Report of service since 2000 by Proinsias Mac Bhloscaidh

I moved to the Gaeltacht in March 2000 and lived in a caravan in Croithlí for a few years.
I was working self-employed as a plumber and did some building work. This got me known and into the system, with number, tax etc and at that time I played with Buíon Cheoil Rann na Feirste, where I had been on courses.
I began immediately to investigate the reasons why Irish was still “dying” there and soon began to smell the very rotten rat…
I applied for a grant from Údarás na Gaeltachta to build an Irish-language outdoor centre and this process further opened my eyes:
The first stage is a feasibility study and, to cut a long story short, the E6,500 or so grant for this would be paid to their cronie “business advisor” and I would have to do all the work.
So I withdrew – probably the biggest mistake I have ever made. I should have stayed in the system and investigated further – but my principles told me to stay out.
I did, however, see the ugliness of “modern Ireland” and continued to uncover filth.
So I bought a site in An Charraic with my “inheritance” and built not a house for myself, but what I hoped I could develop into that outdoor centre outside the system.
But criminals are always criminals and every door I knocked was shut in my face, with the constant help of my sister who is an Irish-speaker, but loyal to Britain who pays her wages and allows her to holiday, drive new cars and have two homes while claiming to be a socialist-republican.
Most of the Irish people who have power are like this and this is even more the case in the “Gaeltacht” areas where there are more than the average level of grants and where the good criminal can stash away thousands and even millions.
Anyway, I sucked in information and further educated myself with a view to creating a completely new framework for the future of the Irish language. I slowly realised two things: first, that those who were profiting from the status quo would resist me viciously and two, that most people had swallowed the lies being put out by these criminals, so my work was hidden and censored… These factors are universal in this rotten system and are the central force behind success of their the current use of bio-terrorism to force the new global dictatorship on us, using the divisions created by this rotten system to weaken us to the point of paralysis.
My further education included a full revision and next steps from my degree course in Celtic studies done in ’78-82 in Belfast. Then followed courses in linguistics, psychology, logic, language acquisition, and much more: as I saw a gap in my picture, I filled it by further “research”.
So, by 2010, I had come to understand the current almost hopeless state and had laid the foundations for the new way which I would then look for support to put in place of the midden that had posed as our leadership for years.
As I already said, the opposition was set against me from day one and all the beneficiaries joined forces to crush me.
And they almost succeeded: a year and a half of depression and heavy drinking was a symptom of a difficult struggle against the demons in control – most of which will smile and chat, but whose schemes are clever and invisible: exclusion, malicious rumours, attacks with motor vehicles, repeated daily for years to grind me down.
So on I went with my work and by 2009 I knew it’s necessary direction.
I had produced a map in 2007, but it was known about before I published it and the very same week, Foras na Gaeilge published and used their superior power to flood mine out of view for most people. The “Map” they quickly produced – I would guess two days work, was a picture with the government names and rivers marked not by lines, but by the name in blue letters. But this is the map that went to all the public outlets…
In 2009 I began a media course here in Gaoth Dobhair to prepare me for the production of our Irish course that I had researched and designed over a few years of work. I did the first term and my mother died on 9th Jan 2010. After a big wake with loads of drink and little sleep, I went straight back to my course and was set up, accused of assault but then re-accused of intimidation – a totally spurious and unfounded accusation but which supported the picture they were painting of an aggressive bully: it was them who did the bullying over the next few years and I suffered a long series of attacks, none of which was ever published by the servile media… I was not allowed to continue the course and my name was blackened and my “cause defamed… this is the conquerors way”
Actually, this was the best thing that had happened me, since it really opened my eyes and allowed me to exit the bullshit course having got all the technical skills, but missed the “projects”: I had the project of a lifetime planned – a new and correct Irish course to give to people free and that would revolutionise the passing on of our (and any other) language.
This took until the end of the year to produce – without help or funds – and it was launched on 19th Nov 2010.
Earlier that year, at the Bloody-Sunday commemoration, I had given my document  to Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness with a view to seeking support for this way forward from those who had seemed to be for the Irish language, but… (I think this was in 2010, not 2011 as I said on video, but I will confirm this as I go through records).
Then, on 11 Dec 2011, I published “Ireland’s Big Lie” which is on this website still, but which has been suppressed, firstly by my own sister, then by all sections of the business that depends for its income on the corruption and grant-system that keeps the Irish language endangered and buys their expensive cars and holidays…
Again going for the Bloody-Sunday commemoration, since it was a big gathering in my home town, I asked some “friends” to come to this house to arrange helping me distribute small flyers the size of business-cards pointing them to my report “Ireland’s Big Lie”.
That night was a nightmare and I ended up lying in my own blood in my own house, a crime that was set up by my sister who had enough inside info to do the job effectively, so my flyers were never given out and the first of many suppressions of my honest work began. This suppression continues to this day.
I gave this document to Nodlaig Brolly, as Dungiven was in the process of founding a MeanScoil; I gave a copy to Maurice to bring to the 1916 Societies, but that was never delivered and Nodlaig gave me no feedback from Dungiven: deliberate suppression of information essential to the progress of our struggle for freedom.
Both these people did a disservice to their respective communities by these concealments.
I have been asking for support, not for myself, but for the work I did as a gift to the Irish people.
2013 my opposition to Derry as U.K. City of Culture was staying at home, rather than open opposition as I had little support, probably because of devious tricks, too…
In 2008 I was involved in the Pro-Life movement and ended up totally disgusted by the enemies within who excluded me, on my sister’s orders, from any discussions. I suggested offering pregnant girls the service of keeping their children as long as necessary, but Dr. Anne, as usual, told me to shut up: “you stay up the ladder (putting up posters) and keep your mouth shut”, she said.
My first video statement re murderers in government was published on 24 April 2020, another was published on 12 Dec 2020 and my statement to Garda, Pulse I.D. 19091862 was made on 18 Dec 2020.
Dr. Anne’s co-plagarists filed lesser charges in May 2021 and are muddying the previously clear waters and suppressing my truth for personal gain and in contempt of the common good.
I am in receipt to this day of bulletins from the pro life movement and still think they are part of the problem with no input into the solution.
I do not stand for people who make profit from the misery of others – especially those who let on to be on the side of right.
Things got serious (i.e. State murder) in 2018, but they have got much more serious since “Covid” was unleashed…

