Statement on behalf of Ireland’s defence forces (.i. Óglaigh na hÉireann)

Since our overt units (including the uniformed army and An Garda Síochána) are currently under the control of a treasonous and murderous dictatorship, who also control all “official” information, this statement, in addition to our earlier submission to the State via an Garda Síochána (18Dec2020), sets out the current situation with regard to defence against the illegal, treasonous and murdering junta that still poses as an Irish Government with the collusion of RTÉ and the other establishment propaganda outlets.
In the absence of a credible system of control by the Irish people, we once again assume guardianship of the welfare of our people for this final and permanent time via our existing Poblacht na hÉireann structures (also known as The New Irish Republic 2020-).
The work of this new government must begin with defence, since we are still in grave danger – largely from those who pose as our protectors.
Terminal accusations have been made via proper channels of treason and mass-murder by members of the sitting government and others.
Since that treasonous and murdering government controls the law-enforcement systems, we are quite correct and justified in going over the heads of these domestic enemies.
So we have done just that.
Our covert units are fully informed and equipped and await further instructions.
There will be no military action unless these criminals refuse to comply with the will of the people to live in a peaceful, democratic and fair Republic – none of which words apply in any way to the current tyranny. The complaint submitted to An Garda Siochana on 18 Dec 2020 must be publicly investigated and followed through in the open and accountable way that we intend to continue to use to manage our affairs.
Many of us have struggled for years against this mean and detestable ruling establishment that was installed by Britain in the early 1920s and upheld by Britain ever since.
This struggle will continue now as we enter the final weeks of our journey to the long-awaited Irish Republic, in which we the people govern and control our own affairs.
I now demand that Leo Varadkar, Simon Harris and the rest of the criminal gang who continue to impose an illegal imprisonment on our people – and many other criminal actions – vacate the positions which they have treasonously abused.
Truth will be told.
Justice will be done.
We will be free and independent of malicious domination, coercion and exploitation.

Mise le meas,
Proinsias Mac Bhloscaidh
Rúnaí Iomláine (Uimhir Carthannachta: 18591)

has a video version to go with this statement.

Guilty? Absolutely NO doubt: the 72 day delay was not accident or incompetence, but deliberate mass-murder.

Only when the truth has been told and the guilty punished will this issue rest, leaving us free again after hundreds of years of violent exploitation and injustice.
First and most important:
The solution to dealing with Covid-19 – which should have been initiated IMMEDIATELY on hearing the Chinese announcement of Dec 30 2019, was the IMMEDIATE stopping of all international travel, the “contact tracing” and quarantining of all travellers BACKWARDS IN TIME with the clear aim of isolating the potentially infected.
JOB DONE!: then immediately supported by progression to CONSTANT VIGILANCE – which should be ongoing anyway, but is not and never will be in the current murderous dictatorship.
There is NO excuse for “Lockdown”, for massive waste of resources, or ANY deaths… these are all VERIFIABLY deliberate happenings:
The “immediate” response demanded by basic health protocols was delayed by 72 days.
Nobody on this earth could justify that, especially when the boss is a qualified doctor of medicine.
The 72 day delay was not accident or incompetence, but deliberate mass-murder.
My original statement to An Garda Síochána on 18 Dec 2020 quotes my video statements of April and December 2020 and is viewable at <>.
This remains a true, though suppressed statement.
So, again without ANY doubt, I further accuse Leo, Simon and the many more involved in this ongoing crime of this incomplete list of further crimes as listed below. This long list of deadly and heinous crimes still awaits investigation by the “Irish” state.
+ The DELIBERATE mass-murder of all those who have died and will die of Covid-19.
+ The DELIBERATE mass-murder of all those who have died and will die of other causes directly or indirectly related to the deliberate state campaign of scaremongering that depended on misinformation and mismanagement of Covid.
+ The suppression of information relating to other possibly effective treatments and the promotion and indemnification of a USELESS and potentially lethal untested concoction that failed even to target all existing strains, but that has the potential to cause or aid the creation of lethal super-viruses…
+ All expenses that our country incurs due to this criminal scam are deliberate theft from the Irish people.
+ All the propaganda and misinformation led by RTÉ in support of these crimes.
+ The complete censorship and erasure of all conflicting information, no matter how reliable the source.
+ All expenses from “vaccination” against a single 99+% recoverable-from virus but which deliberately further exposes us communally to the more dangerous mutations that this “vaccine” can most certainly help to create.
The following calculations are needed – and many more – before we can assess the cost fully.
Cost per test: x number tested… Cost per “jab” x numbers “jab”bed x 2; etc; etc
Cost of Covid payment.
Economic costs.
Extent of knock on injury and death.
Alcohol abuse
Drug abuse
Non-diagnosed illnesses because staff were misused (abused!!)
(The same staff who were praised by the murderers for being on the “front-line”)
Untreated illnesses because staff were misused (abused!!)
Unnecessary PPE and modifications to buildings, etc (trivial in comparison, but all to be counted… when totalling the massive theft and deliberate and ongoing waste of our resources)
The list goes on and the suppression of my evidence by blatant censorship is added to the lengthening list of crimes.
I am not a trained or qualified doctor of medicine, but I AM trained in first aid (4 times, I think, including wilderness/remote/self-reliant first-aid) and, as we all know, the FIRST line of defence against any dangerous infection is PREVENTION. When this is done first and on time – effectively – all the other measures remain as backup, but never used.
This is as it should be and this is as it should have been: the fact that it was NOT done like this is NO ACCIDENT, verifiably true since the leader of this criminal gang is a qualified doctor of medicine (M.B. B.C.H. B.A.O. if I got the letters correct…)
If your education system can give out such a qualification to one who does not know such BASIC and essential protocols, we have further problems….
Yes. We have further problems and it is long past time we addressed them instead of trying to clean a sewer.
All the talk by “Qualified Experts” that people fell for was merely state-funded professional lying: so much waffle so the point was covered up, as usual, deliberately further endangering innocent lives.
The protection of a community from such dangers needs to begin to be taken seriously simultaneous with the removal of the psychopaths who have infected our community to the core.
That is our work. It has been being done now since day 1: as the murderers waited for 72 days before taking action.
These 72 nays alone prove the guilt of the government who wasted them, thus deliberately killing thousands of their own citizens – and actually thinking the death-toll was going to be much higher.
Guilty? Absolutely NO doubt.

The society of the big lie.

