230624-0952: Deep A.I. fake??

I recently saw an AI fake with Sunak, von der Leyen and others and it could easily be believed as real.

This seems to be a new weapon in the anti-freedom alliance called NATO, who are trying to foment disunity and war when they are failing on the “battlefield”, as they call their current killing-field in Ukraine.

I will now dig deeper and look for the truth.


230624-1029: Nothing I see or hear here proves anything and the “videos” are all probably faked –  just audio and don’t even sound like Prigozhin.

As for the one of Surovikin, it could easily be faked.

We have reached the point where NO video or audio can be trusted. Same is true with all internet-based communication.

I have been warning deaf ears about this for years.

Thankfully, the replacement is already working.

Time now for the new era.



230624-1127: So is Prigozhin a NATO agent? Probably: this is pure music to the ears of the failing attackers of Russia and also a threat to the rest of us, the decent people of the World…

or maybe the traitors are Gerazimov and Shoigu????

As we Irish say: bíodh acu.

-1158: One of the comments reads:

This resembles a protest more than anything else.

My final comment: “It’s good to talk!”

Slán g fóill,



230623: Vomit-inducing stuff! Modi and Biden: two old idiots – dangerous idiots. The “Media” tell us they are leaders… another lie…

The Council on Foreign Relations has a thing called “The Quad”, “officially the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue, is a group of four countries: the United States, Australia, India, and Japan.”

Britain also ruled India for years… and, by the mess they left here in Ireland, you can be fairly sure India, also, is still ruled by Britain, though in a plausibly-deniable way – just like “Ireland”.
Modi is just another chameleon, so he gets a string of standing ovations from Congress, just like NetnYahoo and Zelensky got.

“… two great democracies… India and the United States…” That says enough… a crawling, servile, flattering, lying coward – just like “our Leo”.

Vomit-inducing stuff!

The truth is: “…two British colonial dictatorships… India and the United States…”

The current deadly reality:



230412-1955Go”Newspaper” .i. APlct; Changeover to new Deomcracy now moving.

This will be our journalistic contributions.

Links will be done soon, le cudd Dé…




The Irish so-called “Health Service Executive” is still advertising “Covid-19 vaccine” to “protect people*”.

That means that every employee that has anything to do with this deliberate deadly misinformation is guilty of willful mass murder.

The proofs of guilt are numerous and it’s time we got court hearings.

* Quote from HSE online info <New bivalent COVID-19 vaccines are now being offered as booster doses. These adapted vaccines are expected to give you better protection against COVID-19, including the Omicron variant.>


190822: Covid vaccines: current total fatalities likely in the 5 – 12 million range.


Covid vaccines are currently killing an estimated 10,000 people a day worldwide, with total fatalities likely in the 5 – 12 million range. These numbers come from rigorous analysis of mortality data (excess deaths) following the introduction of covid vaccines in early 2021.


also, to put this in context:



29072022: A truly Irish Education system for all our people.

“The Church’s first task is to denounce the unjust structures, not as one who judges from without, but as one who acknowledges her own share of the responsibility and the blame.” Archbishop Helder Camara.

I, like a lot of Irish people, got what my parents thought was an “Irish Catholic Education”.
The fault was not theirs that what calls itself the Irish Catholic Church was and is neither Irish nor Catholic, but almost the antithesis of both.
This stems from the undemocratic selfish and cowardly decision by a small élite in the late 18th Century* to accept the patronage of the invading, illegal and evil English occupying establishment and army, choosing quiet, luxurious acquiescence in evil-doing over a Christian, people-orientated, free and democratic community, living in harmony with ourselves and with nature.
This so-called “Education” system was correctly described by Patrick Pearse as “The Murder Machine” and it not only murders our language, but our culture, religion, code-of-life, community and any freedom we ever had.
So, in primary school, I learned:
“Kitty Campbell, Pat Mc Nair,
Molly óg and plenty mair”…
I was indoctrinated with
English language and culture, as well as
a respect for “authority” that derived from the mass-murder of innocents;
the ability to accept lies as truth: when we were told it was ok to kill innocents as a mercenary British soldier, but not ok to as much as lift a finger in defence of what is right;
that “property” was something that belonged to individuals who could do exactly as they like with it… (even though their “ownership” of it resulted from robbery with violence).
etc, etc, etc ad nauseum.
And in secondary school we had our command of the English language perfected in ALL our classes.
We were given the falsified history of the conqueror,
taught English grammar in classes that were called “Irish” French”, etc.
Our P.E. class gave us compulsory Rugby and “Gaelic Football” – from day 1 our own sports were to be done in the language of the invader who then and now controls our state schools** and probably what calls itself the G.A.A. : since the name is English, it’s fair to expect it’s ethos to be suspect, too…
I always knew something was amiss, but was not able to pinpoint it until very recently after years of deep thought and revision of given “truths”.
So now that process brings us to the time when the volunteer organisation that I helped bring into existence is ready to provide a truly Irish Education system to all our people.
This will commence on Sept 1st this year and will be accessible to people of all ages.
The sordid history of the “Irish” “Catholic” Church’s collaboration with Britain in the oppression of our nation and people (among many others) is best left for the history class, which we will arrive at in due course, in the confident knowledge that truth precedes reconciliation.
Our forward movement is long overdue and will not suffer further sabotage by the many other enemies within who now control and destroy our lives.
I put it absolutely simply and bluntly: anyone who allows their child(ren) to attend one of these murder machines deserves the result they got themselves: a life as a nobody in a foreign culture.
Your child(ren) deserve better.

*The Royal College of St Patrick at Maynooth, County Kildare, in Ireland, a Catholic seminary, was founded in 1795 and remains the “academic” epicentre of the leadership of the enemy within to this day.

**”The Church’s first task is to denounce the unjust structures, not as one who judges from without, but as one who acknowledges her own share of the responsibility and the blame.” Archbishop Helder Camara: quote taken from “A Wounded Church” by Fr. Joseph Mc Veigh.


220724: Justice will be done.

As described in “Ireland’s Big Lie”, the British Government by proxy that misrules us from Dublin, with it’s well-bribed local servants, while posing as and being richly rewarded for the protection of our Irish culture, do exactly the opposite: the essential qualification for work for this team is a complete disdain for our culture; and non-Irish-speakers, such as those who run the water and land-based adventure activities in this area, are promoted by these destroyers in preference to people who would defend and develop the culture these parasites despise. The controllers even translate their publicity bumph into Irish for them, to make it seem like these businesses care.

I offered to work at the faithful development of our rich heritage years ago, but business promotion and scamming always win the day.

The criminals who run these anti-Irish bodies should all be in jail along with those who put them into positions where they can stealthily destroy what’s left of our way of life…

They have turned a place to live in balance, into a playground for the rich English-loving Irish, who they so willingly serve.

But I have news for these organised criminals in and around “Government”: the work is being done in spite of your efforts to make us fail and justice will be done.


18/07-2022: The censorship continues, un-noticed… It is now done by the promotion, by big-tech, of all long-winded bullshit and their suppressing anything that might help people see the reality…

No need for the old Section 31 now: the concealed fascist state is in control of all of your minds without needing a single repressive law!

Those people on our side who have assisted in the creation of this deadly state of affairs, by their self-centred ignorance of the dangers, will never admit to wrong-doing. But it is those who have been speaking at the public gatherings who are the enemy within. Their long-winded talking is used by the fascists to obscure the way forward and to keep people apart.


220902-1524: A blatant example of the use of Google as a government misinformation tool is to be seen when you try to look at Mikki Willis short “Truth about Ivermectin” film.

Google directs you nice and gently to a government-sponsored-version which you are allowed to watch, but the Plandemic original gets made to disappear… This is how the Global Fascist Dictatorship works.

Notice the divisive message, too, in the propagandist version, concerning something that should not be divisive… it is the state’s constant lies, propaganda and deliberate misinformation that is causing this particular engineered division, as was the case all through the so-called pandemic.

( Try: https://www.bitchute.com/video/8tPQiLHVx3rU/ )


7 Ĵeρδ Fóġμρ 2022: Irish??

The person who calls himself Irish, while daily choosing the English language, laws and statutes, has been so distorted by their lies, propaganda and indoctrination as to be incapable of recognising or accepting any truth. This leaves him completely at the mercy of a ruthless, deadly and merciless enemy.
As I arrive at the start of my 64th year on this earth, I remake a decision I made when I was 12 years old, but had ridiculed and otherwise oppressed by my own people ever since, as I compromised with wasters in my service of the common good.
I now, finally and forever, leave that Anglo-Irish society of the lie that has, by it’s love of comfort and empty talk, condemned it’s descendants to permanent abuse and death. You who have accepted, without input, the comfortable dictatorship of our enemies, have made a fatal mistake.
I now draw a line over my involvement with the people of the lie and all their willing subjects.
They have long begged at the enemy’s door and have no ideas for the future. They will get what their masters give them…

Those of you who are sincere have my contributions to the future, beginning with “Ireland’s Big Lie” (2011), my initial summary of the current state of things; then my “10 Steps to Irish” course, both of which are available on our www.omn.ie outlet. These and the rest of my work were gifts.

There will be no coercion – either mental or physical – just truth.



An Innuit writing: as an Irishman, I fully accord with this truth…

“…what could be the cause of such inhumanity?
it was all about a piece of land right opposite ours, so far away that it could only be reached after three months’ sailing. Then I thought that there must be great scarcity of land where these people dwell; but he said no, that it was only because of the great lords’ greediness for more riches and more people to rule over. I was so astounded by this greediness, and so terrified lest it should fall upon us too, that I was almost out of my mind; but I presently took heart again, you will scarcely guess why. I thought of our snow-clad country and its poor inhabitants, and said to myself: ‘Thank God! we are poor and possess nothing which these greedy Kablunaks [so they call all foreigners] can desire. What we have upon the earth they do not care to possess, what we require for food and clothing swims in the great sea; of that they may take as much as they can, there will always be enough for us.’ [said before it was made untrue by the abuse of our common technology] If only we have as much food as we can eat, and skins enough to keep us from the cold, we are quite contented; and you know very well that we let to-morrow take care of itself. Therefore we will not fight with anyone, even if we were strong enough; although we can as justly say that the sea belongs to us as the believers in the East can say of the unbelievers in the West that they and their possessions belong to them. We can say it is our sea which surrounds our land, and that the whales, cachalots, grampuses, porpoises, unicorns [that is, narwhals], white whales, seals, halibuts, salmon, cod, and sea-scorpions which swim in it belong to us too; but we willingly allow others to take of this great store as much as they please. We are happy in that we have not so great a natural covetousness as they. I have often wondered at the Christians, and have not known what to think about them – they leave their own beautiful land, and suffer much hardship in this country, which is to them so rough and disagreeable, simply for the sake of making us good people; but have you seen so much evil in our nation, have you ever heard such strange and utterly senseless talk among us? Their teachers instruct us how we are to escape the devil, whom we never knew;…”


22-05-2020: I am a whole-time volunteer for the Irish Republic and am quite entitled to criticise any branch of the Republican Movement. My criticisms are always truthful and constructive and begin with myself and my own work… Sinn Féin, being the strongest branch numerically, though the farthest from the target, is no exception. Constructive criticism is one of the foundations of a Republic. This summary is from March 2020, but, as with all our work, has been suppressed…


110622: The cure is painless…

Why has Ireland not achieved it’s freedom from oppression after 800 years?
Because the oppressors have rigged it, originally using violence*, so that enough people swallow the enemy’s propaganda – either by not seeing through the lies of the controlling minority’s evil intent, or by simply blindly continuing to serve their own personal interests above those of us all as a community, by continuing to take the bribes that have by now almost bankrupted us (I do not refer to finances, which are a cleverly fabricated trick, but to resources and the effects of the destruction necessary to maintain an artificial and fatally unsustainable lifestyle).
Our country is in effect being sold off to the global dictatorship by a series of “Governments” who have existed by trickery and sleight of hand and who have for years held power by bribing us with our own natural resources… They give us more than our fair share, focussing our attention on the present and thus stealing from the generations that should be to come and condemning them to an even worse tyranny through our greed and fear of change. Our continuing inaction, no matter what the excuse, ensures our demise…
But the cure is painless: I can say that since I have travelled that road and have not only survived, but my life has become almost complete, though I still live in a tiny minority…
I own nothing and am happy, in spite of, not because of the ravings of the lunatics who are now trying to make the current tyranny permanent by annihilating opposition.
Please support our new Republic – government by the people, for ALL the people.
The way is fully prepared.

