240111-2034: Another Grand Scam from the masters of Scam and the big lie…

Patriot air-defences have been proven almost totally useless in Ukraine, so what does NATO’s Mr Criminal Stoltenberg do?

This is what he does: “NATO announced on January 3 that it would help a coalition of Allies, including Germany, the Netherlands, Romania and Spain, to buy up to 1,000 Patriot missiles to replenish their own stockpiles. As per the alliance’s official website, COMLOG, a joint venture between the US defense firm RTX (formerly Raytheon) and German company MBDA, was awarded the $5.5 billion contract.

“I welcome allies’ timely announcement to invest in up to 1,000 new Patriot air defense missiles to bolster the Alliance’s security,” stated NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. “This investment shows the strength of transatlantic defense cooperation and NATO’s commitment to keeping our people safe.

But the lie here: “commitment to keeping our people safe”, is the most heinous crime, since they ALL know that Patriot is as useless as a blocked pee-shooter.



240110-2121: Irish, as usual, living in fantasy land.

While people who call themselves “Republicans” continue the descent into total submission to the Global British Dictatorship, led, at home here, by Sinn Féin, many Irish people would be shocked to see this statement and it’s reality-check…

“in Ireland the right-wing that will present itself at the polls in 2025 led by the Sinn Feiin movement is already firmly in the lead”

Calling Sinn Féin “right wing” is spot on target, though absolutely forbidden in our post-republican fascist dictatorship; not only by the “Shinners”, but by most of the so-called “dissidents”, too: those of them who allow or turn a blind eye to members who contest elections, then take part in the illegal, anti-democratic and anti-constitutional “governance” of both the British states here in Ireland and are thus, as organisations, misled by mercenary British agents – in contempt of their own and our nation’s (specifically Article 2 of BunReacht na hÉireann) “constitutions”.

They are, collectively, good at one thing: suppression of any vestige of truth or republicanism/democracy.

They have for long sucked in British funding to keep them afloat in the shit-bucket that they have joined and call “Irish Politics”.

There is no Irish politics outside of our New Irish Republic – not because we exclude them, but because they exclude us, leaving the correct way forward stripped of all resources and silenced by the cancer that poses…

Right wing; pro British; anti Republican, anti-democratic actions, by the “movement” that has destroyed the Irish cause. So isn’t it lucky that a single volunteer evaded the network of British agents that has been misleading our people since the late 1970’s.

…Still being totally cancelled, just as the British state in Ireland has done to our resistence since it was set up in 1922, then joined by the 6 counties in the 1998? Good Fried Day Agreement.

Totally ignored; denied the resources and infrastructure that we collectively built up over years of work: these resources are not theirs, but the peoples and we will rebuild and repossess.



240109-2055: War Criminality… Media fantasy – and harsh reality.

Before the “West” began it’s unprovoked aggression and subsequent unjustifiable and calculatingly provocative attack on Russia via eastern Ukraine, the US/NATO/Zion/“West” ’s objective was stated, though not reported: “The strategic defeat of Russia”. That aggression has backfired, though the enduring Media fantasy remains: “it’s a stalemate”. The reality they all hide from is: “it’s Checkmate”.

The stated objective – “The strategic defeat of Russia” – is war criminality, plain and simple. The foreseeable, but unforeseen result, though, will be the justly deserved defeat of the most evil régime in our history. The Palestinians will be the last victims of this international terrorist alliance of evil. Then we will get “Liberty and justice for all”, despite not because of, the “land of the free”, which has come to the last few months of it’s long, bloody, corrupt and anti-human reign of terror. I look forward with joy to our common future of freedom from the constant lying, propaganda, censorship, coercion, perversion and mass-murder that we have suffered for far too long from criminals in government.



240107-1819: Liberty and justice for all… lets see it in action!!

As they should have done for the attack on the USS Liberty during the 6 day war, the USA should now be forcing Israel – by military means if necessary – to comply with international law – but they are still fully part of the ongoing Genocide in Palestine.


Because the US “Deep State” is controlled by the same criminal network that controls Israel: the “Deep State”’s middle-east bridgehead in their continuing war for world domination. They are two sides of the same coin.

The USA, Britain and a few more nations have for long been under the control of this international criminal network, contrary to all democratic principles.

Currently, Israel is the spearhead of the “Deep State”s war on the human race, deliberately provoking the middle-east nations to achieve a World War that this tiny, powerful, evil minority needs to cover up their ongoing cull by other means…

It is the people of the USA who alone have the power to stop this madness, since their “democracy” has caused this tyranny. The intervention of any other nation in this would certainly lead to WW3, since the criminals control the military…

In short: there happened a coup, but, since it was done by “democratic” means, most people accepted things, thinking that this was just the way the World works. The massive wealth of the few and their subsequent control of the minds of the people via a media that promotes their all-reaching lie, have totally subverted democracy: it simply does not exist in these nations that call themselves the “Free World”.

Our 4 point process shows the way: that an individual nation immediately instigates legal proceedings against these mass-murderers, beginning in their OWN country, by immediately removing the suspects from decision-making: step one!

As soon as this happens, the problem is solved finally and justice can be done at last, since the removal of the lunatic from the driver’s seat will immediately restore sanity to the seat of power, allowing the correct decisions to be made: number one decision: immediate cessation of all military hostilities.

Israel might be the last entity to do this, but the one “essential nation” should prove that they are, in fact, essential, by stopping the hypocrisy and pseudo-peacemaking and becoming the spearhead of the short journey to World Peace. That is the SINGLE act that can save the USA from being rightly labelled as the World’s number one tyranny, which they most certainly now are. We all know that it is they who are behind the ongoing genocide.

The nation that leads the total lockdown of the Israeli tyrants will soon have the support of most of the human race and then and only then will it deserve the title “essential nation”. The lies, duplicity and covert complicity that they now hide behind will earn them a future as the most despised nation on earth.

By decisive example only can the USA redeem itself.

Your choice, USA.



240108-1135 Ongoing TREASON by top “elected representatives” in Ireland.

In the USA, voting in the elections of a foreign state makes you forfeit your US citizenship. I’m not sure whether this applies in Irish law or not – but it should. Those who vote in the UK elections to the British parliament at Stormont… or to the UK regional “councils”, instead of demanding of the IRISH government that it stops it’s anti-constitutional denial of the right of the people of the six counties to vote, as they are fully entitled to do according to article 2 of our constitution (Look at page
3 of your passport for the wording of this article), should rethink their national allegiances: do you consider yourself Irish, or British. If you consider yourself Irish, why do you tolerate your own Government denying you your vote???
ALL – yes ALL decisions, elections, referenda, etc that have taken place in the “Republic of Ireland ” since this constitution was written and ratified many years ago (1937?) are NULL and VOID – ILLEGAL, since they are ALL in deliberate breach of the democratic rights of our citizens.
This makes the current government illegal and treasonous.
So what are we going to do about that CRIME??