In the society of the big lie, the person of truth and integrity is made an outcast – erased, censored, denied even a name – a non-person, because our position is occupied by usurpers.
This must be so to protect the lies of the pretenders from scrutiny.
One gang of these pretenders and their servants now rule us all by stealthy anti-democratic tyranny dressed up as concern for our welfare in a crisis that they themselves DELIBERATELY manufactured by 72 days of deliberate delay (Government knowledge of Covid-19: 30 Dec 2019; action inexcusably and deliberately delayed until 12 March 2020) rather than IMMEDIATE and effective action… now followed by an ongoing malicious campaign of dangerous misinformation and the forcing of an untested “vaccine” on a population deliberately made ignorant by the state’s anti-democratic misinformation service, known as RTÉ.
These lethal combinations are nothing short of mass-murder cloaked, as is their usual methodology, in plausible deniability and the big lie that they are our saviours…
Not only do they scorn our welfare, but they would kill us all if they thought they could do it without being punished for their crimes.
And it’s looking just like that is the case! – not a healthy position for our long-oppressed country to find itself in yet again…
They kill by remote means partly because they are psychopaths, but also because they are cowards.
Their big lies* begin in the words themselves: the use of language is “developed” by their media which also sets the parameters for what is allowable “discourse”.
The lies are implicit in the terminology that has had it’s meaning altered by the dictators so we think we are living in a progressive society when we are actually in a totalitarian dictatorship in which dissent is completely obliterated and replaced by lies, misinformation and a constant flood of trivia, so it becomes impossible to access reality.
They have made us blind to truth, concealing it in a mass of high-priced media bullshit, paid for with our communal resources, but controlled totally by the psychopaths using a chain-of-command that is bribed generously using your money.
Not only that, but our years of “Education” have made many of us arrogant and closed to further learning by the notion that we know it all – fatal for us; perfect for them: that’s the main design criterion of their “Education System” – The Murder Machine that we must replace urgently***.
The whole language is warped and twisted, truth is replaced by myth and bullshit and the bad-tempered shouting down of any opposition is avoided by the complete blotting out of any unacceptable reality: “News” TV, “social-media” (the most anti-social of things, since it has been hijacked and used as yet another weapon of mass deception…) and a controlled internet ensure we get 100% misinformation with 100% appearance of openness and fairness: we cannot see how many of our contacts are not seeing our posts, for example – my own reach is down from thousands to single figures, but it is nearly impossible to tell accurately.
This is one of the bubbles/cells they have created for us, but not the only one!
We get the censored and distorted “social media” such as “Facebook” which interferes with ALL your content if your contributions are in any way at variance with the accepted wisdom of the rich and crazy, …while the terrorist government gets the 100% reach of RTÉ so their constant lying and misinformation passes for fact to most people while the rest of us are cellularised by algorithms controlled by the same psychos who run RTÉ and the government…
This is the society you now live in and that I have, thankfully, already left. My leaving it was the result of understanding it and not of running away:
I will resist this state’s destruction of the human race until my dying second.
To add to the examples below, you should read or re-read “Ireland’s Big Lie” at <>
It is essential reading if you do not yet realise that there are no “failures”: just constant evil intent by a false-flag British-controlled and illegal government.
Only an ostrich would believe that the constant litany of “failures” does not stem from evil intent.
My report gives a graphic and undisputed 10 examples of how bribes are used against the stated aim. It focuses on my “specialist subject” the Irish language, but the examples have variants in all walks of life and the combined result is fatal for the entity being “looked after” by these clever louts.
This report, the result of 8 years of research and a bit of patriotic espionage, details how this evil intent was and continues to be achieved and is but 10 examples among thousands of this filthy régime’s reign of nation-destruction, cultural destruction and community oppression, leaving us with a rotten murderous dictatorship – a hell on earth when we could well be living in heaven on earth, but for our blind faith in people who we should imprison, not trust.
My video evidence/statement, made known to the Gardaí on 18 December 2020 of “Ireland’s Current Cull” by Varadkar, Harris, Holohan and the other mass-murderers is at <>
I have received a letter from the Garda about a trivial and unrelated matter that was dealt with the same day (, but not a word about my complaint about Varadkar and co’s ongoing campaign of mass-murder from a police force whose job is to protect us the citizens from such things…
But the “Irish” government is controlled by British agents.
RTÉ is controlled by British agents.
An Garda is controlled by British agents.
The Legal System is controlled by British agents.
The Irish-language “Movement” is controlled by British agents.
So is just about every department in this murdering terrorist junta that poses as an Irish government.
The list of examples below is far from complete, but proves, beyond a shadow of doubt, that you, also, need to leave that cuckoo-land, or go down with it.
“School” should equate to “Education”, but it does not!
My experience was probably fairly typical of the 6-county British system, though the 26 co British system (posing as Irish) was actually worse in many ways:
we were forced to assimilate English culture: English songs, English History, a wholly English Worldview, backed up by the fact that the main topic of school conversation was always last night’s TV – their mega-indoctrinator.
At secondary school, the “Irish” class was where we learned more English and little Irish, but were taught to hate it by the liberal use of violence and no mention of it’s place in our history was ever heard.
The English class was really an English class where we got a deeper indoctrination into English imperialist “culture”
The “Geography” class was another English lesson
and “History” was the English “Version” – i.e. more lies and insults.
More English grammar-terms in the “French” class and “French” with a Derry accent – useless!
Any other languages were the same story: but see my “10 Steps” Irish course at – and especially it’s methodology statement at: <> . More proof that the miseducation was NO ACCIDENT.
Then the “Police” were a heavily armed, vicious and bitter loyalist militia (as they remain to this day, in spite of their new squeaky-clean image: I know, as I have been assaulted by both versions more than once).
The Garda are well-mannered, but the higher ranks that the British appoint always ensure total ineffectiveness – apart from the protection of the rich. This, too, is still true today: witnessed by my statement on 18th December last year – now 3 months old – of undeniable evidence of an ongoing campaign of state terrorism, murder and treasonous destruction of years of communal work and it’s laundering into private hands.
The legal system defends the murderers and the supporting mafia provides the muscle.
RTÉ provides the cover-stories and conceals any truth.
The statement I made on 18th Dec 2020 has not been acted on by our protectors, but I got a letter back ( dealing with an other irrelevant issue that was mentioned the same day. That proves that the message got through – but through to what is anybody’s guess.
We also had the term “Constitutional Nationalism” rammed down our throats for years without a single comment from our “elected representatives” that “Constitutional Nationalism” is IMPOSSIBLE, being Irish Nationalism, “promoted” through British Constitution! Impossible, but accepted as a sensible term for years by  a population led by morons who called themselves “representatives” and hadn’t the first clue about anything more than making themselves look good as they talked pure nonsense and were never challenged.
Their “Education” and society deliberately give you bad advice which is used to endanger, rather than to protect.
Were you taught to be independent and able to survive outside their bubble? – no way.
Not a single lesson on anything that might help you survive beyond their rotten Pale which now covers an Ireland united under British rule.
Were you consulted about that??? – Ireland being united under British rule since the inception of the so-called “Republic of Ireland” in 1921/2??
Not a chance. We dumb Paddies are not good enough to make decisions like that. They just feed us lies and do what they need to do to protect the big lie that they parasite off with scam after scam, but now going beyond any accepted limits of humanity as they turn to profitable mass-murder of their fellow-citizens.
Stormont was built in Belfast and the pro-British civil service in full operation in Dublin – as it is to this day – with a veto on any progress that would hinder Britain’s full control – done with neither democratic mandate nor even knowledge by the population.
The tricolour flag is a false-flag, being the flag of a British state that calls itself Ireland:
Which state denies the residents of the 6 counties their (Irish) Constitutional rights to full participation in the “Republic”??
The British? No. The “Irish” state.
Which state denies their constitutional rights to users of the national language? Not the British, but the “Irish” state.
What about our communal natural resources? Flogged off to the biggest briber.
And the latest crime is the creation of a big-pharma scam from the misery of millions – zero progress, but the deliberate endangerment of millions of lives for the promotion of potentially lethal potions called “Vaccines” but really just dangerous concoctions posing as a cure for the not-so-deadly-as-we-wanted Covid-19 virus.
If we had a genuine Republic, none of this could happen – but we will only get that when we work for it.
I have done the groundwork, but you must help create it in reality…
The same processes fit all facets of this ongoing state-sponsored reverse-social-engineering and control project, so we remain dependent and now open to mass-murder at will.
