We commemorate our fallen Volunteers best by getting what they fought and sacrificed themselves for…

Only one entity is fit to lead our – or any other – nation: it’s people, guided by a team that has their well-being at heart and that has done it’s “homework”.

 231211-1724: Interim Report

You’ll notice immediately the contrasts between the items that we can control ourselves and those we cannot – for now…Four stages:

1 is going to upset their equilibrium, so is ignored.

2a has been proven the first real step but is being suppressed; 2b and c are being taken care of by us, the people and this is being done in an exemplary way.

3 this is 3.

and 4 they will need more pressure to comply to – as 1 above.

So the pressure is once again increased. The defenders of genocide do not get any leeway in our justice system, since this is a democracy/Republic. What these criminals have called our collections of oppressed communities for years is of zero concern to us.

Our next move is ongoing:

The ballot-sheets are almost ready and we do our first public gathering in Derry on Friday.

The work is dominated by the need to take the coercion (in form “propaganda”etc…) out of the Irish national broadcaster. It still deceives us even by the name it has stolen: Raidio, Teilifís Éireann.

We the Irish state-servicepeople are now the Irish national broadcaster, so those problems are well in hand.

You can now think about which system you prefer: dictatorship, dressed up as… etc

or real direct democracy in the new Irish Republic 2020-



231204-1831: “Israel”’s genocidal-war on the innocent and defenceless. Yara Eid.

Families had already developed a routine around Israel’s routine bombardment, killing, and destruction: secure enough food and water, brace for a power cut, stay away from windows, and gather all family members in one place should a missile hit. Mothers would prepare their children by saying: “If our house is bombed and we all perished together, then we wouldn’t have to suffer any heartbreak.”

There would be no phone calls and no flashlights or candlelight after sunset since the Israeli warplanes, thirsty for Palestinian blood, are ready to wipe out every living being.

We packed our most important belongings like documents, some clothes, and food, but were unable to carry very much as no transportation was available. With fuel now cut off by Israel, no cars were available to transport us south, forcing us to carry everything ourselves. We held our few belongings, leaving behind all of our memories, laughter, celebration, and the love we shared in our home. As we headed to the main street, we were shocked by the number of people who, like us, were evacuating.

“Is this what the Nakba looked like?” I thought as I looked around me. Everyone shared the same facial expression as they fled their homes, their eyes crying for help but without tears and screaming but without a voice.

The air was thick from the heavy burden the people were carrying. We avoided making eye contact with each other, knowing that we were heading towards the unknown and not wanting to confirm this living nightmare was real.

Before I knew it, a cascade of reddish hues and lavender clouds painted the evening sky, with the call to Maghrib prayer from the nearby mosque puncturing the deafening quiet. After sunset, we all prayed together and then sat silently, each of us in a corner, in this moment of tranquillity. We did not talk to each other, drowned in our own thoughts and hoping this nightmare would end soon.

In the blink of an eye, a hot flame full of smoke broke into the house. I could not see anything and my feet were trapped. I could not move them, but still felt that they were not hurt. It took me a second to realise that we were targeted by a missile.

“So this is how it feels to be under the rubble,” I thought. I remained calm and stretched out my arm to check whether I was buried completely. The suffocating smell of the explosive competed with the oxygen. Everything was dark and mute…

I looked at my mother, her face bloodied and half of her body still trapped under the rubble. I saw both my brothers. I checked to see if other family members were okay, but could not hear or see my sister. I knew that she was completely under the rubble.

My older brother, who is a nurse, held my hand and began to cry. I asked him if she was alive, but he did not answer. He noticed that I was barefoot and gave me his shoes. Another ambulance drove all of us to the hospital, where I received the news that Heba did not make it.

I couldn’t understand. She had only been a few steps away from me. How did she not survive? With thoughts racing in my mind, I asked myself: “Why can’t I have the power to split my lifetime in half to share with her so she could stay alive?”

We learned that night that Israeli warplanes targeted the house next door with a huge missile, killing an entire family – a mother, two daughters, two sons and their wives, and five children – and wiping out half of my aunt’s house in the process.


231121-1819: ΤÉΨD

So, since the current rulers of the “Western” World continue to ignore the Irish Initiative for World Peace: TESD: “Tionscnamh na hÉireann do ’n tSíocháin Domhanda”, we do it anyway.

This is us, the Irish, beginning the open and accountable leadership of our country by it’s well and truthfully informed citizens, otherwise known as: “Poblacht na hÉireann”. This process is long under way, but we are lifting the weight now.

The global crisis is still threatening us all, so we must take hold of the wheel for some time until things stabilise.

The first request from all our people is for an immediate ceasefire, simultaneous with the facilitation of our work (i.e. TESD).

As a working volunteer, I am available to go wherever the discussions are taking place. When our message has been heard, I will consider this request from my organisation fulfilled and will do what the people ask (not tell, since we don’t do coercion).

As a civil servant, I have promised to do my best for the common good.

Etc, no borders, no coercion, truth, justice, Peace.


The “video” below is low-definition (seems to be sound only – OK) to go on our website, so screenshots are given here of the text.

TESD Statement this links to the audio.

The images from this statement, below, are also linked.


This video is to let you experience the reality of this criminal, terrorist assault on innocents:


from “Ukrainian Agony: The concealed war”, by Mark Bartalmai


05 Űeltñĉ 2023-2125: It’s time to stop this, the ultimate crime against humanity.

The most important fact we all need to know is that the ongoing war in Ukraine is NOT “Putin’s War of Aggression”, but NATO’s US-led war of aggression against, in this case, the Slavic peoples. This is a war of aggression by the US, using the minority régime they themselves put in power and armed. The US single-handedly created this war of unjustifiable genocide on the Slavic race.

Their “Fog of War” is the lies and propaganda the “West” constantly fires at us, the people, in an effort to retain support for this mass murder of innocents, using crazy fascists that they put into power – just as they did here in Ireland – only this is worse, since they are now pressing for a “Ukraine Victory or World War 3” bill in Washington.

The people of the United States, most of whom are also victims of their rulers madness, need to act to curb these lunatics who have usurped the control of their country and have intimidated and coerced many European nations to assist them in the madness they force on us, the innocent human-beings who inhabit what they see as THEIR World.

It’s time to stop this, the ultimate crime against humanity.


href=”https://odysee.com/@DisclosureLibrary:2/UkraineOnFire:c” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>Oliver Stone’s “Ukraine on Fire”.


Victoria is not the only one who should be put on the electric chair:

This is a 26 Feb 2023 interview of Victoria Nuland, the top individual guilty of causing the War in Ukraine. Counting the lies is difficult, but I have highlighted the main ones – complete deception – dangerous deception, by a master of deception.

As you listen to this fluent, professional liar and mass-murderer, remember that this war was HER work from start to finish.

Victoria is not the only one who should be put on the electric chair.

Major General Kirill Budanov, head of the Main Intelligence Department of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, who is not even forty years old, calmly talks about the need and plans to exterminate millions of residents of Crimea as “people with a twisted psyche.”

“Where will you go after the victory?”

“Definitely to Sevastopol. That’s my hometown. There will be a lot of work there. We have three million people living under Russian propaganda. These are people with a twisted psyche, they will be brought to justice. By their physical destruction. It will be a lot of work,” Budanov says.

…nobody reprimanded him after his words: neither Zelensky, nor Borrell, nor von der Leyen.

Republican American Senator Lindsey Graham in Kiev, in a meeting with Zelensky,  just said flatly, “The Russians are dying. We’ve never spent money so successfully.”


23/05/2023: “We’re blaming the Russians for violating the territorial integrity of Ukraine”, say the U.S.A. propagandists…

but please explain why you are not blaming yourselves for violating the territorial integrity of the native Americans and of the numerous nations you and your fellow NATO imperialist nations have invaded and destroyed over the years.


22/05/2023: So the Trust has gone… long ago. We cannot trust liars, dictators, criminals.

The solution is above trust: get the murderers out of control, then implement a true World Democracy as outlined by our New Republic.



140523: We do not want “Freedom of Speech”, but truth – the whole truth. When “votes” are cast by people who are victims of a deliberate and massive state-driven network of disinformation, propaganda and lies, there is NO democracy. The system we “Westerners” all suffer under is simply totalitarian, dictatorship, criminal, evil.

170523: Every single decision made by the anti-democratic Global Dictatorship (that currently calls itself many pleasant names: “The West”; “The Free World”; NATO; the EU; WEF; WHO; “Free-market” Capitalism; the “Developed World”, etc ad nauseam –  mostly lies…) takes them a step, or a few more steps, towards their full control of us, the peace-loving people of the World.
Here are a few of the essential criteria that these chameleons use to make their next moves – all executed simultaneously and relentlessly by their bribed mercenary minions.
Each move must serve all these aims and more:
i) to further enslave the people;
ii) to make the people think this is for our good;
iii) to further enrich the dictator miniscule minority;
iv) that the move is paid for by the people;
v) that “failures” (a lie, since these are successes) are thought to be by incompetence when they are actually well-planned and executed successes;
vi) to kill as many people as possible, while retaining the illusion of benevolence;
vii) to further divide and to set people against each other by contrived and twisted divisions, eg: “Left” v. “Right”; “Democrat” v. “Republican”; “Free-market” Capitalism v. “Communism”; West v. East; “Terrorist” v. “Security-forces”, etc. etc…
viii) that the existing “divisions” / boundaries (religion, politics, personalities, cultures, “nationalities”, etc.) are the causes when they are actually weapons being used to divide and to rule a brainwashed people who are made, by an “Education system” (including “education” by the “smart-phone”) – to think that they know it all… It is impossible to resist effectively that which we don’t see or comprehend!
The solution is covered by one single word: TRUTH. Truth equals reality!
That is why their media blast us incessantly with lies and propaganda and cover up the real events taking place on this Earth by what they call “Flooding the Zone”. “Freedom of Speech” becomes “Flooding the Zone”, so the realities are hidden in plain sight.
The system calling itself “British Parliamentary Democracy” epitomises this dictatorship and has been exported almost world-wide. It can and never was intended to serve mankind. It is designed to serve a tiny minority only, ever…
The physical obstacles to producing and supplying the needs of all people were overcome long ago, but these were usurped and sabotaged and are now controlled and subverted by these monsters-in-suits.
Our future will use these developments and technologies also, but they will henceforth be returned to us and used for the good of us all, not against us, as before.
The solution is free choice of “nationality”/culture; universal principles of information and democracy: democracy/republic is “the free choices/decisions of fully informed citizens implemented to the letter by incorruptible volunteers”.
The term “volunteer” has been twisted beyond recognition by the empire of the lie: a volunteer is one who serves without pay-scale the requirements of his community, that community being, ultimately, the human family itself. We have no master, do not obey orders, are party to every decision that makes us work to make these decisions reality – voluntarily, since we are fully involved in all decisions.
The road ahead is now visible and soon to be cleared, so we can move forward in peace and co-operation.


18/05/2023: From The Dossier:

The Bilderberg Group, a notoriously shadowy organization with a membership roster that includes some of the world’s most powerful and influential people, are convening their annual meetings this weekend in Lisbon, Portugal.
Oddly enough, there is a complete media blackout in the corporate press surrounding the upcoming conference, despite the significant geopolitical ramifications attached to its members and the agenda items being discussed. Your humble correspondent still cannot find a single story previewing the Bilderberg meetings in the corporate media.
If you’re familiar with the World Economic Forum’s annual closed-door, invite-only Davos confab, then you can get a sense of what Bilderberg entails. Yet Bilderberg is a level up of exclusivity, given that fewer than 150 people usually end up with invites to the conference, as opposed to the thousands who go to Davos. Bilderberg consists only of the very top business tycoons, royals, media influencers, and government power brokers.



17/05/2023. It’s time for peace and a World Guidance System based on truth and co-operation.

So, in face of the “Kinzhal Surprises”, the “patriotic” (“Nazionalist”) “air-defence” system is in no danger and can be “simply repaired on the spot by Ukrainian forces”.
The money-laundering “air-defence”, therefore, is of the nature of ridiculous, expensive propaganda, rather than reality.
Some air-defence, eh, but good for the fat-cats of the Military Industrial Complex and their evil, warmongering lobbyists in the corridors of the empire of the lie.
As is usual, the agenda of the NeoFascists at home and abroad has zero concern for the Ukrainian people – or anybody else, for that matter: cannon-fodder? No, worse!: Ukrainian Guinea-pigs being used by cowards who pose as their defenders, but keep their hands clean, as they kill off those of their people who swallowed the lies… and loads of innocents…
Zelensky was “voted” into power on a promise of peace. He is the number one enemy of the Ukrainian people.
The suppliers of weapons to this criminal gang are the enemies of the human race.
It’s time for peace and a World Order based on truth and co-operation – with this sanitised coercion consigned to the dustbin of history – exactly where it belongs.


20/05/2023: I left the Catholic fold in the mid 1980’s because of the full support the “leadership” were giving to British terror in my homeland. That decision is once again fully vindicated.

The person who calls himself “Pope Francis” once again sides with the terrorists and continues his usage as the soft/religious “leader” who openly consorts with murderers. The Christian principle of focusing on sinners rather than the just is not an issue here. Justice is not a personality issue. A true Church must side always with the victim of crime. If the Pope does not know that Zelensky and co are the US/NATO-armed aggressors, it’s time he did. It is simply a lie to imply that he is being just by entertaining these killers. He is not the Pope, but a servant of evil. I have long ago staked my whole being – including “my immortal soul” – on my service to mankind. My Catholic upbringing does not permit me to have any dealings with the lies and crimes that cause a representative of God on Earth to support mass-murder. This short summary is but the tip of the iceberg of the Hell that the Catholic Church has for too long inhabited. Proinsias.


230506-1930: Which leads us to our Handy Guide to “British Parliamentary Democracy”.


A classic example is “The Good Fried Day Agreement”, Britain’s latest deception of the Irish peacemakers:

I read it a few times and remember these parts and more. I’ll go for 3:

1. peaceful and democratic means: scores 1 for Ireland; Zero for aforesaid “BPD”. We made peace; they made more “wars” .i. mass murder campaigns at home and abroad.

2. Openness and accountability: Scores Zero for Ireland; Zero for “BPD” but 1 for “PnhÉ2020- . Ireland is still under British rule, but now under Irish rule.

and 3 is Etcetera.

I always supported the Peace Process, but would never sign such a document, even if it had been sincere: we determine our own future here now. That has been my way for at least 20 years now. Gerry Adams tried “The Pathway to Peace”. This failed, due solely to British treachery. So now we have created our real democracy. H7 showed us the way. We are now well away and free to live in peace.

That can happen when we export our peace to the places where people are killing each other thinking they are defending their country….




This picture has a thousand words, too… it’s the end of the video above. Our map is up for update soon. That was 2007…


230506-1857: They say a picture is worth a thousand words… Whoever produced this work of art says it all. Frankie.



050523: The supply of weapons by murderers to murderers continues.

“…a mortal threat to the entire world”


Saθ 22 Aű 2023: When you “donate” weapons, be prepared to be given a lesson. Yours is the ultimate war-crime.

The U.S.A. caused the war in Ukraine – 100% to blame. UK/NATO are fully guilty by assistance. Criminals all: Mass murderers.

The war is between Russia, who is defending the free World and US/NATO, which is the aggressor, the terrorist, the unjustifiable, the twister of fact, the mass-murdering dictatorship that calls itself “Democracy”. Their attack on Russia was planned years ago and, because of the almost complete censorship of “mainstream” media, thought by most to be aggression by Russia. This is the usual false story the professional media tells to ensure support for something totally unjustifiable. As is the case with many other countries that these monsters have destroyed, these crimes will go unpunished until we destroy the evil dictatorship that seriously endangers our common future.


ĵ Qédñ 26 Aűrn 2023-1055.

The War that shouldn’t have been is now effectively over and the Warmongers who now think they control us all have lost.
You might think this is wild exaggeration, but it is not.
The lesson I mentioned in a previous message now begins:
The U.S.A. caused this war – 100% to blame.
Their aim was – and I quote – “to destabilise Russia” and to force the US’s hallmark, “Régime change”; then to plunder, rape and pillage in the name of “Democracy”, as they did in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya etc. etc…
The battle in Artyomovsk is a microcosm which holds true for this whole U.S./Brit/E.U.-led criminal misuse of the peoples resources and lives.
Artyomovsk has “fallen”. The Russians can now work around this besieged garrison as they continue the finishing of their Special (Military) Operation to de-Nazify and demilitarise Ukraine, primarily, but also to warn others of the folly of using proxies to attack and murder the citizens of a peace loving, but powerful nation.
Russia can take out the U.S.A.’s war capabilities completely in a single day with what armaments and manpower it has today – and without the use of ANY nuclear weapons.
I am sure that they already know how to do this, since they developed these weapons to defend themselves against this very scenario.
Nobody wants a World War (except the few who can escape it and continue their lives of luxury as others suffer), but the criminals who now control the world have been telling us so many lies that the possibility is still high.
My job over the past few months since I discovered the truth, has been to look for alternatives to the neo-cons madness.
These alternatives are now being implemented despite the threats of the bully-boys that we have for long resisted.
Our resistance is the resistance of peace-lovers and builders; but we have our limits and we will NEVER give in to terrorists in Government:



ĵ Lúñ 24 Aűrn 2023: What drug is Stoltenberg taking that can make him see NATO, the mass-murder club, as the “Euro-Atlantic Family”. Absolute fanatical lunacy.


Domnċ 23 Aűrn 2023:

All referenda done in “Ireland” since inception of 6 + 26 Co. British States are in violation of  Article 2 of what was an attempt at a statement of our nation’s blueprint.

This article is as clear as day. Just look at page 3 of an “Irish”  passport.

We will not be necessarily in “EU”, in fact we advise a NO vote to becoming slaves of Warmongering criminals.

Next multi-question referendum is ready for the people and will be taken soon.



ĵ Máρτ, 25 Aűrn 2023: “Washington” (i.e. the terrorist deep state that has usurped power in the USA Empire) has nor wants no friends nor allies – only servants and co-operators in their uncountable crimes against humanity.


So where is “AntiFa” now??

They harassed pro-life groups and called them “far-right”, but, when Ireland’s real far-right government was poisoning our citizens, and when a real far-right régime is being taken on by true defenders of the people, (viz the Russian Federation) in Ukraine, these useless thugs are nowhere to be seen. Same is true of the hijacked “Misneach” organisation, which is run by state-funded pseudo-academics and has the same fascist way of working. “Does the opposite of what it says on the tin!!”


230424-0822: A Community built of lies can not survive for long.