240106-1411: It DOES concern us: all of us.

Those who think the mass murder in Gaza doesn’t concern them:

they are “culling”, as they have done many times before. But, as time passes, their methods are being refined… and will not stop. Unless we resist they are coming for us all (sorry: most of us). This tiny minority has usurped control, posing as democrats… they are criminally-insane and the “system” ensures the rise of the worst to the top. Few are safe: those with private jets only… with un”vaccinated” pilots, of course.

Ireland has “lost” 250,000 of it’s innocent, defenceless citizens already…


The so-called “conspiracy-theories” are ridiculed, known, but concealed fact.

The reality is that this is the “governance system” they have used for centuries – the “elites” are in constant contact: in the golf-courses, the big hotels, the yachts, the government offices and many other places where their little-needed update-meetings take place. They have numerous means of communication… and they have destroyed any we might have had.

They need little, anyway, since their modus operandi is tested over many campaigns against us, the “useless eaters”.

The Gaza “war” (ie slaughter of innocent natives by a ruthless invasion-force – as they did and still do here in Ireland) is them allowing the mask to slip, since they think we are desensitised and fooled into compliance.

That is why I see NO difference in our Irish struggle and that of the Palestinians – and any other weak community that these psychopathic cowards slice off from any defence.

And that’s also why our New Irish Republic is being developed – years late, but moving – where we at last take responsibility for our own future after having been fooled many times by the chameleons into meek acceptance of our fate. The struggle is universal, so I make clear that our actions are a common imperative that has no borders.

This has been described in detail and the work continues.

We ALL (in The “West”) live in the worst totalitarian dictatorship that the world has ever known.

Blinken’s Zionist-blue tie showed the US’s full involvement in the genocide in Palestine, as he poses as peacemaker: not a shred of truth – or any other humanity…

not a sign of any democracy… just lies.

South Africa’s ICJ case will draw some truth out and the defendants must include all the MIC and other profiteers who live it up on the profits of our stolen resources that they use to kill in ever more efficient and inhuman numbers.



We are on “X” now, @TESDx


240103-1924: Time to get into gear


240103-0946: UpDate

Firstly, we urge the boycotting of faceBoook for their ongoing suppression of truth and their unstated policy of siding with the genocidal elements in our society.

It is not necessary for us to rePost content we recommend, but we will link to any that we consider “essential”. For example:

The video of IOF soldiers demolishing a Mosque in Gaza reminds me of the demolition of the Twin Towers AND the use of anti-tank mines is also telling, since they know the Palestinians have no tanks. But this is a crime against human freedom of worship, as well, of course, as being a crude example of the schooling these terrorists have had…



240101-1927: Update on our work.

I have moved in to an old garden shed that I have ready for a long time. I am now caretaker (have been since 2007 or so) of our facility here “Tearmann na Fuiseoige”, named after the long-standing Irish tradition of community, charity, the freedom to live in peace… and much more.
Our society was close to perfect – that’s why the British tried and almost succeeded in destroying it.
So the New Irish Republic was created and now exists, despite the professional politicians who live off the misery of the people of the world.
Our path to the “de-facto”ising of the Republic proposes to re-establish “Free Derry” as a first step, then to make Derry our capital city for 2024*, but this initiative, as usual, was ignored and suppressed, not by the invader, but by their mercenaries who help govern Ireland for them – illegally and anti-democratically. Both Donegal and Derry/Strabane “Councils” knew about this initiative since before Christmas…(they all know about my work since 2012) maybe they don’t work full-time, but I do, since the time wasted costs many lives EVERY day we delay..
I continue to work wherever I can move us forward and the Republic, established in 2020, is starting to grow.
Our work relies on volunteers and shuns any form of coercion, bribery or corruption.
People who take the trouble to read/watch our materials will soon see the point.
Just as was the case in Free Derry, we do not ask permission from our enemy’s local mercenary power-bases to do what we have every right under the sun to do.
When we get some traction, our initiative for World Peace will have some chance of moving the mass-murderers out of the driving seat. I will continue the battle against state propaganda and erasure of truth until my dying day.
It’s easy to ridicule and ignore, but, having spent most of my life working on this pathway, I know it is the right way forward. Zero doubt.
So I once again ask for a few volunteers to help here. We are self-sufficient and can accommodate more than the two volunteer minimum we need for progress at a reasonable speed.
The lives of thousands of innocents depend on our work. I say “our” in anticipation of being able to break the shackles of censorship that have become massively stronger since the Dublin “Government” abolished the hated Section 31. Censorship and worse – the almost total obliteration of anything that genuinely threatens the rotten anti-democratic status quo – is strangling our people – and most people don’t even realise that they are being mentally isolated from any truth, locked in anti-social-media “echo-chambers” (their term) and flooded with insane, anti-democratic propaganda, so resistance is made always to be a failure. They are masters of “divide and rule”, but we are masters of freedom, so their days of oppression are over as soon as our people are given the facts. That is my current work and I will make certain that the erasure of the sure way forward from the collective mind of our people will cease permanently.
The Irish freedom movement has, for years, played straight into the hands of the terrorist British Empire – but those days are certainly over.
The choice is yours, but my duty is to make fully sure that you ALL hear this message of freedom.
So when you have absorbed the summary of 23 years of work, you will see that your next decision is easy.
Having travelled the road of true freedom and independence for more than 10 years now, I can guarantee that once you dive in – releasing your grip on your comfort-zone, you will understand that, as Bobby Sands said (not a direct quote) they have nothing in their entire arsenal that can break anybody who refuses to be broken.
“The implementation, by volunteers, of the decisions [assessed by direct democracy] of fully informed citizens” summarises the dedicated work that has made this choice a reality.
Anyone who would sneer at this – and there have been many, mainly paid local servants of the oppressor – does so to protect personal privilege against the well-being of the community they have let down by the seeking of personal progress rather than the progress of us all.