This is always done by these people after a victory:
Kinsale was soon followed by genocide that they blamed on the spud.
Culloden was soon followed by genocide also blamed on the murderous spud – aided and abetted by the terrorist sheep.
The defeat of the “Provos” that they called a “Peace Process” achieved the disarming of the Irish by use of agents, essential in their preparations for the illegal and demonic invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq**.
I don’t and will never call that a Peace Process – and the “Simultaneous Referenda” were done under the same threat of “immediate and terrible war” as the 1921 “Treaty” was done – only this time the threat had already been proven real and deadly by the full use of the S.A.S. to slaughter our volunteers, while British intelligence supplied information, protected and supported the loyalist campaign of slaughter of anyone even remotely interested in the cause of Irish independence: a vicious campaign of British state terrorism on our people.
Now follows their latest cull of fellow-human-beings that these ruling psychopaths see as excess baggage to be jettisoned at will.
The deliberately imported and subsequently mismanaged Covid-19 Virus is the current scapegoat, but the list of the guilty is known to me and to many more. We must win this, the ultimate battle, since it is the battle for the survival of most of the human race who are being threatened by a tiny minority who control our resources illegally, giving them the power to impose their slaughter on many, by few, using the progressive inventions that should be being used to make our lives more agreeable and pleasant.
Using our state media service as a propaganda weapon to further oppress and murder is another heinous and ongoing crime.
They force lunacy on us as fashion by constant repetition and the erasing of any alternative ideas:
First they stole our land by illegal violence, so we were made dependant on their systems…
In their looney consumer-society, the “Gym” replaces the work that I enjoy as a work-out in the open, free, fresh air.
In the looney consumer-society, the spare time created by dependence on a mad system of food-production is filled in many cases by abuse of drink and drugs.
All the social problems were caused by this mad society.
In the looney consumer-society, the “Ride-on lawnmower” is no longer a horse, but is a petrol guzzler doing an insane job: mowing a “Lawn”!!
My “grass” feeds my animals – which feed me: the nicest milk you could drink and honey-flavoured yoghurt by the bucket-load.
In the looney consumer-society, the “Garden” replaces the adequate few acres that ensured our survival – even during the downs of nature which NEVER caused famine in these temperate lands . Famine is caused by deliberate intent to kill in big numbers – always with a plausibility clause.
This virus, since it wasn’t as deadly as the guilty thought it would be, was supported by a media campaign of lies and figure-falsifications to promote (Force) a potentially lethal ‘vaccine’ (which further endangers when the stated motive is to protect).
Both weapons will have the same result – the plausibly-deniable murder of uncounted innocent and defenceless people.
They are experts at targeting the innocent and especially the defenceless, as all cowards are and, if we neglect our duty of care to ourselves and our descendants, we can expect much more terror leading to fuller control and as many deaths as they can blame on innocent old mama nature.
It is long past time you shook yourself and began your defence.
Long past time!
The alternative is a perfect life with no coercion, deceit or inequality…
“Utopia” I hear you say, “Idealistic nonsense”.
My answer is “neither”.
I live this life and it is neither idealistic nor utopian. It is real and dismissal is simply a sign of adherence to the failed (deliberately) systems of a sorry past which you can change when you get the courage to leave the false security of the cuckoos nest that you will soon be kicked out of anyway and left to die, as has been done by the same demons many times before.
I have led this horse to water more than once… that comes from a genuine concern and the promise I made in the year 2000 to find out what was going on… implicit in this was, unknown to me at the time, the putting of my findings into practice.
This is a communal task now and I once again offer my help, but I will no longer repeat my message, as you all are well able to share it with ALL our citizens, so we can all move forward together.
All facets of this process can be seen/accessed via our site and our BitChute and other channels – especially “Frankie Jimmy” on Facebook… and, just in case Zuckerberg and co actually delete it, all it’s content is saved and I will just put it up on our website…
I have nothing further to add.
Action will not happen by magic.
I have been outside my comfort zone for 20 years.
I offer the rest of my life, but not to be used as a source of ideas that then get twisted and used to promote personalities who have no interest in the rest of us…
Slán go fóill,
Frankie* my report “Ireland’s Big Lie” is essential reading if you do not yet realise that there are no “failures”: just constant evil intent by a false-flag British-controlled and illegal government.
** see this excerpt from David Ervine of the U.V.F.
***Omlán-‘s work on this has been done and is available to all when we get going…The article below was on a similar subject, written on or around the 18th January 2020 and posted on “Frankie Jimmy” on facebook.
At that time, the realisation was hitting me that we were in for a deliberate “Pandemic” (i.e. a deliberate attack by the tyrannical, murderous rulers of our people) and the writing reflects this foreknowledge.”Definitions in the Real World”.
As the culture of the US/UK Empire forces it’s crazy ideologies on you, I offer here an anchor to reality.
The “education” that was forced on us by this empire “neglected” to show us how to survive even in our own country’s environment, making us depend on the dictators and to pre-place the booby-trap of mass-starvation at their whim, simply by crashing the “Economic System” which is their deliberately fragile protection of a population that they want cleared, but do not want to be seen to cull by “force” as in the good old days when this empire was so powerful they didn’t even need to be careful about people finding out. They have that sewn up now by full control of the media, giving them full control of the “Herd”.
The “domestication” referred to above had been preceded by the theft of all of our land by force of illegal arms.
You are kept comfortable in this dependence by a constant stream of lies and deceptions.
From someone who has broken free from the mind-control, here are explanations of some of their most common unchallenged myths.
Breaking free from this ongoing indoctrination is the first essential step on your journey to freedom:
This is the tip of an iceberg where the very words used are lies in themselves. It is absolutely impossible to understand the world using this system.
This is not accident, but design. It is how dictatorship is portrayed as democracy.
That is why we have so far been unsuccessful in our efforts to progress.
The good news is that communal work on the correct sequence of actions is unbelievably effective.The meanings of the following and many more words have been twisted beyond recognition by the defenders of the dictatorship of psychopaths:Globalisation: expansion of the US/UK/Israeli Empire and Capitalism, ultimately fatal to the human race. Real Globalism is a concern for the future of the human race and action to secure it.
Civilisation: US/UK culture. It ignores all other cultures and world views, forcing their ways on all who are under their control.
The developed world: the part of the world that depends on the theft of other countries resources to feed it’s extravagant lifestyle of consume, throw/flush away, waste, pollute and steal – repeated blindly until nothing survives. It is called “progress”, but is regression and ultimately fatal for us all.
War: the illegal invasion of someone else’s country, always justified by the invaders media, who invariably blame the victim country.
Newspaper: a piece of expensive paper upon which is printed as much trivia as will prevent you experiencing any news about what is really happening in the world. They are all censored of anything relevant, so you never get to hear the truth.
Popular: made popular by it’s constant, expensive ramming down our throats by the glitzy dictators, while what should be popular is maligned and called “primitive”.
Modern: British/USA culture.
Progress: British/USA culture/society. Also used to describe the destruction of our environment to facilitate the further enrichment of the already rich.
Fanatic: anyone who thinks differently to British/USA culture.
Fundamentalist: anyone who obeys any code of ethics different to that of the US/UK.
Terrorist: anyone who opposes British/USA culture/Empire.
The War on Terror:  the terrorism of the British/USA Empire in it’s quest for global domination and the mass-murder of millions of human beings who they see as beneath them.
Collateral damage: mass murder.
Charity: a business that poses as a helper of the needy.
Sustainable: unsustainable.
The Health Service: a state-funded business that wastes vast resources keeping the rich alive and comfortable, despite their unhealthy lifestyles, while refusing to spend even a fraction of that on real healthcare for those who need it, so the poor and nameless are condemned to painful death. Has recently allowed it’s mask to be removed completely, revealing nothing more than the state mass-murder service.
G.P.: Drug pusher (legal, of course)
Pharmacist: Drug Dealer (legal, of course). Example: “Dioralite” is made from a few simple, everyday ingredients, but “retails” at/has a “street value” of £83 per Kilogram. This is sold to charities instead of the “recipe” which would help prevent many unnecessary deaths.
Teacher: Paid indoctrinator to British/USA culture.
Education: Schooling/Indoctrination: the antithesis of education, where we are prevented from learning anything useful and instead given the same worldview and lack of wisdom that our last generation was given as “education” by a select few who need our ignorance to be almost total, but our arrogance to be acute, so we never admit the truth of our mental colonization.
Feminism/womans’ rights: the legalised butchery of innocent children.
Equality: Homosexual marriage.
Gymnasium: where the rich pay to waste energy, not realizing, maybe, that useful work makes “training” unnecessary.

