Roñ ‘n Oĵċψ & nĉ `Dan


230918-0920: Cúrsĉ Staρĉ, Ļiτρθċtĉ & Ļéωñ na Gaeļĝĉ

Tá an eagraíocht dheonach “Iomláine”/Omláñ- ag cur

Cúrsa Staire, litríochta agus Léinn na Gaeilge

ar fáil do phobal na hÉireann

Dhá cháilíocht bhunúsacha de dhith:

1. líofacht bhunúsach na Gaeilge – nó mian í a shealbhú

2. Mian oideachais in ionad fostaíochta: ní aithníonn an dá Stát Angla-Éireannach an léinn seo, de thairbhe gur léinn Gaelach, fíor atá ann.

Tuilleadh Eolais ar

Iarrataisí ar r-phost chuig:


29072022: A truly Irish Education system for all our people.

“The Church’s first task is to denounce the unjust structures, not as one who judges from without, but as one who acknowledges her own share of the responsibility and the blame.” Archbishop Helder Camara.

I, like a lot of Irish people, got what my parents thought was an “Irish Catholic Education”.
The fault was not theirs that what calls itself the Irish Catholic Church was and is neither Irish nor Catholic, but almost the antithesis of both.
This stems from the undemocratic selfish and cowardly decision by a small élite in the late 18th Century* to accept the patronage of the invading, illegal and evil English occupying establishment and army, choosing quiet, luxurious acquiescence in evil-doing over a Christian, people-orientated, free and democratic community, living in harmony with ourselves and with nature.
This so-called “Education” system was correctly described by Patrick Pearse as “The Murder Machine” and it not only murders our language, but our culture, religion, code-of-life, community and any freedom we ever had.
So, in primary school, I learned:
“Kitty Campbell, Pat Mc Nair,
Molly óg and plenty mair”…
I was indoctrinated with
English language and culture, as well as
a respect for “authority” that derived from the mass-murder of innocents;
the ability to accept lies as truth: when we were told it was ok to kill innocents as a mercenary British soldier, but not ok to as much as lift a finger in defence of what is right;
that “property” was something that belonged to individuals who could do exactly as they like with it… (even though their “ownership” of it resulted from robbery with violence).
etc, etc, etc ad nauseum.
And in secondary school we had our command of the English language perfected in ALL our classes.
We were given the falsified history of the conqueror,
taught English grammar in classes that were called “Irish” French”, etc.
Our P.E. class gave us compulsory Rugby and “Gaelic Football” – from day 1 our own sports were to be done in the language of the invader who then and now controls our state schools** and probably what calls itself the G.A.A. : since the name is English, it’s fair to expect it’s ethos to be suspect, too…
I always knew something was amiss, but was not able to pinpoint it until very recently after years of deep thought and revision of given “truths”.
So now that process brings us to the time when the volunteer organisation that I helped bring into existence is ready to provide a truly Irish Education system to all our people.
This will commence on Sept 1st this year and will be accessible to people of all ages.
The sordid history of the “Irish” “Catholic” Church’s collaboration with Britain in the oppression of our nation and people (among many others) is best left for the history class, which we will arrive at in due course, in the confident knowledge that truth precedes reconciliation.
Our forward movement is long overdue and will not suffer further sabotage by the many other enemies within who now control and destroy our lives.
I put it absolutely simply and bluntly: anyone who allows their child(ren) to attend one of these murder machines deserves the result they got themselves: a life as a nobody in a foreign culture.
Your child(ren) deserve better.

*The Royal College of St Patrick at Maynooth, County Kildare, in Ireland, a Catholic seminary, was founded in 1795 and remains the “academic” epicentre of the leadership of the enemy within to this day.

**”The Church’s first task is to denounce the unjust structures, not as one who judges from without, but as one who acknowledges her own share of the responsibility and the blame.” Archbishop Helder Camara: quote taken from “A Wounded Church” by Fr. Joseph Mc Veigh.


00Oideachas do gach DuineENGLISH


17 August 2022: Example of a “truly Irish Education system for all our people”.

Below is a good example of our Education System, which, no doubt, will be ignored and the information/ideas stolen and profiteered from…

This is suited to all people above about 8 years old and shows wheat planting and harvest with added literacy and language skills.

This video is done with the lack of resources typical of the “Irish” state’s continued oppression of the most progressive organisation in our country. This is filmed in HD, but our web facility is limited to small file-size, while RTÉ has unlimited resources to swamp our people with expensive excrement.

Our communal resources have been stolen by the enemies within, but will be taken back: that’s a promise! In the meantime, these works are available to anyone who wants to be part of this fight-back, on request.

“Enrollment” is by contacting us and offering your help.






220829 … a couple of days ahead of 0109, we begin our educational video series: “Saol na Suailce”



This one is part of our Road Safety series and deals with “Defensive Cycling”.


Mr ψin, tá ψé 8 `bmtx g τξ ‘n Tráω – ‘r Roθρ.


Qéυ Πort Artρ: 15 bmtx gh Inψ Ņen; 35 bmtx g Gaβlċ




is given in this summary of 10 years of investigation which foretells exactly how the present and ongoing cull is being managed. It was first published on 14 December 2011 and, though it focuses on the Irish language, the facts are fairly universal throughout the state departments.

None of the crimes described in this report have been punished and all continue, paid for by a traitor/parasitic government, that continues to rob the resources/suck the blood of the Irish people – mainly by laundering into private hands. This is allowed to continue by our people’s consent by silence and inaction and by the triumph of the criminals’ propaganda – again due to the mé-féinism of a sizeable minority of Irish people who live on bribes.

My use of the Hebrew revival as an example in no way implies support for the state of Israel or any other oppressive state, including our own.


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