*as far as our organisation is concerned, the Republic is in full readiness to be used by the people it was created for: us all. It has been working well now, on a pilot-project model, for almost 3 years…


240101-1904: Genocide is mass-murder… 

The United Nations Genocide Convention defines genocide as “any of five acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group.” The five acts were killing members of the group, causing them serious bodily or mental harm, imposing living conditions intended to destroy the group, preventing births, and forcibly transferring children out of the group. The actions of the Israeli regime fit perfectly into the above-mentioned explanations of genocide…


240101-0324: TESD ‘r “X”



231229-2153: Revenge…

“Our revenge will be the laughter of our children”.

Bobby Sands.


231229-2125: Sign and share…

impossible because of unDemocratic political censorship

I am not allowed to state truth on fascistBook, since it belongs to the NeoCrims, but I will “Share”

But our media needs kickStarted…


since RTÉ still control the minds of most Irish citizens.

This weaponising of our national broadcaster is as unDemocratic as it gets.

And there will not be St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations at the ShiteHouse.

Until they get some respect for us Irish… probably never.



231229-2109: Assange, too…

As Julian said: …”wars can be started by lies,

peace can be started by truth.”


we are now “shaping the Peacefield“.

Goin’ good



231228-1430: Emergency

so our preparation work can begin…

ready to go by 2pm 31 Nodlg 2023.

We have already asked for support from local councils.

We have a place to work even if we are refused access to our own public facilities.



231227-1951: Famine

Famine?, no: mass-murder.

Similar reasons as in our own “version” in the eighteen-hundreds…

So I would say UN needs to ACT, not talk. As we Irish say: who fears to speak of 98?

so, in plain English: famine, overcrowding and war in general cause disease: not accident, but known fact (i.e. deliberate).

This disease is not a natural occurrence, but a crime, since the destruction has been done by humans on humans…



231225-2148: Ask Joe.

So it seems there would be plenty of room for refugees in Bethlehem…

All those empty hotels

but would they be safe there?

Ask Genocide Joe.



231225-2055: Hmm…

Just a reminder to the controllers of the “Hercules” planes that Ireland is a neutral nation.

I would (do) see that as an invasion, which, though sanctioned by “elected representatives”, does not reflect the will of our people, so why not ask us in a referendum which can be done this year…

Oh… and by the way, similar goes for UK Military industrial complex moving in to “Norn Irn”…

ceasefire… putting beyond use… and all that old playbook of lies you sold us that time…

The last time.



231224-2023: Neo-Crims Want Total Control

…the world wants them to stop murdering children and other innocents.


231224-1944: Lá Noδlg.


231224-1936: We knew, we know: no accidents.


231223-1836: Derry IPSC Gaza Vigil. 1230 Christmas Eve.


231222-1524: Time, time, time, as one of the Godfathers of terrorism said…

They love time, since it allows them to get away with murder – every time.

The US/UK etc are doing this wee favour for the captain of their bridgehead torture-squad called “Israel”

They are the one single, evil, entity. Their continuing attacks on innocents in the name of freedom and democracy are inhuman – and they call us “human animals”!!

Their legitimacy is ZERO.



231219-1952: Terrorist USA taking the role of the world peacekeeper again…

the deployment of US Navy and operations of other ally countries allows Washington to gain control of one of the largest shipping routes in the world, while taking the role of the world peacekeeper.


231219: Complicity in organised crime continues: defending the mass-murderers.



“No electricity, no food, no water, no fuel—everything is closed,” Gallant said.

Col. Yogev Bar-Shesht, deputy head of the Civil Administration, said in an interview that eliminating Palestinians’ ability to grow food is a deliberate tactic.

“Whoever returns here, if they return here after, will find scorched earth,” he said. “No houses, no agriculture, no nothing. They have no future.”


231219-1304: Jordan?, the UAE?, Qatar?, Oman?, Egypt?, and Bahrain?…

According to the British outlet, the Guardian, western officials believe Washington has secured the involvement of Jordan, the UAE, Qatar, Oman, Egypt, and Bahrain in the US efforts to deploy an international naval task force to the Red Sea to protect Israel’s maritime trade.”

Backing the mass-murderers is not acceptable – from ANY country.



 231219-1102: We volunteers,

being fully informed and involved in all our decisions, become totally loyal to our cause, since the cause is our people – the community we belong to.

Those who would and do call us “terrorists”, as they kill children, are our enemies: not their nation, but the few psychopathic, criminally-insane people who, like scum, have risen through the shit in the bucket they rule us by.

Whatever decision we make as a fairly informed unit is the right decision.

This has been subverted by violence and coercion for centuries and called “Democracy”, Republic, etc to falsify reality itself.

These are dictatorships, pure and simple.

That’s why I am a volunteer for our PnhÉ2020-.

I have had access to the full facts (as close as can be got this side of our full freedom) and my decisions are backed, thus, by my entire being.

That’s freedom.

I wish it for us all – except for those who continue to deny it to others as they portray themselves as our saviours.



231216-1828: Flyers.

We are distributing flyers at public events to draw attention to our work. The text on the flyers summarises our way forward.

If you can, please help us spread this message. We intend to work via Irish public representatives and try to involve the civil defence forces. There is also no reason why the Irish Navy – air force, even – would not provide us with transport of humanitarian aid – and whatever else we need.

Our way forward has been a few years in progress and is correct.



231213-1424: The main war-crime is the war itself!

I fly two flags at my home: one is of the Russian Federation and the second is that of Palestine. As a citizen of a neutral nation, that has no problems for me: both these nations are the victims of the crime of warlike aggression by the same power-block: US/UK/EU/Zion/Nazi/Fascist/NATO,

that likes to be called “The West” or similar euphemisms.

The aggressor in any war is the ONE guilty of the crime of that war: the top decision-makers are the most guilty, though they spread their hate-speech via their “media” even as they make laws to deny the rest of us ANY freedom of speech…

The proofs of guilt are well documented in these two cases – just the latest of a long list of crimes committed and being committed by the Empire of evil.

If I tried to fly the flag of all the nations that these criminals have destroyed, I would be tending to 68 (that’s for the US alone!!), not 2.

Though these anti-humans always give a brilliant facade and excuse for themselves being the referee between two crazies, all these conflicts have the same origin.

These evil people are the enemies of us all.

Justice will be done and we will have peace.

When we retake control of our own affairs, the chances of any war happening will approach ZERO.

There is NO DOUBT.

The guilty must now be ejected from power, rounded up and locked away.

If we have the courage to be totally inflexible in this existential necessity – and do it in full, righteous unity, these parasitic, psychopathic criminals will run for cover. If we falter, they will consolidate and we will face a much worse future.
And don’t take the “lead” of the so-called “United Nations”, since this is just another crime in itself.