Our decisions are by consensus and there are no dictators, censorers nor bullies.

As you continue to be encouraged to do nothing, Varadkar, Martin and co are continuing their subservient but profitable collusion with their British masters, working away on the construction of a “United Ireland” which will remain under the full domination of Britain’s Empire of dictatorship that continues to pose as democracy…
If the pictures below show your idea of an all-Ireland police force, with masked gunmen enforcing British rule here, just continue to do nothing and things will work out just fine.
Unfortunately, though, the alternative that the New Irish Republic offers needs you to take some active part in your own future: maybe too much to ask… The choice is yours.
The default, should you continue to accept it, will take us all back to pre-1916 and will not be reversible.
You should ignore those who recommend no action on your part – and those who emphisise commemoration when we are currently under the most deadly threat our nation has ever experienced.
You should especially ignore those who take the side of the current corrupt government in their oppressive “Public Health” laws (which are simply an excuse for more oppression of any resistance to their dictatorship) – especially when these people call themselves “Republicans”. They are not Republicans, they are ostriches.
You do not live in a democracy; you live in a dictatorship – and the alternative exists and is working, but is being actively suppressed by all sections of what calls itself “The Republican Movement”
They have ALL known about our work for at least 5 years, but have continually ignored us. They have consciously allowed this crisis to happen rather than engage with the realities I long ago brought to their attention in a series of contacts and meetings that began around 2012. The list of my contacts is long…
The veterans and dinosaurs who have held back our movement should have passed my messages on years ago, but did not. They have once again misused the trust of our people and should now go away, leaving the way clear for The New Irish Republic which asks for, and deserves the support of every Irish citizen.
Your mind has been filled with irrelevancies by the Irish establishment and the old brigade have fallen for every one of their tricks. While studiously ignoring our progressive work, they have been calling those who see the reality ‘right-wing”, ‘Fascist’ and all sorts of other incorrect insults, while their ‘ideologies’ have become even more tangled in the endless web of bullshit that passes for revolutionary discourse in their empty and dying society…
It is the government and it’s supporters who are the Fascists – and a scary amount of those Fascists call themselves “Republicans”, having been led and influenced by British agents in their ranks for so long now that they cannot see beyond going around in circles and calling people names.
We once again ask for volunteers to move our cause forward.
Our decisions are by consensus and there are no dictators, censorers nor bullies.
Details are at

It is sometimes possible to identify lies without even knowing their source!!
But the source, in this case, is easily identifiable, though this life-or-death issue has not been addressed by the rulers of the world, since they are playing the “plausible deniability” game with full collusion from their servants, the “media”, who are trained never to ask any awkward questions – and those few who do are silenced by whatever means deemed necessary.
But I will address this issue – and so should you all…
In a healthy society, the people I once again accuse, would be in police custody, answering a long list of questions and not being treated to much luxury, since the allegations are extremely serious: treason and mass-murder.
But, since these mass murderers are currently in control of our country, justice is never done, since they control the “justice” system.
So, on to the questions:
The subjects are “Artificial Intelligence” and the so-called “Pandemic” of 2020/21 and the lies are identified by your thinking about the answers to 2 simple questions:
Why would anybody want to spend fortunes developing robots to do what humans (all 8 billion, or so of us) can do quite well?
Why was the Covid virus deliberately allowed into our country and deliberately mismanaged ever since?
I will now outline the answers and when you have seen these outlines and thought about them for a while, you will have a much clearer understanding of what is going on in the world today.
Both the answers describe the actions of people who are either insane, completely stupid, or psychopathic mass-killers:
Those who are developing what they falsely call “artificial intelligence” (it is artificial, but it is NOT intelligence) are doing so because they are working on the presumption of the success of the ongoing cull of the human race. They need robots because they intend to get rid of us, the majority of human-beings: that is why they are enforcing as total a censorship as they can – so we the people, being unaware of the threat, take no defensive action and ensure the success of what the guilty insultingly dismiss as “conspiracy theory”. I challenge those who use the derisory “Conspiracy Theory” insult to answer the first question above honestly and to accept the non-conspiratorial but very clear logical conclusion the answer forces.
The deliberate (PROVEN) “Pandemic” has the same background reasoning, but is one of their actual actions towards their stated goal of the mass-murder of as many human beings as they can. It is time our police and justice systems caught up with this ugly reality.
Or maybe they, too, are on the list of the guilty… (the presence of the word “maybe” is charitable and I have no justification that I can think of for leaving it in…)
Unless action is taken immediately by the Irish forces of law and order, we, as citizens, have a duty to defend our fellow-humans from this covert campaign of mass-murder which is progressing at speed as we do nothing.
Some of these crimes have already been reported to An Garda Síochána. I made a statement on 18th December 2020, to Garda an Bhun Bhig, Co Donegal – about which I have heard not a word since.
It is now more than a month since that statement was made…
The virus, too, was deliberately and plausibly-deniably deployed, using exactly the same invisible weapon: DELAY. But I am now pointing out that this DELAY is known to me (thus now to us all) and is VERIFIABLY causing further deaths, just as the initial deliberate delay has caused all the deaths since Covid was first brought here using the same weaponized DELAY (I make it 74 days of delay – again, this is an easily verifiable and simple sum: First report of Virus 30 Dec 2019; First Irish Government defence measure: 12 March 2020 (at 11.29 am): 74 days – 1776 hours – correct me if I’m wrong, since I have not got a Doctorate in multiplication. The WHO had declared a “Pandemic” on the 11th, but anybody interested in protecting the citizens of his country would have acted to PREVENT a pandemic as soon as the virus was known about and when effective action was SIMPLE, involving the tracing of all lines that connected with Wuhan since mid 2019, beginning from day one and working back. The lockout of all possible carriers was also simple then: that’s why these measures were not taken, because the stated intent was, and is, a LIE, proven by the comparison of what was NOT done with what SHOULD have been done. The delay is criminal – murderous – especially from the qualified doctor of medicine who ordered the delay. I refer you once again to my statements. The fact is that the gang who are involved in this crime is increasing in numbers as time and further delay and mismanagement kills more and terrorizes most.
The list of those complicit in this mass-murder grows longer, but the names are all on record and in the public domain.
Please ensure that you, too, keep a good record of those who are involved in this massive crime, since justice must be done if we are ever to live in peace again. The oppressive censorship we are now experiencing is done by “the media” (especially RTÉ) in full support of these murders and all the compliant media are also guilty.
They are now in a new phase of killing which centers on the deliberate forcing of an experimental “vaccine” on a deliberately misinformed public, along with other measures calculated to endanger more lives since the virus was less deadly than expected or intended by the leaders of this criminal gang.
It is our duty, as citizens, to do our utmost to defend the innocent from these psychopaths and from their paid minions who, though not fully informed of the ongoing cull, are quite willing to do anything they are told by the small but powerful axis of evil who pay their wages and protect them from scrutiny.
The ongoing co-operation of the police and justice system is the result of treason and amounts to a state of anarchy that has deliberately been created by those who were elected to serve the people.