This is true of the system that controls you all now.
They ignore and suppress reality.
Most of their subjects are denied even access to reality.
They are censoring our work as hard as possible… making sure the truth gets passed by…
Just try climbing a rock-route with eyes blinded, feeling gone, no hearing, no judgement, no experience, etc.
That’s what our resources have been used for for centuries: to blind us to any reality as they continue the oppression: EVERY SINGLE TRANSACTION has a cut taken for the criminals in power… then they allocate the funds to ensure their permanent dominance.
When enough of us wake up – stand up – we will drive them out of our lives.
And, because of this,
the British/US/NATO/etc empire is fast coming to an end.
But their ignorance and arrogance will never allow them into reality.
They could well destroy us all in their madness, but we must continue to resist and to challenge them by constant return to reality.
The challenge to man the tanks with their purveyors of lies once again proves my point: this will not be allowed to be heard and they will thus not have to be seen to refuse a very realistic suggestion:

that leaders lead

not that leaders goad and hide from putting their lives in the peril that their orders put others into deliberately.
That also is why Julian Assange is in their jail:
because to protect the lie, they must imprison the truth.

While the guilty still swagger and talk on TV and the other mind-control systems that were created by abuse of the power given to them by a lazy population that now faces massive culling and oppression.

We have one hope:

that more of us can break the embargo on meaningful communication and that we can get a team together to resist these lunatics.

My work, if supported, will end the empire of lies.

That empire is not invincible, though they lock up the hero of truth and promote the murderers.



11 Aűρn 2023: A report from Artyomovsk.


09 Aűρn 2023: Rome, Spain, Portugal, France, Britain and now the U.S.A.:

if they can’t find an enemy to fight, they’ll create one! This political scientist, academic historian and cultural critic sums it up in quick time.

FIRST YUGOSLAVIA now UKRAINE; by Michael Parenti – 2000.

“Media” are the stenographers of power.


08 Aűρn 2023: War is their choice, not ours…

One is one too many of the defenders of the Free World – i.e. Russia and China – to take the rotten bait of the provocation of a literally insane US/NATO leadership.
These US/NATO madmen are desperate to create global conflict that will cover up and possibly stop the collapse of their empire.
China needs to ignore US provocation and to firmly fix it’s attention on the peaceful resolution of the problem of “Western Democracy” which has become dictatorship.
If China rises to the bait, as Russia did, and vital issues are ignored, we might well all be finished…
There are still ways to change the course of the US plan.
I have requested a visa to the Russian Federation*, mainly to discuss these life-and-death issues and to give the advice of one who has for a long time studied the enemy that now threatens us all. Our country (Ireland) has suffered under these mass-murderers for hundreds of years and I know the history well enough to be able to know how to defend us all from these lunatics-with-power.
I also have analysed the numerous mis-leaderships that our people have been abused by, all having been created by our common enemy to send us along wrong paths that always lead to our defeats.
The time of defeats of us, the good people of the World, must end.
I once again offer my services to concerned people worldwide.
The tyrants must be defeated.
War is their choice, not ours, and we will thwart their plans by our awareness and foresight.

* This was a “humanitarian” application and the involvement of NGOs, as well as being ignored by the Embassy/Consulate staff, were suspicious to me… this issue is not a joke!!

07 Aűρn 2023: This is what the US-installed fascists in Kiev do with the weapons they get from the warmongers of NATO.


Űenċtx nĉ Cáscĉ úυ Éρĉ


05 Aűρn 2023: They call it “Flooding the Zone”

When the disinformers, thieves, murderers and other criminals who call themselves “Government” need to cover something up, they direct one set of their servants, the media, to “flood the Zone” i.e. they fill the media with irrelevant bumph so we don’t see or hear about what’s really going on in the World.

In this case, they flood the zone by bringing a case against an ex-“president” for a nice juicy sex-scandal. Who cares whether Trump did wrong, since it is not even on the scale when compared to the war-creating and mass-murdering of  Biden, Blinken, Nuland, Von der Leyen, Stoltenberg, and the MANY OTHER merchants who profit from human suffering and who now infest all the positions of power in what they call “The Free World”.
Just about everything they say is the opposite of the truth – a very simple formula to criminally deceive trusting people and to turn the word “Democracy” upside-down to now mean totalitarian, Fascist dictatorship!
The jails will be well filled when the real guilty are given what they deserve.
This justice will never be done by the dictating psychopaths who are currently in control.
We must do this work ourselves… before they cause a nuclear war and fly off south as we are all frying.


03 Aűρn 2023: “Ukrainian” soldiers under the Stars and Stripes. So much for the poor underdog victim. These loonies are fighting for their enemies!! The Yankies who caused and now feed this mass slaughter rightly see these people as lambs. The U.S./NATO mass-murderers don’t care how many Ukrainians or Russians die. It’s “the more the merrier” for them: “less of them, more for us”.

and as for the “donations” of supplies for this war, there are no donations: just as was the case with the “pledges” of funds to roll out the anti-personnel “vaccines” in 2020+, everything is paid for by the citizens of the NATO countries. This continues the final looting of the resources of us, the World’s people, by a gang of murderers who have slowly gained control of all the governments of the NATO countries (and others) , against the will of their citizens. They call this mafia a defence alliance, but it is actually an international criminal and terrorist group that considers us all as it’s enemy, but tells us a different story so most people don’t even realise what’s going on. And the old brigade continue to commemorate past defeats and to ignore or ridicule anyone who states the truth or recognises reality… they have become part of the enemy’s forces as they continue to misinform and destroy our youth.


Finland now is to vote on the bill joining NATO, on that basis (i.e., to become America’s spearhead to defeat Russia in WW III). Obviously (assuming that NATO had, indeed, given Finland’s leaders to believe that saying yes to this would increase NATO’s likelihood of expediting Finland’s application to join), NATO is set upon checkmating Russia into capitulation if Finland does join.
“The U.S. already has around 100 nuclear weapons in Europe, positioned in Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Turkey according to the Federation of American Scientists. Britain and France, both NATO members, also maintain their own independent nuclear arsenals.”

Foreign policy insiders told Iltalehti this means NATO nuclear weapons could transit through, or be based on, Finnish territory. Additionally, there are no restrictions on establishing NATO bases in the country.


03 Aűρn 2023:

Russian State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin has called for an international military trial, similar to the one held in Nuremberg, to prosecute former German Chancellor Merkel and former French President Francois Hollande.

Confessions made by the representative of the Kiev regime and the former leaders of Germany and France should be used as evidence for an international military tribunal. These leaders plotted to start a world war with predictable consequences. And they deserve punishment for their crimes,” he said.
In an interview with Die Zeit, Angela Merkel asserted that she negotiated and signed the Minsk Accords not to make peace in Ukraine, but to give the Ukrainian military time to prepare for the current war. François Hollande endorsed her declaration in an interview with Kyiv Independent.

International law considers “crimes against peace” to be more serious than crimes against humanity. However, the United Nations has never clearly defined what they actually are.

The non-application of the Minsk Accords prolonged the civil war in Ukraine for 8 years, causing at least 20,000 deaths.

Russia did not invade Ukraine, but launched a special military operation to enforce Security Council Resolution 2202, validating the Minsk Accords.


02 Aűρn 2023: 100% undemocratic!! Another reason the “pandemic” crime was committed.

…the confinement of healthy civilians to their homes was supposed to allow the identification of jobs that could be relocated, to close down the consumer goods industries in the West and to concentrate the work force in the defense industry. We are not there yet, but the European Union, having seized public health powers not foreseen by the Treaties, without raising any indignation, is now interpreting the texts to become a military power.

Do you see the links now with Borrell, Von der Liar, StoltenTurd, etc?? This war is just the next step in a massive theft. Massive killing also good for business… Resource-laundering par excellence.

The money comes from the European Peace Fund (EPF), which has already earmarked 3.6 billion euros (paid for by EU citizens) for this purpose.

We are not on the first but on the ninth anniversary of the war in Ukraine, which was unleashed in February 2014 with the coup d’état under US-NATO direction.

If anybody is actually conscious out there, feel free to contact me. These murdering, psychopathic thieves are still unopposed.


01 Aűρn 2023: Acμñ Ĝρñ!!


28 Mártĉ 23: the structures we need for our common survival and future.

There is no legitimate reason why the USA and NATO should be fighting Russia – so they had to create a conflict and a false story that would allow them to commit war-crimes with the support of the people.
Weapons for peace, as was the excuse in Yugoslavia in 1999, is a dirty lie: 300,000 Ukrainian soldiers deaths (so far!!) is not peace. If the USA and their NATO co-criminals had not caused this war and armed Ukraine, there would have never been a war: the Fascists who were put into power by the USA would never have got enough support to come to power. NEVER.
ALL the deaths and destruction resulting from this war are the deliberate crimes of those at the top of the US/NATO alliance of terrorists. The policy-makers, politicians and other unemployable wasters who launder money via the weapons manufacturers – and the media who force lies and propaganda on us – are the first line of guilt, a guilt that filters down into every community: the system depends on this chain of bribery and deceptions. It’s reversal of the term “Democracy” to mean “Fascism” is a single perfect example of how these criminals twist our good people’s minds.
The current story justifying their mass-murder in Ukraine, similar to that used to justify the destruction of Serbia in 1999, Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc, etc…, is the same plausible lie of a poor defenceless state needing help to rid itself of the bully: Molosovic, Gadaffi, Ben Laden, Saddam Hussein… and now the latest “dictator” Vladimir Putin. As usual, the story the media concoct on demand of their paymasters is the exact opposite of the truth.
The truth is that US/NATO are callously and inhumanly fostering these wars to make fortunes, stolen from OUR resources, diverted into the hands of an evil minority by a system based on coercion hidden under a cloak of lies and deceptions, so our best human traits of care are turned against us, so we support the evil against the innocent!
Neither Russia nor China want war. The tyrants of “The West”, the “Free World” are the ones who want war.
This war – as with all the wars they created – would simply never have happened had these mass-murderers not been in power in the World.
But the propagandists, as they did with Gadaffi, deliberately misinterpret and misportray a sovereign independent leader as a threat and statements of fact as insults and “belligerence”.
The guilty party is not Putin, but Bidet, Stoltenturd, Von der Liar and the many others in the chain of profit who kill for profit and sport. Though this group is numerous, they are but a minuscule percentage of the World’s population. These dictators and traitors will continue to torture innocent people as long as we allow them.
Those of you who are genuinely concerned with this existential problem should go through every item on our website www.omn.ie so you can see the alternative that already exists. Then come here and join the resistance. Effective resistance is never haphazard and there is no effective resistance outside of the structures that we in Omlán- have developed over a long period.
We are currently working on a summary of the crimes that have led us to where we now are – at the edge of the abyss – within a hair’s breadth of one single mistake or evil deed causing the end of human life.
This problem will not cure itself – nor will it ever be cured by trust in the “democratic process” which is the big lie that has allowed these smiling monsters into control.
Your work will be more than effective if directed at the real problem, not wasted on the fly-in-a-jar actions of the current feeble pseudo-resistance.
The research and development presented on www.omn.ie shows the path clearly. Though it has been ignored, plagiarised and sold many times, it will continue to show the way for as long as the human race itself exists.
Our job is to rid the World of these criminals: to get them into the cells where they belong and replace their dictatorship and reign of terror with a democracy/Republic where we all have a say and where we all are treated as human beings.

This is not impossible, as many of the pseudo-activists would tell you. It would only be impossible if we all refused to put ourselves, as individuals, second to the common good. That, now, thankfully, is impossible, since the first among us has already paved this road back to a just society.
I, as a whole time volunteer for Omlán- have long ago taken the oath of service.
Some of my work is on www.omn.ie , but www.omn.ie is just the tip of the iceberg.
When we get the workers that this project would have had in thousands already in a just society, we can put in the rest of the structures we need for our common survival and future.
Meas agus beannachtaí,

28 Mártĉ 23: Dead and living heroes: two videos.

1. This link gives an example of the bravery of the Russian soldier Maltsev Alexander Viktorovich, who has since been killed in action.

2. This video is of a living volunteer hero who fights because he knows he is fighting in defence of right.


This is Wagner’s Documentary: “Best in Hell”. Judge for yourself.

Oliver Stone’s “Ukraine on Fire”.

As alluded to here, the EU was involved in the war-creation from very early on, too. They made Ukraine an offer they couldn’t accept thus causing a split between those who were pro-Europe and those wanting to stay in the Russian orbit. The Maydan terrorism then split the people more, but seized power, putting the mind-controlling propaganda machine of the state into the hands of the bully-boys… (the same happened here in Ireland more than once…) Then the media expert Zelensky took over with a state-media-backed election campaign in which he made promises he had no intention of keeping. This completed the whitewash of “democracy” on a fascist dictatorship. This system is the evil we all now suffer under: there is no negotiating with these liars. They must be forced out of the power that they have absolutely no right to.

They are criminals: the law of the people will convict them.


According to Nuremberg jurisprudence, the ultimate war crime is starting a war.

The real war criminals are the same people who started this war and who are now “donating” weapons to their latest servant-butchers: the Neo-Fascists under Ukraine’s NATO-installed Dictator, Zelensky.


23 Mártĉ 23: As the “Western” Dictatorships continue to strengthen their Iron Curtain of censorship and coercion, we continue the development of our New Republic, based on full information, free choice and exact implementation by uncorruptable volunteers.

Click here or on the image for Documentary summary.

<NATO’s top military commander, General Wesley Clark,

was able to continue daily bombing missions over the small nation months after all targets of military value had been hit and hit repeatedly. A passenger train, a religious procession, a refugee column, Radio Television of Serbia headquarters, a vacuum cleaner factory, bridges, marketplaces, apartment courtyards, the Swiss embassy in Belgrade and the Chinese embassy as well, with three journalists killed and 27 other Chinese injured. Cluster bombs, graphite bombs and depleted uranium ordnance were used widely.

No one, not a single individual, has been held accountable for those war crimes.>

<Those questions, which had they been asked twenty-two years ago might have spared millions of lives in the nations the Chinese diplomat enumerated and others, need to be asked now and with a passion and insistence hitherto absent.>

(from: NATO’s war against Yugoslavia the ghost that still haunts Europe. by Rick Rozoff.)

See also: The US-NATO War of Aggression against Yugoslavia by Michel Chossudovsky.


22 Mártĉ 23: How the U.S. Warmongers incite and use the big lie:

This is the first of some short excerpts I took from the documentary “Ukrainian Agony: The concealed war”, by Mark Bartalmai.
I did this to try to give the truth in as short a time as possible. This conflict was concealed from our knowledge for years as the US agents did their dirty work. That dirty work has brought us to the brink of the abyss.
We must unite and make up for the time lost by coherent and united action against these warmongering criminal psychopaths who will destroy us all if they are not brought to justice and locked up.


22 Mártĉ 23: The person or group of people who cause the use of weaponry such as depleted uranium, which injure and kill innocent human beings, as well as doing long-term damage to the environment, are fully guilty of premeditated murder, as well as of the other crimes committed by the use of these weapons. There is absolutely no grey area and this includes all of those who have fomented this and other wars. These people have been placed in positions of total power when they should be in jail. This they call “Democracy”!! Anyone who believes their lies is simply an ostrich… anyone who knows the truth has a duty to act to bring these monsters to justice.


19 Mártĉ 23: The more they use all foul means to drive us apart, the more we will unite in our just cause of ridding the World of the small nest of vermin that now rule us, but who will get justice. The evil dictators of the “Western World” must all be brought to justice. The question is simple: do you want perpetual war, or do you want a lasting, just peace?

19 Mártĉ 23: This is a crossing of the line to Nuclear war with no justification. Indiscriminate, genocidal, criminal, provocative and simply evil: spearheaded by the same nation ruled by homicidal maniacs that we Irish have been the victims of since these evil bastards invaded us in the 12th century. World Peace is impossible short of the full decommissioning of the arsenals of these evil lunatics. They call themselves “The Free World”. As usual, this is the exact opposite of truth. They threaten us all. Restraint is necessary, but we must defeat the small minority of demons who rule these countries. US, UK, EU, France, Germany, Poland, and a few more. Not one of these entities has the permission of it’s people to engage in this demonic warmongering.

The person or group of people who cause the use of weaponry such as depleted uranium, which cause human injury and death, as well as long-term damage to the environment are fully guilty of premeditated murder, as well as guilt of the other crimes committed by use of these weapons.

<Depleted Uranium munitions have only ever been deployed in combat by NATO countries, most notably during the Iraq War, when the US used at least 300 tons of depleted uranium.

“As a result, the radiation situation in the [Iraqi] city of Fallujah was much worse than in the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki after the nuclear bombings by the United States,” Kirillov stated, recalling that Fallujah had been dubbed “the second Chernobyl,” while the local population suffered from a skyrocketing number of cancer cases.>


Dublin US embassy Sat 25th Mar 2023. No to NATO mass-murder.

Mass murder is the correct term:
this attack by the US on Russia has been planned and orchestrated entirely by the US – over a period of many years.
Their “rules-based” order is an evil dictatorship and tyranny: rules for the rest of us; but the tyrants obey no rules.
Don’t forget the invasion of Iraq, which was a mass slaughter without any justification – as usual.

The US, etc want total domination and ANY diversity of world-view – therefore Russia’s very existence – is unacceptable to these cowards.
Russia, contrary to the lying propaganda, has absolutely no imperialist ideas. They were forced into this defence of yet another people who were being murdered in thousands by the criminal US Neo-Con deep state, supported by the Warmongering minorities in power throughout Europe at present.
This needs people to help get the truth out against big odds. This is difficult, but far from impossible.
The propaganda is being rammed into us daily.
I saw the rag called the “Irish Independent” in a house today: vomit-inducing misinformation:
Biden is now the second “Irish Catholic” US president and a superhero, while Putin has started (sic) a war because the population of Russia is declining!!
Those who make this stuff up are being paid fortunes for absolute criminal garbage.
But the ordinary citizen is effected by this constant barrage of bullshit.
Saturday should be the second of many regular public-information gatherings.
I have added the logo of our New Irish Republic only to the posters on our own networks, to show the full support we give to this.
Our “Irish Initiative for World Peace” is a sub-unit of the Republic that I work whole-time for.
We fully support this initiative of the “Stop the War Campaign”.
See you there.


22 Mártĉ 23:They call this “Democracy”!! [LINK]



19 Mártĉ 23: The continuance of the current level of resistance will ensure the victory of these psychopaths-in-power.

As the Military Industrial Complex/NeoCons/NATO/EU, etc tightens “online security” for any opposition, they erase it for their own bots, trolls and propagandists. The result, as usual, is their total domination.
They accuse us of “mis/dis-information” while they incessantly misinform us. Their very existence depends on lies and deceptions – constantly forced down our throats.
Those who use social media for “activism” can never succeed.
Even website access, searches, e-mail and all other tools are interfered with – all covertly – so we can live in a fool’s paradise for years, not knowing we are being echo-chambered.
Progressions which should be being used to secure all our futures, are being used now to execute the slow kill that has been the hallmark of the Global Dictatorship Empire for centuries, but now approaching “full spectrum dominance.”
The continuance of the current level of resistance will ensure the victory of these psychopaths-in-power.