It is only by uniting in common purpose that we will stand a chance of defeating these tyrants: the current leadership, as described above, is the MAIN obstacle to this unity and should be immediately dismissed.


221217-1737: I only know one so-called “Globalist” personally.

He is a brother of mine, called John.
Although he is a “Globalist” in that he supports and works for the most tyrannical dictatorship the World has ever known, he is NOT a Globalist at all.
He supports and works for the U.K./U.S. etc Empire of terrorism who want the Globe controlled by his bosses in Whitehall and Washington.
I am a true Globalist, defending ALL the people of this world against the tiny minority who think,
as my brother, Professor John Mc Closkey, does, that there are too many people on this planet
and that a few billion of us should be removed, culled – sorry, “reduced”…
But here’s the crux:
Professor John, like the masters he serves, sees others lives as useless, but his own as precious…
He sees absolutely no inconsistency in taking a donated liver to save his own life while he advocates
– with educated good manners – the mass-murder of billions of his fellow human beings.
There has been a divide in my family for 40 years now, but I only woke up to it recently.
I was always blamed for causing discord and had come to believe the constantly-repeated but false allegation.
The reason is that people like John and my 2-mansioned sister, Doctor Anne, have been working all their lives for the enemy they have always professed to be resisting – and this lie and injustice has been going on since they did their degrees in the early eighties that set them off on their careers as servants of the British Empire that now, once again, begins to show it’s true colours… Their concealment of this selfish meanness has been perfect – except when an insider like me sees those he knows since childhood trample the principles we were brought up with into the ground.
It is people like these who have caused the latest defeats suffered by the Irish nation, as their advices have always been respected by people who, unlike me, cannot see through the smiling mask that hides the mean enemy within.
Our trust in people like these has brought our people to the brink of extinction.
I have a handy rule of thumb to help people see the empty pseudo-defender:
do they work for the enemy?
That includes ANY work. ANY work:
If they work for them, it is IMPOSSIBLE for them to work for us, not only physically, but ideologically, since they work for the enemy for money, making their daily choice one of financial security over the suffering of millions of innocents.
It’s time to get back on track.
I not only show where that track is, but am strengthening and developing it against all the odds.
The liars who have held us all back have been given the slip by me years ago…
I hope to see some more escapees soon.
Nodlaig mhaith do lucht na deá-mhéine,