Roñ nĉ Talμυċtĉ, ‘n ζiυ & nĉ Marĉ


23 Saμñ 2022: the “hospitality” of a criminal’s jail.

“The Poor had no Lawyers”; subtitled: “Who Owns Scotland” (and how they got it) by Andy Wightman.

This article is a summary and full criticism of this 450 page book that is based on the acceptance of the false premise that violent, criminal and originally (and ongoing) illegal acquisition of land has any legality.
I undertake this, since the same massive crime happened in Ireland – and in many other countries and was the deliberate cause of the murder by starvation and the enslavement by being forced into the “Economic System” of millions of innocent human beings by these same criminals.
I stand with the victims – the ordinary human beings who had their lands stolen by force of arms and who are now being “culled” by the very same line of criminals who committed the original crimes that caused them to “own” these stolen lands.
As well as legitimising the original crimes, Wightman’s book also ignores the VITAL issue of how we will get these stolen goods back, so my contribution will address this issue – the ONLY worthwhile issue – as it’s conclusion.

I deal with the main issues as they come up in this book and quote page references of the 2015 edition. I do not recommend this book and that is partly to do with what you will see as I capture the main “points” in a few hundred words, but as I also show without leaving any doubt that the author is a clever, subtle wolf in sheeps clothing – controlled opposition.

I begin with a separate issue, but which is mentioned at the bottom of p. xiv (acknowledgements): “I don’t understand why the fruits of academic research, much of which is paid for by government funds, should not be available free to the public. Indeed, that is surely the point of academic research.”
I DO understand… : academic research is effectively confined to topics safe to the establishment and “academia” is the loyal provider of misinformation that the state uses for propaganda. The point of academic research is to allow itself to be corrupted by the state by massive bribes for the coffee-drinking, grant-application-composing wasters who get the doctorates. Anyone who has spent time at any “university” will know that what I state here is dead on the mark.
Any worthwhile work IS public property and SHOULD be available to us all, but, as I know from my own work, most of it is unreliable anyway, though it gets the establishment’s stamp of legitimacy. The exclusion of independent and genuine research is not only not funded, but is censored, but never are the conclusions taken to task. My personal work, done on behalf of the people of Ireland and elsewhere, involved 10 years of honest research and 10 more of practical work, but has been obliterated by the same team that took our lands… This obliteration was done since they cannot dispute ANY of the accusations I make in my 2011 report “Ireland’s Big Lie” and elsewhere. Not only have I made cast-iron accusations, but I have repaired much of the damage done and this work continues, despite the cowardly bullying being done by the local collaborators, who daily use their motor-vehicles as weapons in a vain and cowardly attempt at intimidation – and Sunday “Mass” as a gathering for the promotion of vicious false witness against a dedicated defender of the dwindling community that genuinely strives to preserve our priceless culture from the vandalism directed at it by those who call themselves our government, but who are nothing less than the enemies of all decent Irish citizens…*

So back now to the title and a general, but fundamental point: “The Poor had no Lawyers”

Firstly, those whose lands were stolen, including almost ALL of us, were not poor until this theft was done.
Secondly the term “Lawyers” implies law, but what I call, for the purposes of this work: “London Rule” is not a law and will never be law, since neither London “Law” nor London “politics” have ANY right of jurisdiction in my country – or in any other of their many “colonies” – no matter how much they oppress and terrorise us. This “system” (called by many flowery names such as “democracy”, the “Free World”, etc etc ad nauseum) has no rights over our peoples and never will.
The land, therefore, that was originally stolen/robbed, has no legal owner (as it should be and ever was before the theft) , since the current occupier is in receipt of stolen goods – and we all know the legitimacy of this: ZERO.
The lack of lawyers was/is not the problem: “London Law” – a “Law” based on theft, terrorism, murder and oppression IS the problem: it has ZERO validity, full stop!
So your reading of this 450 (or so) pages of pseudo-intellectual, “scholarly” bullshit would be a total waste of your time. My time is given to the service of the people, so I regard this work as an essential part of my mission (i.e. my voluntary/vocational work for the cause of humanity), which, above all, must achieve the re-informing of our people after centuries of criminal and inhuman oppression.
The land was stolen from us, the people and has not been given back yet: land makes people independent of “Governments” and

shows the myth of “poverty” as one of the biggest lies in the history of the human family.

I have the use of a few acres of very bad land in West Donegal and I can say with full confidence of truth that this has changed me from being a consumer, dependent on my enemy for my food, into a free citizen of Ireland who bows to neither monarch nor parliament. This freedom is there for the taking by any of you who has not already been neutered by dependence on the criminal régime that controls you, but which you haven’t the courage yet to rebel against lest you might not be able to survive outside it.
I can tell you that life outside it is THE life and that our first full-time volunteers will be welcomed into the real Ireland which the British never did and never will subdue, despite hundreds of years of exploitation and criminality.
So, for “own/er” read “occupy/er; for “value” read “price”; for “law/legal” read “illegal/criminal”; for “property”, read “stolen goods”; for “proprietor” read “thief” or “receiver of stolen goods”; for “grant” read “bribe”etc, etc.
So now, to conclude, the re-occupation of our stolen lands has already been commenced here in NW Donegal.
People interested in following the path I have cleared, are more than welcome here. We can support up to 10 now, and will expand this on demand.
The only “condition” (not made by me, but by a much greater entity…) is that this step by you will require you to use parts of your brain and muscles that you have long ago lost the effective use of… health without the “Service”!
Slán g fóill,

PS I have just received a letter (which I allowed myself to read only after finishing this work, but which, coincidentally…) from “Mars Capital Finance” … <“to confirm that we have now applied for the Execution Order from Donegal Circuit Court Office. This Order will allow Mars Capital Finance Ireland DAC (“Mars Capital”) to seek to enforce the Order for Possession obtained on 19th February 2019 and to repossess the property at Glassagh Upper Carrick, Berrybeg (sic) Co. Donegal.>
I “bought” this site with my share of my father’s “will” and developed it as a centre of education promoting our language and the genuine progression of our long-oppressed people. I have not – nor will I ever – engage with these criminals, including the so-called Donegal Circuit Court. Since the system that calls itself the “Law” here is as described above – a clone off the original criminal “Government”.

I have the utmost contempt for both.

My work continues.

If I am imprisoned for contempt of court, it will be a death sentence, since I do not receive stolen goods, including the “hospitality” of a criminal’s jail.

*The amount of falsely-taken grants in the so-called “Gaeltacht” areas is an ongoing scandal of massive proportions and as yet nobody else has had the courage to call out the gang of wasters that milk a rotten system for their own personal gain, ineptly led by a gang of pseudo-intellectuals, who mislead their own people for personal profit.