18 Mártĉ 23: Blue area is pro-Russian. Orange is pro-Fascism…

This short segment from RT gives interesting background…

But the lines of repatriation are clear. Ukraine exists in it’s current form only since 1954. By 1957, the US had planned to take it… If the Ukrainians had been just and humane, they could have had a great country, but they chose to lie with the US tyranny and are now paying the price. The imperialist US support and coup gave them false courage. The same dogs are still giving them weapons, so they continue to see themselves as heroes…

These morons now talk of war-crimes: they are soaked in innocent blood themselves: that’s why they go on about Russian crimes.

1957 – SAME LINE!!

…but there is no need for any borders. The US dictatorship puts borders around everything. Any people who associate with them are destroyed, but the most useless of those people are promoted, since the tyrant needs servants…


So where is Lindsey Graham, the bravest of the brave, going to do his pilot’s training, so he can fulfill his recommendation that the US should now start shooting down Russian planes…

Go get ’em Lunezy.



New intelligence reviewed by anonymous Russian officials suggests that “a pro-Russian group from within the Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS) hijacked two Su-27s and went on a vigilante mission to patrol Russian airspace”


16 Mártĉ 23: another reason for the warmongering …so they can blame the war for the big crash.

This is one of the main reasons the EU was created – as another arm of the Global Dictatorship (not to mention yet another massive money-launder). Here is a quote from the document (linked above or by clicking here). Borrell is yet another lying warmonger. These criminals know that their organisation can only survive by the destruction of all opposition. The EU has nothing to offer but war and tyranny. As usual, we were told massive, repeated lies to get us to take the bait in this trap.

<The EU’s task, therefore, is to do everything in its power to support Ukraine. And that is what we are doing. Together with EU member-state governments, we have already mobilized €12 billion ($13.1 billion) worth of weapons and related supplies for Ukraine, €3.6 billion of which is coming from the European Peace Facility. When also accounting for macro-financial and humanitarian aid, our total support comes close to €50 billion. Moreover, the EU is now the leading provider of military training for Ukrainian personnel. Through the EU Military Assistance Mission in Poland and Germany, we are on track to have trained 15,000 troops by April, and we are prepared to double the effort and train another 15,000 – including in the use of tanks such as the Leopard 2. The EU is also working on a tenth package of sanctions, having already cut our dependence on Russian energy imports within the space of just a few months. And make no mistake: the sanctions are working. Russian oil is selling at a $40 discount to Brent, and its daily energy revenues are expected to fall from around €800 million to €500 million after our latest measures kick in this month. The war is costing the Kremlin dearly, and these costs will only rise the longer it lasts.>



The “Ministries of Defence” of those countries who are supplying Ukraine with ammunition and weapons are not concerned with defence, but with aggression, resource-laundering, warmongering, corruption, treason and many other crimes against their own and the Ukrainian and Russian people who their armaments kill.


Even after this war is over, those countries who have supplied weapons to the mass-murder-machine created by the US Neo-Cons, will never again get ANY gas – or anything else – from the innocent country (Russia) that they committed crimes against by siding with the World’s No 1 bully. They should be shunned until they repent of their crimes. They are cowards – not the people, but the minority ruling classes.

*German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and unelected President of the EU Commission (EC), Ursula von der Leyen, meet the profile of such sought-after traitors. It took the obscure Powers that Be months of vetting the candidacy of the two for their designated jobs of respectively, Chancellor of Germany and President of the European Commission (EC).

They way these tasks have to be carried out, they are jobs of “integrity” to the obscure, to the Deep State, to the Death Cult that seems to be running our world – for now.

The latter, Ms. Von der Leyen, proved her disloyalty to the European people by ordering in September 2022 4.5 billion doses of Pfizer covid vaxxes for a European population of about 450 million – about ten jabs per person. These are billions of people’s tax euros paid to Pfizer for a totally invalid and highly dangerous experimental mRNA injection.

And this after Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla has openly recognized that Pfizer vaxxes are not preventing the covid “disease”, nor the spread of covid. He also acknowledged the serious side effects that the mRNA experimental injections may have.

Instead of immediately calling off all the vaccination programs around the globe to protect what’s left of unvaxxed people, especially children, mankind’s future generation, von der Leyen puts more fuel into the vaxx bulldozer so that more people suffer, lose their immunity, become ill and may die. Not to mention the utter corruption behind the 4.5 billion doses deal – so far unpunished. Von der Leyen keeps her illustrious position of hypocrisy and falsehood.

However, today the focus is on the former, on German Chancellor Olaf Scholz on his fore-knowledge of the Nord Stream Pipeline blow-up.

As a precursor to what will follow, Madame Von der Leyen was fully aware, involved and up-to-date as a compatriot and ally of Olaf Scholz’s, having gone through the same Schwab / WEF Academy for Young Global Leaders (YGL). On top of it, Ursula von der Leyen is also on the WEF’s Board of Trustees. She is deeply committed to the Agenda WEF / UN 2030.


13 Mártĉ 23: The perfect system – not.

The “West” as do all tyrannies, makes sure it seems to be the perfect system by sabotaging any alternatives.
That is added to the ongoing robbery of and interference in most of the World’s countries.
Wars are the perfect de-stabilising event and have the added advantage of culling the populations.
Unless we understand the way these criminally insane world rulers think, we cannot begin to resist them.
This is our job. This facet of it is far from being rocket-science, thankfully…
I have personally experienced this policy as it is implemented in the British state that falsely calls itself the “Irish Republic”.
Ever since I published the findings of my 10 year research into the government-run sabotage of our language, every time I have tried to implement an alternative to any facet of the existing corrupt covert anti-movement – ie the government does the opposite of what would progress our cause – it is completely stifled from day one.
This is done by their network of mercenaries who viciously character-assassinate me on a regular basis, so nobody will volunteer to help here, since they are told that I am all the bad things… This is complemented by their all-reaching state publicity network that constantly promotes their deliberately ineffective government-sponsored “work”.
This simple strategy is 100% effective. 100%!! Better than any more crude form of oppression and fully “legal”.
This facility here was created to pave the way towards genuine independence from the evil empire.
Our work continues.
The New Irish Republic is the way forward. I travel that road and soon will have support.
The truth is slow to break through the iron curtain that guards the most corrupt and evil dictatorship in the history of the World, but we will prevail. As part of our progress, we have begun to use Russian as our second state language, replacing the Queens English – the language of the lie and of the empire of Evil. We had it drummed into us for centuries, by Britain’s “Irish” supporters, that “Oh, you need English to get on in the World…” This, as usual, is a lie.

The dominance of the Anglo tyranny is fast coming to an end and we will move forward out of their sphere of control at incredible speed.
Meanwhile, the rotten cess-pit that calls itself the “Irish Republic” will continue to wither and will die: long overdue!!

Roll on “Rotha mór an tSaoil”.




That’s why the USA put them in power.

“Western Society” teaches it’s people to hate by telling them big lies daily and demonising other cultures, by portraying them as threats… by constant misinformation and propaganda.
This video shows the tip of the iceberg of where that hatred leads.
This is the War we are told is against “Putin the dictator” – a war on behalf of a victim, invaded nation.
Everything you are told is lies.
When we access the truth, we begin resistance to these terrorist criminals.
If we stand idly by, the tyrant will come for us, too.
Zelensky’s troops were told to stop putting their crimes up on the internet – but were not told to stop committing them!!
There are thousands of psychopaths like these to do exactly as they are told to do.
That’s why the USA put them in power.


Nuclear War: the ultimate crime against humanity.


10 Mártĉ 23: …get awake and working – fast!

The lunatics who control the USA are obviously thinking of nuclear war.
This is seen clearly by their warlike movements against 3 World powers simultaneously.
They could never beat these 3 – Russia, China and Iran – by any other means.
The people of the World need to get awake and working – fast!

…after the expansion of NATO to Russia’s doorstep had begun, George Kennan stated that NATO’s decision was a self-fulfilling prophecy. Far from protecting the West, he explained, expansion would lead the U.S. toward war with Russia.”

It was neither accident nor stupidity, but deliberate evil warmongering.


For your information:



09 Mártĉ 23: Anyone who ever experienced being on the receiving end of “The Free World” would know…

The USA and the rest of the “Western” World are constantly trying to encroach on every world nation – especially ex-Soviet states.
This has many desired outcomes, not least of which is to create excuses for more unjust wars of resource-control.
These states, unlike us in Ireland and the other centuries-old colonies of the imperialists, have never experienced what we Irish knew as “British Rule”.. where we were – still are – treated as imposters in our home land and censored, vilified, our language and culture oppressed, our young indoctrinated in English “schools” with Irish names, emigration, discrimination, electoral fraud, state misinformation, propaganda, etc.
Anyone who ever experienced being on the receiving end of “The Free World” would know never to have anything to do with these demons.
Unfortunately, the lesson now being learned by Ukraine, might well not be learned in time by states such as Georgia, which is now experiencing the US empire’s current form of conquest – the use of TV, newspapers and social media to create a “pro-Western” revolution, which is actually fully organised as a coup by the masters of subterfuge, the USA empire of terror, now wearing the mask of “democracy” once again.
In actual fact, the power of the US empire has ALL come from the looting and pillaging of countries such as Ukraine and Georgia.
We should help them understand, so their future, too, will not be destroyed by these US psychopaths-in-power.
This work, of course, can not be undertaken until we ourselves are seeing the full picture.
Only then will the two volunteers we need to set our new Republic in motion arrive here.
Our message is being hidden, not only by the enemy, but by many of our own people who have lost their ability to tell truth from propaganda.
This is not all their fault, since the propaganda is well designed and all-pervasive.
One of our first jobs is to change that. That is not easy, but is realistically achievable in short time… it needs some help…
That’s why we need 3 full-timers.
The enemy has millions of full-timers, but our 3 will be working for the right reasons and will do things right.
We do things right because we are not paid. We volunteer because we know and respect the current realities… that we are de facto a defeated people and need to assert our existence once again – for the last time… successfully this time!!
Any decision that has money as a factor will almost certainly be wrong – especially in a state that uses our money and resources to bribe people into submission – the Thatcherite mafia-régime that must never win in any free society!
I am not being childish when I insist on my 2 more volunteers before we move, since when we begin, we will never stop.
I can do no more than tidy up some loose ends in the meantime, but really this time is being wasted, since the map-work has been done years ago and the implementation is centuries behind… but we will soon catch up.
If you understand what is going on and care about your peoples future, you will not refuse your time.
I am correct to insist on the absolute minimum for forward motion: even as things are now, action is needed and it’s absence allows the oppressors to work ahead, knowing our plan.
That’s why I must cease these inputs, so I now leave that job for the next job.
As I have often said before: I do not make the rules, but I do obey them.
My next job, after 22 years full-time, is to relax for a time: your move.
I will find this difficult, since the real work has not even begun, but my conscience is fully clear, so
Slán g fóill


08 Mártĉ 23: I’ll not be on that livestock-lorry.

So the point of no return fast approaches: the Brits, Germans, EU and USA have all now proved they are at war with Russia – an undeclared, illegal, anti-democratic, Fascist, dictatorial, terrorist, criminal, demonic, war that they created and now force us into against our will.

And you, the people who can stop them, should be heading this way to help co-ordinate the Irish response. But this centre is still empty.

You will all pay for your disregard for your fellow man: these criminals, if they win, will kill you all.

The enemy has been at the door now for years as the Irish partied on, talked the biggest load of bilge ever talked… and closed their feeble minds to the terrible reality our leaderships have brought us into… I have been warning of this since 2011… but the posers laughed at me as they increased their wages by co-operating with our enemies as they mislead our people.

The old Saxon tyrants and their “Irish” mercenaries are now lining you all up against the wall for execution – or worse. But, since this lining up is being done cleverly, nobody resists.

(see illustration below for one example – but their “Pandemic Treaty” will make us all targets for death by injection, among other things…)

The Irish resistance will come from here: that is definite, since no other entity knows what to do…

in fact, no other entity is interested.

Read that again: no group of Irish people is interested in their own future… This, therefore, if no change is made, is the final defeat of the Irish “nation” – caused fully by the Irish “Republican Movement”‘s arrogance and stupidity – the movement in reverse that has consistently turned victory into defeat. The movement that will never learn, since it thinks it knows it all…

I am just the last of the living… the rest are already so dependent on our enemy that they are now part of the enemy.

The consumers who can’t survive outside their cells… need fed from the supermarket, educated by a British school, bribed into service like sheep following a bucket. And, when called, you will enter the slaughterhouse and be killed by those who have kept you alive and compliant all your life…

I’ll not be on that livestock-lorry.



05 Mártĉ 23: Peacekeepers amidst Warring Barbarians

In our area of occupied Ireland, when the British attacked us the most recent time, they called it an “anti-terrorist operation” and used proxies to wage war on us on their behalf.
The experience they got here and elsewhere was then used to create and to prolong their current attack on the Slavic peoples, beginning with a U.S.-sponsored anti-democratic and violent régime-change, followed by an “anti-terrorist” operation in Donbass… all designed to provoke a Russian intervention to defend their people from the UkroNazis that the USA installed…
In every conflict, these monsters have portrayed themselves as peacekeepers amidst warring barbarians, as they themselves caused all the trouble and reaped the massive profits.
This is the enemy of the people that we will continue to resist for as long as we live.
The big lesson we learned and that I now, once again, share, is that you must correctly and unemotionally* identify the real enemy – not it’s mercenary servants – and fight the cause, not a random symptom:
the oppression has changed here in Ireland, as elsewhere, and the old soldiers are, as they ever were, many steps behind reality – actually mostly just oblivious to reality!!
We were let down in every single decade since day one by pseudo-leaders who thought they knew it all and had insufficient regard for the lives of their “subordinates”Those are terminal mistakes that we will never again make.
Our work** today is on the right path: we are being informed now and given the proof of who the enemy is and how they operate. The old brigade still keep their followers in ignorance, though, as they endlessly commemorate the fallen while ignoring current reality and hiding from genuine discussion and useful work by… pretending to be busy, to “have no time”, to be “in a meeting”, etc, etc… I’ve had some seriously creative snubs in my time… all from people who should be searching for allies like me who respect reality.
We are much less likely to make mistakes now than before, but most of our older people have been killed or neutralised by bribery (comfort) and threats and those still active think success is impossible, since they have never been allowed, by the pseudo-leaders, to experience well co-ordinated work by people who know where they are going.
That is the worst disservice the “armed struggle” has done to our people… it has failed so often that people assume failure is normal.
It has also mismanaged correct lines of work so they, too, fail, making the pessimism almost total.
Every day should be a day closer to a just peace, but, since the pied pipers mislead, every day becomes a day more that we lose to the demons who want has all dead.
It is very difficult to break the chains that are being strengthened by the arrogance of the old brigade.
They tell us the biggest lie: sure we tried that before and it didn’t work…
that is a deadly half-truth: the truth is that they made a balls of that before and it will work when done right.
This applies to many aspects of the progress of a movement for true freedom and justice: the real and only path to Peace.
Meanwhile, the provocateurs work away controlling those who fail to see the full picture…
And the slow learners still advocate negotiating and joining in with a culture and system that hates truth, hates people and hates diversity, humour and the good human traits.
You cannot make agreements with those who are not trustworthy: the current “Western” junta is 100% untrustworthy.
You make agreements with these liars and your people soon suffer.
This is what happened. This is why the old guard fears genuine progress: because it will include the unmasking of the corruption they falsely called the Republican Movement…

*that’s why they continually provoke: so we act on impulse – reaction instead of planned forward movement.

** i.e Omlán-‘s work


01 Mártĉ 23: So why have the NeoCons/Military Industrial complex/Deep State not bothered to weigh Russia up?

The answer is so simple, you’ll see it’s truth instantly:
because they will never be the ones who are going to be in the firing-line.

They will be on their jets away South as the nuclear bombs are being dropped by their commands. The fact that that would be exceedingly undemocratic will not matter then, since we will all be dead or soon to die… The propaganda and stifling of any but their own false narrative will then no longer be needed, as machines can serve these monsters better than the humans they only pretend to care about!
They incite others and enjoy the profitable fun: the death and suffering of others is fun to these psychopaths that we have allowed to gain almost total power by our lack of vigilance, by our arrogance, cowardice, selfishness, by thousands (billions!!) of prayers that replace good works… and by many other human faults that have been ruthlessly exploited by a tiny minority of psychopaths.
The series of layers-of-command below the top killers are all – no exceptions – bribed into compliance – compliance with evil, often accompanied by what we Irish call BéalChráifeacht – “piety of the mouth” i.e. hypocrisy: it only goes as deep as the mouth… it is meaningless.
We reverse this callous process by the continuing development of our 2020- New Republic.
The model is universal and the road is also fairly universal.
But, since I have only been advocating this since 2012, sure there’s no hurry (sarcasm!!)
Actually there was always a hurry, but the leadership and it’s retinue* ignored reality, since recognition of reality would have interfered with their (your??) comfortable lifestyle.
I have given 22 years whole-time to this, so far, but support has been almost zero, since most people have hangups that they should have dealt with years ago.
My work, instead of being helped by a competent and effective team of volunteers, is used to promote the individuals who then become the new “leaders”, as they speak about that which they don’t even understand, so the ordinary people will see them as the next saviors… but they can never save us, since, to them, “myself” comes above the common good… My wages, my mortgage, my car, my holidays, my wanes, my this, my that – never-ending… TERMINAL.

My work for us all continues, despite these people.

Eventually, the truth and democracy will be re-instated.

It already is, here,


* includes EVERYONE who works for them and all those who do nothing useful. i.e. most people!


28 Αeβrĉ 23: Dia idir sinn is an t-olc!

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz will fly to the US to meet President Joe Biden on March 3.
According to the White House’s “press” secretary Karine Jean-Pierre,
the visit is an opportunity to “reaffirm the deep bonds of friendship”
between the two NATO allies.
Looks more like child-abuse to me: occupying and militarising their country; indoctrinating their people; committing acts of terrorism on their infrastructure; fomenting conflict with a peaceful neighbour… the list goes on.
The “Friendship” of the victim with the bully describes this parasitic, abusive relationship perfectly.
The Germans even fear any tiny disagreement, lest the tyranny be further stepped up by the world’s number 1 terrorist state.
I saw the results of this mind-destruction myself when two young Berliners spent a few days here on woofing work. I pitied them. They knew nothing of life, co-operation, humour… but their English was perfect… full fluency in the language of the lie.
This is what the tyrant calls “diversity”.
Defend our people against this, or your children, too, will become it’s victims.
Dia idir sinn is an t-olc!


01 Mártĉ 23: So why have the NeoCons/Military Industrial complex/Deep State not bothered to weigh Russia up?

The answer is so simple, you’ll see it’s truth instantly:
because they will never be the ones who are going to be in the firing-line.

