This message is in addition to our messages that referred to the R.U.C. attacks on citizens at Stormont on Sunday. The text of those messages is reprinted below*
These are important points for us all to remember:
1. We are under no obligation, as citizens, to comply with the dictates of a criminal government. The proof of criminality is posted on this notice-board – (date: 24 April 2020.)
2. This “lockdown” (i.e. curfew) is a clear case of provocation of those of us who think rather that swallow RTÉ, etc’s childish and costly propaganda.
3. This “lockdown” (i.e. curfew) goes against even their own god’s advice (W.H.O.), and is based on amateurish lies. The proof of this assertion is in the public domain (except to exclusive watchers of RTÉ, etc)
4. We repeat our advice not to rise to the bait of state provocation, should that come from the R.U.C. or Garda/R.I.C., but we need some of the braver people to flaunt the dictatorship’s rules on camera: it will need teams of 2 or more: camera; patsy; etc…
5. Omlán- offers to defend for no fee, any person charged with any offence related to this current curfew, as long as the offence was deliberate and not under the influence of alcohol or other drugs… (We know that the current “Legal System” is foreign and have little respect for it, but our principles will not be compromised in any way by how we will undertake our defence of volunteers in service of our republic).
6. When we win this vital battle in our defence of humanity, we must not rest, but must increase the pressure. The enemy is controlled by psychopaths who bribe and lie BIG.
Nobody should trust ANY statement, advice or order of the paid agents of this murderous junta. It is they who should be in jail, not us the citizens who they have unjustly put under curfew again.
Omlán- has prepared our Citizens’ Information Channel and this will get content as and when things develop.
Proinsias Mac Bhloscaidh;
Omlán- (Iomláine)
Uimh. Carthnnct-/Chy: 18591.
* Text of earlier Message:
<I take no part in the “governance” of either of the 2 British states in Ireland and that’s one of the few reasons why I was not at Stormont on Sunday…
But I did see the clips of the violence of the police and, since I am well used with seeing this type of provocation, I am now giving a message to the Irish people: under no circumstances should you allow either of the aforementioned states either to intimidate you or, as in this case, to provoke you.
This is one of the aims of such repression…
And to any person who would call themselves “security forces” working under either of the aforementioned states, I have another message.
”This country of ours is under the dictatorship of an illegal, terrorist junta. You have no right to lay a hand on any of our citizens in defence of these psychopaths who pay your wages with our resources”. End of message.>

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