231212-1701: Demolition.

…same as the evictions here, as we were deprived of every need and pushed into disease…

They don’t allow the killers (the pilots, mainly, in this case) to see what their work does

or the depravity of those who have forced themselves on your people telling you that your brothers are “terrorists and human animals”.

I’m ready to move. This issue will get my full attention until the killing of innocents stops permanently.



231211-1724: Interim Report

You’ll notice immediately the contrasts between the items that we can control ourselves and those we cannot – for now…Four stages:

1 is going to upset their equilibrium, so is ignored.

2a has been proven the first real step but is being suppressed; 2b and c are being taken care of by us, the people and this is being done in an exemplary way.

3 this is 3.

and 4 they will need more pressure to comply to – as 1 above.

So the pressure is once again increased. The defenders of genocide do not get any leeway in our justice system, since this is a democracy/Republic. What these criminals have called our collections of oppressed communities for years is of zero concern to us.

Our next move is ongoing:

The ballot-sheets are almost ready and we do our first public gathering in Derry on Friday.

The work is dominated by the need to take the coercion (in form “propaganda”etc…) out of the Irish national broadcaster. It still deceives us even by the name it has stolen: Raidio, Teilifís Éireann.

We the Irish state-servicepeople are now the Irish national broadcaster, so those problems are well in hand.

You can now think about which system you prefer: dictatorship, dressed up as… etc

or real direct democracy in the new Irish Republic 2020-



231211-1316: Goats, wethers for new homes.

One milker and a few in kid. (13 here now)

I need to be available to go to the Middle East and may not come back is the reason these animals are advertised.

I have been running a community self-sufficiency project this few years, but things are being dictated outside this, so…..

So anybody new to the goat-milking life can get a nice tame one to start on… all used to people.

And PaddyJoe, the Buck.



Irish Initiative for World Peace


231211-0833: The U.S. just got itself another state:


Another foul-play media victory using actors that further strengthens the hand of the tyranny.

More people need to wake up and resist this propaganda-weaponising injustice. Zelensky visited because the two are the same: lapdogs of the rich and enemies of their own people.



231210-1054: ĴíaLán:

My investigations into what calls itself the Irish Republic/Republic of Ireland, etc, were summarised in “Ireland’s Big Lie”.

My task was to compare what I see with what I, by “due diligence” knew to be the right way of doing things – fairly well agreed by many thinkers the World over…

What I was seeing was worse than the opposite of what you would expect…

So, to 2023…

I found that, although dressed up nicely by the sheep, was just about 100% opposite of the “direction of travel”.

That organised crime is typical and universal among all the British-dominated countries, whose communities have been under relentless attack for centuries.

Problems are solved by open and honest dialogue, but are prolonged and cancerised by armed (includes ALL weapons) conflict.

That’s exactly why the evil minisculity always pushes us to war.

They are for the “cull”, as always, rather than admitting that they are NOT “special”, not “essential”, not “chosen”



The United Nations Relief and Works Agency has lost 134 relief workers in Gaza since Tel Aviv’s military operation began.


I am a Jewish person who opposes the settler colonial state of Israel. This is not despite my Judaism, but because of it. 

When Zionists violently stole the land from Palestinians, they also hijacked Judaism for their own political agenda

They also taught me “justice, justice shall you pursue”, and that our duty to rise against tyranny supersedes any other earthly loyalty. Jewish people of conscience know that Israel’s massacre of Palestine is also an assault on the Jewish faith. We refuse to sacrifice the beating heart of Judaism at Zionism’s altar of violent nationalism. 


Israel intensifies attacks on Gaza after US veto of UN resolution

“Those who survived the bombardment now face imminent risk of dying of starvation and disease,” said Alexandra Saieh of Save the Children.

“Our teams are telling us of maggots being picked from wounds and children undergoing amputations without anesthetic,” lining up by the “hundreds” for a “single toilet” or roaming the streets in search of food, she added.




231206-1911: The US message, from Austin and from the US administration is not ‘stop’ but rather ‘get it done!’”


231204-2049: Testing new radiation weapons in civilian areas…

of Iraq, Lebanon, and Afghanistan has been standard practice for the US, the British, and the Israelis over more than thirty years. 

Other research studies by Busby and others have produced the evidence of Israeli use of DU air-dropped bombs and artillery fired shells against Arab targets in Gaza and Lebanon since 2006

The findings indicate that long before the present war began last month,  it has been Israeli state policy, backed and supplied by the US, to make Gaza uninhabitable for the future. This is genocide, using genotoxic weapons. For the first attempt at documenting the wind dispersal of DU radioactive particles fired by the IDF since October 7 to Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Israel itself, click on this.


Busby’s report is published here in full.

The arsenal explosion at Camp Doha, Kuwait, on July 11, 1991, involved the detonation of 155-mm artillery shells with DU warheads. A defective heater in an ammunition carrier started a fire, then an explosion “scattering artillery submunitions (bomblets) over nearby combat-loaded vehicles and ammunition stocks. This set off an hours-long series of explosions and fires that devastated the vehicles and equipment in the North Compound and scattered unexploded ordnance (UXOs) and debris over much of the remainder of the camp. The fires produced billowing black and white clouds of smoke that rose hundreds of feet into the air and drifted to the east-southeast, across portions of both the North and South Compounds, in the direction of Kuwait City.” 

Among the estimated almost $15 million in damaged or destroyed ammunition were

660 M829 120mm DU sabot rounds.

…long-term poisoning of Iraqi civilians following the US and British use of DU ammunition during the fighting at Fallujah in 2004.

US forces also used Fallujah to combat-test prototypes of at least two new types of thermobaric weapons – Thermobaric

Hellfire missiles

(same as those used against Israelis by their defenders)

– AGM-114N [54]- and a new thermobaric RPG called SMAW-NE (Shoulderfired, Multi-purpose Assault Weapon – Novel Explosive).”

Click picture below for first part of this documentary:


231203-1708: The real Peace Process takes off at last.

There’s probably no more effective camouflage for a long-term, murderous, unprovoked attack on innocents than to call it a “Peace Process”, “negotiations”, or some other lie like that:

The Brits played that trick on us more than once…

Look back at the “Irish” “Peace Process”. – while we made peace, they made more wars… Minsk, the Oslo Accords, Good Fried Day Agreement… the list is disgustingly long: the aim always the same: to stall progress so they could prepare for more mass-murdering, done by proxies…. etc

I began my full-time service in spring of 2000 and was just in time to see the first attacks of World-War 3 – the war the criminals had been working on since the end of World-War 2… I didn’t realise this until a few months later when I had fully opened the shit-bucket.

