1 in 13 – unlucky for most!

The psycho “3%” minority is still sizable – and very powerful and influential. They own most of the world’s media and presently have a big influence on most of the world’s governments. They probably control most of the online, “independent” media as well.
To say that this threat was serious and urgent would be an understatement. It is an existential threat and the means to carry it out already exist.
The weapons of mass murder – biological weapons – are deadly viruses* which have already been produced and have just been proven to be easy to deploy. They are also easy for the perpetrators to shelter from until their dirty work has been done and the virus has killed all it’s potential hosts and thus dies, leaving the world cleared of we the “swarms of unruly peasants”.
The intent has already been widely and openly talked about, popularly in some so-called academic circles and certainly among the “landed gentry”, the latter having been involved actively in the dirty concept of human culling for centuries, but who now have the power to carry it out on the massive scale they currently recommend.
So just look around your own home area and picture every home empty except one in every thirteen and you will begin to appreciate the extent of this threat to most of our lives**.
It will blow your mind and will take time to sink in, but the sooner you swallow that this is a real threat, the sooner you will become effective in defending your family and community from it.
And, just to answer those who would dismiss what I am writing as “conspiracy theory” as a cover for their refusal to acknowledge the presence of deadly mortal danger, (or, perhaps, their concealed complicity in it) which would you prefer, scenario 1 or 2 below?
1. to have taken action to protect your family from a threat that was unreal, thus risking ridicule; or:
2. to have your family wiped off the face of the earth due to your preference for keeping your head buried in the sand.
The choice is yours.
I have no family, but my choice was never in any doubt. I stand with the human race and will defend it to my dying breath.
We must identify and track these human-being molesters ourselves; the current state probably supports them, so you will get no help there. This unpleasant truth is true of all the so-called “democratic” countries, as the “democratic” system, as it calls itself, is the antithesis of democracy. Once again, this is difficult to swallow, so I will assist you:
Democracy can only exist where people have full access to truthful and accurate information. Thus, in a state such as Ireland, where the media is controlled and used as a weapon by an unelected dictatorship posing as a “Caretaker Government”, democracy does not exist except in a deceitful name.
So, now that we understand, at some level, the threat, we move quickly on to it’s urgent control and speedy elimination.
In the mountains, we deal with danger by the application of the mantras: “avoid, reduce, manage, protect”, etc.
In the society we live in, we must do similar: identify threats and deal with them using the principles of triage: courageously, justly, calmly and with essential need for success with zero doubts. If in doubt, take it out. And, just in case anyone would accuse me of incitement to violence, I mean exactly what is written: remove the threat, neutralize it, confine it, deal with it in whatever way you see fit under the circumstances*** – and the circumstances are life or death.
I once again appeal for volunteers to deal with this and have already volunteered to put my life on the line. I cannot work effectively alone, so please share this message as widely as possible, so it goes to people who are free, fit and willing to defend our species from deadly danger.
When the aforementioned pourers of scorn ridicule you, suspect complicity immediately and take the action you deem appropriate without delay.
There are only two possible results to the action that I recommend and only one of these will ensure your future.
Once again, the choice is yours.

* viruses are not the only biological and chemical (invisible) weapons available to these people.
** The inhabitants of so-called “Third World” countries are likely to be targeted at a higher ratio, since they are more “peasant” than we in the “Western Democracies”.
*** “Minimum effective force” i.e. minimum force that makes success certain.