They will be on their jets away South as the nuclear bombs are being dropped on their commands. The fact that that would be exceedingly undemocratic will not matter then, since we will all be dead or soon to die… The propaganda and stifling of any but their own false narrative will then no longer be needed, as machines can serve these monsters better than the humans they only pretend to care about!
They incite others and enjoy the profitable fun: the death and suffering of others is fun to these psychopaths that we have allowed to gain almost total power by our lack of vigilance, by our arrogance, cowardice, selfishness, by thousands of prayers that replaced good works… and by many other human faults that have been ruthlessly exploited by a tiny minority of psychopaths.
The series of layers-of-command below the top killers are all – no exceptions – bribed into compliance – compliance with evil, often accompanied by what we Irish call BéalChráifeacht – “piety of the mouth” i.e. hypocrisy: it only goes as deep as the mouth… it is meaningless.
We reverse this callous process by the continuing development of our 2020- New Republic.
The model is universal and the road is also fairly universal.
But, since I have only been advocating this since 2012, sure there’s no hurry (sarcasm!!)
Actually there was always a hurry, but the leadership and it’s retinue* ignored reality, since recognition of reality would have interfered with their (your??) comfortable lifestyle.
I have given 22 years whole-time to this, but support has been almost zero, since most people have hangups that they should have dealt with years ago.
My work, instead of being helped by a competent and effective team of volunteers, is used to promote the individuals who then become the new “leaders”, as they speak about that which they don’t even understand, so the underlings will see them as saviours… but they can never save us, since their selfishness comes above the common good to them… TERMINAL.

My work for us all continues, despite these people.

Eventually, the truth and democracy will be re-instated.

It already is, here,


* includes EVERYONE who works for them and all those who do nothing useful. i.e. most people!


27 Αeβrĉ 23: As usual, the exact opposite of the truth.

The Ukrainian man who spat on our poster with the image of Vladimir Putin on it on O’Connell Street on Saturday was well aware he was “misbehaving”, since he waited until a tram blocked the view of the two Garda who were standing at the GPO opposite, looking our way…
This was a person who was given shelter by my country as a refugee, but this man was no refugee.
His hatred of Russia was vehement: the full of his mouth of spit went on Putin’s image. I wonder would he have done it to the real man???
Anyway, he is lucky that we, the Irish, are not in charge of our own country, because, if somebody like me who values truth was in charge, that draft-dodging trouble-maker would already be on the front lines in his own country.
He would have been put on a plane to Kiev that very evening with a wee note to Zelensky and Co. that we found this coward posing as a refugee and, judging by his hatred of Putin, he will be of use to you as a front-line storm-trooper…
In fact, this idiot would be no good for anything… but he would have been sent home anyway.
But Ireland is not an Irish Republic yet and people like me who would take in refugees for no payment are ignored, while the landed class get 800 a week per property for keeping this mixture of genuine refugees and wasters – none even vetted.
Those who profit from keeping these people portray themselves as charitable – but it is this class of unearned-income money-launderers who, along with “entrepreneurs” (i.e. state money-laundering wasters) like Varodkar and Co have the biggest vested interest in prolonging this US/NATO imperialist war of aggression and criminal money-laundering on two innocent states – with the definite exception of Zelensky’s neo-Fascist junta that the US put into power therethe architects of the war and its beneficiaries!
The profiteers couldn’t care less about refugees as long as the gravy train keeps on chugging, fed by the bribe-system of the political scam-system that poses as democracy here and in the other “Western” countries, all of which are pure Fascist dictatorships.
No wonder RTÉ – the state-funded and controlled mouthpiece of the British government that controls our country – fills our senses with the US/NATO propaganda that tells us the exact opposite of the truth about this war of the profiteers-from-others-suffering.
The ruling-class in Ireland make me sick, as do their useless over-fed, under-exercised retinues, who infest every community in our homelands.
It’s long beyond time that we, the Irish people, took some risks for peace by arresting and imprisoning these criminals in suits.
They are in control, but should be in jail. The list of crimes is a scandal. An ongoing crime against our people.
That’s no Republic, that’s a totalitarian, Fascist, “far-right” junta – a criminal cartel that poses as a government and calls anyone who questions their corruption “terrorists” and “far-right” conspiracy-theorists.
We will never have peace until these evil parasites are all locked up.
Their power increases daily, as they destroy the minds of our young generation by the abuse of our media and education systems. These services were created as the property of the people, not as the weapons of tyrants.

We in Omlán- continue our development of the Republic for us all. That work would be greatly assisted by a few more people helping us. But the censorship system and laziness keeps our work hidden…

The Republic, being governance of the people, by the people, does not have paid workers – and those of you who expect this on a silver tray will get what you deserve: the continuance of the evil tyranny that you allow to rule us (almost) all.



26 Αeβrĉ 23: Irish Neutrality and the unfortunate innocents of Ukraine and Russia.

We should never confuse our country’s correct position of neutrality with our personal and collective right – duty? – to use our intellect and judgement to determine the justice or otherwise of any cause.
In the case of the current war in Ukraine, there is absolutely no doubt who the aggressors are and who the victims are:
The U.S empire of terrorism is the SINGLE guilty party here.
It’s cowardly “allies” – who call themselves NATO simply side with the bully out of fear and selfishness: they get false courage in their disgusting support for these mass-murderers by “Big Brother”’s promise of protection. They discredit and shame (not to mention robbing) their own people by their disgusting cowardice!
This is the evil of the tyranny they have forged from the deliberate and devious misinterpretation of the word “democracy” – a callous and unforgivable crime.
The criminal US neo-Cons created from scratch this latest conflict. It was planned, set up, fomented, worked on for years, provoked and supplied with weapons bought with other peoples money. But, most criminal of all, these demons misportray this war as a senseless conflict between neighbouring states with no just cause and hide the truth so ordinary people ignore or even support their unjust and evil warmongering.
The situation has very close parallels with the recent conflict in the 6 counties here, where the guilty local colonisers were armed and financed by the guilty exterior power to help it in it’s ongoing subjugation of a neighbouring, innocent people – the Irish…
Our Foreign affairs page (http://omn.ie/index.php/ronn-gnoxectrcx/) has fairly complete information, summarising the situation in Eastern Europe and those of you who would be concerned with knowing the facts can get yourselves up to date in a few hours by reading/watching all the content and following all the links – well worth the effort.
So, as a person who would actually fight on the side of right here, I can still uphold my country’s long-standing and totally correct position of “Neutrality”: Ireland is neutral in that we will never take part in any war, but we are just in that we unequivocally state the true cause of the conflict and condemn in the strongest possible words the terrorist, murderous, unjust, inhuman, downright evil of the U.S./NATO, etc’s current and latest in a long, disgusting list of “wars” that they always caused, stealing the peoples resources and lives to pursue and profit from the suffering of others.
They are the ultimate evil. Their place is in prison cells.

As long as they control us there can never be peace – they work non-stop to prevent it.
We cannot but be fully on the side of the victims of these monsters: the unfortunate innocents of Ukraine and Russia.




24 Αeβrĉ 23-1156: A note on the Warmongering West’s imminent attack on Transnistria.

This deliberate and premeditated US-inspired escalation of their evil conflict currently centred on Ukraine is beyond the ability of mere words to describe. The USA/NATO terrorist alliance knows no limits, reason or even contact with reality.

But, in spite of the commentators who see no counter-measures being effective, I point out the following lines of work:

The goal of stealing a massive supply of artillery shells is easily thwarted.

1. This job begins with the setting of a remote-controlled charge at the main warehouse – Whoever tries to get this store dies.

2. Then the shells/ammunition are moved in batches to strategic locations where the same remote-controlled welcome is set up.
Once again, whoever touches dies.

The resourceful Russians will quite probably already have done this wee job.

Your move Vlodi-Mire Zelenskie


Rally for Peace.

Organised by Stop the War Campaign

Supported by The Truth and Neutrality Alliance.

Supported by The Irish Initiative for World Peace.
And, for those of you who, like myself, dislike speeches at public gatherings, here is a speech you can watch/hear at home.
It is Roger Waters speaking to the United Nations.
It more or less states the facts and offers a solution.
If you check back over the dated contributions I have made to this subject on our www.omn.ie, you will see almost a carbon copy of my position…
Truth is universal – that’s why the enemies of the human race weave a web of deceit over and around us all…
Those of us who dedicate ourselves to the service of the people can tell the difference between truth and lies, between propaganda and genuine information…
Our struggle is for truth and justice.
The enemies of mankind are lying us ever closer to a World War that would only serve the interests of the tiny minority who have used an unjust system – capitalism – to usurp control over us, the people of the world.
We will resist this ongoing criminality to our last breath.

PS It is worth comparing the behaviour of the Ukrainian and Russian representatives during this speech…


18 Αeβrĉ 23: Murderous forward planning.

As usual, all the talk* of not having enough ammo to give to Zelensky’s US/NATO-installed Fascist dictatorship is just more lies to cover up their murderous forward planning:

the ramp-up of weapons production is not to help the Ukrainians, who are the current main victims of this US/NATO criminality,

but to continue the job they have insanely and anti-democratically set themselves:

to destroy Russia and to loot it’s resources to try to save their dying capitalist tyranny.

The fools, the fools, the fools… they’ll never learn –

because they are mad.

Their blatant act of war against Germany was done by the country that has occupied and oppressed Germany since WW2, turning it into a giant American fortress. The unfortunate Germans (none of whom played any part in the imperialism of Nazi Germany), have, like the Irish, been mentally anihilated by these terrorists. The USA acts with total impunity, since they have long ago mentally castrated their victims so they will never resist.

Unfortunately for these tyrants, not all of us got converted to their culture of lawless dictatorship and we are strengthening the weakened so they, too, will rise up and confront these, the ultimate terrorists.

*never forget that, above all, they are liars: nothing they say can be trusted.

And the same evil, lying indoctrination that the British, the US Americans, the Nazis and other tyrannical régimes got that made a lot of them into mass-murderers is now being forced onto our own society by our centuries-old enemies. When each of us, as an individual, vows never to allow this evil to invade our minds, we can be sure that we will have the unity to put these criminals where they belong: in cells. Only then can there be peace.


15 Αeβrĉ 23: Spy-balloons, UFOs and unprovoked acts of war…

When you are as good as proven to have committed many unprovoked acts of war – pure unjustifiable aggression and provocation on a massive scale, the best plan is to swamp the media with stories of spy-balloons and UFOs so no space is left for the real news. Perfect. You have stolen the law, too, so no danger there, either…

As for the “Norwegian” Stoltenturd, he also needs to cover up guilt. More warmongering and lies about Russia, the big bad bogeyman, serves his similar agenda. Stoltenturd is an arch-war-criminal: one of many. My murder-charge against the Irish Taoiseach and some of his servants is now “in process” since 12 December 2020. When you are part of the dictatorship, you can expect the ranks to close no matter what your crime… But those bad days will end and these criminals will be punished.

It’s no wonder they don’t allow this woman to get some air-time: the Ukrainian woman who gives the killer Zelensky some hot words: “fuck off to Britain…you faggot”… Have a look at this video (click here). Balloons and UFOs flood the zone, so real people like this girl get silenced. Calling that wee murderer a Faggot is an understatement, but a step in the right direction!! He has many “allies”… partners in lethal criminality.


14 Αeβrĉ 23-1221: The Ukrainian authorities telling civilians and journalists to leave Bakhmut looks very like they intend to use chemical weapons/poisons and other forms of booby-traps again. The régime is murderous and plays by no rules.

As Edward Whymper wrote in his “Scrambles Amongst the Alps” (1871):

“Do nothing in haste, look well to each step, and from the beginning think what may be the end”.


11 Αeβrĉ 23: Why do they censor us?

Because the truth shines through their iron curtain of lies, deceit and propaganda and all sane people who hear the truth will unite in chasing the criminals out of our society into the prisons where they belong. Our task is to make sure our TV/”News”paper/”Social”-Media-fed neighbours get to see reality. We need no weapons and, if we are diligent, nobody will ever again need weapons. But failure to lock these murdering psychopaths out of harm’s way will be simply terminal for most of us. Are you prepared to do your bit to let reality triumph over their murderous mythology, stuffed down peoples throats by over-fed wasters who call themselves “journalists”?


No actors; no propaganda; this excellent film gives real-life, up-close human background to the illegal Ukraine government’s ongoing terrorist onslaught on the people of Donbass: punishing innocents since 2014 for being Russian.

These are their defenders against the US/NATO-installed tyranny…


11 Αeβrĉ 23: Those who provide the murder-weapons to proven murderers are 100% guilty of the murders those people commit. The entire political establishments in ALL the countries supplying weapons to Ukraine are guilty of ALL their murders of civilians and prisoners. The fact that they have usurped the legal system does not change their guilt.


09 Αeβrĉ 23: Where there is no informed consent, there is no democracy*.

We, the World’s people will bring the US criminal junta to justice for it’s crimes:

sanctions on a nation in disaster; weapons to a criminal junta; 300 wars; at least 20 million murders of innocents; international terrorism; dictatorship posing as democracy; total corruption leading to total misinforming of populations by a controlled media; production and deployment of manufactured viruses and injections to covertly mass murder innocents.

The list of crimes and the list of the guilty are long.

All the more reason for us, the world’s people, to unite to rid ourselves of these monsters in suits.

*Ban on Russian media protects ‘freedom of expression’ is the twisted view of chief co-ordinator and representative of the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) within the European Union (EU) Josep Borrell.
“War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.”  George Orwell, 1984.


06 Αeβrĉ 2023: the real war criminals*.

When a NATO soldier sees that the wages are 3 times higher for mercenaries (all paid for by US/UK/NATO aid, of course and called “volunteers”) he ceases to be a NATO soldier and becomes a “volunteer” – the word itself being a lie. These are not volunteers, but mercenaries: well-paid foreign (NATO-proxy) soldiers of fortune: the lowest of the low, fighting for the lowest of the low, being paid by the lowest of the low.

The lying dictatorship deliberately confuses the meanings of the words that describe the different types of soldier: the term “mercenary” is only used to describe the Russian Wagner PMC; the term “Volunteer” (ie one who fights because he believes the fight is just), which all the Donbass “Militias” are, is used only to falsely describe the NATO mercenaries; the word “conscript” is falsely used to describe the MOBILISED Russian soldiers, who are NOT conscripts; and, last, but not least, the conscripts that the Ukrainian terrorist government are kidnapping on the streets and in their  homes are called “mobilised”**. Every single sentence they write or broadcast contains a long string of lies. They call their system “Democracy” when it is the antithesis of democracy and they call Vladimir Putin a “dictator” – the single word that best describes their own professional tyrants-in-suits.
Joe, Victoria, Ursula, Volodymyr, Annalena, Jens and many more. These – and many others – are the real war criminals and must all be brought to justice.
They threaten us all. They should all be locked up.

Vladimir Putin is the leader of the Free World

and if the USA wants a leader worth his room, they should give Scott Ritter a call: in-depth knowledge coupled with deep integrity and forthrightness. Not a thing the yanks value, or ever did (they persist in their cuckoo-land propaganda narrative so deeply that they believe this bullshit themselves – not smart!!), which is why they are now looking at the stark reality that their bully-boy days are fast coming to an end. Roll on!!

Same goes for the United Kingdom, as it pompously calls itself – an empire founded on and sustained by institutionalised criminality.

The vassal NATO states, as well, are long overdue for real régime-change.

The people will take power in all these dictatorships and their criminal medias will once again be used as they were meant to be used: to inform a united people so we can move forward in peace, harmony and co-operation. This is how it always should have been, but the cancer of capitalism was allowed to invade by a people who are unaccustomed to having to deal with psychopaths who pretend to be saviours.

Unfortunately, just about everything these perverts have told us is a massive lie. Bribery was the way they got support: stealing our communal resources and giving them to the lowest-of-the-low in every case.

That’s why we are a volunteer republic. We cannot be bought.

The jails they tortured our defenders in will soon fill up with these suited murdering gangsters.

Good riddance to the bully and power to the people.


* UN Article 51: Nothing in the present Charter shall impair the inherent right of individual or collective self-defence if an armed attack occurs against a Member of the United Nations, until the Security Council has taken measures necessary to maintain international peace and security. Measures taken by Members in the exercise of this right of self-defence shall be immediately reported to the Security Council and shall not in any way affect the authority and responsibility of the Security Council under the present Charter to take at any time such action as it deems necessary in order to maintain or restore international peace and security.”  14,000 civilians killed by Ukraine was/is “an armed attack”.

** My choice of Irish as my first language is once again reinforced by this twisted lying anti-language – the language of the enemy of mankind – “English” – Anglo-Saxon – the race that thinks it is the master-race – these are the real “NAZIs. The photo of two “leaders” above tells truth: these are two faces of the same monster: neither is English, but both serve the master-race for profit: both are criminals and work for a criminal, murderous tyranny called by many names. NATO seems to be the generic for these Warmongering, murdering criminals.

When treaties become vehicles for political opportunism, then nations must accept a permanent state of war. This is the world that Merkel, Hollande, Poroshenko and the US created by opting to use ‘the cornerstone of international relations’ (Treaties) to advance their own narrow warmongering objectives.

There are many players here, all of whom are guilty of mass murder – guilty of every death in the war they created.

There will be no peace until these criminals are locked up.

The war is not a struggle for Ukrainian liberation or democracy. That’s hogwash. It is a war that is aimed at “weakening” Russia and eventually removing Putin from power. Those are the overriding goals. What that means is that Ukrainian soldiers are not dying for their country, they are dying for an elitist dream to expand NATO, crush Russia, encircle China, and extend US hegemony for another century. Ukraine is merely the battlefield on which the Great Power struggle is being fought.


01 Αeβrĉ 2023: The question we need to answer is:

Do we choose the military option – the US/NATO mercenary professional killers – which will likely involve millions of horrific deaths – at least – and the end of the human race at worst?
Or do we choose to resolve issues by peaceful means which will include the phased de-escalation of conflict and the decommissioning of all weapons, beginning with an immediate ceasefire?
Those who profit/gain from war will have a vote, too, but they won’t have a veto, as they have now.
Misinformation, lies and distortion of truth have been essential in this Fascist takeover.
Full and truthful information on all aspects of the issues is an essential ingredient in any democratic decision.
That’s why the powerful demons use media contortion to twist our minds, so correct decisions become impossible…
If any “state” makes this choice and it’s implementation a reality, I will be loyal to that state for the rest of my life.
I will not hold my breath, but I will continue to create that state by my inputs and other work.
Full information; freely given decisions; faithful implementation by volunteers.

28 Enρ 23: New World Order – Not my government!

The first years of the WEF/US, etc New World Order/Global Governance are not a good start!
Provoking, setting up, supplying and propagandising this desperate and insane attempt to start World War 3.
Not my government! Not any sane person’s government.
Those currently ignorant of the facts will be informed.

Neither Russia nor China want war. War is being forced by the old guard lunatics who must also be decommissioned before we can have a life. Only when this happens can we all at last live in peace.

I suspect that this is a clandestine operation to disband and decommission the warmongering entities of NATO – a job necessary on the road to genuine World Governance.

But if that is what is happening, I can suggest a much better way of achieving this noble goal:

stop the censorship and propaganda and let us ALL hear the truth.

We are well able to decide and act without being ear-muffed, blindfolded, gagged and fed a diet of lies and childish propaganda.

Thanks, but no thanks. We need democracy, not manipulation.