They do little else but organise future wars…

This ongoing war was not declared, since it was done without ANY consent… just murders and lies.

The show began with what they call 9-11, when the US (including it’s middle-east outpost that they call Israel) attacked the Twin Towers to get the “War on Terror” going.

It was, and is, the WAR OF TERROR, brought to us, the ordinary people, by a criminal ruling class that has a long and sordid record of similar crimes…

But the arm of the law is long, elastic and strong.

We are now working on the true, four-stage peace process:

Stage 1: Suspension of suspects from decision-making…

Stage 2. Ceasefire; rescue/investigation…

Stage 3: Interim Report

Stage 4: Trials; justice; PEACE

The details are clearly outlined and we will have positive movement by Christmas.

The Jewish and Palestinian people have been subverted, too – as we all have been, by the chameleons, the dividers, the bribers, the liars, the mis-educators…

in short: the world is now freeing itself from a long tyranny.

The tiny minority have forced the rest of us to comply for too long.

I, as one who does not comply to their diktats, thoroughly recommend this way of life.

Oh… and the removal of the guilty from decision-making posts into the security of cells – prison cells… and when the hostages have all been released, there will be plenty of cells in “Israel”, here in Ireland and in many other abused countries who have had their activists locked up by the invader…

and called “terrorists” by the real terrorists.

…and you dare to call me a terrorist, as you look down your gun,

when I think of all the deeds you have done…

you have plundered many nations, divided many lands,

you have terrorised our people, you rule with an Iron hand,

and you brought this reign of terror to our land…



231201-1855: The “Referee” is on the bully’s side…

That’s the reason the “ceasefire” is over – because the top-cat boss is siding with the psychopath-state that calls itself “Israel”. Our work towards a ceasefire continues – genuine work, based on truth and justice.

Blinken’s “peacemaking” is that of the main bully helping the lesser servant-bully – Netinyahu, the servant war-criminal.

The USA is arming and protecting the war-criminal Israeli régime, as usual, not realising that their two obsolete “carrier-strike-groups” and the other rust-buckets along with them are in danger of becoming a graveyard for their misinformed crews if they fail to see reason and call home their bulldogs.

As a neutral nation, Ireland will have no part in that work, but I will say that it is absolutely unjust, also, that the soldiers of the most evil régime in the history of the World are having their lives risked by suited cowards – Blinken among them. Why don’t Blinken, Biden, Netty, Von der Liar, Victoria and the rest of the parasitic criminal, mass-murdering vermin go to the front-lines themselves???

Why? Because, as well as being bullies, they are cowards, as are all of the politicians and business-people that profit from the suffering of others.

The paradox is that we in the Irish Initiative for World Peace, while unequivocally condemning the psychopathic tyranny of the US/UK/Israel and a few more, we are actually trying to protect their servicemen, since we see all soldiers/servicemen as victims of the lies and injustices of the single enemy: the coloniser… the Anglo-Saxon… the WASP… and the leeches and low-life that feed off their dirty table.

Israel is a stolen state. Ireland is a stolen state. We will free both – and the rest.

Palestine is the one-state-solution, with every single one of the Palestinian people re-homed in exactly the place they were the day they or their parents and relations were violently forced from their native homes.

If they then are willing to accommodate the invader, they have the right to do so…

I know what I would do:

this current phase of this illegal war of genocide is existential for the Palestinians but the so-called “Israelis” have all got homes to go back to.

Israel was their big holiday-home-from-home.

Holiday-homes for the rich and powerful, air-strikes for the natives.

Not on my watch!!



Does this:

Does this:


231202-1612: Artificial Intelligence Creates “Targets” – automated state terrorism: war crimes.

According to the IDF Spokesperson, by Nov. 10, during the first 35 days of fighting, Israel attacked a total of 15,000 “targets” in Gaza. Based on multiple sources, this is a very high figure compared to the four previous major operations in the Strip. During Guardian of the Walls in 2021, Israel attacked 1,500 “targets” in 11 days. In Protective Edge in 2014, which lasted 51 days, Israel struck between 5,266 and 6,231 “targets”. During Pillar of Defense in 2012, about 1,500 “targets” were attacked over eight days. In Cast Lead in 2008, Israel struck 3,400 “targets” in 22 days.

Habsora AI system is the essence of automated state terrorism.

One former intelligence officer explained that the Habsora system enables the army to run a “mass assassination factory,” in which the “emphasis is on quantity and not on quality.” A human eye “will go over the targets before each attack, but it need not spend a lot of time on them.” Since Israel estimates that there are approximately 30,000 Hamas members in Gaza, and they are all marked for death, the number of potential targets is enormous.

“It really is like a factory. We work quickly and there is no time to delve deep into the target. The view is that we are judged according to how many targets we manage to generate.”

Another source said the drive to automatically generate large numbers of targets is a realization of the Dahiya Doctrine.

Five different sources confirmed that the number of civilians who may be killed in attacks on private residences is known in advance to Israeli intelligence, and appears clearly in the target file under the category of “collateral damage.” 

Twenty-one members of Ahmed’s family were killed in total, buried under their home. None of them were militants. The youngest was 2 years old; the oldest, his father, was 75. Ahmed, who is currently living in the UK, is now alone out of his entire family.

By Nov. 29, Israel had killed 50 Palestinian journalists in Gaza, some of them in their homes with their families.

…the IDF Spokesperson stated: “The IDF is committed to international law and acts according to it, and in doing so attacks military targets and does not attack civilians. The terrorist organization Hamas places its operatives and military assets in the heart of the civilian population. Hamas systematically uses the civilian population as a human shield, and conducts combat from civilian buildings, including sensitive sites such as hospitals, mosques, schools, and UN facilities.”


231130-2249: Some effective actions.

Israel receives 60 percent of its oil imports from Muslim-majority Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.

Saudi Arabia can call for a halt in energy exports to Israel, which would have an immediate and debilitating impact on Tel Aviv’s war effort. 

Impeding military aid to Tel Aviv or blocking airspace to Israeli and US aircraft.

Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia have instead shot down missiles heading toward Israel to protect it from external attack, as its leaders would rather defend Israel’s borders than lose their ruling power.