My unmasking the Facebook group “Boycott RTÉ” as controlled opposition comes from my long experience of comparing truth to lies and choosing truth always, because truth is reality and the lie of censorship and propaganda is cuckoo-land.
This is a fundamental problem in “modern” Irish life:
All the institutions that a good state would set up to enhance the lives of it’s citizens are controlled by powerful minorities who are anti-people.
We seem to have a choice, but in reality we do not:
if we wait until “politics” solves these problems, they will never be solved, but our identity will be gradually eroded until we no longer identify with anything more than what we are fed.
This process has been going on here since the creation of the “Irish” state in 1921 replaced the more overt anti-Education system typified by the National Schools.
The single productive alternative to this national drowning is to replace all the state institutions with our own voluntary versions. This is what Iomláine has started and continues to develop.
This “opposition”, to use an apt British parliamentary phrase, does not stand idly by and allow the “default” to swamp us. These institutions that we create are the just and right ones and are long overdue.
The absolute top priority for the enemies of the people is to constantly sabotage any positive development and their most powerful weapon is suppression of truth. They have long ago learned that this is more successful if done covertly and that is why it is hard to spot.
Our top priority as a Nation now is to get these institutions working: they already exist in Iomláine.
Failure to act now will end the Irish Nation and seriously threaten the lives of your next generations.
Under a threat such as now exists, we do not really have a choice: failure to act is simply terminal.
Your justifiable fears of direct conflict with these destroyers have been proven groundless by people such as me who have peacefully shouted murderer at the guilty. I have been attacked from many angles, but they know they cannot kill the spirit of freedom. Not now; not ever. It is the human spirit; it is the spirit of justice. As long as one decent human being is alive, it will live. Our challenge now is to create heaven on earth: what we now have is hell on earth and does not deserve a future. We do.
200505-1117: Biological Warfare against the innocent civilian population
When the “Coalition” of illegal invasions invaded Iraq early in this millennium, it was on the false pretext of “weapons of mass destruction” that they accused Saddam the Bad-Guy Hussein of having hidden away somewhere.
There were no WMD’s in Iraq, but the US/UK. etc coalition of innocent-civilian-killers still occupies this oil-rich country and still profits from repairing the damage it’s own Weapons of Mass Destruction did to an innocent population, heaping hypocrisy on mass slaughter and giving further profit to the élites of the world’s most terrorist empire that calls itself nothing, but hides in the open in such groupings as NATO, UN, WHO and other seemingly innocent “Global” organisations that we, the people, are told are benevolent. Now it’s chosen businesses reconstruct the damage that their own armies did to an innocent population. It is obscene on a massive scale and is the hallmark of the work of these anti-human terrorists.
We have some representatives of that terrorist cell here in Ireland: one is “Taoiseach” and another is “Minister for Health”. There are more in the government and a support network is woven deep into the fabric of the rotten society that calls itself “Ireland” and kept loyal by a deep purse of bribery and resource-laundering.
But the main “base” is now in laboratories hidden from view in various locations around the globe. These are where the biological weapons are produced – and quantity is so small that it would take experts or people “in-the-know” to find them. A virus is minute and can be cultured to produce billions of weapons in a few days. This is now done within the bodies of us, the victims: we are the storehouses for these illegal, but increasingly threatening and inhuman weapons.
The Covid-19 virus “pandemic” is an experiment gone a bit wrong, but is the predecessor to another planned attack. The small group of psychopaths who hold a weapon at ALL our heads now, have a long history of mass-murders using hidden and “plausibly deniable” weapons: the native Americans had the buffalo-shoots, the Aztecs and Incas had European diseases; the Irish had the potato blight to mask land-theft and inhuman “revenge” for daring to resist the rule of the tyrant; Scotland had a similar cull and there are many more examples.
What I write here is not “conspiracy theory” which is the new brand for any intelligence that these killers don’t want us to have; it is just plain logic applied to common knowledge: for those who produced AIDS/HIV virus and Covid-19 it is a dangerously short step to being able to produce a strain which has a longer incubation-period, so we will all (apart, of course, from the chosen few who will have been warned) be infected before we even realize the virus exists.
Take a look at the world map of Covid-19 cases and you see the enemy at the door. I hate to be the messenger who brings bad news, but there is still time to prevent what these people have in their sick minds for their future entertainment.
Sweeping this under the carpet and burying our heads in the sand are tempting, but dangerous reactions…
If you do not think this is a dangerous place for the world’s citizens to be, then you are not living in the realm of reality.
This is urgent.
Not just a bit urgent, but very urgent.


200505-1110 “Less of them, more for us.”
This 1852 quote from Sir Charles Trevelyan describes the ongoing war on people perfectly:
Charles believed that the goal of “depopulation” justified the means:
“Considerable estates belonging to the MacLeod and MacDonald families are in the market, but nobody will buy them while they are occupied by swarms of miserable tenants who can neither pay rent or support themselves”
That was gross deceit as well as inhumanity, as it was the theft of these (and our) lands that left them (us) as “miserable tenants”.
The current cull has EXACTLY the same underlying principles: we, the people, are hindrances to the luxury of the useless minority.
The ethos that Leo, Simon and Co serve is:
“Less of them, more for us.”
Kick them out!


200505-1131: Compare the percentages of population infected with Covid-19 for China, where the virus first was let loose without warning, to Ireland that had 47 days warning but a different INTENT.
China: %age of population infected: 0.005%
“Ireland” (i.e. 26 cos): %age of population infected: 0.436%
In short: China has five hundredth of one percent of it’s population infected; Ireland has almost half a percent infected.

Or, put another way:
China: one citizen in 17,367 infected.
Ireland: one citizen in 229 infected.

Explain that if you believe these killings are not deliberate.