* this use of violence has made the status-quo illegal (i.e. against the people’s law)


020622-1221: The End of the Dictator-State is ours for the taking.

In the upcoming “Irish”*  Elections, we all have the choice of many candidates and parties.

Since this will be a P.R. election, you do not have to vote Sinn Féin to be voting the sitting Government out: Just make sure F.F. , F.G. and the “Greens” get your LAST preferences, since they are directly involved in mass murder of Irish citizens and other oppressive, treasonous, criminal actions.

Give your top preferences to the alliance of individuals and entities that support the “roll-out” of our New Irish Republic, as per our manifesto.

The next Irish Government will only be legal if ALL Irish citizens get to vote, which has never been allowed by the post-British juntas that have controlled us since 1922: Article 2 of BunReacht na hÉireann is absolutely crystal clear on this point. The Irish Republic is ours for the taking: don’t allow our enemies to divert your attention from this by more divisive tactics.

*(i.e. de facto and anti-constitutionally 26 of the 32 counties, apart from being gerrymandered)

From 11-Oct-20: Irish Government, World Government – exactly the same system. The “Great Reset” is planned as a future of oppression. Our New Republic is the correct way forward and is already being implemented and growing.


This is from 050222:

I can make this seemingly far-fetched statement without hesitation:
anybody who stays in the capitalist/bribery system cannot live a decent or complete life! The reason is that ALL decisions that are based on monetary considerations are the decision of the briber (who has many names: politician, civil-servant, employer, etc. etc.) who becomes your master because he holds the purse.
But correct decisions can only be made by assessing all the relevant facts and by rejecting irrelevant detail until we arrive at a computer-style “Yes” or “No” decision.
This is how you are controlled: the enemy that calls itself government, democracy, etc. uses financial interference to destroy your decision-making processes, so you become a willing slave.
That is what causes wars.
Schools become the outlets for the state’s single ideology that is called “curriculum”
We become real human beings when we make our own decisions… and the state becomes just when we are allowed to come to consensus based on the facts, rather than the covert dictates of tyrants who impose their ideology from above by bribes and threats and media propaganda
That is what our new Irish republic offers: the freedom to hear the truth and to decide and have our decisions respected. That is real democracy and the reason why it has been subverted and denied while we have been deluded by the constant media lies we are given. This also happens in schools, where the conversation mostly revolves around last night’s TV and where we have foreign culture rammed down our throats and called “diversity” while our own culture is hidden except when being ridiculed by the paid servants of the tyrant.
When humanity is replaced by bribery, the future is bleak.
Here we do things differently.


Controlled Opposition and how the dictator-state controls all of us who allow ourselves to be used. (From 23-11-21)


220526: An Irish Language Act – from the British!!! Now if that’s not insane, nothing is.

The crowd they call An Dream Dearg, the new version of what used to be the Irish Language Movement, but who have turned professional and thus British, are able to get 17,000 people to demand an Irish language act from the British government.

You can keep that act.

The British have oppressed our language for almost a thousand years now. The only act we should seek from Britain is for it to remove itself from both of their anti-democratic states in our country.

The people who attended the rally in Belfast are being misled by people who have been holding out a begging-bowl to the British for a few decades now and have no understanding of the work they have set themselves up (with the help of massive British funding) to seem to do. This British “Irish Language Act” is being sought to ensure FUNDING for work they have made a mess of for years – work we in Omlán- do right for free – as it should be.

The only thing the posers behind An Dream Dearg are good at is suppressing the truth, genuine activism and progress.

It’s all about money with them…

See our “Ireland’s Big Lie” report for the 26 county scam-system that they are a clone from.

Our work in Omlán- goes on and will be seen to be the right way forward despite the censorship we get from the professional wasters who run the show funded by what calls itself the Irish Government. The report above has never been challenged by ANY of these wasters – because they are well aware that what they do is criminally wrong. I use the word “criminally” deliberately: criminal because they KNOW – and are thus stealing our communal resources to put us back rather than forward, as they should be doing: criminal. They depend on the dictator-establishment’s ability to ERASE effective opposition. Their only defence is to make us disappear. In that they have so far succeeded, but truth has a nice habit of rising through the smokescreen.

As with all aspects of Fascism, it depends on being “the only show in town”, but the reign of the well-paid incompetent cannot last…


20-May-2022: “Artificial Intelligence”

“Artificial Intelligence” is artificial, OK, but is not intelligence beyond the visions of the person creating it. It has all the flaws, but none of the magic of human intelligence – and never will. The native Americans advised not to make any decision until you have looked 7 generations ahead for it’s effects. This advice would improve the outcomes for the current arrogant anti-intelligent humanoids who think they can control the universe.

Arrogant psychopathic empty-heads, who excel at one thing only: the LIE.


15-Apr-2020: The cause is just, of that there is no doubt. Note also the current and ongoing repeat of their many times repeated historical use of the “cull” (i.e. mass murder of the innocent and defenceless), which is always followed by redistribution of lands to the servants – now ongoing. It is a carbon-copy of the subjugation of individual countries, Ireland included, now being done on a global scale and with much more power.

And, just to “Globalise” it…



Quite simply: TREASON.

Without a referendum by informed Irish citizens, the ceding of our sovereignty to a drug-pushing cartel is quite simply TREASON.

Minister Stephen Donnelly confirms that “Ireland supports the WHO led process to negotiate a binding legal instrument on pandemic preparedness and response” or global pandemic treaty, if you prefer.


It will be time to commemorate 1916 when the Guilty stop bullying the innocent…

We have no freedom yet, but we will have…
See www.omn.ie for more info about the continuing struggle for justice for the innocent victims of Fine Gael and Co’s ongoing cowardly killing of innocent and defenceless Irish citizens, using our communal resources as bribes to ensure support and to further enslave our people by squandered debt. Without any doubt these criminals in suits are guilty of the most despicable crimes that were EVER committed on our people.


220414-1115: My warnings to our shattered republican movement began in 2011!!

So far ZERO movement apart from what is done here: movement along the wrong path, being a negative, is worse than no movement – a waste of more of our scarce resources!
The permanent blasting of the “Famine” lie took 150 years due to expert lies and coverups by Britain and their servants here…
It is in ALL our interests that that long delay changes to IMMEDIATE reaction to current, ongoing, mortal danger
but people still focus on commemorating events – usually defeats – that happened years ago.
We need this terminal problem fixed, so all can move forward…

220319-1707: We do not ask anybody’s permission to live in peace, equality and justice.

I was almost the sole exception to what I relate below: I went to Q.U.B. to do Irish, not to get a job, but to reconnect with my people. I also chose to do this in Belfast because of loyalty to our continuing struggle against abuse by a foreign invader. It was even done against a principle of attending a University named after the big boss of that same nation…
But just about all of those who sang the rebel songs and talked the talk in the student bars were, at that very time, training to become servants of those same British states in Ireland.
They are now at pension age and probably still singing rebel songs in their oversized, under-occupied homes…
This is disgusting enough in itself, but worse still is the fact that it was these people who influenced and continue to influence the republican family. The vast majority of the ordinary Irish people got nothing from the 1998 “Treaty Mark 2”
The first cul-de-sac was called “armed struggle”, but the self-servers ensured it’s defeat, our people’s demoralisation and the almost total annihilation of our centuries-long struggle for a decent life.
Then we got version number “unknown” of the Irish signing agreements with the British (that particular big lie was called “The Good Friday Agreement”) that the British proceeded to rip to shreds as it invaded a few more innocent countries…
But the ripping to shreds was done with a smiley face and many big lies and bribes, so the servants were promoted and the volunteers made to disappear. All the while, the dictatorship and exploitation of our people continued…
And that’s the reason why these ageing British servants, with set-smiling faces and impeccable good manners, viciously censor, provoke, slander, ignore someone like me who serves the Irish and ALL people with no bias and full respect for diversity that the enemies within constantly drone on about and simultaneously suppress…
These people are actually worse than the N.W.O. dictators, since they not only are complicit in mass-murder and many other heinous crimes against the people, but they are hypocrites who pretend to oppose the murderous hand that still feeds them..
That’s why they have been for years trying by all manner of dirty tricks, to make we volunteers disappear.
These people should have no positions of leadership, but should also be shunned: the path I have come to recommend is based on honest research and complete lack of self-serving. This path serves ALL our interests – including theirs. What they have done, also, is no crime, as such, though it is reprehensible in the extreme.
Some of these same types used to call people like me “terrorists”, but that false label no longer works, so they just censor, ridicule, ignore, plagarise, accuse of many personality faults and generally make absolutely certain that the project that I have dedicated my life to will die, almost at birth.
They will not succeed: the cause of justice for all is THE cause for all humanity.
The self-promoters should examine their personal lives and immediately make open the way to the bright future for us all that this way will soon bring – not just to the privileged few.
I will continue my service until we get our just Irish Republic.

This Republic is the alternative to the dictatorship that has for years posed as democracy.
We do not ask anybody’s permission to live in peace, equality and justice. These are not privileges, but rights.
The New Republic is being repressed now by Irish people.
That is unacceptable now and will be until it ends – sooner rather than later.


220317: Remember Iraq and the “Weapons of mass distruction” lies?

Well: “The US has 336 labs in 30 countries under its control, including 26 in Ukraine alone. It should give a full account of its biological military activities at home and abroad and subject itself to multilateral verification.”

Or is it one rule for the U.S. bullies and another rule for the people?


220313-1011: Without ever having met, two observers say almost the same thing… truth is universal…

This from John Waters 2022-03-02:

“It is very hard to predict whether or when the people of the West will start to wake up and realise what has been happening to the world they imagine themselves to inhabit. For many years, for sundry reasons, their governments have been working assiduously to transform their societies from democracies to fascist dictatorships properly defined: power cartels of government and corporations with a view to total control. To achieve these ends, they have rotated the political left 180 degrees so that it now, without even knowing it, represents the interests of the greediest and most ruthless forces on earth. While demonising any residual voice of opposition as ‘far right’, these neo-fascist governments are prepared to deal with any bunch of extremists thugs from left or right in order to achieve their primary aim of subjugating and terrorising their populations. Now, they think to present themselves again as champions of democracy.”

This from me 2022-02-25:

“And now the latest and most devious dividing tactic: the terms “right wing” and “left wing” have been reversed and twisted as part of the subversion of resistance to what, though it poses and is often portrayed by commentators as “left” and that has been branding any resistance to the Covid tyranny as “right-wing”, is actually the most ultra-right-wing fascist dictatorship the world has ever known.
Since the terms have had their meanings destroyed by the minority dictators, I use the term “left” to describe rule by the people and “right” to describe rule by a small élite by bribery and coercion. Leave nationalities and English terminology out and you will see that China, for example, is not despised because it is “communist”/”Socialist” (though this impression is given), but because it is dictatorial, as now is the U.S.A. (NOT “communist”/”Socialist”) – Canada (NOT “communist”/”Socialist”) Australia (NOT “communist”/”Socialist”) and the U.K. – (NOT “communist”/”Socialist”), but all have recently gone from covert to overt dictatorship of the people by a select rich few, using the pretext of protection of public-health.  The net result of this clever twisting of meaning is that most of those who would be on the side of the people sided with the governments and accepted the Covid tyranny as a necessary sacrifice for the common good. The government spin-twisters played this deception incessantly for months. This care for ones fellow man, though noble, was wrong in this case, because the twisting had left the facts almost impossible to access for the majority who are informed by the state media and thus most people got the wrong impression: the murderers were playing the role of protector and being facilitated by RTÉ reality-inverting media trickery and plain old suppression of truth.”