27 Enρ 23: N.A.T.O. – A Transnational Criminal Entity

If you take statements like this from Biden, Von der Leyen, Stoltenberg and Co and apply them to themselves, you are getting close to the truth.

They always accuse their “enemy” of the crimes they, themselves are guilty of.

Biden was referring to Wagner*, but the statement is 100% true of the U.S. and their N.A.T.O. mass-killing-money-laundering-and-lie-making-machine.

This description would also be dead on the mark to describe the C.I.A., W.E.F., E.U., W.H.O. and most of the departments of the Global Dictatorship.

Transnational Criminal Entities! Exactly.

* Biden, with a barefaced-liars stutter, said that supplying arms to Ukraine was not an offensive threat to Russia!!!

“That’s what this is about: helping Ukraine defend and protect Ukrainian land. It is not an offensive threat to Russia. We are — there is no offensive threat to Russia,” Biden said.

The video of this seems to have disappeared.

(Found it. This speech is beyond belief – this is The Leader of the “Free World” speaking/reading – a brain-dead WarMonger)


25/6 Enρ 2023: Now I see the big US “deep-state” (i.e. the ultimate mass-murder club) strategy: ultimate propaganda and censorship so we are forced into more war, followed by oppression of the defeated (that will be us, if we don’t move).

The Ukrainian “leader” Zelensky, is the ultimate traitor to his own people, but far from the top of the chain. He has not told his people the truth that they are first in the line of lambs to the slaughter: the comedian armchair soldier and his entourage will be “evacuated” when the job is done. And the job is to kill in large numbers and to destroy – all for profit. NOTHING positive. He was elected by a massive majority solely on his promise of PEACE. This was an evil lie, but the idea was not his. Victoria and her team served the big master by setting up this crime, in secret, years ago.
Apart from the obvious and calculated ruse of using “Germany” (they, too, are stooges, but the hidden truth is that the “Nazis” now are those who “fought” the Nazis in WW2! – another characteristic reversal of truth) to be seen to lead the attack on Russia, via Ukraine: the tanks we now hear about are mostly old models and I think they are little more than targets to waste Russian ammunition and lives and to make the Ukrainians think they are powerful, so the war is prolonged by those who tell us they are defending peace!
The ever-present main objective is to ensure permanent war – and kill more “Slavs” – nationality and culture are irrelevant to these monsters, who see us all as trash.
The main attack will then come from US/NATO when Russia has been weakened, so the main annihilation can begin with minimum losses to the “Land of the Free”.
The US neocons want Russia to become as they have left Germany – a servile cowering vassal of the big bully that has occupied their land and de-educated their people since WW2.
This is not just idle speculation – the US has been explicit and are becoming more explicit about their plans by the day, since they are now certain that they have succeeded in forcing Russia into a war they neither did nor do want. They have also succeeded in reversing the blame – as usual!
These warmongering lunatics crave more resources and power… they will never be satisfied and will continue to “escalate” this conflict until their dominance is total.
Nuclear war is thus back on the horizon and the top psychopaths can head south to their retreats at short notice.
The total censorship of all truth is essential to the success of this long-planned dirty war by the dirtiest gang of terrorists this earth has ever experienced.
So it is the duty of ALL people to inform, by the most effective means at our disposal, as many people as possible, so we can effectively resist this evil.
If this plan is allowed to succeed, we are all finished: with a few exceptions – and these are the ones we need to take out of the drivers-seat.
The main public faces are well known: they are the faces you daily see on your TV screens posing as defenders of peace as they tell us more lies and call for more war-for-peace.
It is long past time they were arrested: if not by the “police”, who are also ruled by the same gang of mega-criminals, then by the people.
That means us.

“Murderers out of Government, into prison” is not just a slogan. It is the necessary first move.
Sorry, but truth has no mercy either: we can keep our heads in the sand, but that will only ensure the end!
Prompt and effective action must be taken: I am 63 with no offspring, but I see my duty clearly here: to defend all people.
Those of you who have families need to think hard and fast.
I suggest people begin with a full reading of our page: “Irish Initiative for World Peace” to be found by clicking it’s link on www.omn.ie
It has an accurate summary that can be read in a few hours.
Time well spent, since the criminals have been working for years to erase all thought from most peoples minds on any important topic.
These monsters see us all as the same: useless unnecessary bodies in THEIR world.
Callous is not a strong enough word to describe these mass-killers.
There is a plan (yes, a conspiracy!) here that none of us – outside of the “élites” – know anything concrete about – but it is probably terminal for most of us who have no private jets: and therein lies the hope for the rest of us:
neither soldier, nor police, nor even the intermediate big-shots, have these private-jet escape-hatches to their Noah’s Arks in the southern hemisphere. Only the big-shots have the resources to escape the doom they now play with in their total stupidity. Stupidity is the correct word, too, since, by their actions to date, they have already proved their blindness to common, universal reality: their profiteering from the “Climate” problem alone proves this. The solution here, also, is simple – but totally ignored, as it offers no profit to the stupid, greedy lunatics who now rule us all. I know this because I live it!
If the world’s people were fully informed, not 1 percent would approve of this, the ultimate terrorist operation – operation being the actions that serve their plan – the very concrete conspiracy they ridicule as dope-induced fiction.
This conflict was avoidable – in fact it was created by humanity’s evil, stupid, common enemy.
Their “democracy” is the most evil dictatorship in the history of mankind.
We must replace it with real democracy. The framework for this is simple, but the power we face is massive…
So we must use effective means: we are 99 percent of mankind.
We can win this, but not by continuing inaction/ineffective action.
I have laid out the framework and again ask for volunteers.
Consider this:
those who now put themselves forward as leaders are using the rotten system for the promotion of their own personal comfort and ambitions.
There are many in the team that oppresses us all for these reasons – and not a single one of them is prepared to put their people first by acknowledging that their well-paid “work” is work against the people they claim to serve.
Forgiveness can come only to those who “repent”.
I, as a volunteer, have the opposite and correct reasons: to serve the people as ONE of this people.
My time is given free and by my choice, since I know the forces we are being oppressed by and, above all, I know that as I help to cause our human community to understand the truth, we then and only then become able to take that power away from these tyrants and live, together or apart, in peace. This is the “Heaven on Earth” we are all entitled to. My life has no other purpose, since I discovered the truth, than to right this wrong for the good of all future peoples.
If this sounds idealistic or arrogant to you, you do not see the point. This institutionalised ignorance is the main weapon of the evil enemy.
Our job is to inform our people effectively and to implement their decisions.
The mercenaries who work for themselves do not want any of us to realise the necessity for unity, so they give us all sorts of conflicting narratives to hide the truth.
I have no notion of going south, where it might be safe, since I sink or swim with what is right for all.
Serious damage has already been done to our perceptions by this constant barrage of lies.
Our work has been “published” but is suppressed:
this cannot be cured from a desk and computer, though this work, already done, was necessary.
It needs us to go out and engage with our people with solid information: not “protests”, since that would amount to trying to reform the irreformable.
Our leaflet “The 5 Priorities”  is an example of this.
We need a team to work on this – not just to talk and write about it.
Since I do not ask people to do what I would not do myself, I undertake now, once again, to show how I propose to handle this work.
There are many variations, but the main point is to realise the extent of the misinformation network and to neutralise this, as my elders attempted to do in my home town in the early 70’s, by gathering courageous and energetic people in unity against a common threat.
The promotion of personalities and “parties” against the common good is one of the mistakes we now avoid.
That’s why our servants are volunteers and our decisions are on issues, not “representatives”.
British “Representative Democracy” is the wolf in sheeps clothing – the enemy.
This struggle transcends “nationality”, which, rightly, is a choice of culture (including language, religion – or lack of religion, etc, etc) we are all entitled to, but NEVER to force on others.
Our defence against these tyrants will be peaceful, since the evil we defend against is the use of force against the choices of people – coercion of the made-ignorant – both opposites of true democracy.
Democracy is the education/informing of people followed by the implementation of their freely-made choices.
We now live in a totalitarian, Fascist state.
But the door of the cell is not locked.

1949 DropShot consisted of  a plan directed against the Soviet Union to

drop at least 300 nuclear bombs

and 20,000 tons of conventional bombs

on 200 targets in 100 urban areas,

including Moscow and Leningrad (St. Petersburg).

According to the plan Washington would start the war on January 1, 1957.”


19 Enρ 23: Cowards living it up at the W.E.F. as others suffer.

Those bigshot cowards at the WEF annual bullshit-show in the Swiss alps should go to the Ukrainian front line themselves instead of inciting others to mindless violence that they see only as investment.

They are the ones who are guilty of fomenting, starting and prolonging this war.
Jail is where these comfortable war-criminals all should be, not living it up in their winter paradise as they condemn other less privileged human beings to suffering and death.
They are the ultimate in cowardice: evil, inhuman, vile psychopathic criminals.
I hope they all get what they deserve…
As we Irish say: hell will not be full until…


21 Enρ 23: Underestimating US/NATO Power Is Dangerous

How the US military is shaping the environment for Ukraine and wider war: Military Information Support Operations, MISO, Joint Publication 3-13.2

It “provides the doctrinal basis for interagency coordination and for US military involvement in multinational operations”.

The US has astronomical power. Study them here: Army Special Operations Forces Unconventional Warfare. FM 3‐05.130

Add to that their dictatorship’s total disdain for any human beings (they try to portray their Iraq War-Crime as “humanitarian”)… and you are right to be concerned. This simulation of a Nuclear war is also chilling: the total deaths quoted are but the tip of the iceberg!!

We need the widening of our real peace process “The Irish Initiative for World Peace.”


19 Enρ 23: Sanctions? Do as I say, not as I do…

India’s Jamnagar refinery imported 215 shipments of Russian crude in 2022, a 400% increase in comparison to 2021, while British companies imported ten million barrels of oil from Jamnagar since February 2022, which is an increase of more than 250% of what they bought in 2021.

Prior to Moscow’s counteroffensive against NATO aggression, India wasn’t particularly known for importing Russian energy, while it was even less common for its oil refineries to process Russian crude. Indian companies have always been oriented towards exporting refined oil to Europe, but their supplies to the old continent have skyrocketed as the demand is still there and someone needs to fill the gap. This is quite profitable for India, as prices in the EU are quite high, while Russia is supplying the Asian giant with record amounts of discounted crude. Meanwhile, British companies are turning a blind eye to this fact, as they need guaranteed energy supplies, so everybody seems content with this arrangement – except Kiev.


18Enρ23: The New Genocide.

In mid 19th Century Ireland, the Imperialist “system” called the genocide “The Potato Famine” and blamed it on nature and Irish stupidity.
Now, the same plan will kill more millions of innocents and be blamed on Russia. The current US/NATO aggression is the last desperate attempts of the evil empire to put off the final collapse of “free-market-capitalism’s” theft-machine: no system can sustain the massive waste of resources that has kept this régime in power for centuries. That’s why they constantly need to invade and corrupt countries. Neutrality is simply mass-suicide, since we are all in the crosshairs of these tyrants.
The collapse of this evil empire is our only hope for survival. The neutral summary: “Murderers out of Government, into prison” is a solution for all peoples: none of us consent to this carnage, which is led by a Global criminal, anti-democratic tyranny.

Some of the same mass-murderers, at the World Economic Forum, are once again calling for more weapons for Ukraine as “the fastest way to peace”. These are the guilty people and they all should be in jail.


Sэρψĉ – 23 – Freedom

12Enρ23: Nuclear war??: How many people really want to die for Zelensky and the psycho One Percent?

The answer is “no sane human being” – so the one percent need to keep the illusions intact… but the cat is already out of the  bag, despite their antics.
The big-shots all even walked out of the UN when a Russian dared to tell it as it is. Big babies… dangerous babies.

But criminals as well. And it is long past time we all recognise them as such.
Blanket censorship; incessant amateurish propaganda; massive funding for pseudo-journalists (professional liars) and more mass-murder-weapons for their latest small but murderous tyrant: the man who promised peace to get elected, but always had his masters interests at heart: the new American proxy-president.
A traitor to his own and all people.
But a friend to the rich psychopaths in control of the U.S.A./N.A.T.O. money-laundering-war-machine.
Another criminal in a suit, now temporarily exchanged for the dress of a pretend soldier who keeps his hands clean.
I think Biden is being at last sent to the old-peoples home with his “classified docs”, so a new face(-saver) can (be seen to) make the decision to cut.
I hope some sense prevails… the current path leads only to mass death.
The psychos love death – but not their own… so there is a glimmer of hope.
We will then be left with the bringing to justice of history’s most evil of evil.
There is not a single criminal in ANY jail anywhere as deserving of punishment as these sadistic, psychopathic, war-mongering, profiteering monsters.


The image below leaves out much more than it includes…

U.S. intelligence official Allen Dulles secretly said in late 1942, “We’re fighting the wrong enemy,” and General George Patton said at the war’s end, in May 1945, “We have fought the wrong enemy.”


Doug MacGregor and Scott Ritter give a sane U.S. view.


Overextending and Unbalancing Russia


297 U.S. invasions in the past 77 years – since the end of WWII

And none of those 297 invasions was defensive.

All were unConstitutional. Most of them were purely aggressions (some in order to help a foreign tyrant suppress his own population). America’s Founders had insisted there be no “standing army” in this nation. Until Truman established the ‘Defense’ Department and CIA in 1947, there wasn’t any. That created America’s military-industrial complex, which he and his hero and immediate successor Eisenhower institutionalized. There can be no doubt that starting in 1945 (i.e., with Truman), America changed fundamentally. It became Hitler’s heir. And that is how and why it happened. I don’t think that one can understand it truthfully without knowing this history.



Freedom 23: I often hear the lie: “The war between Russia and Ukraine is already causing unprecedented disruption to global supply chains”
This is definitely a lie, since, first of all, the war is not between Russia and Ukraine: if this conflict had been between Russia and Ukraine, it would have been solved by peaceful means long ago and a war would never have happened.

This war is between the U.S.A./NATO deep states and the rest of the human race. Russia and Ukraine are the “excuses/pretexts/pawns” and Ukraine is nothing more than the current killing-field. Russia, of course, is one of the U.S.A.’s two main targets on it’s path towards full global dominance: the future, if the U.S./NATO criminals win, will be one wherein the technology now being used in Ukraine will then be used against us all… not a nice prospect, but absolutely certain if we lose this.
The supply of weapons, intelligence, etc. to the lunatic U.S./UKraine coup-installed dictatorship continues mercilessly, with only Russia’s resistance slowing or impeding it.
The “war between Russia and Ukraine” is NOT causing unprecedented disruption to global supply chains: this disruption is nothing to do with the war. The war is an excuse/pretext.
The “West” is well able to feed, heat and entertain all it’s people, but this is not their priority:
their aim is to cause as much havoc as possible so many people die and the rest of us become impoverished so we accept the next phase of what we in Ireland call “British Rule” – i.e. rule by an anti-democratic truth-destroying dictatorship that originated in London long ago…
Martial law/dictatorship has been in force here in Ireland for probably more than 10 years now (50 or more?? – 900!!!): complete censorship and the refusal of the “police” and “legal” systems to defend people against massive ongoing crimes. This is probably now also the case in most “Western” countries.
The collapse of the “rule of law” is a necessary element: it imposes the law of the jungle – martial law, when threats, coercion, lies and violence rule.

This mayhem is being implemented by the very same people who called us, the Irish, “terrorists” for years. The resistance to these tyrants is always called “terrrorist” by the dictators – Putin and Russia are today’s “bad-guys”…
We are all under the boots of the same Global dictatorship.
Their top priority is to make sure we do not know what their big plan is…
One of our main jobs is to make sure we DO know what their big plan is… so we can make the right moves to resist these criminals.
That job is being faithfully and effectively handled by our T.É.S.D. (Irish Initiative for World Peace) on www.omn.ie .
This is our contribution to the developing new world democracy. I ask people to share this information, so our resistance gains strength.

So now back to the realities on the ground…
Russia set itself a few main goals for it’s special (military) operation. We should all take note of them: (here I give not literal quotes, nor in order, but summaries)
+ the protection of people of the Russian/mixed areas from genocide
+ to demilitarize and deNazify the territory of Ukraine and to achieve its neutral status
+ to eliminate the biological laboratories involved in the US military biological program
+ to stop plans announced by the Kyiv authorities to create nuclear weapons and/or join NATO

as you will notice, the single word “demilitarise” summarises the full picture.

Russia will always remember these, their own stated goals and not over-focus on territory*: it’s not about borders, but about freedom from tyranny.
A so-called Russian “Offensive” is being hoped for by our enemies.
But our main current essential is to stem the flow of weapons/resources (including the inflow of intelligence and military training) to this “Western” proxy lunatic régime.
The “West” is in it’s death-throes anyway… so time is on our side. That statement does not advocate ANY complacency!!
Restraint and accurate strikes on the supply chain will sort out the murderous shelling of civilians and other soft targets. The “offensive” should be one of long range picking off of the supplies of NATO’s D.I.Y. mass-murder machine.
We have right on our side.
We must also use our resources wisely – especially human resources.
We Irish fell into their traps often and lost some of our best volunteers to hasty reaction to callous provocation – fighting the wrong enemy!! Our best volunteers were not even soldiers – and got almost no training. These people were simply the cream, who were willing to put their own lives at the service of their communities: if only we had them now!
We must avoid the traps of the deceivers and keep our eyes firmly focused on the freedom we have struggled for for centuries.
Our new democracy will oppress no human being, nor will it use starvation, disease, poverty or war as weapons of mass murder and enslavement.
We serve the cause of the human family that wants peace – and freedom from the tyranny of U.S. empire and it’s NATO servants.
It is not the people of these countries that are to blame: we, the people of those countries, were never consulted.
And the system they call “democracy” is just a clever, sanitised form of dictatorship. Without the massive lies, theft and bribery, it could never survive.
If you still have not confirmed this, read through our homepage www.omn.ie, then this TESD page. Not all the articles are relevant, but you will find what you’re looking for.
Those involved in street protest need to heed the advice I now repeat from 2020/21: never allow a line to develop between the people and the “police”…
A lot of them would be on our side.
Keep your focus on the real guilty parties: the as-yet unpunished criminals who run the EU, NATO and the countries that have been sold to NATO by traitors. They are a minuscule minority, but think they own us all.
They are the real enemy.
They have stolen from us even the protection of the law, but they will be brought to justice by us, the people.
Lastly, from bitter experience: they ALWAYS lie, so no negotiation is possible.
That does not imply eternal war, but certainly does imply the need for a just solution in which the big tyrants – criminals – are brought to justice and swiftly replaced by government by the consensus of a truthfully informed people – free from coercion of ANY form.

* it’s not about territory, but, for example, to protect Donetsk from NATO weapons, they have to be put at least out of range – preferably “beyond use”.


This bright future is for [us] to choose or discard — but it can only be achieved if [we] work with a sense of purpose, urgency, and cooperation.


Good news for the people; just deserts (i.e. the punishment that one deserves) for the tyrants and their servants.

Happy 2023...