Qatar, the world’s largest exporter of liquefied natural gas (LNG), could significantly impact global gas markets, causing energy-dependent Europe to rethink some of its dated policies against Palestine. 

Algeria: As a major gas producer, the mere threat to halt gas exports could exert massive pressure from the EU on Israel.

And we can all help to make sure that people know that what these criminals are doing is not going to be accepted: that we will resist this Zionist/NeoCon terrorism until it ends and the guilty are put where they belong: in prison cells.


231130-1222: Israeli government silences captives freed from Gaza to prevent further damage to the official narrative.

Netanyahu, facing corruption charges and at war with Israel’s Supreme Court, allows Israel’s “invasion” by Hamas to unfold unimpeded for a full 7-hours before unleashing his Israeli Defense Forces on the scene to murder hundreds of their own fellow Israeli citizens, further driving up the death count to 1,200 on October 7th.

More hard evidence reveals a female Israeli tank crew was ordered to fire indiscriminately at Israeli civilians at a kibbutz.

Many Israelis who died on October 7 were killed by the Israeli military. Firsthand testimony by admittedly inexperienced Israeli tank operators reveals orders to open fire upon Israeli communities when Palestinian militants breached the fences encircling Gaza on October 7… Meanwhile, the Israeli government has silenced captives freed from Gaza to prevent further damage to the official narrative.


231129-1350: So, as an introduction to our Moδ Oűρĉ:

We take the well-media-ed clip of the English/Israeli actor who was showcasing the weapons they “found”.

Since few would allow this evidence unless backed up, we, the people, request, urgently, the proof that there was a headquarters under the AS hospital.

Suspension of decision-makers, don’t forget, has been done as a wise precaution, since they are suspects; remember?



suspension of suspects from decisions;


interim report;






231126-0715: The last mass grave?

I vote YES

It’s up to us to take us safe out of this murderous pit.

First concrete step was ceasefire – not “pause”

Next step is removal of suspects from positions of decision-making

Next step is to solidify rescue and investigation teams which I will be travelling to help with.

Next steps come from there.

I vote yes to all these proposals and am working to make de facto.

No borders, no coercion, no more murders.




231127-1516: Palestine,

where the great majority was of the Arab Muslims extended from River Jordan in the East to the Mediterranean in the West, and from Ras Al Naqarush in the North to Umm Al-Rashrash in the South. It was a prosperous state where all the communities lived in harmony without any discrimination.


231127-1718: “Two state” solution now being pushed by the invader mass-murderers.

There is no ambiguity: Palestine was and is illegally, criminally and against all laws, man and God’s, invaded by an evil alliance that has been the cause of most of this world’s conflicts for too long a time. The providers of weapons and apparent legitimacy to these murderers have no right to be talking of the peace that their unequivocal support to the terrorist Israelis makes impossible.

They are now trying to fudge the issue – and none of them speak the truth anyway, so we should stick rigidly to our republican blueprint that is outlined at: http://omn.ie/index.php/wayfrwrd5priorx/

When someone steals and is “caught”, (s)he is not required to give back half of the stolen goods, but ALL.

The open, accountable direct-democracy system we have outlined, will govern this troubled land well, as it will do for any nation that has the wisdom to embrace it…


Ramzy Baroud explains:


231127-2321: Rajawi



Every $500k sent to the AFU prolongs the war for 7 minutes, killing one Ukrainian soldier. Every $1 millionsent to the AFU kills 2 Ukrainian soldiers and every $1 billion kills 2,000 Ukrainian soldiers: not theoretically, but actually.



231123-1515: By Dr. Nabil Tohme Member of Parliament Syrian Arab Republic

With my comment:

I am glad to read this. I don’t see borders, religions, but people.

This will bring us peace.

Bail ó Dhia ar an Obair,


This is a 2004-ish Irish hidden gem. The story is well told in this song from the Border Collies.

Slán g fóill,



231122-1814: When all parties have ceased fire…

When all parties cease fire, we get time to breathe, grieve and transform the justifiable anger into positive action, without coercion, etc.

Then, by the rule-book I follow, anyway, those who want to fight will, if they have any guts, themselves get into the trenches, tanks and the other profit/murder/weapons of mass destruction that they sell us by their lies.

Meanwhile, we, the sane people, will get on with our work for a just and peaceful World that protects innocents and at least tries to “rehabilitate the guilty”.

The investigation into the happenings of Oct 7 is ongoing and suspects are relieved of their posts as “decision-makers”.

The ship that went off course in the Red Sea might now sail for the Suez Canal and can be used for a relief base until we get better. Sorry if this would block the canal, but which do you think is more important, x, y or z, or the life of another human being??

Refugees are welcome here, but probably they want to remain near home.

They have suffered much in a just resistence against a terrible tyranny. We in Ireland understand, but we never ever saw the likes of this crime.

This writing is about the Palestine/NeoZionist conflict, but the same solution does for Ukraine/Russia, since the causes are fairly much by the same “playbook” as they say… NeoZion playbook, I mean, not ours.

Slán g fóill,




231121-1819: ΤÉΨD

So, since the current rulers of the “Western” World continue to ignore the Irish Initiative for World Peace: TESD: “Tionscnamh na hÉireann do ’n tSíocháin Domhanda”, we do it anyway.

This is us, the Irish, beginning the open and accountable leadership of our country by it’s well and truthfully informed citizens, otherwise known as: “Poblacht na hÉireann”. This process is long under way, but we are lifting the weight now.

The global crisis is still threatening us all, so we must take hold of the wheel for some time until things stabilise.

The first request from all our people is for an immediate ceasefire, simultaneous with the facilitation of our work (i.e. TESD).

As a working volunteer, I am available to go wherever the discussions are taking place. When our message has been heard, I will consider this request from my organisation fulfilled and will do what the people ask (not tell, since we don’t do coercion).

As a civil servant, I have promised to do my best for the common good.

Etc, no borders, no coercion, truth, justice, Peace.


The “video” below is low-definition (seems to be sound only – OK) to go on our website, so screenshots are given here of the text.

TESD Statement this links to the audio.

The images from this statement, below, are also linked.


This video is to let you experience the reality of this criminal, terrorist assault on innocents:



from “Ukrainian Agony: The concealed war”, by Mark Bartalmai


05 Űeltñĉ 2023-2125: It’s time to stop this, the ultimate crime against humanity.

The most important fact we all need to know is that the ongoing war in Ukraine is NOT “Putin’s War of Aggression”, but NATO’s US-led war of aggression against, in this case, the Slavic peoples. This is a war of aggression by the US, using the minority régime they themselves put in power and armed. The US single-handedly created this war of unjustifiable genocide on the Slavic race.

