A graphic illustration of the “Irish” establishment’s use of the very British weapon: “Plausible deniability”

is given in this summary of 10 years of investigation which foretells exactly how the present and ongoing cull is being managed. It was first published on 14 December 2011 and, though it focuses on the Irish language, the facts are fairly universal throughout the state departments.

None of the crimes described in this report have been punished and all continue, paid for by a traitor/parasitic government, that continues to rob the resources/suck the blood of the Irish people – mainly by laundering into private hands. This is allowed to continue by our people’s consent by silence and inaction and by the triumph of the criminals’ propaganda – again due to the mé-féinism of a sizeable minority of Irish people who live on bribes.

My use of the Hebrew revival as an example in no way implies support for the state of Israel or any other oppressive state, including our own.

Link to Report: Ireland’s big lie