No need to read in full: just the “Overall Conclusions” and sections as interested. Then enjoy your first bit of good news in a long….. time.


26 Noδlg 2022: A democratic, universal and fair way forward…

The new World, governed/led/guided by it’s people, by fully-informed consent and agreement, as outlined by the Irish Initiative for World Peace, also called “Iomláine” (The Whole/Integrity/Universality, etc), is based on the implementation, by volunteers (i.e. dedicated individuals), of the decisions made by fully-informed citizens…

These decisions are made after the citizens are informed of all sides/aspects of the issue and are assessed by “direct-democracy-by-referenda”. The cultural/ideological allegiances of all citizens are protected and nurtured by their own sub-“governments” – again being led by their people by the same process as outlined above.
A dispute is solved by communication and – once again – the same process. War can only be declared on consent of a “weighted majority” of the citizens – I suggest 90%, but this, as all decisions, is up to the people.
Those now profiting from the evil of unnecessary wars will only be “losers” in the short-term. Their children, also, will be protected by the “system”, from the ongoing and insane tyranny of censorship, propaganda and coercions of many other forms, that are all now always manipulated towards conflict that is profitable to a few, but tragic for most. We can then all enjoy life as human beings have always strived to do.
The so-called “Nation State” is an idea that was forced on us all by an evil minority who see themselves as more deserving of a good life than others: people are all entitled to their own diverse ideas of how they should live as individuals and as communities…

…Therefore, those nations who see themselves as World leaders, should lead by allowing their citizens to decide on the acceptance of fully democratic/republican (.i. the peoples’) decisions.
From Russia’s point of view, they could offer, as terms of peace, a complete withdrawal of their forces from Ukraine, on condition that all the inhabitants of the areas loyal to Russia are treated as Russian citizens. As the holder of a foreign passport in our country is treated, so the minority in ANY country should be treated everywhere.
From the U.S.A./N.A.T.O.’s point of view, they should ASK their citizens whether they approve of the use of their resources to prolong a terrible war in a country that is not theirs.
From the Ukrainian point of view, they should firstly agree to a ceasefire and allow international observers to watch them – and all other parties to this conflict – move into a future wherein we all respect peoples differences and move forward together in peace and mutual co-operation.
The technology now being used to kill can then be used for the good of us all.

The quite likely alternative – for us ALL – is too terrible even to imagine.



A 10 minute video summary of the

Historical events that led to the U.S.A.’s “Ukraine” conflict.

A single sentence summary:

So as Europe, Russia and China are never allowed to co-operate in peace.


Ukraine is already a NATO state in all but name – despite the lies of the “Western” corporate lie-factory known as “the Media”.

NATO is the military wing of the “New World Order” Global Dictatorship.

The U.S.A. and NATO is an alliance of cowards:

article 5 of the NATO charter requires all 30 NATO countries to help any one member militarily on demand…

This fully explains the cockiness of the lunatic Zelenskyy, who promised peace as he forced war using his big-bully backers as a shield.

The lowest form of human behaviour, as is seen clearly now in his continuing purges on free speech and religion.

Their “Glory to the Heroes” would be less spoken if they had not the multi-billion dollar/euro weaponry of the Global Terrorist Dictatorship led by the U.S.A. mass-murder club.

In the world, there is no policeman to rule the community of nations.

The U.S. portrays itself as the Global Police force, but it is not: it is the Global bully/terrorist-state.

The US fought an illegal war against Iraq in 2003 based on a lie — a lie that Iraq possessed Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD).

The US utterly destroyed Iraq based on this lie. Since the US was the sole global superpower, other countries could* not do anything to help Iraq, even when they knew this was a lie. Then, as it is today, might was right. Worse still, the rest of the world could* not punish the US for destroying Iraq even when the US lie was completely exposed. Nor could* it censure the US in the UN for having caused so much destruction on the basis of a lie, and nor could* it impose economic sanctions on the wealthiest nation in the world.

*for “could” in all cases above, read “WOULD”. They certainly could, but did not, because they are COWARDS – fearing to stand up against the bullying, totalitarian U.S. mass-murderers. “Punish” here would not be military, but by exposing the truth, i.e. “censure”; it certainly could – and still can – impose economic sanctions.

And Russia and her allies can retaliate to the “sanctions” of the bully and it’s side-kick states: gallium and germanium spring to mind!

But the Global Dictatorship has usurped power in all these countries, by anti-democratic sleight-of-hand, leaving our job now to be done “ex-state” i.e. we must do this job ourselves as a people united against these, the ultimate terrorists.

There’s the real “Sinn Féin”!!

So why did Ukraine continue to provoke Russia, knowing full well that Russia would attack and destroy their country, and that the world would simply watch this happen? The answer is that “Ukraine” did not provoke Russia. Its leader, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, did. He acquiesced in the destruction of his own country and the death, impoverishment, and exile of his own people in order to further the interests of foreign powers — NATO and the US.

Far from being a hero, as he is being projected and is trying to project himself daily with his multiple television appearances and international speeches, Mr. Zelenskyy is a traitor to the people of Ukraine.

Just as ALL the leaders of the NATO countries are traitorsendangering their own citizens by co-operating with the World’s ONLY dictator-state. Those “Nations” who have allowed the U.S. to put nuclear weapons and other mass-murder equipment on their lands,

are traitors and a danger to their own people.

Criminal Charges are more than appropriate…. but we have no law.

It is time we, the good people of this Earth did something positive here.

That is our work – The Irish Initiative for World Peace – coming from a people who suffered for hundreds of years under these tyrants, the more courageous of us know that giving in to these terrorists is terminal.

The shadow-dictators are more powerful, now, than nations; and they have NO loyalty to any nation or people… they are “ABOVE THE LAW”. Understanding this TRUTH gives us the real starting-point and “direction of travel”.

Please join our struggle so we will have a peaceful and democratic future.

Consider this: if, in 1996, during the Clinton* administration, NATO expansion had been blocked, as advised, there would not now be ANY nuclear weapons crisis, nor war in Ukraine.

The aggression is clearly from the U.S.A. ONLY.

*remember these murderous criminals in Derry, Ireland, Nov 1995, playing the “Peace” game at the invitation of the “Irish Peace Process”??


U.S. “paranoia”, i.e. pretending to see a threat where there is none, is driven by an ever-greedy Military-industrial Complex.

In the end only three things matter:

Human solidarity is essential if we are to survive this existential crisis,

our true enemy is not each other but the insane Global Elite, and

we must act powerfully and nonviolently if we are to defeat it.


Who are the “Terrorists”?

The usage of weapons of mass destruction in a conflict hasn’t happened since August 9, 1945, when the United States of America dropped the second atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Nagasaki (the first one destroyed Hiroshima just three days prior), killing tens of thousands of civilians in seconds.

The “Little Boy” atomic bomb which the US dropped on Hiroshima on 6 August 1945 had a yield of 15 Kt and it virtually instantly killed around 100,000 people, with another 50,000 dying in the hours after the explosion.

Would you want nuclear missiles placed a 5 minute flying-time from your home??

The U.S. is thousands of miles away and would be safe while we Europeans would bear the risk.

That is one of the main reasons why Russia invaded Ukraine.

3 Links give background:

1.US Support of violent Neo-Nazis in Ukraine: March 2014; 2.The ObamaRégime’s Plan to sieze the Russian Naval Base in Crimea: Nov 2019; 3.Why Russia Invaded Ukraine: Sept2022.

No nation can be expected to live at peace when a gun is pointed at its head.
The aggressor is clearly the U.S.A. and it’s terrorist alliance called N.A.T.O.

The U.S. – the sole architect of the current proxy-war in Ukraine – has no allies, nor friends:

it has only the fearful side-kicks of the bully:

the biggest, most cowardly bully this world has ever known!

Click the links in the article below and you can decide who the real  “terrorists” are.

The mainstream “Western” media is a lie-factory and is causing many otherwise intelligent people and countries to support the “West”s use of Ukraine as their latest killing-field and putting the blame on Russia, which, verifiably, is the party under attack.

The war-crimes of the AFU, who have been shelling residential areas of Russian Ukrainians for years, are horrendous and they even post them online as they gloat. The dropping of grenades from a small drone on a wounded soldier is done by a sick computer nurd, who gets his video-game kicks now by this disgusting cowardice.

If there is any evidence of Russian war-crimes, I would like to see it. The evidence of Ukrainian summary executions of prisoners of war is also undeniable – and obviously not “the few bad apples” but deliberate policy of those who get courage from the support of big bullies such as the US and UK, France and Canada – and many other countries who, I’m sure if they knew the truth, would not back these evil fanatics. Unfortunately, many countries – including my own – have voted active members of the Global-Mass-Murder-Club into positions of power… they will be difficult to shift if people continue to do nothing worthwhile.

The ONLY winners in this are the criminals who light the fires, fan the flames, then supply weapons to one side so more people get killed and profits soar.

Truth is the first casualty of war, but sometimes the truth is easily established – as in this case. (links are to the work of Eva K Bartlett)

Any of you who want to be informed about the current situation in Ukraine should follow southfront.org and RT


The real terrorists are Ursula, Justin, Angela, Rishi, Joe and Co who have caused and are supplying and profiting from this war.

War is just one of their methods of doing mass-murder – and they always blame the victims and profit from the slaughter.


Crimes in EU Institution offices are under the jurisdiction of Belgian government ministers … who control and restrict the Belgian police, and who in fact have already blocked the Belgian Federal Police from enquiries into crimes under Ursula’s vaccine-promotion partner – Belgian Health Minister Frank Vandenbroucke.
So, it seems Ursula von der Leyen’s corruption partnership with Belgian ministers will protect her from being prosecuted for whatever criminal acts she conducted with Pfizer and vaccine companies. Von der Leyen’s Belgian government minister friends are able to block Belgian police from doing anything against her.


economic sanctions are a crime against humanity

They punish ordinary citizens for the actions of their leaders – or even other peoples’ leaders!

The US is the worldwide leader in the immoral and unethical use of economic sanctions as a weapon. Economic sanctions were found by a study in the Lancet medical magazine to have led to the death of more than half a million children in Iraq due to malnutrition, to which

US Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, responded that it was a “price worth paying.”

All this will have the effect of de-dollarization of the global economy and the end of the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency.

Such a move would end the ability of the US to impose sanctions on countries that refuse to do its bidding and seriously undermine US hegemony.

Happy days…

Roll on the end of the crime of Colonialism/Imperialism!

When we truly unite, prepared to make sacrifices and compromises for the common good, we will prevail over these tyrant cowards:

Future Scenario B: The Global South Succeeds, bypassing the Western system peacefully.


U.S.A.’s $ 41 Billion to fund Ukraine arms is “a wealth-transfer to the military-industrial complex.”

If this $41 Billion expenditure on Ukraine’s war were instead to be spent domestically, it “would stop homelessness.”

Both American political Parties are controlled, at the very top, by a cabal of very closely connected individuals who are basically servants of the billionaire controlling owners of firms such as Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, and General Dynamics, which corporations’ major or even ONLY customers are the U.S. Government and its allied governments.

…”conflict is the one commodity that can create demand for it’s own supply”…


The Big Picture and the Way Forward.

(Notes marked PmB are by Proinsias – Omlán-)

We are now over $US100 trillion of undocumentable adjustments if we use their most recent figures and so I would say we are describing a financial system which is completely and utterly out of control…. If any of the allegations about financial fraud in the 2020 [US Presidential] election are true, and I believe that many of them are, we’ve now delinked both the election system and the finances [from] the constitution and the law so we are are now operating both in terms of who governs and how they spend the money completely outside of the law and completely outside of any democratic process.

So this is a coup.

…democracy has always been a sham and the Elite has always operated beyond the rule of law, routinely corrupting national political processes

…as always the elite forces driving destruction of the world economy escape scrutiny.

‘We’re now at the point where banksters have self-selected themselves to rule the whole world, tossing notions of democracy, freedom and human dignity in the waste bin along the way.’

…the forthcoming financial collapse is a ‘mathematical certainty’ and will occur within the next six to 24 months.

The only hope for Europe to prevent a total economic catastrophe is to achieve an agreement with Russia that ends the current destructive sanctions as soon as possible,…

…Oxfam documents the fact that ‘billionaires in the food and energy sectors are increasing their fortunes by $1 billion dollars every two days’ and that a new billionaire is being created every 30 hours while nearly a million people are being pushed into extreme poverty at nearly the same rate.

…laws governing the functioning of modern economies ensure that ‘No banker, no company management or business owner ever has to take the loss personally if he makes a mistake. Losses are socialised and profits are capitalised.

So the $2 quadrillion (2 and 15 zeros) financial weapon of mass destruction is now on the way to totally destroy the system. This is a global house of cards that will collapse at some point in the not too distant future…. No government and no central bank can (want to!!PmB) solve the problem that they have created. More of the same just won’t work.’

The most likely outcome, according to Greyerz: ‘The dollar will go to ZERO and the US will default. The same will happen to most countries.’

 …the crash has been engineered. Why?

the ‘globalists are decimating the pillars of civilization in order to cause collapse and depopulation…. The overarching goal is to exterminate the vast majority of the human population, then enslave the survivors.’

After all, the Elite has been crystal clear. It’s fundamental aim is to kill off a substantial proportion of the human population and reduce those humans and transhumans left alive to slavery while confined in their technocratic prison; even wealth concentration is anciliary to that, although a product of it.

if you crash the global economy denying people regular food, energy to stay warm and the capacity to communicate effectively, most of those left alive will be inclined to submit to whatever conditions they are offered in order to survive.

So, to reiterate a vital point, the Elite agenda in relation to the economy is intimately related to its wider agenda in relation to eugenics and technocracy.

…the archive is marked ‘Closed until Jan 2045 – Suppress all images for 60 years’.

…while you are hearing from elite agents (such as Klaus Schwab, Yuval Noah Harari and Elon Musk) who publicly promote transhumanist endeavours, you are hearing very little from those, like the Rothschilds, who prefer control and profit to publicity.

…it is not just about wealth concentration; it is about control and depopulation too. So, for example, the Rockefellers, another family closely connected to the Rothschilds, are also well-known for their longstanding involvement in social engineering and eugenics.

…‘the Global Power Elite uses NATO and the US military empire for its worldwide security. This is part of an expanding strategy of US military domination around the world, whereby the US/ NATO military empire, advised by the power elite’s Atlantic Council, operates in service to the Transnational Corporate Class for the protection of international capital everywhere in the world’.

By having activist effort focused on lobbying governments or changing the party in government, this effort is absorbed and dissipated; hence, nothing of consequence changes because the elite has significant control over all major political processes, parties and their policies.

activists are again suckered into putting effort into electoral outcomes rather than building movements for broad-based social transformation based on grassroots organizing.

A small proportion (but nevertheless significant amount) of elite wealth is used to create and manage the dominant narrative in relation to the state of the world by financing production of this narrative, generated by elite think tanks, and then distributed through education systems, the entertainment industry and the corporate media. In short, we are bombarded with elite propaganda, given names such as ‘education’, ‘entertainment’ and ‘news’, that hopelessly distorts popular perception of what is taking place.

So what can we do about this?

Fundamentally, this requires an astute understanding of the global power structure.

Because it controls the political, economic, financial, technological, medical, educational, media and other important levers of society, the Elite profits hugely from daily human activity. But it can also precipitate an ‘extreme event’ (or the delusion of one) – a war, financial crisis (including depression), revolution, ‘natural disaster’, ‘pandemic’…

watch the plan for the next one, already available: ‘Catastrophic Contagion’(Resist the “Pandemic Treaty” PmB)

the Elite’s killing and exploitation of the human population at large is hidden behind whatever ‘enemy’ (human or otherwise) that Elite agents in government and the media direct the attention of the public towards at any given time.

It doesn’t matter whether we all end up blaming Hitler, Saddam or ‘the Russians’, ‘the capitalists’ or ‘Wall Street’, ‘the government’, ‘the climate’ or ‘the virus’, we never blame the Elite (Yes, we do! PmB). So we never take action that is focused on stopping those individuals and their corporations and institutions that are fundamentally responsible for inflicting unending harm on us all, as well as the Earth and all of its other creatures too.

So here is the summary: Humanity faces the gravest threat in our history. But because our opponent – the Global Elite – is insane, we cannot rely on reason or thoughtfulness alone to get us out of this mess: You cannot reason with insanity. And because the Global Elite controls international and national political processes, the global economy and legal systems, efforts to seek redress through those channels must fail. (Our efforts don’t make this mistake. PmB)

Hence, if we are going to defeat this long-planned, complex and multifaceted threat, we must defeat its foundational components (“How” is not addressed here, but I know how. PmB), not delude ourselves that we can defeat it one threat at a time or even by choosing those threats we think are the worst and addressing those first.

This is because the elite program, whatever its flaws and inconsistencies, as well as its potential for technological failure at times, is deeply integrated so we must direct our efforts at preventing or halting those foundational components of it that make everything else possible. This is why random acts of resistance will achieve nothing. Effective resistance requires the focused exercise of our power. In simple terms, we must be ‘strategic’.

If you are interested in being strategic in your resistance to the ‘Great Reset’ and its related agendas, you are welcome to participate in the ‘We Are Human, We Are Free’ campaign which identifies a list of 30 strategic goals for doing so. (or come here to Omlán-: we are already well on the road. PmB)

In parallel with our resistance, we must create the political, economic and social structures that serve our needs, not those of the Elite. That is why long-standing efforts to encourage and support people to grow their own food, participate in local trading schemes (involving the exchange of knowledge, skills, services and products with or without a local medium of exchange) and develop structures for cooperation, governance, nonviolent defence and networking with other communities are so important. Of course, indigenous peoples still have many of these capacities…

For want of a better term, we might call them the ‘Global Elite’ but it is important to understand that they are insane, criminal and ruthlessly violent.

…great events are contrived by the Elite to distract attention from and facilitate profound changes in world order and obscure vast transfers of wealth from ordinary people to this Elite.

… unlike the conflicts they endlessly throw in our faces to distract and manipulate us, the unifying agenda to which they all subscribe is to perpetually restructure world order to expand Elite control and extract more wealth for Elites. 5,000 years of human history categorically demonstrates that point.

Hence, if humanity is to defeat this Elite program, we must do it ourselves.

And if you want your resistance to this carefully-planned Elite technocratic takeover to be effective, then it must be strategic. Otherwise, your death or technocratic enslavement is now imminent.



221218: The Tyranny Expands…

…more than 20 million lives lost resulting from US led wars, military coups and intelligence ops carried out in the wake of WWII, in what is euphemistically called the ‘post-war era’

the U.S.Government is the world’s most prolific mass killer since the end of WWII.

These images show the ongoing aggressive and warmongering Expansion Of U.S./NATO bases closer to Russia.

The U.S./NATO war machine now has almost 1000 bases worldwide, with 10 “carrier strike groups” “patrolling” international waters.

The U.S. spends 1.2 Trillion of its 3 Trillion annual budget on military, intelligence and “homeland security”.

This resource-laundering will be turned on the home population as soon as the Warmongers are satisfied that they are in control.