It is the ultimate treason.


Censorship is the enemy of democracy.
It is the weapon of tyrants.
It is killing our people.
We oppose it in all it’s pretexts – especially when it is used, as now, as a weapon of terrorism: bio-terrorism, by the leaders of our country against us the citizens.
Our volunteer organisation has been and will continue to be censored, not because we are “terrorists”, but because we tell it as it is. It is the censorers of truth who are the real terrorists.
Our posts are now being published on and if you want to access or contribute to our news feeds, send us an e-mail to
And for those of you who look to the U.S.A. for your example: the words “Democrat” and “Republican” have EXACTLY the same meanings, but, in the case of the ‘ballot-box-and-censored-media’ system that they have deviously developed, neither are democratic/republican. They are perfect examples of how the English language has been twisted to promote a big lie. This lie is what turns “Democracy” into dictatorship and tyranny.
Our resistence to this tyranny will NEVER cease until we live once again in peace and freedom.


Another warning: for the record. Posted on 8th Jan 2021.
The weapon being used by the “Irish Government”  in it’s continuing campaign of mass-murder is now being changed, from a virus that wasn’t deadly enough to suit their cunning plans (thus all the state criminal misinformation and murderous “lockdowns”) to an untested vaccine which is being forced on the more vulnerable among us by lies and misinformation and which is being weaponized and it’s drug-pushers and profiteers being protected by state indemnity (with OUR resources).
The list of charges and the list of criminals are both growing.
None of you should ever forget that justice will be sought, justice will be done and will be seen to be done for all these unforgivable crimes: the evidence is piling up in mountains and will not go away.
Worst of all is the use of media (which inexperienced people rely on for information) as an essential weapon in forcing deadly lies on people so they allow themselves to be put in danger by those they trust as their protectors.
This current forcing of an untested vaccine on vocational, dedicated healthcare workers is the most depraved of crimes. They are being forced to take these untested vaccines by subtle and devious psychological pressures.
All this deliberate endangerment of human life has a direct and verifiable chain of command – all of whom will face charges ranging from GBH (Grevious Bodily Harm) (Remember the man shot dead by Garda a few days ago: that was his crime). But the gang of vaccine-pushers may also face murder charges, as this unnecessary vaccine is potentially lethal and it may take years for it’s full effects to be assessed…
All the cover-up of the cheap, effective and simple remedies such as hydroxychloroquine in combination with Zinc, and Azithromycin are also crimes… the falsification of statistics… the terrorizing of the innocent and defenceless… the list goes on.
The fact that many people are involved in this ongoing crime against humanity does not in any way mitigate the crimes.
The guilty will be tried, convicted and will face the full force of the law – a law that has been suspended for some time now (800 years, or so…), but which we will re-instate as part of the ridding of our country of the vermin that now torture us, endanger our lives and murder in plain view.
This is a promise we in the New Irish Republic make with absolutely no equivocation:
the guilty will be punished and the innocent and defenceless will be protected.


Anyone who puts party or individual before the curing of the deadly problem that is destroying our people, is not yet “awake”.
“Research” should be shared. Information should be shared. Work should be shared.
You cannot build a united Ireland from ingrained selfishness and mé-féinism: the enemy is united and well paid using our stolen resources. Mercenaries have no conscience.
And you cannot build a Republic from subservience to British Parliamentary Dictatorship.
This is the corrupt system that currently dictates to us under the guise of “Democracy”.
It is the antithesis of Democracy.

Any of you who are genuinely concerned about the future should be working full-time with us.
If ANYTHING prevents you doing this, you do not understand.
To understand, go through the materials on our website at .
You must immediately put all divisive party and personal motives into your recycle bin and begin with us to work as a united people.
The alternative is the annihilation of all you call life and it’s replacement by the life of a prisoner – a slave with no free will.
The reason why I am prepared to resist them to the death is that I would not put ANY value on “life” under their evil rule.

