16 Saμñ 2022: Conclusive arguments for Direct Democracy.

When consensus is replaced by the manoeuvrings of people trying to launder and bribe as much money (.i. resources) as possible from the “system”, no decision can ever be based on facts and reality.
The whole system of “Parliamentary Democracy” that is currently forced on most of the world by the British and the empire of their associates in “legal” criminality is guaranteed almost never to make the correct decision.
This madness they call “Democracy” has led us to the current deadly state where the world is on the brink of ecological and social disaster when the solution is absolutely simple and straightforward, but would have no way of making a profit for the parasites who endanger us all in their never-ending quest for more power and wealth for their lunatic selves.
Our PnhÉ2020- is the way forward. It is the correct model for Global Governance that has been censored, ignored, ridiculed and almost made to disappear by the wasters who now control you.

Is mise, ar son PnhÉ2020-,




Roñ nĉ Cumrsáĵĉ

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Roñ nĉ `Gnóx Fostυċtĉ & Cņρχĉ Sóψlξx
Roñ ‘n Arĝdψ & Trádálĉ
Roñ nĉ Τiŧυċtĉ, Ηļenálĉ & Ρilts Áτσμļ
Roñ ‘n Ċaτċs Πoűļξ & AθĊóρυŧĉ
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“Dáil Éireann” is the government of Ireland by it’s people.