(See <2022-02-25 21:39 These few paragraphs describe the current undemocratic status-quo and introduce details of the replacement process that will follow: the actual step-by-step way forward in detail comes next…> at http://omn.ie/index.php/roncumrsd/)

Interestingly, Waters work is from around 220302 (Any War Will Do)… maybe he was reading my stuff…. as is usual, my work is never acknowledged, but often used.

This plausibly-deniable co-incidence would be better replaced by co-operation, but writing, for some, is an end in itself: not for me. For me writing is simply the thinking process being logged, prior to the ACTION it produces. This essential point is lost on the Irish and most other people and action is always missing, so poor Volunteer PaddyJoe has to do all the dirty work.

As always, I accept what is needing to be done – and that it is me who will have to do it… Like Cú Chullain, I just keep mauling the throat of the demons until the Irish people arise from their sickness…

Ar aghaidh linn,



220311: Give me our thousands of years of combined survival experience and keep these last few decades of techno-arrogance, where the ignorant are made to think they know it all. A society that makes you dependent, makes you vulnerable: they control you. If they take one piece out of the network, the whole thing can collapse in unbelievably quick time. That’s why they encourage you to go “smart”: their “smart” can be made very dumb very fast when they pull the plug.




220311-2010:  So far, we have a sitting government undeniably guilty of three CAPITAL offences:

  1. Ongoing mass murder of it’s own citizens by virus and “vaccine” (more honestly described as bio-terrorism and the deliberate forcing of a poisonous injection onto as many citizens as possible)
  2. Attempted treasonous hand-over of sovereignty to a criminal cartel, namely W.H.O. and
  3. The latest crime: the attempt to endanger all our lives and to steal more of our resources by removing our Neutrality: another attempt at mass-murder of our own citizens by what poses as a government…

And, as for those who are sabotaging our peoples lives by many means, the neutrality issue is not up for negotiation, though these traitors want it gone, so we become a target and so their cronies can launder/steal a few more billion for “defence”.

Jail is too good for these gangsters who pose as politicians.

When you wake up, give me a call and we will begin to free our people from these criminals.

We have enough enemies. Our list of enemies should not include members of our own government, but it does!!

These crimes do not go away because the criminals media is ignoring them: that’s how they operate.

The criminals must be brought to justice.

The ongoing “failure” to do this is yet another proof that we do not live in a democracy/republic, but under the dictatorship of a mafia of murderers.

Anybody awake out there??



2022-03-03 20:13: I do not need to “write it up” since I know every step of the way.

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? MyGovID or CovID?? 
www.MyGovID.ie , as .gov.uk and, I’m sure, other versions, is the next stealthy step in the attempted transformation of us all from Irish citizenship to “Global” dictatorship (actually a 100% British dictatorship, since it’s language, it’s monoculture, it’s evil system of oppression called “democracy” and just about every other aspect are pure British, as are the front runners of this “Project for the New British Century”: the U.S.A., Australia, the “United Kingdom”, the so-called “Republic of Ireland”, etc, all the “Uniting” having been done by mass murder and centuries of evil…)
And, if things are the way they look, no resistance will be offered – beyond the dreary talk/writing that continues to drone on and never to be backed by action.
I lately promised to elaborate on the way and how to travel the short distance to the Irish Republic I have heard many talking about all my life. I know some of those who gave their lives for our Republic and I am giving my life to it as I write this and offer the rest of my life… for the basic democracy and equal respect for all that has been trampled on by what calls itself the Irish government by use of dirty, devious and anti-people tricks since they told us the big lie that we were free and living in a “Western Democracy”…
The main thing this lying entity did was to create the citizen-in-waiting: we who are told that the government is on our side when it is not and never was, nor will be…
The first practical step towards the real Republic is to exit the Thatcherite/mé-féin mindset that has been created by the suited native destroyers and been swallowed by most of the Irish people.
Exiting the Thatcherite/mé-féin mindset will cause you to decide whether you really want something that will need you to change from being a consumer into a complete human being, working as part of a team for the greater good and putting yourself second to these principles.
When you have crossed that rubicon, feel free to come knocking on my door here in the facility I created for this purpose and we will get on with the work.
As for the few final steps, I have absolutely no intention of “publishing” anything of the sort on a medium that is controlled (mainly by their knowing and preventing our people knowing by almost total censorship!!) by our enemies and well populated by their agents.
And I do not need to “write it up” since I know every step of the way.
My only request is that you pass this message on to any people you know who would call themselves Republicans – or even Irish.
None of you lives in an Irish state never mind an Irish Republic and the way out has been traveled by me, but alone through no fault of my own.
The fact that agents of the enemy who call themselves Irish surround me is a sad fact, but they will see the demise of the hand that feeds them: it has already begun culling them…
Next comes one of two things, both involving me getting my life back, in 100% clear conscience.
I have served for 21 years whole time: it has been more than 21 years since I made a decision concerning my own personal life, including only one day in a cell, so all those days were given with my full free will. I have offered to give the rest of my life, but only as part of a team. There are 8? million other Irish who should know about this and have the choice of serving and benefitting, but people find it troublesome to even pass on important messages, being too used to having everything done for them by a state that serves only the loyal – those loyal to being bribed and pandered to while having their humanity just about anihilated.
The censors and hypocrites have kept me away from the support that this worthy project should have been given long ago by the Republican movement… Maybe that movement died in the 90’s, when dedication was replaced by grant-funded pseudo-professional trendy radicals and veterans? That, or it lost it’s connection with the real world.
There are a few more movements in this country that could also do with a fair system of governance, but it will not come gift-wrapped.
Slán g fóill,

2022-02-27 13:20 I need to make this statement 100% clear:

anyone who would sign away Ireland’s sovereignty to any entity, never mind the infamous mass-murdering W.H.O. is guilty of treason
that is TREASON with a capital T
it is also a capital offence, I think,
as a volunteer in defence of the Irish people, I am willing to carry out that sentence, if this crime is committed.
Every single member of the current government has free will and must decide whether they are prepared to commit this offence by voting in favour of this treason, part of which is the deliberate provoking of loyal citizens in an attempt to re-create what happened 100 years ago…
Pulse I.D. 19091862 is now 14 months in posession of An Garda síochána, who also are heading for complicity…
The time of discussion is over. Action must follow and will follow.
The state is the people and the politicians are now the enemies of us the people.

Proinsias Mac Bhloscaidh


2022-02-25 21:39 These few paragraphs describe the current undemocratic status-quo and introduce details of the replacement process that will follow: the actual step-by-step way forward in detail comes next…

Firstly, anyone who has fallen for the massive state propaganda and lie campaign that is ongoing has, unfortunately, been (temporarily) converted to support the cause of the tyrannical oppression of the many by the few.  The planned current scenario is one that has been repeated many times before, but we are now entering the end-game created mainly by the recent advances in technology and by the preceding and preparatory murderous and unjustifiable invasions that have cowed most of the world’s citizens into acceptance of their fate at the hands of the masters most of them now depend on.
The few, having used an unjust, devious and criminal system of democracy-subversion for years, to oppress, to launder our communal wealth into private hands and to use this to further oppress the good people of the world, now go for the ultimate goal…
The main thing we need to understand about their methodology is that almost everything we are told by official sources is a lie – a big lie. The central pillar of their methodology is the destruction of truth itself, so the charade they call “democracy” always does their will. Any decisions that go against the will of the dictator-democrats are simply ignored and made to disappear, while we wait for ever for their implementation… To keep us from revolting, they tell us that “politics is a slow process” – another massive lie, as we have seen over the last two years of massive and lightning change to the fundamental rules of their game.
The one single example below will illustrate the method in absolute clarity: taking Ireland as an example, the divisions of “native” and “coloniser” have been used in many guises for centuries: the “wild uncivilised Irish”, versus the squeaky-clean English, then partition and the border, then a nurtured sectarianism that conceals the division of rich and poor – exploiter and exploited. And now the latest and most devious dividing tactic: the terms “right wing” and “left wing” have been reversed and twisted as part of the subversion of resistance to what, though it poses and is often portrayed by commentators as “left” and that has been branding any resistance to the Covid tyranny as “right-wing”, is actually the most ultra-right-wing fascist dictatorship the world has ever known.
Since the terms have had their meanings destroyed by the minority dictators, I use the term “left” to describe rule by the people and “right” to describe rule by a small élite by bribery and coercion. Leave nationalities and English terminology out and you will see that China, for example, is not despised because it is “communist”/”Socialist” (though this impression is given), but because it is dictatorial, as now is the U.S.A. (NOT “communist”/”Socialist”) – Canada (NOT “communist”/”Socialist”) Australia (NOT “communist”/”Socialist”) and the U.K. – (NOT “communist”/”Socialist”), but all have recently gone from covert to overt dictatorship of the people by a select rich few, using the pretext of protection of public-health.  The net result of this clever twisting of meaning is that most of those who would be on the side of the people sided with the governments and accepted the Covid tyranny as a necessary sacrifice for the common good. The government spin-twisters played this deception incessantly for months. This care for ones fellow man, though noble, was wrong in this case, because the twisting had left the facts almost impossible to access for the majority who are informed by the state media and thus most people got the wrong impression: the murderers were playing the role of protector and being facilitated by RTÉ reality-inverting media trickery and plain old suppression of truth.
I was unaffected by this mass-deception, since I have freed myself firstly from the twisting of the English language by for years now having Irish as my first language and by refusing to read or watch their propaganda, so I retain my ability to think clearly and critically. The explanation I am now giving is an attempt to summarise a complicated system, but when you think about it for a while, you will see the true picture.
We Irish “republicans” (i.e. Democrats!!), for example, though often mis-portrayed, would consider ourselves “left” in the true sense described above, so a lot of us were taken in by the twisting… Then, to further muddy the waters, the dictatorship made sure that the groups that were resisting the Covid-19 false narrative were branded as right-wing, conspiracy-theorists and anti-science, anti-people, etc. And all the resistance groups did have heavy infiltration by conservative/capitalist/business interests: that’s why they constantly censored and sabotaged my work. It is these agents that I have been exposing this past few weeks – and there are many more: see the Facebook groups “Boycott RTÉ”, for example: first there was one, then the Varadkar twist-team created a second one which was NOT trying to have RTÉ boycotted and which was controlled, as were and are many of these mercenaries, in the I.T.’s which have plenty of well-paid computer wizz-kids who are in the pay of and thus in full support of the state no matter how rotten that state is.
So we are now being herded, via the continuing covert imposition of digital I.D. and surveillance (on a population already made dependant over a long period, so we have little option but to comply) into what I have already accurately described as the most ultra-right-wing fascist dictatorship the world has ever known. Not enough people have realised this fact and the relief of the physical coercions has left people in the cul-de-sac that the controlled opposition brought them into, deliberately and maliciously, in service of their real masters.
This ONGOING, though now once again concealed process, if left unopposed, will deprive the next generations of the human race of ANY freedom and it will continue to be done slowly and covertly so we will not sense danger and will thus not resist these cowards.
I have explained how the system works, but not the consequences of allowing it to win this final battle: this is because there are no limits to the power and the evil intent of these psychopaths, if we fail to resist them. They are bullies, but they are also cowards and the coward/bully is THE most dangerous being on earth when it has the power that they would soon have if we were to fail. These people delight in torturing and killing as many people as they can – as they have done many times, in all the wars that they not only caused, but profited from. Therefore, I can now only give a stern warning to you all: if left unopposed, these demons will cause the end of any free society on earth. Allowing this to happen is incredibly easy: just continue to do nothing effective and the worst will happen as night follows day. These people have been working for many years and this work is almost at it’s final pay-off stage.
And so to the steps we will take over the next few months to bring us to the alternative:
I use the singular, since this alternative covers all the needs of a society in the communal running of it’s own affairs and is consensus “politics” in it’s essence: consensus is when, unlike now, we are all told the truth and, having considered the alternatives, come up with a solution, or solutions that we then implement in almost complete agreement: real democracy – and real Republic – since the two words describe government by the people, as opposed to the current covert dictatorship of the people by a tiny clever minority who are the arch-enemies of the people. Now you see the “right” and “left” in their true forms and the puzzle becomes solvable…
I have been very busy these past months and years ensuring a reliable self-sufficiency for our central site here in N.W. Donegal, so we can operate outside and independent of the “system” as much as possible to ensure our decisions remain based on facts rather than state manipulations. This work is ongoing, but independence has largely been achieved and we can fairly well serve the needs of as many people as will be needed to staff this facility, which is to be one of many.
So now I will write up a summary of the actual details of the way forward and will publish it as soon as it is described in enough detail for you to see the potential. This method of governance is new, but only really in it’s scale, since variations have been used before in prosperous, peaceful societies for centuries. The only fully new aspect is that this now can and should be fully global – NOT the “Great Reset”, which is a lie and would be tyranny, but OUR Reset, which will be real democracy at last. The fundamental laws of nature that control us all have not and will not change, so history has the information that someone like me can access, ingest and synthesise, then throw out the rubbish and keep what works. This is a fair account of what actually happened…
But that has already been fairly fully described and what follows early next week will be a step-by step path towards the actualisation of these objectives: the flesh on the word.
A central part of our work is to make sure that the “Great Reset” of the WEF and the other psychos does not happen and that our peoples’ reset does. It’s not rocket-science, but will need us to be in control of our own affairs. This control can be achieved within a few months if we forget the lies of the junta and work on the way of real democracy which will protect the human race from these psychopathic would-be rulers of the World.

