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This website now becomes the medium (input/outlet) for “Dáil Éireann”.
“Dáil Éireann” is the government of Ireland by it’s people.

211021: An open letter to Queen Elizabeth II of England.

Firstly, I hope you enjoy your upcoming minibreak in Ireland.
Since there are still some outstanding issues between yourself, as monarch of a nation that continues to interfere in the affairs of the Irish and many other peoples and us, those peoples, I’ll get fairly quickly to the point.
I don’t know what was said when you met Martin McGuinness (then acting as what you English might call “Minister for Foreign Affairs”) but I consider that the hand of peace has already been formally extended from Ireland to your nation. Some people might have seen this as the handshake of surrender, but it was not: it was merely yet another of our many attempts to reconstruct a life of peace in our lands. We no longer have a chief or any other negotiator with the British Empire as we do not negotiate with terrorists.
What we all called the “Peace Process” was, unfortunately, completely one-sided, since we, the Irish, went through the complete process of cleaning our house, but your side, while being very careful taking the small splinter out of your neighbour’s eye, totally ignored the massive log in the eye of your own nation, which was, at that very time, already preparing for yet another series of invasions of other innocent nations – aggressive, invasive, unjustifiable terrorism on a massive scale.
Since we the Irish people (those of us who see through your constantly enforced lies and propaganda) are well able to govern ourselves, we once again and for ever reject the coercive rule your so-called élites have forced on our people for centuries*.
In spite of the presence of a “remote-controlled” British government in Dublin, we, the Irish people, now begin the communal work of replacing (done) and then removing these shackles from our people.
Peace to men of good will.
Bua agus beannacht,

* They have also done this on “their own” people!