This is what needs reset, not the coercive madness that Schwab, Gates + Co are ranting about: they are mad.
Read these facts and decide whether their “Great Reset” will even begin to address these issues.
Their plans assume the annihilation of billions of human beings, but that is not a solution to a problem that THEY caused:
400 Gallons of oil used annually to feed EACH “Modern” human.
34% for manufacture of inorganic fertilizer.
19% for the operation of field machinery.
16% for transportation.
Production of 1 kilogram of nitrogen for fertilizer requires about 1.4 litres of fossil fuel.
The U.S.A. alone uses about 13,000,000 tons of nitrogen fertilizer a year.
It takes less than 1 acre to feed 1 human being.
We are currently farming 12 billion acres.
Yet more than 1 billion people don’t get enough to eat.
This is what needs “Reset”:
I have already done this in my own life and all figures are ZERO.
ZERO Gallons of oil used annually to feed each “Post-Modern” human.
ZERO% for manufacture of inorganic fertilizer.
ZERO% for the operation of field machinery.
ZERO% for transportation.
ZERO litres of fossil fuel.
The people who starve are being murdered by the dictatorship that now poses as our saviours.
There is no natural starvation in the 21st Century World.
And, apart from killing more people, their main strategy for dealing with this lunacy is DENIAL.
I can speak with 100% confidence and say that I would not trust these lunatics with ANY job.
They understand only bribery and corruption, bogus figures and falsified “science”.
Remember all those incidents where public figures were “caught” flaunting the social distancing regulations they themselves were/are forcing on us, the people? How come all the “journalist” complaints were no more than school-children’s tell-tales and whinging about hypocrisy, rather than the real observation which is obvious, but, like the Emperor’s New Clothes, was self-censoringly avoided by every single commentator, since they all feed out of the same bucket?
The question they are now being asked (the photos show some, but not all…) is:
Why were/are you all involved in the constant scaremongering, false, malicious propaganda about the dangers of Covid-19 when you obviously know there is no danger and have done for amost a year now?
Cast your mind back to all the photos published by schoolyard tell-tale so-called “journalists”: Leo and his  umChums semi-naked in the park; the Golfers and the RTÉ shindig, to name a few.
And the answer is simple and proves guilt beyond a shadow of doubt: they were flaunting the “rules” because they knew/know that there was/is no danger.
All these and more are the guilty ones in the treason and mass-murder that has been going on openly here for months now.
They will be brought to justice.
Disobeying unjust laws is just, but try not to get locked up.
Formal protests are just playing their game and I advise against. You must not permit a line to develop between civilians and “police”, or, worse again, military. This is vital: they are potential allies and not the only ones on the payroll of the enemy. Just look around you and you will see that many of your friends are also on this payroll: teachers, doctors, civil-servants, etc, etc, etc. I know they are under the control of the state, but we can also influence them and the bottom line is that they, as well as people like me who are firmly on the dangerous side of the fence, are not protected from the psychopathic will of the Global Dictatorship that now threatens us all: in fact, those who conform blindly are possibly at more risk!!
The absolutely essential thing is that we immediately develop a reliable communication system. This is being provisionally filled by . it has an email, a news channel (not commercial news that tells you lies, but real news that distills recent events, advice, etc, and informs…) and is on the ball.
Lastly, anyone who has contacts with people they think might be connected to armed groups, please once again request that they take NO action. I do not rule out the possibility that these mass-murderers will need taught a lesson, but I also have confidence in peaceful methods – even against such a powerful, cowardly and evil junta as is now attacking our most innocent and defenceless. My plea to activists who are at present in any doubt is to stop commemorating things that happened years ago and get focused on today and tomorrow… Easter Sunday is enough for commemorating all – and this is no disrespect – just facing the current threat…
Once again, the defence forces of the Irish people are in disarray, but that is changing fast.
The current de facto is 100% anti-democratic (anti-republican, too, as the words mean the same) – no matter what their propaganda says.
The régime that now tries to destroy us has absolutely ZERO justification, mandate or right.
This tyranny is being resisted and will be replaced by full, real, working democracy, where we are consulted, not coerced.
Those who coerce are our enemies.
It was not we who made them our enemies, but them. They have no right – and the power they now wield needs compliance.
So, my final advice is for people to decide immediately: are you ok with being culled or will you defend yourself, your family and the weaker members of your community – especially the old, who are the main targets of this gang of powerful, bullying cowards.