P.S. to the few people who see this due to the censorship of the effective by the tyranny, I request that you pass this information on to as many as possible and mention that full background info is on www.omn.ie


Help us to commemorate and to heal the pains of the past by focusing on the potential of the future and by working together for a just and lasting peace.

220223-0820: We have, so far, one solid proposal for the trends of our next year’s work and this public consultation ends on 1 March, since year 3 of Poblċt nh Érn 2020- begins then.
Proposals must be backed by the necessary resources – especially by committed volunteers who are prepared to implement the proposal.
Our 2022 Referendum closes on 17 March and proposals for decision questions are also open until 1 March. Existing questions/decisions and format can be seen on www.omn.ie near bottom of homepage.
A lot of the decisions already made by the Irish people remain unimplemented and we assure you that we will facilitate a complete revision of the many illegal decisions and acts of the previous régimes who used their positions of power to prolong the oppression of our people and to profit by it.
The e-mail for referendum issues is refrn01@omn.ie and any correspondents will be put on our mailing list.
Gura maith agaibh,
Slán g fóill


220219-2211. Effective state cover-up is thus impossible, and the damage to the murderers-in-power was done and is, if there is such a thing as Irish justice, terminal.

So, as usual, the Murdering Establishment and the self-promoters will first ignore, then deny the truth I am about to tell… but the supporting evidence is convincing!
The truth is that “Óglċ Paddy-Joe” almost single-handedly forced the Dublin criminal junta to “Repeal” their “CovID-19 Emergency Special Powers Act” when they actually had much more repression in store. Their proposed “Chapter 2” is still on the cards, however… they are just easing the throttle back for a while to regain control of the masses… (that’s what they think, anyway…)
The struggle has been hard – and dirty from their side: the censorship I have been experiencing daily in my resistance to this ongoing oppression has not only been from Government forces and Big Tech, but from some of those who pose as being on the side of the people. These twisters have been leading the good, genuine people to nowhere useful, since their priorities are self-promotion at the expense of the cause. Their exclusion, slanders, sabotages and denial of “Free Speech” to a genuine activist is only one example of their reverse-leadership…
So, as jaws drop in amazement at this upstart fighting back against the mis-leadership of our resistance to this tyranny, I will now relate, for your further entertainment, how I did what I did…
Firstly, I had the fact that there was murder and worse going on proven beyond a shadow of doubt in my own mind by mid January 2020, since I have been studying and exposing establishment criminality for more than 20 years now and understand their mindset and methods.
My focus immediately, though, was to warn and to give advice as a 3-times-trained wilderness first-aider, especially to those living in close quarters such as urban flats.
I might add now that ALL my inputs were ignored/censored, since they now help to prove guilt and are all on record and backed up for the day we get to put our case before our people in an open-and-accountable justice-seeking hearing, so all this and more, is verifiable.
I made my first statement on video on 24 April 2020, accusing Leo Varadkar, then “Taoiseach” and others of deliberate mass murder of Irish citizens. I gave outline, cast-iron proofs. This video was published but was withheld from the Irish public, as is the policy of these criminals.
I then followed that up on 12 December 2020, with a further statement on video and published – again withheld from the Irish people who were then and still are, the victims of an ongoing massive and heinous crime with simultaneous cover-up and plausible false narrative.
Then, on 18 December 2020, I had to up the ante by formally instigating these charges via An Garda Síochána, so I did that. The Pulse I.D. I was given was 19091862 and I was later informed that it was handed up the line on 14 February 2021! – a further unjustifiable delay of almost 2 months of an investigation into ongoing lethal criminality by Government. I have not had even an acknowledgement of this from An Garda by today, 19 February 2022 – yet another year of delay as the crimes continue.
One of the “news” stories at present is the Garda investigation of Leo the “Tánaiste” for petty financial fraud, but, typical of the corrupt Irish establishment, this is a diversionary tactic as they continue to suppress the big accusation that will never go away as long as I live, until justice is done in the presence of as many Irish and other people as are concerned.
I accused and accuse again today, not only Leo Varadkar, but Simon Harris, Tony Holohan and the management and staff of RTÉ – and will add to that list as I am given my right to state my case before our people.
All my statements so far, of course, were and still are, suppressed (though some of my work in this was actually copied and lesser charges brought by people who denied me support, censored me, then used my methodology). That is one big reason why the self-promoters continue to suppress my work, but the facts speak for themselves.
So, coming up to one full year after I had made my rock-solid accusations and knowing that this now needed a gutsy, in-their-face fight-back, I set to designing banners, wanted posters and flyers to go on the streets where the censors don’t have so much power: they have me erased on the internet, as they promote the wasters.
My first “street” job was, in June 2021, to hang a massive banner on the garage wall of our centre here in Gaoth Dobhair

it is still there and has been seen by thousands of people. That began to shout the unspeakable accusation that the “Taoiseach” and many of the government and their support-network were and are murderers.
I then bought a van so as I could get to the cities, but had little support, since this was work that needed me to show my face to back up scary charges against the powerful and very evil….
But I was then, and still am prepared to take ANY risk for the cause of our common future, so I actually enjoyed this work: and it was effective; but that was not what did the real damage to the junta…
I had designed and got printed a leaflet that summarised the way forward and the proofs (http://omn.ie/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/LeafletRe5Prioritiesxxx-copy.pdf)
When the speakers of empty words were preparing for their Christmas festivities with their families, PaddyJoe was addressing, stamping and putting 2 leaflets each in about 450 envelopes addressed to EVERY Garda station in Ireland (except big HQ in Phoenix Park, that I somehow missed… sorry), plus a few other people…
These envelopes went to the “grassroots” Garda who would be opening my wee Christmas presents, so avoiding the suppression that would have been done if I had sent them further up the line. This wee action makes an effective state cover-up impossible, since every Garda station had access to uncensored truth. I neglected to include the Pulse I.D. number, but the damage to the murderers-in-power was done and is, if there is such a thing as Irish justice, terminal.
But around this time, too, as I asked for support in my work, the posers, as they promised me support, sent their people to Grafton Street to attend “Mr. Hurley”s attempt to provoke violence from the same Garda, when what was needed was for them to be given information and proof of our struggle for justice rather than incitement to divisive, counterproductive, unjustifiable hooliganism. But that’s the way of the controlled opposition: same as the way of their masters – plausibly-deniable and devious dirt.
So I made a few public shows with my wanted posters and handed out leaflets… Two Garda got copies in Middleton Co. Cork one Saturday, but hadn’t seen them before… tut, tut…
And a Garda asked for and was given a couple at the Yeats statue in Sligo town another day.
The spin-doctors will suppress these truths, but the cat is out of the bag and our next actions will increase the pressure on these criminals in suits who deserve long stays in prison for their evil deeds.
So now, as people go back to the good-old-days and forget the street protests, the struggle continues with this activist working on the next phase of our emancipation from the so-far-unscathed murdering dictatorship, complete with the waster pseudo-opposition that have helped it to evade justice as of today…
I have many more examples of the control of the “defence” groups by agents of the Dublin dictatorship posing as our saviours. I was not fooled and we all should revise our outlook and join the real resistance as the self-promoters party in self-congratulation on a job not done: the misleaders and saboteurs of the efforts of good people who we should not ever allow to manipulate us again. The posers who were demanding the fixing of some symptoms now have nowhere to go – while the tyrants laugh at their cowardice and mean old mé-féinism.
The so-called “Demands” of the groups who led the street protests kept the lid on things by, among other things, focusing on the symptoms and studiously avoiding any reference to the hard reality that we are now governed by a gang of terrorists.
This “movement” has now easily been becalmed by the junta’s removal of all restrictions, thus making the “No Vaccine Passports”, “No discrimination” , “No segregation” “My body, my choice” “protests” go away.
Clever, but dead simple, since the control of the “opposition” by selective promotion of wasters and simultaneous selective suppression of the genuine, is easily done when you have a bottomless purse and control of all thought-moulding media lies, misinformation and propaganda.
The same crew will certainly do their best to make this wee report disappear, too, but PaddyJoe will just go round and knock on yet another door.
Those like me who work for justice for us all just don’t do giving up.
The resistance to tyranny goes on until the criminals are in jail where they belong so we can get on with living in peace and harmony with the human race we are all members of – and with the Earth we inhabit. So, to end on a positive note, I am really happy that people throughout the world who are true defenders – notably, at present, Reiner Fuellmich and friends with their model grand-jury, have kept their attention on the real target and have used their talents collectively to put our cause forward, rather than backward, as has been done in Ireland.
Here, too, the gear shifts from reverse to forward.
I have often asked for help, but I will not give up for lack of it and cannot compromise on things that are necessary.
Things will move at speed, though, only when we have fixed the controlled opposition problems.


A short, but stunning excerpt from “PlanDemic”https://plandemicseries.com/


220131: I was in Derry recently on one of my information-sharing and support-seeking visits.

This is a summary of my experiences…
I have no problem with people commemorating state murders that were done 50 years ago, but I do have a problem when some of the same people deny me the right to inform people of the state murders that are happening TODAY and that are ongoing and unresisted. I once again state that our resistance is centred here and needs a few volunteers. I am prepared to make any compromises necessary to be part of a team of whole-time volunteers that will co-ordinate this resistance. I have created a wide foundation and we have a centre here in Gaoth Dobhair that is at the disposal of our teams. But this needs the support of at least some of the Irish people. The collusion of “Big Tech” in the mass-murder, by complete black-out of our publicity, has ensured few know of our work, so please share. I work for this cause every day, but have long ago passed the point where solo work can put us any further forward. We need at least two people who can give all their time and energy to this work, so we can co-ordinate a national effort.

P.S. as an example of how they coerce us cunningly and plausibly-deniably into risking our lives in an unindemnified drug-trial, watch this clip of the main entrance to the Guildhall, Derry, on Saturday 29th Jan 2022. Note the wording of this man’s “request” of all those who were entering, implying that a “Covid passport/Vaccine Cert” was needed, when it actually was not. This is devious and typical of the criminals in control of this man and other servants of the murdering state.


220127: I don’t make the rules, but I do obey the rules – of universal law.

