – again due to the mé-féinism of a sizeable minority of Irish people who live on bribes.

My use of the Hebrew revival as an example in no way implies support for the state of Israel or any other oppressive state, including our own.


Below is the only information you need to know to be 100% certain that Irish people are being systematically mass-murdered by the Irish government!

The truth is known by common sense. My first statement was published on the 24th April 2020. The delay in the arrest of these murderers is not a conspiracy-theory, but a conspiracy proven.
See omn.ie for three statements and please share. I stand over every word and will be corrected if wrong.

The videos below are of my initial witness statements:

Below is my first statement of 24 April 2020:

Both these statements were reported to An Garda Síochána on 18 December 2020: Pulse I.D./Incident number 19091862.


211222: And, when my way forward is released from the grip of the enemy within, we WILL overcome these terrorists in government.

We hear a lot of talk and theorising about the origins of the CovI.D. virus “SARS-CoV-2”.

When you stop and think, though, the true picture emerges, despite this attention-diverting waffle:
Firstly: there is absolutely no doubt that both China and the U.S.A. (among others) have for years been developing biological weapons, including viruses such as those (i.e. more than one) we are now being attacked by.
Secondly: their deployment is just about impossible to trace – no forensic evidence here from a conventional weapon… neither the place of deployment, nor the mass-murderer’s paid hit-man are ever likely to be traced.
Thirdly: The viruses themselves are only part of the weapon. The deliberate, plausibly-deniable mismanagement of the countermeasures is where the real damage is done by servants of the “New World Order” who go by the psychopathic mantra: “less of them, more for us”
Our “At least 8 proofs of guilt” of MASS MURDER is below here and I remind you that my first video statement was made to camera and published on April 24 2020. I knew this was (and continues to be) deliberate mass murder THREE MONTHS before that date.
And, if you look once again at my proofs, you will clearly see that the ongoing promotion of “scientists” virologists and other “experts” are part of the attention-diverting waffle described above:
NOT ONE of my proofs of guilt needs more than an elementary numeracy and common sense:
72 day delay – just count from 30 Dec 2019 to 12 March 2020; the “deliberate” word is 100% justified since two of the leading perpetrators are doctors of medicine;
Prediction by NPHET of 30,000 deaths is on public record;
Lack of “action to protect the people” is again on public record;
Suppression of at least 2 effective cures needs little proving: the people will hear conclusive proof of the effectiveness of Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine – these are, as with the previous proofs, on public record, as is the suppression;
As for the “misleading” and “falsifying figures”, both these proofs have many examples: hundreds or even thousands – and this falsifying was actually admitted by the godfather himself, Leo the mass-murderer-in-chief Varadkar.
The pushing of this proven high kill-rate injection and the collusion with Big Pharma was done fully in the open. The exemption of the pharma cartel is incontrovertible: it was publicly announced and the money-laundering to that drug-pushing gang was also done on Television
Isolation, prevention of health-service normal operation are arguable (the classic “plausible deniability”), but not assailable: there was MASSIVE deliberate sabotage of the health service; this is ongoing and still just as murderous as ever.
RTÉ’s blatant propaganda and fearmongering is also deserving of a few life sentences. The many layers of massive lies are the constant input into the minds of the people by RTÉ, the cover-story-makers.
The fact that these obviously guilty people are still in government and in control of media is proof upon proof that we are being systematically culled by agents of the global fascist dictatorship.
Unfortunately, it is also proof beyond argument that our resistance has been controlled by wasters, at best, traitors, at worst…
I have been obstructed from my job of informing the public of these facts by a long series of agent-induced “banana-skins”.
There are a few people on our own side (they tell us) who actually fear and support this ongoing state-organised criminality.
I advocate the use of peaceful means to solve our problems;
the line has long ago been crossed to where the use of lethal force in our defence is fully justified;
but the Irish people can still save the day peacefully. (This is not peace, I hear some of you say, and I agree, but to resort to violence would give the murderers the appearance of moral equality – though it would not, even then, be true)
Our freedom from these vermin must be done by uniting behind the campaign that I personally instigated on behalf of the Irish (and World) people to have these parasites answer for their crimes before our people. As I said, my efforts have been viciously censored to the point of almost obliteration: the junta’s main policy to deal with dissent is always “containment and delay” – they simply obstruct and sabotage…
This message needs circulated to all activists and we need to come together IN PUBLIC to move us all forward.
The current street-protests and speeches are no more useful than the recently-proposed private meetings – which also foster the cellularisation and division that the junta have been forcing on us all…
The censorship and exclusion of a dedicated volunteer like me from all decision-making – by what calls itself our side! – is done because the current controllers are cowards and need people like me out of sight so they seem like the real thing. This current situation is far too serious for that childish behaviour, yet it still goes on.
There are MANY effective actions we can take, but all will need widespread support. This can never come from the “my gang secrecy” that is used by the current wasters to make people like me disappear.
Once again, I have numerous examples of this having happened – some I have already made public – though I did not stress enough that you all need to pass these messages on. The agents enjoy the “secrecy”: real activism is a communal thing that needs open, honest and dedicated discussion – followed immediately by action as agreed.
How many of you who have been at the public meetings, protests, etc recently, have gone on to do anything constructive after them??
These events should be to inform the public and to unite us, the front-liners in effective action.
Never before in my life have I offered so much and had such venom spat at me in return by people who see me as a threat when they should see me as an asset.
I am a threat, not to them, but to the murderers who they give permission to by their pseudo-opposition and by their sabotage of one who has spent 20 years preparing and who has been held back for 10 years by the same people.
I do not exaggerate when I say: If I had got the support I asked for from 2011 on, NONE of this COULD have happened.
And, when my way forward is released from the grip of the enemy within, we WILL overcome these terrorists in government.

The top 5 priorities to secure Ireland’s future:

This is not a simple reading of this leaflet, but is actually my third statement in this murder charge. The entity (“An Garda Síochána”) that has ignored this ongoing serial-kill for well over a year is NOT a police force. It’s disbandment is now essential as part of our progress towards a free and just society: well-grounded allegations of mass murder deserve a bit more urgency than 16 months (and counting…) of silence as the crimes continue…

The top 5 priorities to secure Ireland’s future: pdf for printing.


Below is our beginner to fluent “10 Steps” Irish Course:

Please read all pdf s well before beginning, especially:

10How to become an independent Irish speaker without wasting your time.


(The mobile number quoted is out of date: 0871508145)

02The 10 Steps Irish Acquisition Course-2018


04An Nead LogbookMuiris

05The 10 StepsIntro-01 (the website referred to is now www.omn.ie)

06The 10 StepsIntro-02 (the website referred to is now www.omn.ie)

10How to become an independent Irish speaker without wasting your time

(referred to as: “The Iomláine Method” on the Introductory videos 05 and 06 above. The web address has also changed, but you’re there, so good luck)

Course Videos on Vimeo.

11. “How to make your family Irish again”

This .pdf is for those who are trying to pass on Irish to their young generation, when ill-equipped to do so by our recent history as described above in “Ireland’s Big Lie”. It is titled “How to make your family Irish again” and gives a path to full fluency by both parent and child(ren), the parent only needing to get a few steps ahead by reading all the .pdfs and watching the video series a few times so they can actively help their child(ren) on their rapid journey to full reconnection to their Irish roots…

The information in this document is directed at new-born children, but can be adapted to the slightly different needs of older beginners…


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