This video is my sworn witness statement concerning Covid-19’s entry to Ireland and it’s subsequent and ongoing mismanagement.
I put this before the Irish people now and am available for clarification of any point.


200416-1442: Date and time first this time.

The accusation is made and repeated by Proinsias Mac Bhloscaidh, Acting Voluntary C.E.O. for Irish Charity Iomlán: Chy 18591.

Irish Charity CEO accuses Taoiseach and government of murder. 200416-0800.
If I were to go into my local Post Office on a Thursday morning and kill two or three pensioners with a machete, I would be quickly arrested, witness statements taken and the full weight of the justice and mental health department would be at the service of the state to protect others from me.
But if I had killed the same pensioners with a quick dose of poison gas, unseen, I could even give a statement to the police and be freed, totally unsuspected.
That is the game that the Élites have played with human beings for years (known to us by many names, such as: hide the weapon, blame the victim, etc), but it is starting to become a serious problem and must be addressed decisively, quickly, effectively…
All Fine Gael Government TD’s who could have been complicit in the ongoing covert murder campaign, led in Ireland by An Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar TD, that uses a deliberately mismanaged virus outbreak to do it’s killing must be arrested and interrogated, not using lie detectors, but in open public, ON camera and under full medical (esp mental) assessment to answer the questions of the CEO of a registered Irish Charity who has cause for concern for the safety of the Irish people.
Starting, of course, at the top: a qualified Doctor of Medicine who knew about a World Health risk and refused to act for days, weeks and months after he received the information.
I can swear this is fact as I, also, heard the reports on radio and other media of “virus” “China” Spread… Cheltnam Italy… Spain… etc.
The dates of every single one of these events are in the public domain and fully verifiable.
If there is a justice system in this country, it will deal with this urgent problem that faces the Irish Nation who are now being “protected’ by the very same people mentioned above.


Video giving my advice and request to the Irish people: dump the professionals.

We haven’t got a millionth of their resources, but we don’t need paid advisors.



So, as usual. I begin by breaking a “rule”:

This is omn.ie’s first of 4 “Channels” (The “Print” Channel). It is for InterNational “News”

i.e. information that concerns citizens of Ireland and the World.

Channel 2 is Video addition to Ch1 here.

Channel 3 is our local “News” Channel and will be in Irish.

Ch 4 is in Departments eg Education… Local Media… Local “News” and events, etc.

This reduces the urgency of dealing with RTÉ which needs handed over to the Irish people – for the first time, intact and in a timely manner.

It must also deal with the serious allegations being made against certain “politicians”and so our organisation – which has been Registered with the “Irish” state for some years now – hereby demands the immediate resignations of at least An Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar TD and An t-Aire Sláinte, Simon Harris TD, to allow us to reassess action necessary to protect our citizens.

There are strict rules that a Nation’s “leader(s)” must obey that do not apply to me and you…

Tá súļ agŜiñ g’ `bañŧυ ψζ taτñμ as “’n dá Σúļ ” ‘r TG1.

Slán g fóļ

I request that you read all this and pass on the information. We cannot defend ourselves from this as long as our defence is being organised by the murderers.
Premeditated mass murder – book of evidence..
Jan 13 First case outside China. And Doctor Leo already knows how a virus works silently and covertly…
So do the Fine Gael government order a lockout?
No, they call a general election to distract our attention from our silent invasion by this known deadly virus.
The charge is premeditated mass murder.
All the FG government are guilty, as is RTÉ for aiding with propaganda and misinformation.
30 Jan 2020: WHO declare a world health Emergency.
Election rushed through and happens on 8th Feb when we should have been already in LOCKOUT.
All the evidence is already in the public domain – on the TV footage of this dark period in our history.
This is now followed by repression, not of the virus, but of the people.
Get them out NOW.
ALL politicians not involved in this crime against the Irish people should form a government to rid us of these psychopaths.
Don’t forget that the psychopath has neither guilt nor feeling. Watch how Varadkar and Harris manipulate their complicit media to appear as heroes who care about their people.
Get them out! NOW.

Further notes
…the advice on pets
…refusing to move people from inner city flats to allow “social distancing”
…workplace treated as an exception to rules!!
…don’t forget that Vrad is a doctor, who cannot claim not to know these things..
…and, of course, it creates the opportunity for some new lucrative business opportunities in the medical and pharmaceutical industries, in this case.
…not to mention the special powers they pushed on us “for our own protection”
Are we all mad to allow this?
I will be adding to this book of evidence in the coming days and demand justice for the guilty and freedom for my people from this tyranny.
Get them out NOW