Conspiracy theories: neither theory, nor conspiracy, but the way “the system” is designed.
“Conspiracy theories” is the insulting name the enemy give to our statements of fact – just as they call us “Right Wing”, “anti-vaxxers” and other insults.
The real “right-wingers” are the government who are pure Fascist – just as “AntiFa” are pure Fascists – and, unfortunately, too many of those people who still call themselves “Republican” as they back this murderous, criminal and anti-people government by their silence. Those who in any way support the junta in power have been influenced by the incessant propaganda and need an urgent reality-check…
So here goes that reality check:
You see, EVERYTHING is reversed.
First, my “Ireland’s Big Lie” report, published (14-Dec-2011), deals with one example of the bribery system that is now called “Conspiracy Theory” by those who gain from it and want it to remain concealed by  ridicule.
The system works like this:
A tiny , extremely rich and powerful minority (the “Corporations”: Rockafeller; Gates; the Banks, etc, etc…) have become “partners” with the “Civil Service” (which includes the upper ranks of police, “legal” profession, secret/intelligence services, military, etc) who actually have more power than government, since they are permanent, whilst the politicians are temporary…
The media propaganda outlets are also directly tied into this Fascist partnership, so the “democratic process” is completely wrecked by the people being given false information, so we don’t see the full picture, making us so confused that most of us switch off and refuse to hear anything but the media lies that swamp us without our consent.
The bribery then cascades down through the levels into the heart of all our communities, ensuring total dominance of the ordinary people by the corrupt and evil few.
We saw this in action when all the pledges were being given at the start of the “Vaccine”-production-phase of the Covid plandemic scam. Millions and billions being laundered in plain view, but concealed as humanitarian, when in fact it was for a process of individualisation, propagandisation and repression that was necessary to clear the way for the deliberate, slow-kill mass murder that is now in full swing.
The Fascists have no loyalty to your nation – or to any nation – but they ARE loyal to the theft of our resources and to the elimination of as many human beings as possible along their way to total control. The massive debt this bribery system puts us in then GUARANTEES that our countries lose their sovereignty to the bankers, corporations and the other layers of this Fascist junta who have now become a Global Dictatorship posing as the protectors of our health and well-being, typified by the W.H.O. that is fronted by a war-criminal.
Just as during the British mass-starvation of the Irish in the mid-19th Century, we pay for our own oppression: the resources that belong to us all, as inhabitants of this island, are used to murder us: the corporations team up with “government” and give orders to the politicians who make the laws. The media force the single false narrative on the people. The Police and “Legal” systems enforce the tyranny on those of us who refuse to swallow the lies, propaganda and censorship of the dirtiest shower of vermin that ever walked this earth.

So, how do we change this???

Well, that has already been described fully by me as part of my work for the cause of the freedom of the human race, of which the Irish people are a part.
Our flyer “The Top 5 Priorities” summarises (Priority 2.):
PnhÉ 2020- is “the implementation by volunteers of the decisions of fully and truthfully informed citizens”.
And, when you analyse this single sentence, you will see that it contains the antidote to ALL the layers of command/bribery/oppression that now oppress us all. As to how to put flesh on these words, it still requires the exact same gifts as I mentioned before: we need 2 more people who are willing to give their lives in the service of the people – hopefully not by our deaths, but by whole-time dedication to the cause of life itself that will bring us freedom from this tyranny and a life of peace.
My personal decision was taken a few years ago and was the result of a simple thought-process: which would you prefer 1. to exist as an un-free, oppressed and controlled sheep that will be killed (or locked up) exactly when the “master” decides, or 2. to live free and at risk of sudden death by my absolute cast-iron refusal to be part of an evil dictatorship, no matter what they might do to me for being a free man? I have absolutely no trouble choosing a life of freedom  over a life of compliance -no matter what the consequences.
As for details of the actual steps we will take to move our cause forward, these necessarily come AFTER the presence of the core team I have now asked for many times.
I don’t make the rules, but I do obey the rules of universal law.

220120: The laughter of our children is only attainable by victory over the psychopaths now in government.

The so-called Anglo-Irish Treaty was signed on the 6th of December 1921 – under threat by the British tyranny of “immediate and terrible war” – a threat that was realised anyway – in spite of the signing of the British “Treaty” (a euphemism for a death-and-enslavement sentence for our nation) – in the ensuing “Civil War”, which actually was a continuation of the Anglo-Irish war under new “rules”, using British muscle and mercenary “Irish” as agents.
That “Civil War” established the two British states that we still suffer under 100 years later. The same British states now murder our people with impunity.
This is an ongoing crime against our people, perpetrated by enemies working for a murderous dictatorship that poses as a legitimate government as it continues it’s reign of terror and organised criminality, protected by an armed militia led by a British Garda commissioner.
The Irish people deserve better than these parasites in government – and we will have better.
As we approach the centenary of the “Civil War”, we pledge to unite as never before and to at last realise the Irish Republic we, the overwhelming majority of Irish citizens wish for, work for, but are denied by a gang of treasonous criminals in suits, who have lied to us, censored the truth, oppressed us, stole our resources, murdered and continue to murder our most innocent and defenceless and still control our lives in a pure Fascist Government/Business partnership of evil that we will end this year.
We will live in peace. Peace cannot exist when injustice rules, so we will end that evil rule.
The laughter of our children is only attainable by victory over the psychopaths now in government.
That victory is worth any effort.


Another gang for jail…


220119: I do not now, nor will I ever, recognise the legitimacy of any form of British rule in Ireland.

I have read up to page 41, but will not likely finish (I actually did), Stephen Manning’s “Criminality in the Irish Courts”.
My reasons are starkly simple, but deadly accurate: Irish law is Dlí na mBreitheamh.
What is referred to as “Irish Law” in this publication is English law that was forcefully imposed and is maintained by a corrupt, neo/post-colonialist, West British junta that operates outside the “democratic process” – a process which is NOT democratic, but a massive con.
In total contravention of Article 2 of BunReacht na hÉireann (another “Irish” document in need of full revision, since it was ratified under the covert British rule that still exists in our country), “European Law” was forced on us illegally, as have been ALL decisions by referendum – and all voting – before and since:
Article 2 of BunReacht na hÉireann* is contravened by the “State”s refusal to include the Irish citizens of the 6 counties in any part of the so-called “democratic process”, making the existing decisions by this very undemocratic process ALL invalid and illegal. We were forced into the “European Union”, too, by the same tricks…
As for “International human rights…”, if you read through the “Universal Declaration of Human rights” and compare the words to reality, you’ll see that the big powers continually flaunt it’s rules, going as far as to veto ANY decisions of their so-called “United Nations” that they don’t like: these Nations are “United” as are the Nations of the “United Kingdom” – by force, coercion, censorship of truth, propaganda and all the tools of the evil dictatorships that they constantly castigate for the very litany of crimes they themselves thrive on… The leaderships of these entities are big bullies who should be locked up, but who this undemocratic Fascist world junta keeps in power against the will of most of the world’s people, mainly by a chain of  command by massive bribery.
In Ireland, we have seen how this trickery has been used to justify the current régime’s barbaric butchery and poisoning of the pre-born and the extension of these “services” to the old and defenceless, then to the rest of us, the innocent victims of a murderous, cowardly, criminal gang of anti-human psychopaths.
As should you all, I totally reject any decisions made in this country that have not been made by a truthfully informed and respected people, then implemented to the letter by volunteers who shun personal gain and serve the people.
My summary of the so-called “Brehon Laws” – Dlí na mBreitheamh will follow, but two fundamental aspects that I need no revision of are, 1, that these laws had the full support of the people since they were just and 2, that their (our) language was/is Irish, which might be uncomfortable for those of you who now profit from the covert British cesspit we now inhabit.
Our “10 Steps to Irish” course will be a basic necessity for citizens of the new Ireland: I do not make the rules, but I did make this course, with the help of the best speaker of Irish I have ever met… The “Irish” education system’s forcible ramming of the English language down our throats ends now.
I do not now, nor will I ever, recognise the legitimacy of any form of British rule in Ireland – and when we regain our independence by being informed, we will immediately reinstate Irish Law.
That reinstatement begins NOW.
Go n-éirí an bóthar linn,

  • AIRTEAGAL 2 Tá gach duine a shaolaítear in oileán na hÉireann, ar a n-áirítear a oileáin agus a fharraigí, i dteideal, agus tá de cheart oidhreachta aige nó aici, a bheith páirteach i náisiún na hÉireann. Tá an teideal sin freisin ag na daoine go léir atá cáilithe ar shlí eile de réir dlí chun bheith ina saoránaigh d’Éirinn. Ina theannta sin, is mór ag náisiún na hÉireann a choibhneas speisialta le daoine de bhunadh na hÉireann atá ina gcónaí ar an gcoigríoch agus arb ionann féiniúlacht agus oidhreacht chultúir dóibh agus do náisiún na hÉireann.
  • ARTICLE 2 It is the entitlement and birthright of every person born in the island of Ireland, which includes its islands and seas, to be part of the Irish Nation. That is also the entitlement of all persons otherwise qualified in accordance with law to be citizens of Ireland. Furthermore, the Irish nation cherishes its special affinity with people of Irish ancestry living abroad who share its cultural identity and heritage.


220118: the “roadmap” restated…

I’ve just finished reading three more books* that repeat in different words the thing that, since I have had my attention focused on this problem for more than 20 years now, I already understand:
That there is a small powerful minority threatening us all with annihilation.
My statement/slogan “Murderers out of government, into jail” is a fully accurate and on-target summary of all these books and previous and ongoing observation. Our collective, focused action against the source of this problem should replace the flies-in-a-jar “activism” still being pushed on us by the self-promoters.
It is only when the murderers have been taken out of their current positions of power over us all that we can effectively move forward to a bright future: this bright future is already being lived here at Omláñ-, but it’s visibility has been suppressed by the same people who are misleading you all.
Finally, the enemies of us humans are working 24/7/365, but we still have no coherent resistance.
I have supplied the research, the centre, facilities and the “roadmap” and offer to help guide us on our way forward.
I also repeat the need for a central team. This is not any form of dictatorship. It is, as is written on our flyer (No.2 of our 5 priorities), full peoples “government” – a thing NONE of us has ever experienced before…
I do not make ANY of they rules – I just summarise vast research for the benefit of us all, who now need consolidated action to move us out of the mortal danger in which we remain.

* “Covert-19, by Carina Harkin;
“Crisis Cull or Coup” by Stephen Manning, and
“The truth about Covid-19” by Joseph Mercola and Ronnie Cummins.


220112: When your consent has been informed by lies and deceptions, you have been coerced.

Or words to that effect… would make a good slogan.  It is a core issue and backs up the charges of murder – i.e. it is yet another proof of guilt. ALL those who have “chosen” to allow themselves to be injected by servants of a criminal gang of thieves, drug-pushers and mass murderers who have told them countless lies, have actually been injected without their informed consent: ie they have been coerced. As before, I assert that the charge is murder, not negligence.

https://plandemicseries.com/ is up to date and a tight summary.
Part of my job is to save you “research” by summarising stuff, so all you have to do is check the odd source to make sure I’m not telling you lies…
But, when another team does it better than I could ever do…, I just quietly thank them and get on with something else.
… Such as uncovering yet another group of controlled opposition…
I undertook to do a job 21 years ago and stick by what I promised. I get censored by these pseudo-defenders more than by Big Tech.
This “leadership” is the main reason why Ireland has still to create a mass movement – because the pseudo-leaders are doing their utmost to keep the lid on this. Don’t fall for their lies. Instead, I suggest your first, or next, reading of my report “Ireland’s Big Lie”, published 14-Dec-2011 and to consider my two comments:
1. This was published 10 years ago, but shows exactly the same method of manipulation/social-engineering that I described then being used this time by the same enemy. The use of bribery to infiltrate communities is alive and improving…
2. This report (“Ireland’s Big Lie”, published 14-Dec-2011) has been deliberately and maliciously hidden from widespread view by some of those who are now making the speeches at the public events that are supposedly resisting what they actually do better than Big Tech: i.e. censor. These enemies within have censored my work almost to disappearance … while falsely complaining of their own censorship by Big Tech.
Then, today, I was accused of “sabotage”!! of their rally on Saturday (8th-Jan-2022)… not realising that, when they exclude me from their wee group, they cannot then expect me to abide by their “decisions”…
These people are easy for me to spot, because the liar always makes mistakes
This aspect of my work sickens me, but it is essential.
To summarise: all the groupings that are organising the street-protests are being manipulated by a few self-promoters, in disgusting contempt for the common good. At a time like this when we are all in grave danger, this is criminal.
I “reached out” to 5 different groupings last Saturday: one made return contact.
Slán g fóill,

220109: All existing groups are part of the whole – and the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts.