Of the total of 192 UN members, 151 have US bases.

Nuclear missiles are probably deployed in any bases proximate to “Hostile States”.

A “Hostile State” is any state that chooses freedom from U.S./U.K. tyranny.

Their “Full spectrum dominance of land, sea, air, space and cyber-space” is not only for the “enemies” – but for us all.


221226: US South Carolina “Republican” senator Lindsey Graham:

“How does this war end? When Russia breaks, and they take Putin out. Anything short of that, the war’s gonna continue,”
He also stated that the Russian military will supposedly “fail in Ukraine”, because “the US is in it to win it, and the only way you’re gonna win it is to break the Russian military and have somebody in Russia take Putin out to give the Russian people a new lease on life.” Graham further called on the US and NATO to continue arming the Kiev regime forces “completely, all in without equivocation” and that sending additional long-range missiles to the Neo-Nazi junta would “help dislodge Russian forces from the Donbas, and even Crimea.” He also added that “larger drones would kill tons of Russians without losing any Ukrainians in the endeavor” and concluded that giving Zelensky everything he’s asking for is “essential”.
To make matters worse, Graham is not alone in this. In early October, former US National Security Advisor John Bolton called Putin “a legitimate military target” and also called for a coup in Moscow. With such comments coming from the top of the US political establishment, it’s hard to imagine how Russia could ever hope to start negotiations with the belligerent thalassocracy.

Then, a slightly more balanced U.S. assessment:

Former US Marine Corps intelligence officer and United Nations weapons inspector Scott Ritter talks to a Canadian about aspects you will never hear on “MSM”:



Washington’s Plan to Break Up Russia

Washington’s Plan to Break Up Russia

Russia’s only crime is that happens to occupy real estate in a part of the world the US wants to control by any means necessary.
“We are the United States – the “Allies”
you are the divided states – divided into individuals with NO power:

this is the aim of the current war of aggression on a Ukraine that is being used as a battlefield.
These psychopaths have no care for either Russians or Ukrainians – or for anybody else either.
They will kill us all, leaving only a tiny group of their own “people” to repopulate an empty world

– just as they did in Scotland, America and many other places.
They will invoke the help of “Gawd” as they murder us.

To the neocons, a ruined nation-state covered with rubble and corpses is a victory in itself.

What makes the neocons such a dangerous terrorist organization is that, unlike the typical terrorist group,

neoconservatives have the backing of the Pentagon, Deep State-Mossad, Zionist Lobby, Federal Reserve, oligarchy, and multinationals.

And Zelensky & company will be whisked away to sunnier climes in Tel Aviv and Miami.


28 Nodlg 2022: War Crimes or Propaganda?


This video is of a foal that only lived for one day, but the song is about people. I put this together to remind us of those friends and relations we have lost to the evil of war.

Thanks to BelAnn and Calum for the music – the spirit of the Gael. Tapa leibh. Proinsias.


11 Nodlg 2022: We despise your “Free World” – it is just another lie – and is no more free than were your H Blocks.

The extract below gives a perfect example of how the “West”s term “Freedom of Speech” is yet another big lie: the censorship of this opposing view is something people need to be “shielded” from – not denial of free speech, but “shielding” – what the benevolent parental protector does…
The passage is from “Euronews” (which, as usual, actually means “Euro-lies”)
<Despite being banned in the European Union since March 2, content from Russia Today (RT) continues to slip through the cracks of the bloc’s sanctions, spreading anti-Ukrainian misinformation.
The EU’s ban on the pro-Kremlin Russian news agency imposed less than a week after the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February, should have blocked RT content on all means of transmission and distribution, including social media and search engines, shielding European audiences from Moscow misinformation.
And yet, over four months later, researchers at the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD), an independent think tank monitoring the spread of disinformation and extremism worldwide, found that articles from the pro-Kremlin news agency were still available in Europe thanks to mirror websites and Internet loopholes.>
By the way, the “Institute for Strategic Dialogue” is, strangely enough, an institute that does it’s best to PREVENT dialogue…
See the pattern??
And these dictators profess to be the defenders of the Free World… That’s not the Free World, that’s “behind the Iron Curtain”: totalitarianism.
They’ve turned the truth on it’s head.
So, as one who insists on Freeing the people who are ruled with an iron fist in this Free World Dictatorship, I will ensure this channel is available to those who use our website to access unbiased and free information.
We despise your “Free World” – it is just another lie – no more free than were your H Blocks.
We smashed them and we’ll smash the continuing censorship by the Global Dictatorship of those who are as much entitled to be heard as any of us.

Slán le H7

25 Simultaneous Operations in 30 seconds: nothing’s impossible!!


15-Nodlg 2022: The U.S. has started what they hope will be their Empire’s final conquest…

The vast majority of the world’s people, though, have other ideas… Investigative historian Eric Zuesse explains it perfectly.

<If the world will not stop the U.S. imperial regime, then Russia will, even if that is going to entail destruction of the entire world. Each and every nation (including Russia) has the right to self-defense; and no nation and no empire of nations has any right to checkmate any nation (such as America intends to do to Russia).

The Hitlers of our time are the leaders of the American empire — which is the only empire that still exists. It must be allowed to be stopped now (by Russia, and by China) at the borders of Russia, and of China, both of which will resist it with every power at their disposal, without limit. The international dictatorship, America, must end now. Or else the world itself will.

That is what the war in Ukraine (which Obama started) is all about: drawing the line that ends the American empire and the numerous coups and wars of conquest that it has been promulgating and imposing ever since the end of WW II. Finally ending it.>


The U.S.A’s ongoing World War 3*

Essential Background info: 09  Nodlg 2022.

This Article and video is from March 12th 2014.

This World War is the U.S. dictatorship’s war on the entire World’s people.

If we lose, we lose any freedom we ever had.

The N.W.O., as they call themselves, is the most tyrannical dictatorship and murder machine that has ever existed.


And here are some of the forces they are using against us all – innovations that should be being used to progress mankind are being used to destroy us.

Today’s target is the Russian Army; next is ANYBODY who dares to stand against these tyrants.


The purpose … to make the Soviets bleed for as much and as long as possible
U.S. National Security Adviser, Zbigniew Brzezinski.


as of May 2022, the US sent 5,500 Javelins and 1,400 Stingers to the Kiev regime.


There are three primary psychological techniques that the powers that be in any given era use to build up the public support needed to take a country to war:

  1. Create the impression that the aggressor is actually acting in self defense or in defense of a helpless nation. This can be done by exaggerating the danger posed by an enemy, fabricating an attack and blaming it on the enemy, or by intentionally provoking the enemy into a response.
  2. Build up a crusade mythology, one that presents the aggressors as fighting for a higher ideal, or for the good of all humanity. In our current era the meme of “Spreading Democracy”, “Fighting Terrorism” or “Defending human rights”are the most commonly used.
  3. De-humanize the enemy. War is mass murder, therefore presenting the enemy as evil, barbaric, or subhuman is essential unless you want your citizens and your soldiers questioning the morality of their actions. This pattern is often supported and augmented by a sense of cultural or racial superiority.


* The following nations are, against the wishes of their people, already involved in this war: United States; United Kingdom; Germany; Canada; Poland; France; Norway; Netherlands; Sweden; Italy; Denmark; Japan; Czech Republic; Austria; Spain; Estonia; Portugal; Australia; Latvia; Finland; Lithuania; Belgium; Slovakia; Switzerland (“Neutral”!!); Greece; South Korea; Luxembourg; Ireland (“Neutral”!!); Taiwan; Turkey; Slovenia; EU Institutions


07 Nolg 2022: Asymetric, no doubt!

Irish initiative for World Peace.
There might seem to be a contradiction in this article, coming from a volunteer for the Irish initiative for World Peace, but there is not:
to win peace for all mankind, we must defeat the empire of evil which has been behind EVERY conflict this world has ever suffered.
This tiny minority has thrived because we, the majority, are too peace-loving!
And time is fast running out.
So this analysis and way forward should be taken as it is:
written by a realist, who knows the war was a mistake, but who, realising that it is too late now to correct that mistake, deals with current realities
to bring us from an undesirable current situation, to a desirable outcome: a peaceful future,
in which we are all respected as human beings and where the fomenters of war are not in charge, making laws about “Hate speech” as they murder us by the thousand.
So, I begin with a title that I hope summarises the word-picture I paint below.
“It is wise to learn from your enemies; and it is stupid to underestimate them”.
This is a quote from a long-serving volunteer who has suffered since 1970, or so, under Britain’s long-standing occupation and tyranny in Ireland, and who has worked tirelessly this last 22 years to try to allow us to reach our goal of a peaceful future…
I recently heard the term “asymmetric warfare”, but didn’t understand it at first, even though I have been witnessing it for most of my life, as we Irish fought the most powerful nation on earth in quest of a peaceful and just future for our people – for ALL people.
I can fully justify my use of the word ALL and still stay on the “side” of the inhabitants of a wee island who have a rich and ancient culture as our guiding force… but I will not go into that now…
In the long, painful years of this struggle, we learned a thing or two!…
Asymmetric Warfare – no doubt.
You might think that this is not an apt description of the current war in Ukraine, but I think you would be wrong!
The Russians have been led into a trap and are now at war with the same enemy as we have been at war with for years.
The blame game, as it is called, is a necessary part of decision-making – beginning where we ARE, not where we would like to be; not where we might think we are…
So, those who made the decision to invade Ukraine were either insane or ill-advised.
Those who advised them were either insane – or living in the land of fantasy: they “failed” (the word often misused when positive intent was missing…) to take on board the lesson of the “Stingers” and relate it to the present!
I don’t consider treason here, but it is quite possible that the “West” has paid some Russians to betray their country, since they well know that this “game” is crucial to the future of us, the ordinary human beings – and to them, the tiny murderous minority who now see all their plans finally coming to fruition.
The prize is World domination and the Warmongers of the “West” are also, as usual, getting a free killing-spree, the risks and losses being suffered by Russians and Ukrainians, while the Military-industrial-complex makes fortunes by this disgusting form of money-laundering.
Their modus-operandi is simple: create conflict, then supply one side… or maybe both…
absolute fortunes are being wasted on killing when people can easily be led along a path of good…
but their “Democratic system” ensures we all only THINK we get to decide,
when, in fact, the decisions are ALL made for us behind closed doors:
media is used to “manufacture consent” by experts on human psychology.
And any decisions we make that go against the dictators are sabotaged quietly.
Meanwhile, the criminal fomenters of conflict work away on the next chapter…
So now on to the case being analysed:
The current conflict between Russia and Ukraine (+U.S.A.; +UK; +France; +Germany; +Poland: etc, etc, etc, etc, etc…)
Firstly: the conflict is NOT between these nations, because these nations WERE NOT CONSULTED.
We were not consulted – and WE WERE – as always – LIED TO…
I now reassert the right of ALL people to be fully and truthfully informed about any decision that effects our future – then for our decision to be honoured – that’s true DEMOCRACY!!
So, having dealt with how we arrived at this position – unfortunate – tragic… from the point of view of us, the people… but an exciting, profitable opportunity for the criminals who control the purse-strings and launder OUR resources into the hands of a tiny evil minority, as they kill as many people as they can…
The Russian army was confronted by “game-changing” Stingers in Afghanistan…
Now, in Ukraine, Javelin, Excalibur, Himars, etc – are having a very similar effect. And they’re all from the same murder-machine: the US/NATO/++ empire of evil.
The Ukraine war will have the same result for Russia as Afghanistan had – or worse – if not dealt with intelligently, decisively and effectively.
FIRST OF ALL: it is absolutely essential to be 100% realistic – no propaganda and no bullshit.
The “West” do propaganda well and are expert liars, but they also have the realists working where they are needed.
In the mountains, climbing, the biggest risk a climber faces is his own blindness to reality:
being unaware of danger – or being just plain gung-ho – does not make us safe!
The military advice that caused the Russian leadership to invade Ukraine was mad.
If not already done, those advisers should all be sacked.
It is insane to be in a tank when things like “Javelin” are flying about.
It is criminal to order others to do what you know is insane…
and, worst of all – and we had this bitter experience far too often in Ireland – martyrs do not win wars.
They actually make things worse for your own side, by giving the enemy a morale-booster.
This is where our local defenders, the Provos, did not respect their volunteers enough.
It is as simple as this: if you wouldn’t do it yourself, you shouldn’t even ask, never mind order, another person to do it.
If “dying for your country” was a help to your country, the enemy wouldn’t be trying to kill you.
It is not the dying for your country that is important, but your being WILLING to die for it.
And soldiers, if that is the path their community has chosen, need to be willing to kill for it.
It is the killing that wins wars, not the dying.
Russia is one of the last chances the human race has of negotiating from a position of strength, so we can have a future life of peace.
Please do not allow this opportunity to be wasted.
We, in Ireland, did the same things as Russia is now doing: losing when we should be winning.
The reason is that both Ireland and Russia misunderstand what they should be doing.
We in Ireland fought the wrong enemy for years, while the real enemy – concealed within – hollowed out our country till there is now very little left – and the new generation have already been destroyed by covert psychological warfare that has made them almost devoid of human experience, but made arrogant by a deviously designed “education” system.
My father had a great piece of advice about our defence from the British murder machine:
“You don’t fight Mohamed Ali* with boxing gloves”.
His neat summary was referring to the uneven/asymetric but completely just struggle we Irish were (and still are) waging against the most powerful empire on Earth.
The same is true now of this war in Ukraine, though things look different:
The Russians were lured into a trap – and what they might have thought was a war against Ukraine, was, from day 1, or before, a war against the most powerful killing machine on this earth.
Every soldier is as valuable as the top leaders – it HAS to be so, or your “democracy” is a dirty lie!.
When we think like this, our chances of arriving at last at a peaceful future multiply.
It is only now left for me to repeat that I am willing to go ANYWHERE on this earth – or talk to anyone – to further this just cause of World Peace.
I have much painful experience of being on the receiving end of an unfair fight and I am, as usual, at the service of the good people of the World.

* for those of you too young to know this name, Mohamed Ali was arguably the best boxer of all time.

That’s “Javelin” – top left in the photo below.


17/10/22: the alternative to the “New World Order” world.


25 Saμñ 2022: The tyrant promotes the spineless, so when he attacks the innocent, these slugs will do exactly as they’re told, knowing they are protected.

Today I get on with some more practical defence measures and encourage you all to do likewise:
I take detailed note of those who have collaborated with this ongoing mass-murder.
The documentary “Sudden Death” is on youtube (as of last night…) and gives a chilling update…
as usual, a web-search gives first place to the usual “promotes misinformation”, “anti-vax”, etc…
But the internet has some great advantages, too: that utterances are timed to the second and an indelible trail is left by the guilty.
The victims, also, thankfully, have an impartial record made of their evidence – essential when ALL the state systems have been turned upside-down and now do the opposite of what their names state*.
Since the current pseudo-governments and the “legal systems” will never bring the guilty to justice (because they are A CENTRAL PART of the crime itself), we must identify ALL of the guilty. The guilt is in no doubt at top level and I have already proven guilt and the Garda here in Ireland have more than enough evidence to make them, too, accessories to murder by their refusal to arrest the ring-leaders: Pulse I.D. 19091862 is now in process since Dec 18 2020 – almost 2 years…
I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news once again, but that is not a police force: it is an accessory to mass-murder.
The list now includes the top brass in government, RTÉ, other media, “Health Service”, Garda and many, many more.
This chain of guilt goes right down into each community – not only in Ireland, but worldwide, since the framework of this operation depends on the callous manipulation of human nature… My 2011 report “Ireland’s Big Lie” first uncovered this corruption in relation to the Irish language state-organised and state-funded crime, but the methodology is identical to that now being used to kill millions of innocents – the gruesome pastime of the “élites”, who have been doing this for centuries, blaming mother nature and other scapegoats.
As we move into the future of our independence from these psychopaths, we must ensure we know who the servile partners are, so they can never again be allowed to commit a crime of this magnitude.
The new (Irish) Republic, being the governance of our people, by our people, needs people and their work for us to progress. We do not do coercion, but we cannot do miracles.
Our future will gain strength as you join the team of workers.
If you want this work done for you, you want things as they are and “I just hope they don’t come for me”.
This attitude has no future outside of support for the criminals – and this is terminal, as they HAVE NO FRIENDS.
Psychopaths have no empathy with other human beings: that includes ALL of us.
There can never be peace until we free ourselves from the tyranny of these monsters.

*Health>Death; Education>Indoctrination; Culture/Diversity>Promotion of English monoculture; Police>Defence of criminals; Defence>Attack of the innocent and support for big global bullies…etc etc


21 Saμñ 22: Problem-Reaction-Solution – the big wheel to hell…

Here’s a rough but accurate sketch of how their dirty system of incessant oppression works:
Problem: provocation, division of communities/nations, polarisation, propaganda and censorship, so genuine communication and the solving of problems by dialogue becomes impossible:
their media manage this part, refusing us the option of genuine negotiations to determine and act on the creation of our own futures: the whole system of “Representative Democracy” is one massive, evil lie. The politicians are members of the death-club, as are civil servants, businesses who take state money, etc, right as far as what calls itself the “Health Service” which has become another wing of the army of human death as the “public representatives” continue to party and spout endless pseudo-patriotic nonsense.
Reaction: is war – and if this does not happen, the pressure is increased until it does!
Countless, inestimable amounts of our communal resources are squandered as we, the ordinary people, are slaughtered by the purveyors of death by many means. Their unceasing war on us, the ordinary human race, is the slaughter of innocents by a wide spectrum of perverted means: wars, biological agents (eg viruses and poisonous injections, contamination of food-supplies, radiation, etc,etc,etc), famine, weather alteration and weaponisation… the list goes on…
And the profits from this big-wheel-to-nowhere, are funneled directly into the coffers of the big-time controllers who control and dictate to the media, who serve the controllers by further confusing us by more misinformation and propaganda. As they say: “lie and lie big”. ..

And the big wheel keeps turning…
This big wheel ensures that the tiny minority of psychopaths who run the “Allied” Empire they lyingly call “The Free World” decide and dictate our fate – and make us pay them for our oppression.
Solution: the reconstruction after war again serves big business as the powerful get richer.
People complain (led by media baiting) about taxes – but the process described here is taxing on an incomprehensibly massive scale.
These oligarchs, tycoons and the rest of the global gang of psychopaths (many of whom call themselves philanthropists – “lovers of human beings” -as they murder millions of us)  are the enemy of us ALL.
These “lovers of human beings” are now in control of all the means we should have of progressing as a human family…
and the time has come to change this.
We have slept through the ongoing call to action for far too long.
I have been urging people to volunteer for full service for more than 8 years now, but have had to listen to the snoring, the prattle, the self-serving, empty words of wasters since then – as a tiny minority that I know we can overcome – becomes all-powerful to the drone of people who set themselves up as leaders and who earn the support of big tech and the media by doing nothing worthwhile, but who are past masters at “flooding the zone” with empty bullshit, so we, the real defenders, are made to disappear.
Anything less than full-time action by at least a few dedicated people will not work: we are needed at all times to co-ordinate the teams of volunteers who will act locally.
The ask is small and my dedication and gift of my personal time and resources is total, but the benefits will be enjoyed by us all, as we create and develop a future that we ourselves have a full say in.
The alternative is too terrible to describe – and so easy to cause: just continue to do nothing.