The “doctors” who composed and those who signed the so-called “White Paper” titled “Covid-19 Alternative Strategy – A case for Health and Socio-Economic Wellbeing” are a disgrace to the vocation of Healer which they have brought into disrepute, but typical of the profession known in English as “Doctor of Medicine”
The very first paragraph gives groveling and false praise to “Our Government” who, they lie, “showed exceptional leadership in stewarding the Irish people as we put in place an intuitive mitigation measure: the initial “Lockdown…”
The truth – that all these signatories very well know – is that their beloved government deliberately delayed action by 2 months with criminal murderous intent, then deliberately mismanaged the virus they deliberately allowed to enter our country, to further increase the death-toll. They have since then deliberately falsified figures to terrorize their own citizens.
The “plausible deniability” that these learned grovellers praise is quite obvious to me and would be just as obvious to any other impartial observer who is not afraid to maul the hand that murders us.
These cowards who lick the hand that feeds them are complicit in this mass murder of innocent and defenseless people, by their dishonest praise of deliberate murder. What we now need is for the real doctors to write the truth and get it signed by real carers and I recommend that all Irish people withdraw their names from any doctor’s list who does not acknowledge the real truth – that the ex-Taoiseach and many more of his henchmen are murderers.
The conservatives will tell you that you are lucky to live in their “Free World”, but that is a series of lies in one sentence:
1. their society is not grounded in science, it is grounded in violence. Our science was stolen to produce weapons instead of tools.
2. their society is not grounded in democracy, it is grounded in propaganda, covert dictatorship and the threat of violence. Our technology was stolen to produce the cells we are now locked-down in and the mental cell of “social-media”.
3. their society protects the rich and powerful and continually attacks the poor and oppressed.
4. their society cannot survive without the mass-murder they are now engaged in, because it is COMPLETELY useless in it’s fundamental rule of “Economic Growth” which is IMPOSSIBLE and ultimately fatal for most of the human race.
5. their society has now contracted to include ONLY the privileged few who they will permit to live.
6. In summary: their society is insane: it constantly proposes, then forces, a psychopathic analysis/thesis that assumes their 100% correctness when the reality is that they are 100% WRONG.
These factors, taken together (not my rules) GUARANTEE the destruction of the human race and most other life-forms on Earth.
The solution is not simple, but we do not need to understand all the details of a long-working simultaneous system that has lasted for centuries without the help of the profiteers and their media and academic servants and promoters of the madness of the hand that feeds them.
Your choice is the 6 above (and more), or a future in which we are informed of the present position and are consulted about what we should do about it. It was called “Democracy” and a “Republic”, but the psychopathic profiteers stole both words and reversed their meanings to “Dictatorship” and “Fascism”.
Happy Christmas.
The percentage of the Irish population that would support compulsory vaccination is alarming and proves that there is wholesale systematic misinformation being put out by the government in a deliberate and treasonous attack on the people. The 99.7% recovery rate alone tells me that I do not need any vaccine. But the government is not targeting the likes of me who thinks, but those who allow the media to think for them, thus leaving themselves open to serious abuse.
I have identified a glaring neglect of duty of care from two of the sources that have a duty of care: one deliberate and murderous, the other simply a bit arrogant.
1 from the government and their media who have been doing the will of the global bio-terrorists, DELIBERATELY killing people and getting away with it; and:
2 of the unbiased Experts who have so far failed to inform the public, effectively, in layman’s terms and as briefly as possible, about the FACTS of the current “health crisis”.
The first is also fixable, but I deal with the second here.
This is we, the people, at last assuming responsibility for our own affairs and behaving as citizens of a modern republic/democracy. This taking of responsibility by our people is the real New Normal.
I have here laid out the first draft of what will be an information leaflet (hopefully A5 x 4 pages i.e. an A4 page folded in half (same format as the usual Parish Bulletin)
These are designed to be circulated in your community in the same way as would have been done for election bumph in the old system.
When this has been circulated online and seen and checked by lay and expert to leave it as perfect as can be, we will print and circulate.
The educated/informed among us need to be careful to see clearly the line between informing people and showing off our knowledge and education.
Our information must be brief, concise and brutally honest.
So, that said, I give you “Reliable Information about Covid-19 and other things”.
As I said, I invite corrections and improvements, so we can all have a happy Christmas in the knowledge that we have fully informed ourselves and our people, thus doing a great deal to protect the more gullible of our fellow-citizens.
I have quoted from many sources and the original contributors will recognize their work.
I thank them, but will not do so individually, just as I do not expect thanks for my own freely-given work.
When people tell you to “do your own research”, you should ignore them. This advice will hinder you rather than help.
Help comes in the form of summarized and accurate information and must be circulated by a community effort if we are ever to progress to a healthy and free life.
I hope this becomes an example for the way we do things in the future, so we can completely cast off any dependance on what has become the most tyrannical régime Ireland has ever endured.
No layout has yet been done, but we have some templates and are open to suggestions and help.
We ask you to email your corrections/suggestions to
Frankie Jimmy
Reliable Information about Covid-19 and other related things:
This virus is nowhere near as deadly as we were told and government misinformation is “Fake News” and is deliberate terrorizing – bio-terrorism.
The death statistics are being lyingly manipulated by the Government to scare us into accepting a totally unrelated thing: a police state that defends a murdering dictatorship and the destruction of the current economic system without consultation. This is not democracy: it is Fascist dictatorship.
We now replace this fear and threat with realistic information:
Recovery rate is 99.7%, so less than 1 person per hundred infected will die and it mainly (x1,000) effects the old and infirm.
They tell you the vaccine is nearly 95% effective: but the natural recovery rate is 99.7%, so if you took NOTHING, it would be over 95% effective!! Please do not let their lies fool you.
They DON’T tell you that the vaccine has not been tested and that YOU are being used as a guinea-pig.
Covid is no more of a risk than the seasonal flu.
As immunity builds in the population, the risk of infection to all – including the vulnerable – falls. We know that all populations will eventually reach herd immunity – i.e. the point at which the rate of new infections is stable – and that this is not dependent upon a vaccine.
Lockdowns are proven to be completely ineffective (link to the 20+ studies)
In 2019 the WHO published guidelines about pandemic management: quarantines of effected people were not recommended after the virus had become established in the community, so Lockdowns go against WHO guidelines. “Lockdowns” are the indiscriminate quarantining of HEALTHY and infected people.
Lockdowns do nothing to control Covid, but do endanger other lives and are thus murderous crimes, since they are imposed in full knowledge of their negative effects, as well as their lack of positive ones. Lockdowns have enormous negative impacts and the damage far exceeds any benefits.
Covid deaths occur mainly in people close to or above life expectancy age, but lockdown-induced deaths occur in all age groups. This is a particularly dirty type of murder.
There is NO evidence that face masks help.
Viral epidemics follow a predictable pattern everywhere: an initial big surge, then a summer low, followed by a much less severe winter resurgence, followed by “Herd immunity”…
Flu, pneumonia and other existing diseases are now being falsified as Covid cases and deaths to further terrorise. This deceit is nothing short of treason.
The censorship of true information and the promotion of false information is done by government to confuse, to kill and to make people dependent on them for everything – so the government becomes Godlike, while it murders it’s citizens.
The censorship, blatant lying and stifling of genuine communication is one of the hallmarks of a Fascist State – a Totalitarian Dictatorship.
Tests are being done by the private sector, paid for out of government funds – i.e. at best “conflicts of interest”, at worst murderous money-laundering.
The tests have high rates of amplification (need this term explained or simplified) so they tell us nothing. They are non-diagnostic (explain: they are indicators, not proof??) and are being abused, again to terrorise.
The false-positive rate is 90% (again, need precise figure or range) “White Paper” says 1-3% – this is a serious disagreement!!
A person who has the virus is not always infective – i.e. often cannot infect others… and the test cannot tell the difference.
Cost per PCR test is 50 – 100 Euro each, so the test makes money for certain people while scaring and threatening others. This is as much of a scam as the vaccine is, though not as potentially dangerous.
It has been estimated that 200,000 extra Non-Covid deaths have resulted from the deliberate mismanagement of this fake pandemic – and are PLAUSIBLY-DENIABLE MURDERS being committed, under cover of Covid, by governments.
When the government and its propagandists tell you that they were not prepared for a situation such as this and that their response was rushed and unprepared, they are simply lying: that is the JOB of the government – to look after the people and it is simply a lie to say they were caught on the hop. The truth is that they deliberately delayed what should have been an instant decision, by two months, thus CAUSING many deaths. They are murderers, not protectors. Leo Varadkar is a medical doctor and is a murderer, not an incompetent.
The above facts, when compared to media propaganda, point clearly to a deliberate cull, rather than protection of citizens from a deadly threat, when you consider that the injection of an untested vaccine with possibly lethal side-effects is now being pushed as a cure for a virus that is almost harmless. This deliberate endangerment of innocent and defenceless people is the lowest form of cowardice, but typical of the current dictatorship.
The misinformation is a clear case of bio-terrorism and the deliberately mismanaged response is a case of plausibly-deniable mass-murder.
It is also, pure and simple, a mass cull of the population and another stage in the ongoing war on the human race itself.
One question that hasn’t been answered or even addressed is: can the vaccine rNA be passed from person to person via body-fluids, contact, etc?
If so, we are all at risk, even if we don’t get the vaccine, so this needs a definite answer.
Advice for the future: do not believe ANYTHING you get from the media or the government until we have once again gained control of our own systems.
The New Irish Republic does not commit any of these crimes and your life in it will be less stressful – and less dangerous.
Still having to listen to the endless criticism of lockdowns. It has LONG AGO been proven that they dont work to control Covid-19.
It also has LONG AGO been proven that they are NOT about public health at all, but about the imposition of a New Global Dictatorship.
When are people going to move on and begin the defence against the unceasing anti-people works that are going on at full throttle as the people do “research” and debate about the past?
There is still NO resistence to the tyranny that is being built at lightning speed while so-called leaders bullshit on about the science of lockdowns.
This is just playing into their hands.
What we need is action on a pre-prepared plan.
Anybody who genuinely wants to move forward into REAL EFFECTIVE DEFENCE will do so from our base in Donegal: there is no other organisation that has the depth and breadth of experience to deal effectively with this, the most serious threat that the human race has ever faced.
Facebook is no medium for people who need reliable info. It is manipulated by Artificial Stupidity and users might as well be listening to fairytales.
The Governments of the Global Dictatorship can be seen through easily by someone who has experience of their devious ways.
I have such experience and their intent to replace proper governance and care for people with mass killing and sterilisation is absolutely obvious. They blame (cf David Attenborough) all the pollution, warming, etc on “excess human beings” when the truth is that all these problems were created by the system that they themselves and their ancestors created and will defend even as far as removing billions of human beings from their beloved planet.
If you look, it is obvious that:
1. their plans assume mass removal of human beings,
2. All the systems that our societies devised to make life easier for us all are being systematically taken over and turned into the opposite of what they were created to do.
3. and most important: the people, instead of being informed and assisted, are fed misinformation and their future deliberately sabotaged by people who have the power to protect themselves as they extinguish as many of us as they can get away with.
My solution is the correct solution:
Get back to the land as quickly as possible.
This needs land to be made available. We in Omlán- know how to achieve these urgent and absolutely essential goals.
I am past 20 years of total service to the defence of my fellow man. I have been abused, ignored, misrepresented, had my ideas stolen and abused, and much more.
Meanwhile, the pretenders have colluded with the Global Dictatorship to protect their own personal lives and luxury as they preach their care for the people they are secretly further endangering by their petty selfishness.
I do not intend to waste another year: I have been warning and informing and motivating people since 2011 and have watched as my fears have been realised because of a petty sibling jealousy and an insane power-struggle that I have never had any interest in.
This has caused me and my work to be ignored and the posturing of the posers to be taken for care.
Result is that nothing has been done.
Doing nothing guarantees disaster – but the posers will not worry, as they think they can buy their way out of trouble.
If Covid-19 had been as deadly as was hoped by the killers, most of you would be dead now, but I would probably have survived, since I have my own food-sources and am trained in self-reliance and first-aid, etc.
Please think about that and about the future of your family. Those who are now being promoted while I am being silenced, have not got the first clue about the way forward: that is why their voices are being heard and mine is being, as usual, gagged.