Some people are asking for a vote for a “United Ireland”.

I now ask these people: Who will organise the vote and who will implement the decision?
The British government?; the “Irish” government??
The very “discussion” shows how far off course the Irish people have been blown by the dependent mindset and the resulting insanely slow reaction to current, ongoing, mortal danger.
Two years into the current cull/scam/robbery/rape and we still have ZERO effective defence against a murderous scam that is robbing us of the last of our communal wealth and putting us into terminal debt so we lose our sovereignty – not to mention killing lots of people.
This is absolute madness when a small cohesive, whole-time team could change the game in our favour.
Omláñ- continues the work and to search for the necessary few whole-time volunteers who will provide the core team necessary for progress.
We do NOT ask for a vote on anything if it is to be the gift of the powers that have oppressed us for centuries and that are perfecting that oppression as we speak so we are now prisoners of their indoctrination and lies.
We become united, independent, etc by OUR OWN work – not by waiting on those currently murdering our people to allow us to vote and who would then subvert our decision: that is the cause of all our problems today – that we have been trained to depend, not to do.
When your family had your land robbed from it a few centuries ago, your forefathers were forced into this dependence.
We can ALL escape this, but it will need work.
When I say I know the way, it is not arrogance, as some would accuse, but truth. I do know the way – and that way begins with the assembly of a core team of 3 whole-time volunteers here in this centre/site. The fact that my inputs are censored, (not only by the dictators, but by those who profit from the status quo while claiming to be on the peoples side) is easily enough cured – you should make a special effort to share this urgent and important message.
I volunteered for a job and I have LONG AGO done it. It was done well. It was done correctly. It was done by attention to duty well beyond the normal, but has been vilified and hidden by the self-promoters
– and the ordinary people have been denied sight of the path to lasting peace by their own “leaders”.
I have been ignored and excluded from all working groups. My ideas are stolen – they were my gift to ALL people, not just to the few cute huers who rehash them to serve their own agendas, but who do not understand what I had proposed, and who deviously deny me the opportunity to show how things could – and will be.
the Irish language movement has been annihilated by bribery.
The pro-life movement has been taken over by professionals who consume resources and give only hindrances.
The “Irish republican movement” is still in defeat-mode – so much so that any radical thought is censored by those who cannot see the way: “I cannot see the way, therefore there is no way” is the current and terminal mindset of the “republicans” who actively assist in the rule of our peoples by the British.
The ageing gatekeepers of these non-movements knock my inputs down and replace them with the terminal vacuum that has existed now for more than a quarter of a century, dressed up in new clothing.
I contacted ALL the groups who call themselves republican, pro-life and Irish, but found NO republican, pro-life or Irish groups: many genuine people who work for a society governed by it’s own people for our common good, but all the existing organisations have now accepted the unacceptable of participating in government by the British of both states in a partitioned Ireland – one open and the other covert.

These corrupt states have stealthily brought us to where we are today: nowhere.
Our communities have been misled for far too long.
The blindness to reality is worse than despicable, since the real Irish Republic is ours for the taking, but the same people refuse to put their own narrow cul-de-sac thinking to one side and unite in common purpose to allow us to move forward to a bright future.
The New Irish Republic 2020- does not recognise or legitimise ANY facet of British rule in our country, including Britain’s rule of the “Irish” state via Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil, etc, who have been raping their own people for a century now while they tell us we live in a democracy…
The new Republic is almost at the end of it’s second year, but the propagandised and misinformed Irish people still take all their leads from their enemies within who still conceal the truth while posing as defenders.
Petty childish divisions and the worship of speech-makers who do not act is leading you all further into the trap the dictatorship has laid for you.
Anyone who is not giving ALL their time to our defence from the psychopaths who now rule us does not understand the danger we are in.
The dinosaurs and mé-féiners who now hold us back from progress have been doing this for years, so most people do not even know what freedom looks like.
The criminals who now dictate to us all are becoming more powerful by the day while the speech-makers ignore anything that might require a bit of action…
When we replace these speech-makers and misadvisers with active volunteers who make informed decisions and act to implement them, we will see progress.
The agents who have been controlling the people’s struggle, too, must be jettisoned. I have named some names: those who have been respected and listened to as they led us all into the swamp we are now drowning in, while they themselves live the good life.
There is so much to do and so much to create. There is NO reason that anyone should have to live in fear or servility, waiting or dependence any more.
Anyone who works for, or is being bribed by, the current tyranny, should not be in any position of leadership in our resistance to that tyranny: they will not bite the hand that feeds them.
The hand that feeds them should be in jail.
Please do not be complicit in their crimes: we must unite in common cause.
Whole-time volunteers who put the common good first are the only people dedicated enough to co-ordinate our resistence in this mortally dangerous time.
Omláñ- unites the best of all the positive movements for good into one common struggle against the anti-people forces that now rule us with stealthy tyranny.
That is why The New Irish Republic is not a “party” and needs no “members”: it is our decision-making and implementation system.
We, the volunteers, are the implementers of your decisions.
We are incorruptible and serve because we care about our common future.
All existing groups are part of the whole – and the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts.


I have no hesitation choosing the second of the current alternatives…

So, as promised, today was used to mark the passing of one year since I made my official reports… etc.
I had no hesitation choosing the second of the following options.
1. To remain under a gang of organised criminals who think murder of innocents is OK.
2. To create, develop and implement a viable alternative: a fully open and accountable democracy…

The e-mail list that I created was my attempt to break the shackles of censorship of truth and it has always been material for sharing. I always worked on the principle that, if it’s good enough, it’ll go… I do not apologise for contacting what was deliberately a fair cross-section of “interested or potentially interested people” and ask people to encourage others to join our network.

After I had done my rounds this morning, discovering that Messrs Fox had been well fed on three of our birds, I went straight to the recovering goat to check: improvement at last and a classic picture of “Mami” – who had been in bad shape, being kept warm by her own first kid and three more.
Some people call it serendipity, others call it grace. Saol na saoirse!!
The common good I refer to also gets called “God”. That’s because they are two facets of the same thing: heaven on earth.
The fact that Údarás na Gaeltachta broke state silence is good and they are on this contacts list firstly as people and then as an office of the outgoing state.
We can work with these people, but not with the “office”, since the name suggests coercion and the term Gaeltacht was always a deceit: the Gaeltacht is the places where our language and law are heard and respected, in Ireland, Scotland, Man and elsewhere. “Comhairle/Cúram na nGael” might be more accurate.
We don’t do borders; we don’t do coercion. And we don’t do theft of communal resources, bribery, propaganda, censorship or deliberate lying to our people.
The background information is on www.omn.ie which this coming week will be transformed to reflect current realities.
The number one current reality is that the criminals who still cling to government are now overdue for “question-time” by police and that the people are now asserting and implementing things that were agreed long ago.
As for the remainder of the “transitioning”, the way forward there has been discussed and is “work in progress”.
I will keep a hand on the wheel until things settle, but next week I will be adding to the list below of necessary/urgent things that need attended to:
1. News Editor. I can assist here, but need a panel to give full-time cover.
2. A visit to (or creation of) the local “Hub” to get things moving.
This list and work will this week revert to our own language, Irish, as is right and natural.
Our “10 Steps to Irish” course is the foundation for those who were denied this treasure by what posed as an Education system.
Questions for our second referendum are due any time now. Existing questions are mainly old issues that need implemented, but are still being voted on…
Referendum on St. Patrick’s day.
Our new homepage will be different, but the original will just be moving a bit into the background.
Go n-éirí an bóthar linn,

Here are some interesting documents I dug up recently:

I was recently asked for a copy of the earlier draft of “Ireland’s big lie” shown on a recent video: this (Strategic…doc) is not an exact copy as these were being updated from 2007ish, but I think this one has actually more info than the one I have printed out here…
I also attach evidence as yet unpublished – of Údarás scam re Feasibility studies, showing that grant is half of expenditure and O Cuinneagain’s costs = exactly grant amount (.jpg / .jpg / .jpg) and “Aighneacht chuidithe“, which was my initial proposal. All this is “legal” and I had a “choice” and could have gone on without the business “advice”, but, as with all protection rackets, I would have been refused, so would just have been giving them more info to be ignored as they rehashed my idea and privatised and Anglified it. They actually did this anyway: all my main ideas were soon turned into English-speaking businesses by these defenders of our language. Unbelievable – but true.
Finally, a nice email I received when I was in the darkest time, from my loving sister, Anne, the main person responsible for the holding back of my work.
Slán g fóill,


 Unfinished report of my service since Feb 2000. Proinsias.

It is only by uniting in common purpose that we will stand a chance of defeating these tyrants: the current misleadership, as described in this report, is the MAIN obstacle to this unity and should be immediately dismissed.


Do not fall for the lies of the criminals who now control Ireland.

For those of you who don’t see it yet, we are now living under the “Emergency Provisions”/Special Powers act of late 20th Century “Northern Ireland”.
It is given a different name now and a different “enemy”: then it was used by the good-guys against “them tarrorists”- now it is being used in defence of the people’s health against bad old Covid-19!
Do not fall for the lies of the criminals who now control Ireland.
They should all be in jail.
They WILL be in jail as soon as we unite in our own defence.


Taking on the enemy with, as usual, inferior equipment…

but the determination of us who fight for what is right.

Here is a reply to my last email about 1984:

…that is a powerful perception of the past and current
status of Ireland, but is it a tad too self-referential?

and my reply to it:

Could be, but I dont fully understand the word.
I just do as I see fit.
I have OFTEN asked for support from the republican movement, but still work solo.
So, maybe the self-referentialism might be forgiven .
Maybe not.
The list of those I contacted for support might well be my next self-referential publication…
that’s what I feel like doing
The ostrachism is inexcusable
The leadership of the provos and co are getting away lightly, I can tell you.
Now please get our people weighed in behind this campaign and I’ll see you at our first open-air “Dáil”
Vol. PaddyJoe

…and next in line was me.

(just to answer one criticism, the “me” in this piece can AND SHOULD apply to anybody: we must all play our part.)

1984: I knew the young Volunteer in one of those coffins: he used to pal about with a friend of mine’s younger brother. I also knew one of the Volunteers carrying one of those coffins: he was killed on active service a few months later. Then another funeral a couple of days after this…
And, many years later, the next in line is me:
I don’t wear a mask but I also am a Volunteer, on active service this last 20 years. I have been working on the final settlement of our British problem… what we call the Peace Process. Unfortunately, it has so far been one-sided: as we made peace, they made more wars.
My current task is to get the murderers in the “Irish” government out of government, into prison, where they belong, so we can govern our nation in peace and with justice. Our new Republic threatens nobody, but the current murderous dictatorship threatens us all.
I have given proofs beyond a shadow of doubt of the guilt of members of our “Government” and other people. If I fail in my current task, it will prove conclusively that Ireland is ruled by a terrorist dictatorship and the next in line then would likely throw away my “rule-book”… Not a scenario I want to consider… so I’ll do my best.
The Irish Republic was “declared” long ago, but that was never realised.
It will be.
Nodlaig mhaith daoibh


“Lizzy Gwelp and the Huggie-Homebru-Dance-Once-More People”

(Refers to Saturday 11 Dec protest in Sligo)

 “If you lie with dogs, you’ll rise with fleas”, me mother used to say to me.

