28 Nodlg 2022: War Crimes or Propaganda?

notes and a framework for further investigation.

Justice is just; propaganda is selective and almost always unjust.

I spent a short time at this work and now pass it on to the people concerned with criminal investigations in Ukraine, Russia and the other countries involved in this ongoing tragedy*.

I use two examples of videos produced by “The New York Times” and “Military Mind”, a “TVP World” Polish propaganda series which is openly pro-war and pro-Ukraine. Both the videos deal with the Bucha incidents, but the link is to the NYT version. I cannot now find the “Military Mind” video youtube link, but content is similar to New York Times video quoted)

Satellite footage – UN-”REDACTED” can show much of the evidence needed… We are all entitled to view ALL the satellite and other evidence in these and other cases.

All parties to the conflict should thoroughly investigate this and be given FULL access to the satellite and other evidence,

otherwise this continues to be what it now is: PURE PROPAGANDA.

Russia, in this case, will surely interview each and every soldier under suspicion – ON CAMERA, but unpublished until trial day. The same guidelines apply to Ukrainian war crime allegations, though some of these are ON VIDEOs – made by their own comrades – actually doing the KILLING.

The essential difference I see between the two bodies of “evidence” is stark:
NO actual video footage of close-up murders by Russians, but much explicit close-up video evidence of killings by Ukrainians.






I do not suggest that lack of direct video footage proves innocence, but that it’s presence greatly strengthens the case against the suspect perpetrator(s).

The propagandists speak of the “Fog of War” and these two “reports” are from two of the big-picture guilty parties:
The New York Times, propagandising on behalf of the World’s No. 1 mass killer state the U.S.A.;
and “Military Mind, a subsidiary of TVP World, a Polish TV network:

I remind people that every single foreign murder-weapon used by one side of this conflict has travelled through their country – Poland – whose government is fully on the side of the main aggressors.

I have seen so much of this type of (often lying) propaganda that I can fairly reliably tell truth from fiction.

Cast your mind back also to the 2014? Maidan incident, when the same shooters were killing both demonstrators and police…

When ALL the facts are known, we can judge – and massive evidence is available from satellite footage alone.

And the most anti-justice aspect of this is that the rules of “sub judice” have been trampled underfoot by a terrorist régime covering up its own guilt by twisting and fabricating “evidence” to make out that they are the sole victims.

War criminals are the worst causers of hatred and the desire for revenge: they, like the paedophile, gravitate towards careers where they will have “access” to their victims. They should all be brought to justice.

The current example (From the NYT “Visual Investigations”  Exposing the Russian Military Unit Behind a Massacre in Bucha) is the antithesis of justice – names  being published of “suspects” before any proof of guilt has been given.

“at 4 locations, we caught soldiers in the act of killing” 2mins 43ff  on NYT video but no evidence!!
This is not the fog of war, but the criminal perversion of the course of justice.

There is a difference between war crimes and the horror of war.
Only when solid proof of crime is produced can the term “War Crime” be used.
Otherwise it is just propaganda.
All war is evil, but the rules are clear.
So we need to investigate and when crimes have been committed, the perpetrators must be brought to justice – not by media propagandists, but by courts of law.

War crimes in Ukraine | DW Documentary

How come it is a German reporter who is investigating this crime-scene?? (from 36min 59secs to 38mins 49sec) on

the notebooks and other items (from 34:18 on this video) are in fine condition…

So now, if justice is a concern, lets see all the evidence of the more than 10,000 deaths from AFU attacks on Donetsk and other areas.

The satellite footage is also available of these crimes.

Apparently there is at least one satellite image every 15 seconds – probably MUCH more!!

“Redaction” (i.e. “perverting the course of justice”)  by the source would highlight areas of possible guilt.

EVERY SINGLE SHELL fired at these residential areas can be accurately traced – and it’s origin, even if only proven within a 90 degree source-position area – the impact-marks will tell which army fired it… SHELL BY SHELL; MINUTE BY MINUTE.


The justification or lack of it for EACH SHOT should also become part of possible criminal procedures.

Justice is just; propaganda is selective and almost always unjust.

The definition of “War Crime” is in no doubt, but the dividing-line is often fudged for propaganda purposes…

Justice for all is a reasonable goal.


* I need to point out that I only began to take an interest in this war some time in September, so my knowledge is scant.
But the procedures, if not already in use, are suggested by one who has done some study on war crimes committed in Ireland.

See “The S.A.S. in Ireland”, by Raymond Murray for some examples of this.

I have also seen a lot of the publicised evidence relating to the 1972 massacre in my home town of Derry called “Bloody Sunday”, including seeing the scene the next day…).