The average time to develop a vaccine, pre-Covid-19, was 10.7 years. The “Phase 4 Trials” will be done on the first few HUNDRED THOUSANDs who take the vaccine: i.e. the first few hundred thousands of people vaccinated are being used as guinea-pigs.
So, I say: “After you, Leo, Mícheál, Simon and Co”
When I am shown incontrovertable evidence that the whole staff of RTÉ and all the establishment figures pushing lockdown have received their “shots”, I will have a good laugh at the looneys (but I fear they might not consent…) but will still never consent to being jabbed with an unknown substance supposedly to protect me from a 99%+ harmless virus. And if anyone tries to force me, they will need the army.

The reason there are still people starving in the “modern” world of 2020 is that the “Charities” are all businesses.
This scam is over. Anyone who now contributes to charity, their contribution will be directed in it’s entirety to the cause stated and all work will be done by volunteers: i.e. we are a charity, not a business.
The money-laundering and legalized theft that has been going on is disgusting.



To the Global Fascist Dictatorship that falsely calls itself “The Free World”/“Western Democracy” and it’s servants on Irish soil, I have one single message:
Stuff your Great Reset – and all your other lunatic and criminal schemes up your… recycle bin.
Then cease all activity: i.e. “Lock Down”. You are enemies of the human race and the human race will know the extent of your crimes – in every detail.
To the Irish and other peace-loving peoples, I have another message:
take note of all those who supported this evil régime, especially during this Covid-19 crisis, because they are all accessories to mass murder until proven otherwise, i.e. they will need to prove ignorance, stupidity or insanity to escape jail.
Their guilt has already been proven and the evidence is in the public domain.
The ongoing criminal cover-up, managed mainly by RTÉ, has caused this evidence to be hidden, but it has not gone away.
Our ports, both sea and air are open for exit, but I wouldn’t recommend these people to any country.
The jails used need not be too luxurious.

The so-called “Conspiracy Theory Handbook” is produced by the “Center for Climate Change Communication” at George Mason University.
I have opened and read this can of worms which must be the biggest load of garbage I have ever read. It is DANGEROUS garbage, though, as it appears to be striving to be “fair”, “scientific”, etc while actually doing the opposite.
It starts by it’s title assuming a conclusion about an unspecified entity: it uses the term “Conspiracy Theory” to describe ANY version of events not fully in synch with the Government version. What these propagandists call Conspiracy Theories in a blatant attempt to ridicule them are actually the search for the truth in a sea of lies, misinformation and propaganda that use “Academic” institutions as apologists, keeping them on board the lie-factory with generous funding bribes.
This semi-literate publication is full of examples of unsupported statements and “footnotes” to “evidence” that is irrelevant or useless.
Combined with the host of professional “fact-checkers”, though, it is a powerful tool, as the media take it as a guide and censor anything that is not straight rehashing of state propaganda. In effect, it is another powerful anti-truth weapon which is designed to twist peoples perceptions and to confuse. The War now going on is a war on the innocent and defenceless, but it is also a war on truth. The word “Communication” in the title actually means the propagation of lies and propaganda.


Facebook is a central pillar of the Global Dictatorship’s misinformation, censorship and propaganda machine.
We have replaced it with
Ready for when they close the cell door: we’re already gone.
Bye bye Falsebook.

Why In The World Are They Spraying?
This film is well worth the time you will spend watching it. As I always say: don’t “do your own research” – take advantage of other peoples work and check what you feel you need to check. If you did all your own research, you would have no time to defend yourself: this is exactly what the enemies of humanity want.
…”Environmental manipulation is the ultimate method of covert warfare because you can shut down food production. You can create a situation where the people within the country will revolt against their own government. Then you’re invited in to mop up the mess…”
“It could become a more important weapon than the atom bomb”.
“Owning the weather in 2025” – U.S.A.F. August 1996.
The extinction rate is now 1,000 times normal (+100,000% of normal) and 70-80% of that extinction – both plant and animal – is related to fungal infection. Geoengineering particulates are known to proliferate fungal reproduction.
Then you have GMOs that produce non-viable seeds, so you have to buy seed every year – on top of the fact that GMOs are extremely harmful to humans and other life.
And – wonder of wonders – the weather “disasters” seem to be directly correlated to an increase in Monsanto sales…
And – another wonder of wonders – Bill Gates invests heavily in Geoengineering and GMOs.
There has been a big push to get bioengineered crops into Africa: these parasites regard man-made severe conditions as a business opportunity.
The big players are “disaster capitalists” – they are there greatest enemies of the human race that ever lived.
In summary, they cause famines, then profit from the misery: all of them should be in jail.
All these psychopath-produced problems will get worse until we regain our democratic control. This process begins with us being informed of the full facts. The existing dictatorship will never do this, but the New Irish Republic 2020 will.
We all need clean air, water and food. The Geo and Bio “engineers” – “tamperers” would be a more fitting name, or vandals and mass-murderers – are trying to get a monopoly so we all come to depend on them to exist.
We are all vulnerable and must begin to defend ourselves against these suited psychopathic thugs.
No individual or group has any right to threaten our collective future for any reason. There are natural and sensible ways of solving our problems, but we must urgently remove the killers from their positions of power and get them into jails.
It is only when we exercise our power of control and get rid of these lunatics that we will begin to see the light of freedom and real modernity.

Our Government does not recognise the WHO as having any relevance, credibility or jurisdiction in Ireland or anywhere else.

Our position on Lockdown etc is crystal clear: the current dictatorship has always used force, propaganda, misinformation and other forms of coercion, psychological, biological and other forms of covert warfare to further it’s aims. We in Omlán- condemn all this and are fully committed to open and accountable direct democracy across the board. We solve our problems by having experts give us information and advice, by allowing an informed people to make our decisions; then by having our team of volunteers carry out the peoples’ orders to the letter and in a timely manner.

This should give you a clearer vision of what the Irish > Global dictatorship is doing at present.

The New Irish Republic has now replaced these criminals and asks for your support.