Their “Fog of War” is the lies and propaganda the “West” constantly fires at us, the people, in an effort to retain support for this mass murder of innocents, using crazy fascists that they put into power – just as they did here in Ireland – only this is worse, since they are now pressing for a “Ukraine Victory or World War 3” bill in Washington.

The people of the United States, most of whom are also victims of their rulers madness, need to act to curb these lunatics who have usurped the control of their country and have intimidated and coerced many European nations to assist them in the madness they force on us, the innocent human-beings who inhabit what they see as THEIR World.

It’s time to stop this, the ultimate crime against humanity.


231120-1959: Warning:

Despite their posing as peacemakers, the USA/UK/ alliance in support of the ongoing Zionist mass-murders are one and the same entity and they want war, with only two provisos: they must not be seen to be the aggressors and they must be seen to be peacemakers who “fail” because of the madness of others. It is actually the madness – psychopathy – of the US/UK/Zionist UNITED international terrorist organisation that is 100% guilty of all these cowardly murders. They set “Israel” up and have prolonged this colonialist conflict since day 1. All the weaponry comes ultimately from the closet-terrorists in Westminster and Washington.
These are the most evil people who have ever had total power.
They got this power by illegal and foul means and they must be resisted by us all in a united effort – putting all national interests second to defeating these tyrants.
If we wait until our own country comes under attack, we have failed the human race as a whole:
these psychos are no fools and they always tackle things in a logical order. Their creation of an anti-democratic junta and the arming of a minority of Ukrainians against many of their own citizens and the Russians was the first phase of their current attack on the human race as a whole. The end aim is to destroy all realistic resistence and then to kill as many innocents as possible by the most plausibly-deniable way – bioterrorism.
All these elements have become clear this last few years.
The current situation is just about as dangerous as it gets. Israel was nuclear-armed as part of this strategic terrorist tyrannical madness, because they are known to be cowardly, murderous fanatics who think they are the chosen people and are thus very dangerous – extremely dangerous.


231119-2300: “Time, time, time… Murder, murder, murder”

…or will they just give them more “time” to kill them all, as they have said they want to do?



231118-1407: If… no, WHEN!

If the perpetrators of the ongoing mass-murders of innocent civilians in Gaza are not brought to justice, there can never be any justice or peace in the World. The USA and Britain are 100% guilty, too, since they caused the original illegal occupation and still arm the Israeli war-criminals. If it wasn’t for the backing of the US/UK terrorist states, the Israelis – who have proved themselves the ultimate cowards – would NEVER be doing this demonic serial war-crime. The cowardly bullies are being protected by the US/UK terrorist states. This is a provocation to us all to react violently – and justifiably – to this butchery, so they can have an excuse to use full force against us all.
Stand firm. We will bring the guilty to full justice. The death penalty is fully deserved for many, it’s only problem being it’s merciful speed. These, the real “human animals” need confined for years in the conditions they have evilly condemned the innocents of Gaza and elsewhere to.
There is no more evil a régime than that of Israel/UK/US, etc.
A tiny minority dictates. This is our target!


FROM JULY: 230712-1436: A U.S./U.K. Military base called “Israel”

The following 27 Jews are in the U.S. Cabinet and most important Administrative positions.

1) Doug Emhoff, Husband of Kamala Harris; 2) Janet Yellin, Secretary Treasury; 3) Anthony Blinken, Secretary of State; 4) Ron Klain, Chief of Staff; 5) Merrick Garland, Attorney General6) David Cohen, Deputy Director CIA; 7) Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary Homeland Security; 8) Avril Haines, Director National Intelligence; 9) Rochelle P. Walensky, CDC Director; 10) Victoria Nuland, Secretary State Political Affairs; 11) Eric Lander, Office of Science Technology; 12) Jeffry Zeints, Covid Czar13) Rachel Levine, Assistant Health Secretary; 14) and 15) Cass Sunstein, Senior Counselor at the Department of Homeland Security, and his wife, Samantha Power, Head of USAID; 16) Dana Stroul, Pentagon Senior Policy Official on the Middle East; 17) Wendy Sherman, Deputy Secretary of State; 18) Anne Neuberger, Director of Cybersecurity at NSA; 19) Chanan Weissman, Director of Technology at National Security Council; 20) Avril Haines, Director of National Intelligence; 21) Polly Trottenberg, Deputy Secretary of Transportation; 22) Jessica Rosenworce, Acting Chairwoman FCC; 23) Jennifer Klein, Co-Chair of the Gender Policy Council; 24) Jared Bernstein, Member of Council of Economic Advisers; 25) David Kessler, Chief Science Officer of COVID Response; 26) Stephanie Pollack, Deputy Administrator Federal Highway Administration; 27) Gary Gensler, Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission

You may ask yourself, what is the likelihood of this happening?

The chance of these 27 Jews to be in the most important positions in the United States government, well, that’s impossible. But yet it has happened through a coup d’etat.


231113-2057: The Familiar Propaganda of US Media Makes Horrors in Gaza Possible.


From: www.commondreams.org


231112-1935: Hamas – just another weapon of the Israeli/US psychopathic mass-murderers.

If Hamas was a Palestinian defence group, it would have made sure it had solid air-protection armaments before it poked the demon in the eye. We all know how the Zionists kill massively at the slightest excuse.

But Hamas is an Israeli asset, helping Israel in it’s final push to eradicate the Palestinian people from their rotten wee utopia for psychopaths.

Their “surprise attack” was no surprise – it was a false-flag, as is their style:

“By deception thou shalt do war” – Mossad.

; and the “IDF” probably killed more Israelis on the 7th October than Hamas did as they efficiently constructed their justification for their long-planned ethnic cleansing that they now do under the protection of their USA master-butchers. Note the putting off of the investigations until “after the war”. Only the headline counts!!

This ongoing charade has distinct similarities with the 70-90s campaign of what called itself the Provisional IRA against Britain – which was completely controlled by Britain FROM THE TOP DOWN since the late ’70’s!! Ireland is now, because of this betrayal, further than ever away from freedom from British tyranny. So is Palestine.

“Israel” is now the bridgehead into the middle east for the NATO mass-murder-club and has been armed with nuclear weapons to ensure that the US aggressors get no resistance that they can’t handle.

It has, unfortunately, come to the stage where we must call the bluff of these would-be global tyrants and fight them to the end as a united people – the human race.

