Leaflet Re Top 5 Priorities


The Way Forward – as clear as day.


220827 – This video takes us from the History to the present and forward.

I see not the slightest injustice in righting the numerous crimes and moving forward at last.

Much more to follow.

Slán g fóill…


As we used to do in Derry, “Go round them…”


If you “cannot afford” the time to hear the message in the short videos above, you will not be prepared to assist in the work that is necessary to implement the changes required.

If you have time to give, here are two excellent summaries of the current global situation which we find ourselves having had FORCED upon us. A large part of our current work involves counteracting the “smiling dictatorship” – and the time needed to watch these videos is time well spent, since they cut through the reams of lies and propaganda, leaving you well prepared to go to work dealing with the realities…

The Covid operation was yet another pre-planned psy-op – deployed so we would all be pushed into their “New World Order” – into the acceptance of the Empire that has been bullying the small nations of the world for centuries.

“The Psychology of Totalitarianism” by Mattias Desmet is discussed here with Ivor Cummins


Drs. Mike Yeadon and Paul Alexander: fraud of the COVID pandemic


…their Covid/mass-injection project, paid for by us, is but one in a lengthening list of methods these psychopaths are deploying to rid the world of most of it’s people, leaving the vast empty tracts of unused land that we are so familiar with in the countries these lunatics have already occupied… the clearances in Scotland, Ireland, America, Australia, etc were done by the same Empire that has now rebranded itself as the saviours of our planet. Many of the methods used then are being redeployed now… famine, disease, “war” (a word that falsely implies an even struggle!), poisoning… and the simultaneous development of a compliant, useless small population of wasters whose unspoken motto is: “Less of them, more for us”.


The Creation of a new Governance System.

We Demand Democracy – Oct 2020.


Party Politics – NOT.

The word “we”, below, refers to those of us who are still active defenders of the Irish People’s right to self-determination.


The current state of totalitarianism/dictatorship in the World:

black is “Total”; brown is “Heavy”; olive is “Light” and Green is “Free” taken from “The Big Reset Movie”


290922: History repeats itself

History repeats itself because the rich and powerful continue to succeed using these basic strategies:
Coercion+Propaganda; Divide+Rule; Censor+Provoke; “Protect”/Submit
and, above all, use of nature as a scapegoat. 
They use all means at their disposal to get rid of as many human beings as possible – but rule no 1 is: Don’t be seen: the big lie replaces truth… the Media have a bottomless purse and all opposition is censored and demonised.

This information control, censorship and “flooding the zone” so we cannot think, are absolutely incompatible with democracy; yet most people still believe we live in a democracy and thus give full trust and allegience to this perversion of democracy. Real democracy has no constituencies, no parties, no state-misinformation, and none of the lies and propaganda that are the lifeblood of the current “smiling dictatorship”.

The MEDIA is the “Weapon of Mass Deception” and is every bit as powerful as any physical weapon.

Our defence does not even begin until we have gathered a few dedicated people who are prepared to give all their time in our defence. 
Then and only then can we work on the outlines I drew in my video “The Way Forward”.
 There is a self-sustaining facility here at our disposal.
 If you are dependant on that evil régime, you are in danger. Our work has this fact as a top priority. Consider the deliberate and premeditated U.S. terrorist attack on the NordStream pipeline, the effects of which will take time and seem remote from the demolition work that caused them – just like the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq…
Make no mistake about it: the dictatorship is at war with the human race – each and every one of us.
And those of you who just look after yourselves, you are music to the ears of the dictators, since no single person or small group can dent the armour of these powerful psychopaths – especially a selfish one that sees no further than it’s own “fence”…
We don’t need fossil fuels we don’t need fertiliser, we don’t need “Farmers”, but we do need land.
This is why I warn yet again that those still in the cities and towns are in the greatest danger.
We have begun the process of repossessing land, but this process needs people to actually do something…

Having got used to thinking that informing ourselves will cure the disease, most people have become inert…



…and the private jet-setters are now looking for un”vaccinated” pilots, so their planes don’t crash as the pilot has a heart attack caused by… “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome” – their big-lie term for deaths caused by their “Vaccine”.