Aye. When I compromised and was good, they kept me locked out, but fed on my ideas.

Those who spout “Irishness” but daily choose the queens English as their language and law.

I shake off the fleas and the dust from my feet…

RiseUp Éireann, me bollox. Blocked there, too. Vol. PaddyJoe.


211211 – When you take the easy way out, don’t expect success.

And when you follow the wrong leader, don’t expect to get to a good place.
The mé-féin leadership has wasted another of your years.
I have only wasted the time I spent trying to show people the way.
I am still traveling that way and I know it is right.
This website (www.omn.ie) has enough details to show that way.
Those who compete with each other for popularity have the wrong priorities and are censoring me because they cannot match my work.
Copying, denigrating, censoring, dividing, excluding have been their only “contribution” for years.
That’s how we lost the 2018 abortion referendum: because people put their own popularity and comfort above the lives of the innocents.
I know this is true because I saw it happening.
It is still happening.
That’s how we are losing the battle for life itself.
That’s why the Irish people continue to deepen the defeat.
You have got so used with living in defeat that it seems normal.
You are so used hearing that “you can’t do that” that you believe it and become stagnated.
That is victory for the oppressor and self-oppression for you.
The professionals depend on the enemy for their privileged place in this rotten society.
I tell you that there is a better way.
There is.
I do not only recommend it: I live it.


From 8th January of this, another wasted year…

Censorship is the enemy of democracy.
It is the weapon of tyrants.
It is killing our people.
We oppose it in all it’s pretexts – especially when it is used, as now, as a weapon of terrorism: bio-terrorism, by the leaders of our country against us the citizens.
Our volunteer organisation has been and will continue to be censored, not because we are “terrorists”, but because we tell it as it is. It is the censorers of truth who are the real terrorists.
Our posts are now being published on www.omn.ie and if you want to access or contribute to our news feeds, send us an e-mail to scel-@omn.ie
And for those of you who look to the U.S.A. for your example:  the words “Democrat” and “Republican” have EXACTLY the same meanings, but, in the case of the ‘ballot-box-and-censored-media’ system that they have deviously developed, neither are democratic/republican. They are perfect examples of how the English language has been twisted to promote a big lie. This lie is what turns “Democracy” into dictatorship and tyranny.
Our resistence to this tyranny will NEVER cease until we live once again in peace and freedom.

211210 – Food for thought leading to action

Firstly, a comment on recent trends:
Mass non-compliance is a powerful way, but not the only way. We must never fall for the “only way” phrase.
No matter how effective an action is, we are always better to defend on many fronts… and to counter-attack when possible. The tyrant is strong, but has many Achilles heels…

Were you ever silenced, told to shut up, or censored, called stupid, mad, out of touch…?
I have been censored all my life, since I openly speak the truth and just as openly reject illegal, unjust authority: that’s why I hated school – without even knowing why until years later when I looked into that weapon of mass deception in more detail. This sense of justice often led me to confrontations with the British army and their local militia, the infamous R.U.C.
In the 70’s – 90’s period, we had media censorship in excess in what was proclaimed as a democracy. But this censorship has become much more (i.e. almost totally) effective now than in the good old days of the “NornIrn News” and  “Section 31”. The tyrants in suits have now improved the mechanics and extended the scope from “tarrorist” to ANY dissenter.
In a “free society”, the law needs a warrant to tap phones and engage in other forms of covert surveillance.
But “Big Tech” needs no warrant and can spy on anybody completely – i.e. they can know ALL – without ANYBODY’s permission. This, as with other forms of oppression, is not regarded as relevant or even visible to those who do not openly resist, so the rest of the people tend not to see or experience the oppression. The oppression we nationalists/republicans were subjected to in the 70’s – 90’s period: the victimisation, the daily invasive searches and routine abuse, often the brutality and the abuse of the “law” by a criminal “police force” and an even more criminal judiciary.
Almost nobody outside of our own communities even knew it was going on and we were often disbelieved and seen as angry without reasonable cause…
The desired result of censorship is to twist peoples perception of truth and thus to pervert the course of democracy in an unseen but powerful way. This produces a covert, but highly effective tyranny and dictatorship of a people who do not know it is being done to them. This also has the effect of minimising resistance, since the unseen/unknown attack is difficult to repel.
A certain viewpoint is seen to be in a tiny minority, when, in fact, it is the correct viewpoint, but is being “depopularised” by censorship and covert threats. This oppression is now done routinely by the “New Rulers of the World” – Big Tech, Big Pharma, W.H.O., W.E.F., Gates, Soros, Rothschild and many more of the new-age rich psychopaths who “police” the world for the tyrannical but Guardian-Angel-like “New World Order”, posing as defenders of, but really the arch-enemies of us, the human family.
To give you one of many of my personal examples: months ago, facebook totally blocked my inputs (without telling me, of course, so my discovery of this was due to my routine checks…), so I stopped using it to help publicise the work I do for the common good. A few days ago, though, just to check on the current situation, I put up another post (you can check dates, etc on “Frankie Jimmy” on fakebook to verify this). The post was the one in which I advocated extending our peoples boycott (by coincidence, not the most popular post I would be required to make, as it also accused agents). Fakebook must have lowered their guard against my freedom of speech, because the post got 18 thumbs-ups. So I posted my next offering there, too, but, predictably enough, NOTHING – the Iron Curtain had been reimposed. Just compare this treatment to the viewing statistics  – the thousands of views – of some of the so-called leaders of our misled resistance and you will plainly see the problem: only genuine resistance is censored: pseudo-resistence is actually promoted, though these people falsely claim they too are being censored: lies!
It is tyranny – clever tyranny – brutal and murderous, but plausibly deniable and blameable on a micro-organism… now where did we hear that scenario before?? I wonder…
Oh, now I remember: it was the 1840’s and was called “Phytophthora Infestans” commonly known as Potato Blight. That crime was only proven beyond doubt recently and has been lied about in our schools and media, by our clergy and in all “Irish” public discourse.
The villain/scapegoat this time is called Cov-ID-19. It is in everybody’s interest that the truth does not take as long to come out this time. So:
The truth is that we are in the “late/terminal/kill-phase” of a state-committed mass murder. I have already proved that: not beyond reasonable doubt, but beyond a shadow of doubt. That is why my inputs are censored and why you all should help in our resistance to that censorship: this is beyond urgent!!
We are in the final kill stage of this slow-acting and multi-faceted biological terrorist attack and for millions of human beings it is already too late. The kill will be plausibly-deniable and many other things will be blamed – but not the weapon: called a “Vaccine”.
This, like the AIDS virus, is deliberate, slow-acting and plausibly-deniable, the “vaccine”, in this case, causing further problems and muddying the crystal-clear waters.
Those who assisted by delaying my statements – beginning on April 24th 2020 – long before any “vaccine” was deployed, should be shunned as the colluders in heinous crime that they are. My apology is for an error of one word. Their unuttered apology is for collusion in mass-murder for personal gain. I would like to be proved wrong in this, but I do not expect to be.
The censorer and inverter of truth is the state that now rules your life with an iron fist. It was this same tyrannical tactic that caused Ireland’s deliberately and criminally misinformed and misled people to vote for the murder of its own innocent children – and it is this evil state that is now extending the murder to us all at random.
We must resist this effectively – and effectiveness needs FULL commitment.
The controlled “leaders” are the Trojan Horse and need sidelined immediately.
Don’t wait until this tyranny kicks in your door: resist now.
I am, as usual, the bearer of bad news, since most people are still in denial of reality, but we have, at present, almost NO effective resistance, mainly due to the divisive connivances of the controlled opposition who now portray me as divisive as I rid our uniting people of the real dividers…
But I also keep the good news to last: these psychopaths are NOT all-powerful.
Our contact email is on www.omn.ie and we need some more full-timers.
Our common future depends on our effectiveness in this struggle for existence.

United we stand a chance. Divided we will not be.

The way forward:

People have recently been showing us the “stages of genocide”.
That is good work, but has now been nullified by our work of recent days: we know the source of the genocide and the current agents both open and covert, so our work now focuses on the removal of a tyranny and simultaneous building of our minimalist peoples government.
We do not, for one second, drop our guard, since these criminals are still in control of the main power-sources…
Our organisation has been working on this development for 20 years, so our own stages are no longer in sequence: most of the foundations are complete and building well started.
The enemies now having been identified, we can move forward. My proofs that there was an enemy within have not been as much as questioned, let alone denied by people who, though claiming to be representing the people, have used the power and tactics of the enemies of the human being: censorship, lies, ridicule, slander… etc, etc… In this case, they simply ignore the proofs, knowing that they control the narrative… Fortunately for us all, this is a false confidence.
So, as usual, I ask for volunteers. I am simply keeping hold of the “steering-wheel” until I am no longer needed and will never stand for election or found or join a “political” party: those very concepts are foreign and repugnant to me, a fully reconnected Irishman who knows my place in the human race: I am a servant, no more… but, since I was brought up with truth and honour as two of the main pillars, I give all and do not count the cost.
The criminal and cowardly gang we are now being mercilessly attacked by will soon know the power of a people united in defence of life itself – and life needs freedom.
The censorship of my work by “social media” and by those in the Telegram groups that have been ostracizing me while spouting nonsense about “free speech” and “our freedoms” is now being removed: those who are willing to give time can contact us by the email quoted on our www.omn.ie hub.
Our statements and other work will be circulated by you, the people: if you are in agreement with a message, please share/forward – again by email or other means; if you see something you don’t support, please contact us – or at least make us aware of criticisms. This is how our government works…
Our work is essential and the road has long ago been mapped out through years-long study and preparation.
I volunteered for this job in 2000 and have been focused since, so things are well under way by now. A fuller, clearer picture can be got by going through our work on omn.ie. It is voluminous, but all was necessary and much more needed. This work now needs a team and I once again offer my services.
Ar aghaidh linn,


211206: It is already happening – and good riddance to them…

Those “businesses” that are assisting the criminal “Irish Government” to enforce their tyrannical and murderous apartheid of “vaxxed” and “unvaxxed” are beginning to close down. This “People’s Boycott” will now be extended until the murderers now ruling and terrorising our country are in jail where they belong.
Here’s how I do it:
I go into a shop, or whatever, and begin  “business”… If at any stage I am told to wear a mask or to produce proof of “vaccination”, I, without uttering a single word, walk out of that establishment and NEVER return.
The dictators in suits think they have us beaten, but they are wrong now and will be wrong always.
Those who have misled our people into continuing inaction – including my own sister, Doctor Anne Mc Closkey – have ensured that you are not all long ago fully prepared for this action by having already had created the alternatives. These people were approached and heard my warnings and suggestions.
This misleadership was always despicable, but is now replaced.
Continuing to follow the pied pipers is still a choice you can take, but you will regret it. Those who feed off the criminal states have conflicts of interest – to put it mildly!
“Charity begins at home”


A chairde,
Can any of you explain why, since all these people (screenshot below) and more of their co-self-promoters knew of my murder charges of 18th Dec 2020, Pulse I.D. 19091862, they are now working to further lesser charges filed on 7th May 2021, Pulse I.D. 19714695.
I know the answer:
This is happening to promote these personalities and to suppress a true volunteer. Instead of moving forward together, they stole an idea and erased the source of that idea. This is more than despicable.


The New Irish Republic’s
“Home, Family, Community” Education Service.