What ”Free World”??

Stones are being thrown randomly by the owners of the big glass house they like to call “The Free World”… nothing new there…
I have lived in their “Free World” all of my life: the first 40 years or so in “Northern Ireland”, as they call it (duh!)…
Then I crossed over to live in what I then believed to be my own side of the “border”.
I recently watched a blatantly propagandist “Best Documentary”, made by a team of French “Journalists” about the “totalitarian régime/dictatorship” of Alexander Lukashenko in Belarus: heavy on the demonisation and myth, but ZERO on evidence… (not recommended!)
But the story they told, whether fact or fiction, is EXACTLY what I experienced as I lived the first part of my life in Derry and Belfast during the 70’s-90’s phase of our resistance to British rule in Ireland. I didn’t have the experience then to call this state what it was: a fascist, totalitarian, murderous, coercive, oppressive military dictatorship: a one party state, etc, etc…
In the year 2000, I moved to live and work in the 26 counties that calls itself the “Republic of Ireland” and experienced ANOTHER fascist, totalitarian, murderous, coercive, oppressive dictatorship: another one party state, but this time run by “Irish” and with a smile on it’s face and no visible soldiers
The so-called “Republic of Ireland” is ruled for Britain by well-paid native collaborators, by censorship, by lying, twisted incessant propaganda, by ignoring the good people and promoting the bullies and criminals… also by the total sabotage of any decisions made by our people that in any way go against the will of the master race – the puppet-masters in Whitehall.
Denying us a free and peaceful life is done every bit as effectively by these methods as were the methods as I grew up under overt British Rule.
These two British states in Ireland hypocritically lecture us about “Putin’s War of aggression” in Ukraine, when they have both been oppressing our Irish people for years on behalf of a foreign and bullying empire, which is now torturing the ordinary people of Eastern Europe using “local” soldiers (sound familiar?) and weapons paid for with resources stolen from the peoples of many countries under the false pretext of a threat that simply does not exist.

I know of NO nation on this earth that poses ANY threat to the U.S.A. axis of evil which is the ONLY threat to world peace.

They think they are the law and that they have the right to attack and murder the citizens of any country that dares to live by a different code to the U.S./U.K. + Co. Empire of Evil that has murdered countless millions of innocents in their perverted and incessant attempts at global domination.
We, their victims, are NOT to blame, unless blame is due to people who try our best to live in peace with our fellow human beings.
And the past-masters at election-rigging (they called it “Gerrymandering” in my young days), show their hypocricy when they call ANY state a dictatorship:
Britannia Waives the rules, as usual, with uncle Sam and her other lackeys in NATO – the cowardly followers and supporters of the school bully.
These tyrants are past masters at arming and using one group to oppress another for them, so they themselves can play the impartial and just arbitrator in conflicts they themselves cause.

They are the ultimate evil.
My clear message, then, to those of us – in a massive majority – who choose to resolve our differences by peaceful and truly democratic means, is NEVER to allow this tiny but currently powerful minority of criminals in suits to provoke you. The provocation always has one single aim: to blame the victim nation for instigating a conflict that they – the eternal enemies of all sane human beings – want to wage on any nation on earth that stands up for true freedom from the oppression, coercion and mindless violence of the usurpers of the ”Land of the Free” and the “Mother of Democracy” who steal our resources to manufacture and distribute weapons of mass murder to all the cowardly bullies and tyrants they can bribe into their service.
“Liberty and justice for all” – when we stand up and put these psychopaths into the cells where they belong!


“Every dead Russian and Ukrainian in this war, every family anywhere in the world that suffers the consequences of this war, every business that shuts down because of the economic damage this war is causing and the increased risk of nuclear annihilation, it’s all US Govt made.”
Proxy War (def)– a war instigated by a major power which does not itself become involved.


25 D.F. 2022: For the sake of World Peace:

the threat to World Peace, despite the Media lies, comes SOLELY from the U.S.A. and their servant members of NATO.

The other entities mentioned are also ALL complicit in the ongoing cull (.i. mass murder) of as many human beings as possible without being brought to justice…


02 Saμñ 2022: This is what they call “Democracy”

This extract from “Confessions of an Economic Hit-man” by John Perkins, summarises the process that goes on in all the countries that the U.S. subverts: the list is long!! The Economic Hit-man comes first. If that doesn’t work, the “Jackals” (.i. assassins) take over. Then, if necessary, the Army. This is what they call “Democracy”

<In 2003, I departed Quito in a Subaru Outback and headed for Shell on a mission that was like no other I had ever accepted. I was hoping to end a war I had helped create. As is the case with so many things we Economic Hit-men must take responsibility for, it is a war that is virtually unknown anywhere outside the country where it is fought. I was on my way to meet with the Shuars, the Kichwas, and their neighbors the Achuars, the Zaparos, and the Shiwiars — tribes determined to prevent our oil companies from destroying their homes, families, and lands, even if it means they must die in the process. For them, this is a war about the survival of their children and cultures, while for us it is about power, money, and natural resources. It is one part of the struggle for world domination and the dream of a few greedy men: global empire.
That is what we Economic Hit-men do best: we build a global empire. We are an elite group of men and women who utilize international financial organizations to foment conditions that make other nations subservient to the corporatocracy running our biggest corporations, our government and our banks. Like our counterparts in the Mafia, Economic Hit-men provide favours. These take the form of loans [for “loans” read bribes and money-laundering opportunities for the collaborators] to develop infrastructure — electric generating plants, highways, ports, airports, or industrial parks. A condition of such loans is that engineering and construction companies from our own country must build all these projects. In essence, most of the money never leaves the United States; it is simply transferred from banking offices in Washington to engineering offices in New York, Houston, or San Francisco.
Despite the fact that the money is returned almost immediately to corporations that are members of the corporatocracy (the creditor), the recipient country is required to pay it all back, principal plus interest. If an Economic Hit-man is completely successful, the loans are so large that the debtor is forced to default on its payments after a few years. When this happens, then like the Mafia we demand our pound of flesh. This often includes one or more of the following: control over United Nations votes, the installation of military bases, or access to precious resources such as oil or the Panama Canal. Of course, the debtor still owes us the money — and another country is added to our global empire.>

Now I add my own notes and keep it short:
The British Empire has rebranded itself as “Western Democracy” (2 lies in 2 words). It is now the Empire of the U.S./U.K./Israel and N.A.T.O. – the “Allies” as they like to be called. The defenders of “The Land of the Free”… all lies, but being accepted as truth by more each day…
1. The rough target kill is 8 billion human beings;
2. Use is already being made of biological weapons, eg Cov-ID and the clot-jabs (MASSIVE profits for the mass-murderers); wars are a constant and lucrative money-laundering method with an acceptably high kill-rate – especially when the right type of régime is backed  eg currently V. Zelensky, UKraine being simply the current battlefield.
3. The propaganda and censorship weapons of mass deception ensure a confused and thus inert population.
4. We pay for our own destruction by being involved with a state which launders our common resources (now miles into debt) into private hands. This has enslaved our coming generations to the New World Order”
5. The very rich and corrupted and the good liars are at a massive advantage in elections, so we always get criminals at the top.
6. The “deep state” (i.e. the intelligence, military, police, judiciary, state-connected businesses, etc) simply ignore any of the few decisions that ever go our way.
7. In summary: what I call “The Smiling Dictatorship”.
8. The tiny controlling minority have their bunkers ready and need only a few hours notice. Their “Noah’s Arks” will ensure their survival if the current provocation to nuclear war succeeds.
Add to this the individualisation and terrorising that has recently been deployed in addition to the above and we have a recipe for disaster.
But I once again assert that those who would tell you that these criminals cannot be controlled are simply justifying their own compliance – sometimes even complicity.

Here is a current example:

In 2021, Тhe Atlantic Council published the material “Biden and Belarus: a strategy for a new administration,” the authors of which gave recommendations to D. Biden on building relations with Belarus. They advocated strengthening the position of S. Tikhanovskaya, weakening support for A. Lukashenko, imposing sanctions against Belarusian officials and entrepreneurs, the annual allocation of $200 million to support civil society and the media in Belarus, as well as doubling the budget of the Belarusian service of “Radio Liberty”. Money for dislodge of the current authorities of Belarus, rocking public sentiment they never spared, but thanks to the timely adoption of measures by the military and political leadership of the Republic of Belarus, the West has not managed to achieve its goals.


When true democracy returns, all these coercions will be rightly annulled as illegal: illegal and criminally coercive, including mass-murder by starvation and many other means. It is not “The Free World”, it is, as usual, the exact opposite of that – and it depends for it’s very existence on the criminal exploitation of less powerful nations.

It is long past time we rose up and righted these massive wrongs.

You don’t do “Liberty Enlightening the World.” with crime, coercion, censorship and mass-murder!!


09/11/22: the “Democracy” that millions are murdered for

This is an adaptation and summary of: “How the Super-Rich Control the U.S. Government“. Written by Eric Zuesse
The content is nothing short of revolutionary.
Those who know the extent of the crime cannot continue to be complicit by inaction: we are all in danger from these psychopaths.
This is the “Democracy” that millions are murdered for by the war-mongers now in control of the World…
Full original article at: https://southfront.org/how-the-super-rich-control-the-u-s-government/

The U.S. Government tries to hide how obscenely top-end the nation’s wealth-distribution is; but one remarkably clear presentation of this obscenity is the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System’s “Overview” of “Distribution of Wealth”*
The table below shows breakdowns of the percentages of wealth held by the nation’s households, all the way from the top fifth to the bottom fifth – in “US$ Trillions” for each fifth:

The obscenity of this is difficult to visualise and is the result of institutionalised and legalised theft, but the most important effect of this sub-human and primitive imbalance is the TOTAL, deliberate and criminal subversion of democracy, since:

Virtually all people who have the discretionary cash to be able to donate significantly to the politicians they favour are in the top fifth – the people who have 70.6% of all wealth. They dominate the nation’s political money. Almost all of the bribes that fill political campaign-chests in America come from the richest 20% of Americans – and the top 1% contain ALL of the ‘king-makers.” And if you’re in the bottom 80% of wealth-holders in the U.S., you’re not represented, at all, in the U.S. Government.
The top 1% have vastly more than the rest of the top 20%, available to them to donate to (i.e. bribe) their favoured politicians, because these people – the top 1% – hold the corporate board seats, and select the corporate executives who hire the congressional lobbyists to entertain and reward and hire the crucial congress-members so as to serve their corporations, and serve those top 1% who control all of those corporations. Included in these corporations are the ones that control all of the major and most of the minor news-media that shape the ‘knowledge’ and thus the views that most of the voters hold.
America has around a thousand billionaires, and they have control over so much discretionary cash as to be able to get Congress to block any bill that these super-rich oppose, and to pass many of the legislative bills that those super-rich want to become law. So, almost all of the thousand-or-so individuals who control the U.S. Government are billionaires. They especially control international corporations. Those few people dominate both Parties. But they do it very much behind-the-scenes. In previous centuries, aristocrats were publicly known, by formal titles; but in today’s ‘democracies’, they are as hidden as they can be. They don’t want the public to know that the Government represents only them, because, otherwise, the Government’s saying that this or that foreign ‘dictatorship’ that poses no threat, should be regime-changed, would have the citizens wonder, instead, “Isn’t it OUR nation’s regime that should be regime-changed first?”
Any look at the ‘news’-media will make clear that they don’t want that question to be in anybody’s mind. The message is instead always to regime-change the foreign leaders whom one’s own nation’s billionaires see as THEIR enemies – and the media does the necessary truth-inverting P.R. job. That’s how they get the public to fund (via their own taxes) the ‘Defence’ Department, so tanks and planes that cost multi-millions can be turned into scrap metal in seconds by munitions that cost millions – and all that money goes into the coffers of the most undemocratic and dictatorial system that ever was devised by mankind.
Now that you understand the crime, I ask you to join me in bringing it to an end, and the guilty to justice.

Our Irish Initiative for World Peace leads this defence of the human race from these murdering psychopaths who have fooled and killed our people for far too long.

Investigative historian Eric Zuesse’s new book, AMERICA’S EMPIRE OF EVIL: Hitler’s Posthumous Victory, and Why the Social Sciences Need to Change, is about how America took over the world after World War II in order to enslave it to U.S.-and-allied billionaires. Their cartels extract the world’s wealth by control of not only their ‘news’ media but the social ‘sciences’ — duping the public.

* https://archive.ph/uEG6Y#selection-8501.0-4634.3


Violently overthrowing Other People’s Governments: The Master List By William Blum:

Instances of the United States overthrowing or attempting to overthrow, a foreign government since the Second World War. (* indicates successful ouster of a government)
China 1949 to early 1960s; Albania 1949-53; East Germany 1950s; Iran 1953 *; Guatemala 1954 *; Costa Rica mid-1950s; Syria 1956-7; Egypt 1957; Indonesia 1957-8; British Guiana 1953-64 *; Iraq 1963 *; North Vietnam 1945-73; Cambodia 1955-70 *; Laos 1958 *, 1959 *, 1960 *; Ecuador 1960-63 *; Congo 1960 *; France 1965; Brazil 1962-64 *; Dominican Republic 1963 *; Cuba 1959 to present; Bolivia 1964 *; Indonesia 1965 *; Ghana 1966 *; Chile 1964-73 *; Greece 1967 *; Costa Rica 1970-71; Bolivia 1971 *; Australia 1973-75 *; Angola 1975, 1980s; Zaire 1975; Portugal 1974-76 *; Jamaica 1976-80 *; Seychelles 1979-81; Chad 1981-82 *; Grenada 1983 *; South Yemen 1982-84;  Suriname 1982-84; Fiji 1987 *; Libya 1980s; Nicaragua 1981-90 *; Panama 1989 *; Bulgaria 1990 *; Albania 1991 *; Iraq 1991; Afghanistan 1980s *; Somalia 1993; Yugoslavia 1999-2000 *; Ecuador 2000 *; Afghanistan 2001 *; Venezuela 2002 *; Iraq 2003 *; Haiti 2004 *; Somalia 2007 to present; Honduras 2009 *; Libya 2011 *; Syria 2012; Ukraine 2014 *

America’s Deadliest Export: “Democracy”: The Truth About US Foreign Policy and Everything Else By William Blum


… and you dare to call me a terrorist…


“Τornx” nh Orpĉ Úυ 1100 g 2012:

Europe’s “borders”: 1100 – 2012



Is it not strange that, in a war between Russia and “Ukraine”, Russia has the most Ukrainian Refugees???
Currently 2.4 million Ukrainians have chosen Russia as their refuge…


Some truths you ignore when you accept the media’s big lie about “Putin’s war of aggression against Ukraine”

The Mother of All Proxy Armies

The army the U.S./N.A.T.O. built in Ukraine, by the beginning of 2022, had swelled to become the largest and best-armed land force in Europe. By almost every metric, it was more potent than the combined armies of Germany, France, and Italy.
 The Ukrainian military was purpose-built to serve the interests of the American Empire in its long-established goal to cripple Russia and prevent it from ever again being able to wield global influence; to effect its ultimate dismemberment and reduce it to a faint fragment of its former status and glory – to realize the geopolitical objective expressed in the popular cold-war-era board game RISK, which erased Russia from the world map.
 The Russian decision to invade Ukraine in late February 2022 was motivated by and predicated upon all of these factors in aggregate, and was hastened by the widespread Ukrainian artillery strikes on the Donbass region that had commenced weeks previously.
 To destroy this powerful “Mother of All Proxy Armies” which the United States and its NATO partners had methodically constructed on its borders was, logically and manifestly, Russia’s foremost objective.
 There was no other.
 The elimination of this substantial threat on their literal doorstep was understandably viewed by the Russians as an existential imperative.
(taken from: https://www.imetatronink.com/2022/07/destroying-mother-of-all-proxy-armies.html?m=1 )

as usual, the truth is nowhere to be found in the media narratives: more unjustified U.S./N.A.T.O. aggression, concealed, as usual.


25 D.F. 2022: We are all entitled to our opinions, but none of us are entitled to deny facts/truth.

For the last few weeks, I have been educating myself on the “Ukraine” war.
Mainstream media is blindly biased and allows no view – even a balanced one – that goes against the lies of the U.S. and their servants in Europe.
I use southfront.org for a fairly pro-Russian view and the Twitter account “Ukraine Weapons Tracker” (which leads me to many other pro-Ukrainian Tweets) for a pro-Ukrainian view.
One thing has struck me forcibly:
The pro-Ukrainian tweets – and even more so the comments – show what I can only describe as a SICK mentality.
They gloat and glory in death and injury.
Their pro-war mania and psychopathic love of violence is disgusting, to put it mildly, but seems not to be being censored, as is any truth, by the Twit-machine most people think has now become unbiased..
And all is portrayed as a fight for freedom of a weak nation – David versus Goliath – when this is clearly a proxy war being waged by the U.S. against the age-old Russian bogeyman.
This is the U.S.’s provoking of all people in the world who would solve their problems by peaceful and democratic means.
But worst of all, it is yet another in a long list of methods being deployed to kill as many people as possible.
I repeat my request for a team of volunteers:
the existing Irish groupings are doing absolutely nothing of worth, since they are studiously avoiding the dangerous realities.
Fudging the issue gives strength to the enemies of mankind.
World Peace depends on us.
That means you, too.
And it needs courage, determination and dedication
 – traits in short supply in the flock that calls itself the Irish People.

It is well past the time when we need to return to the clear difference between opinion and fact.

We are all entitled to our opinions, but none of us is entitled to deny facts/truth.



221019: …mental violence leaves no physical marks

The next step in our movement (it’s not a race!!) towards a just society is to guard against taking insult at statements of how bad things have been allowed to become by a leadership that has been in the pay of the destroyers.
The wee picture below nails this.
The fault is not ours. The fault is with the destroyers who know that mental violence leaves no physical marks, so their long campaign of anti-education, incessant lies, censorship of truth, propaganda and the obliteration of any conflicting view has gone very deep. But it is fixable, as I prove every day.
Those of us who can clear that hurdle become the “leaders” – no insult to anyone – but essential to prevent the in-fighting that characterises a people who don’t know what is happening to them… or how to progress beyond the cell of this open prison for human beings, that has been carefully constructed by psychopaths. The leaders are those who have broken some of the chains…
The next stage needs volunteers who are available to do the work.
I can speak here with some experience, as I have survived – and benefitted personally – from my service – 22 years of making no decisions for myself – always our human family coming first…
When you have understood the status-quo, your confidence strengthens.
The path has now been cleared to some extent and the movement can now take speed.
Our details are at this link and we welcome genuine contributions of your time.

We have facilities here for more than enough of the small team that is essential for progress.