Instead of protesting outside “schools” or “Dáil Éireann”, you should once and for all take your child(ren) out of the indoctrination camps that the “Murder Machine” has long ago become.
One of the biggest lies you were ever told by the current juntas is that you can get an Irish Education in English: NO. You get an Irish Education in Irish and our New Republic’s “Home, Family, Community” Education service has long been ready for “rollout”.
You begin, WITH your child, AT HOME, on our “10 Steps to Irish” course. Age is not an issue.
This will give you – father, mother and child(ren) – a basic working knowledge of our language.
We are developing this system all the time and your next steps are already done, so you can progress as fast as you like.
We are constantly adding to this and will make it more user-friendly as things progress.
This is the first stage in you and your family’s revolution: the “state” you are leaving has a criminal government, a criminal state broadcaster, a criminal judiciary, a criminal “legal” system and a police force led by criminals.
It has a murderous Health Service, an insane system of resource-management… the list goes on. In short: irreformable.
It was nothing but a money-launder for the rich and a hindrance to the rest of us.
As you leave this society of the lie, just say: good riddance.
Now begin the rest of your life in freedom from what rule by criminals had brought us to.
When you look back in a few short months from now, you will see the evil of what you have now consigned to the dustbin of our sorry history.
The future is as bright as we make it.


A gang of murderers, led by the current “Tánaiste“, has taken over ALL aspects of the rule of our country.

Fix that and we fix everything.

Ignore that and we can never make ANY progress.


The entity (“An Garda Síochána”) that has ignored this ongoing serial-kill for almost a year is NOT a police force.

It’s disbandment is now essential as part of our progress towards a free and just society.

The proofs are cast-iron: these people should have already done 11 months in jail.

The only person the “Irish” establishment has jailed for a Covid-related “offence” was jailed for not wearing a mask on a bus!

This once again proves that what calls itself the “Justice” system is yet another lie.


211130: When you dehumanise a tiny human embryo, you dehumanise yourself.

Unfortunately for those who took the bait, when you dehumanise a tiny human embryo, you dehumanise yourself.
The purveyors of death now in power gave you a referendum and 1,429,981 Irish people voted to dehumanise themselves.
What follows (called the “pandemic”, “vaccination”, etc) is the logical conclusion of these peoples conversion by a gang of murderous psychopaths.
The murderers of the ultimate innocent and defenceless human beings now turn on the rest of those who have fallen for their lies: the people who actually voted for their own extinction, which could well be what they will get…
The rest of us, especially those who defend the human race against rich and powerful psychopaths, are miles ahead and will not discriminate. But we are infested by a sizeable minority of self-promoters – in our own ranks – who put their own popularity above the cause. Our volunteer organisation is erased from every so-called uncensored coverage of any event we attend. Our work is searched for ideas, which are then misused by self-promoters who do not understand what they attempt to copy.
Our references to murderers in government are too radical for those who claim “TRUTH” but fear it’s consequences… so this stark and verifiable truth is censored by those who themselves accuse others of censorship. The in-group becomes more important than the defence: a certain recipe for failure. Misleaders advise people to do things which will only waste their time…. This ensures that the culture of demonstrations and street protest replace the struggle for survival. This is nothing short of madness…
A madness that also happened during the 2018 first State-Provided-Murder referendum: that’s why the good people lost:
we lost because our campaign was then – as is now also true – controlled by people whose pseudo-resistence is quite acceptable to the mass-murderers, since it is totally ineffective – in a plausibly-deniable way, of course. Following the pseudo-resistence is certain to bring another defeat – that’s why they are promoted and we are censored by those who pose as being on the side of the people: those who cry “Civil Rights” but deny those very rights to their own people.
Omlán- is the name of our volunteer organisation and we work for the cause, not for personal promotion. We are whole-time volunteers: that is necessary for effective resistence, but unacceptable to those whose own comfort and popularity is more important than our collective future, many of whom have worked all their lives for the state they now “oppose”.


211129: “Vaccine Passport”

is, as usual, a term that seems innocent…
the proof that you are a good citizen and have taken your medicine…
But, as usual, the lie is so big and clever that most people hide from the reality.
The tyrants are dividing us yet again…
this time it is “us” – those who are “no-risk”, “good citizens” (i.e. “vaccinated”) – a lie-layer of the many layers of lies…
and “them” – those who do not comply with the terrorist régime, looked down upon by the “us” as unclean and irresponsible.
So, once again, we reject the divisions and reassert our common humanity. And we will fight to the death to retain this.
The “Great Reset” is, as usual, a great lie.
The way forward has been mapped out by us in Omlán- in our New Irish Republic.
As we throw out the tyrants, we already have a totally reliable alternative: governance by direct democracy implemented by volunteers.
There is a need for a “Reset”, but it is totally different to the reset planned by the tyrants.
Details are on some of our videos, accessible via our website (www.omn.ie) but we will all get our land and freedom back, not after 2 years of tyranny, but after 800 years of tyranny.
Do not ever fall for the lie that any square inch of Ireland was ever free since the first English invasion. But it ALL will be.
Their language, customs, “laws” and injustices still rule us with a hidden iron hand, while their worldview is rammed down our throats by their lying media.
But the biggest of the many follies of the tyrant is arrogance: he thinks he knows it all, so nothing is ever good enough, short of complete control.
And that is the rock he is now in the process of perishing on.
We will win this time.


211128: Get rid of the mé-féin-ism

I hate it when people compare the current dictatorship with “Communism” when it has nothing in common: the current régime is an ultra-right murderous dictatorship.
This is totalitarianism, which some of the so-called Communist régimes descended into, but which is not Communism in any sense.
The “Irish Government” régime is in the processes of 1. laundering massive Irish debt into private hands so we lose our sovereignty and 2. of creating the ultimate police state, being done with a big kill thrown in, since these cowards’ aims always include killing innocents.
But there IS one interesting thing to note:
this current oppression and mass-murder is being directed mainly against two types of people:
1. the “feeble minded” as the eugenicists call those who fall for media lies – and
2. those who see themselves – as individuals – as being more important than the common good.
the first group will believe and comply with anything they are told by figures of authority;
the second are so selfish that they will comply with anything that ensures they can enjoy life to the full, oblivious to the common good…
Both these groups are negative assets to the human family, but that doesn’t mean they should be targeted for biological attack.
The perpetrators of the attack are the real enemy; the above-mentioned targets were made to be as they are by the very state that is now targeting them for mass-murder.
The rest of us might well be next, so it’s long past time to get rid of the mé-féin-ism.


 Public Campaign

Our recently launched public campaign “Murderers Out/5 Priorities” needs a few more volunteers to help inform the people of the current realities.
We do this by a mobile display and leafleting. The display includes a 72 foot long, 5 foot high banner that reads:
“Murderers out of Government, into Prison”.
We also have Wanted Posters for the 4 main leaders of this ongoing cull.
This display/protest is backed up by our charges pending against key leaders of the murderous government (Pulse I.D. 19091862 filed on 18th Dec 2020)
All that we do is legal, but it will necessarily be open, so people helping will be known. This might scare people off, but it should not, since the Garda have been informed both via our charges and via 2 copies of our leaflet having been posted to every Garda station in Ireland – and since we will at all times be using peaceful and democratic means.
We will be providing this display to any area that is willing to help us do the work of putting up the display and handing out the leaflets.
More details and background info at www.omn.ie . Contact me on 0871508145.

The top 5 priorities to secure Ireland’s future: pdf for printing.

“Controlled Opposition”

I threw out some baits recently for the controlled opposition that is running most of our campaigns against the tyranny that now rules our country in violent and criminal defiance of the interests of our people.
Did you ever wonder why our opposition to this tyranny is short on results?
It is happening because these controlled opposition elements in our midst are in the service of the state and have all the state resources at their disposal. They are promoted while genuine work is censored and sabotaged – and some are being DIRECTLY employed in areas such as IT and publicity work for some third-level “Educational” institutions, now working “from home”, so totally anonymous to the untrained eye.
As I stated earlier, I will not name names, since, using this piece of work as guidance, you will be able to assess things for yourself.
One point I need to make is that it is not possible to know the extent of the sabotage that has already happened, since one can only imagine how things might have been…
But you will see over the next few weeks how things can be when we unite with common purpose and replace the divisive, censoring, insulting, lazy and counter-productive with open, honest communication, co-operation, unity and dedication to the most worthy cause anyone has ever served: that of the protection, defence and development of the human family.
The obstruction and censorship of a genuine volunteer is 100% out of order – especially when it has it’s source in people who, though they appear to lead us as friends, actually work for the very governments that are oppressing us.
I work whole-time for a genuine volunteer organisation and I am well used dealing with destroyers who pose as friends: those who say they will pass on messages, but don’t (they pass them to the tyrants, though…)
Those who promote themselves above the common good…
My experience in this work will serve the genuine people well, as most people – rightly – tend to trust, whereas, though my nature is to trust, I have had to learn to mistrust and to doubt, since the cause I serve has many powerful enemies who bribe the weak and coerce us all.
People who work for the governments that oppress us should have no positions of influence in our work, as they have conflicts of interest and will tend to protect their own privilege above the cause.
The fact that I do not do this comes from a choice I made 20 years ago to serve and to obey what is decided as the right course of action, whether it has popular support or not: the popular support depends on media bribery, not on correctness…
Our volunteer organisation puts actions above words and serves the cause, not the personalities: the personalities are created and promoted by the tyranny, while I and my organisation are viciously obliterated by unlawful censorship.
We have the courage and dedication to attack the murderers and their supporters; that includes identifying these supporters when they come into our camps in the guise of friend and, often, leader.
I do not need to name names!


We have created a Telegram group: “Murderers Out/5 Priorities”

As we deal with Priority 1, we must not be derailed by the controlled opposition emphasizing Vaccine Passports, Masks and other “symptoms”. As long as the murderers are in power, we are living in a tyranny and discussing ASPECTS of this while ignoring the top priority is the work of pseudo-activists who will continue to waste your time and have you following wrong paths.
Our activists will remain focused on the real target: getting rid of the murderous tyranny. Those afraid of facing the enemy head-on will continue to talk around the real problem… not to mention slandering the real activists to make themselves look good. I have had more than my fill of that – especially when it mostly comes from people who claim to be on the side of the people – but I can now spot these posers fairly efficiently.
Recognise them and avoid: check by asking if they are WHOLE-TIME? VOLUNTEERS?
If answer to either is NO, walk away. There is a fully logical reason why this is the correct action – and I will relate it on demand…
The “5 Priorities” do not treat symptoms, since this approach has many times been proven useless.
We deal with the central problem: the fact that a gang of murderers have taken over ALL aspects of the rule of our country.

Fix that and the symptoms go.
Ignore that and you can never make ANY progress.

World War 3…

World War 3 has actually been going for about 50 years now – and, as usual, the casualties have been the innocent and defenceless, murdered by the same cowards who have been fomenting and profiting from wars for centuries.

I quote just one country’s estimated death-toll:

In the U.S.A. alone, over 63 million children have been murdered by the state terrorism of abortion. This holocaust, of course, has been sanitised and called “choice”, “women’s rights”, “compassion”, etc.

The one thing you can rely on – in addition to the inhumanity of these psychopaths – is that the truth will be turned upside-down.

In anticipation of an eventual awakening, though, the mass killers have moved on… the new holocaust is ongoing and being done by virus and “vaccine” – another dirty, cowardly attack on the most defenceless and innocent.

Those countries, including Ireland, that tolerate this by the lack of action by “our” police and legal forces, must be completely reformed by us, the people.

No longer do we fall for the myth that the state cares for us,

so we are well on the way to the complete re-taking of responsibility for our own affairs.

This is the new Republic we work for.

Governance of  our people by our people.

No professionals; no corruption; no psychopaths; no injustice… in short: no “politicians”

This is the way forward we follow. We do not take orders from parasites.

We establish the truth and move forward by consensus.

Consensus is achieved by the use of media to ensure everyone has access to the facts: reality: the truth. The outgoing “state broadcaster”, R.T.É. was never anything but yet another crime against our people.

When we complete the work of their replacement by what they should always have been, we ensure there will be no more divisions:

this is the United Ireland and does not depend for it’s existence on the say-so of parasites in Britain or at home.

The 2 existing states in Ireland are both illegal.

Our Irish Republic is the future.

Ár Lá!