These tyrants do not have normal human minds: they are deeply evil.

We are all in deadly danger as long as these parasites control the world – and they DO control the world.

They are not invincible, but doing nothing useful will never shift them; and, so far, exactly nothing useful has been done to cut out this terminal tumour: ZERO; NOTHING; NADA; ZILCH.

We are still totally paralysed with fear of our own deaths when we need to put that aside and attack these cowardly vermin.

In my video-watching of the Hamas-IDF “war” I clearly see brave under-armed heroes fighting for the survival of their people against a cruel, inhuman, cowardly techno-murdering machine that has the indecency to call itself the “Israeli Defence Force”. That is another of their lies: it is a cowardly mass-murdering terrorist mafia, supported by the arch-terrorist US/UK/NATO/EU professional money-launderers and enemies of mankind.

Palestine has had hundreds of years of colonial history rammed into 75 years. What the British spread over 800 years here in Ireland, has been done by the new global terror-state in just 75 – and neither has wakened the natives to the harsh realities. So the number of effective resistence actions still stands at ZERO.

Be quiet, now, we mustn’t wake the sheep… they’re all up for slaughter soon, so keep them happy….



“Anyone who wants to thwart the establishment of a Palestinian state has to support bolstering Hamas and transferring money to Hamas,” he [Netanyahu] told a meeting of his Likud party’s Knesset members in March 2019. “This is part of our strategy – to isolate the Palestinians in Gaza from the Palestinians in the West Bank.” (Haaretz, October 9, 2023, emphasis added)


231109-2032: The Fundamentalist Christians are not…

Those who pose as Christians, as they support the mass-murder of their neighbours – no matter their religion – are actually the enemies of Christianity.

The “Crusades” were wars fought by posers who, though fighting a “religious” war, were, in doing so, going directly against the foundation rules of the religion they were pretending to defend.

We Christians tolerate others, we do not kill, we do not steal another’s land or “property”. We do not force our will on others. Neither do we allow ourselves to be coerced by evil.

Just as the Crusades were crime, so now is the massacre being done in “The Holy Land” by the enemies of all things holy. The Lindsay Graham Bible-thumping anti-human pseudo-religious perverts are far too common and we should all see Christian tolerance as the cure for the terrorism being done by tyrants in the name of “Judaeo-Christian” religion (whatever sort of monster that might be).

A murderer often justifies his crime. We see through the NetenYahoo lies: he and his co-terrorists in Washington, see their power slipping away – as their mask of “democrat” has recently slipped. They need a big war and will do all in their power to get it, as long as they can continue to pose as peacemakers. They are not peacemakers: they are WARMONGERS.

Their reign depends on the sabotage of any positive movement, so their criminal tyranny seems like the only option. I, having stepped out of their charade, can assure you that freedom can only be attained OUTSIDE of their terminally corrupt system.

Justice will be done.



231109-1946: Remove the tumour.

Our society has a terminal cancer and needs an operation, so we must be realistic, accept the truth and perform the surgery. The “West” has been taken over by a criminal, murderous dictatorship. This gang is controlled by a small number of identifiable leaders and filters its power down through a cascading network of bribed servants.
The tumour needs cut out so we can live in peace and progress. The criminals must be brought to justice.
Steps toward that essential goal:
Total sanctions on guilty US/UK/EU/Zionist “Western” criminals.
All concerned countries withdraw from: UN; EU; NATO and all other anti-democratic and oppressive entities.
ICC charges are seen as the show-trials they would be and our trials to be done by citizens. The format has been pioneered by Reiner Fuellmich and others, but has been suppressed, as usual. But that suppression is fixable and when we unite in reality, these things are all possible.
We know that these powerful criminals will not heed any proceedings or abide by any judgement, but we have many ways of imposing the will of the people on a tiny criminal parasitic gang of cowardly bullies.

Below are a few notes taken from some articles I have been reading today (often seeing things from THEIR point of view):

The bottom line is that both Nazism and Zionism were sponsored by the same banking cartel and had complementary goals. The rise of anti Semitism in Europe served to create the State of Israel, which President Assad of Syria described as a “dagger in the heart of the Arab nations.”
Zionists (a.k.a Neocons)
To make nations accept “world government,” you need to weaken them by having them fight among themselves, run up huge debts for armaments (which you will sell them), kill off the cream of their manhood, and become demoralized and decadent.
You accomplish this through your ownership of politicians and the press and your control of MI-6, CIA, Mossad who carry out terror and assassinations for you. This is the real history of the last 300 years.
By dividing the voter through the political party system, we can get them to expend their energies in fighting for questions of no importance. ”
Ben Hecht said that reading the daily news to understand current events is like telling the time by looking at the second hand. You have to look at the decade and century hands to see what is really going on in the world.

Pentagon spokeswoman Sabrina Singh said, “We don’t put conditions on weapons that we’re sending or that Israel is using.”

under international law, Israel is a military occupying power and thus “self-defense” is not an applicable justification for use of force against the occupied territories

in the West, one can take part in this genocide-promoting practice and find resonance and recognition, rather than opprobrium and censure, as long as the victims are Palestinians

Why don’t the President and Parliament of Turkey raise the issue of withdrawal of American bases from its territory, which are used, among other things, for additional armament and fire support of the Israel Defence Forces against the same Gaza Strip?


231108-2226: Blinken the Warmonger pretends to make peace.

Antony Blinken’s theatrics – posing as a diplomat when he is really a mass-murdering, cowardly, lying, child-murdering, bullying terrorist – are on the level of Zelensky’s: same psychopathic killer-instinct. These people – and most of the rulers of the World today – are the absolute most evil, criminal, monstrous bullying cowards the world has ever suffered. They have engineered almost certain World War – in many locations – and now they pose as the peacemakers and the referees among savages.

Into cells with no hurry to be given food or water and tortured constantly is what they deserve – the punishment they are helping the Zionist terrorists to inflict on tens of thousands of innocent people in Gaza, by giving full support to an illegal occupation force that they know full well is intent on total ethnic cleansing/genocide of the whole of the Palestinian land that they stole, have destroyed and now call “Israel”. There is no more evil force on this earth than the US/UK/Zionist, etc criminal gang that has called the defenders of the innocent “terrorists” for years as they killed our weak and innocent people. It is they who are the terrorists.


231105-1822: Prophetic – or just in touch with the awful realities! (from 230315)

The arming of Ukraine is not missionary work. It has nothing to do with liberty or freedom. It is about weakening Russia. Take Russia out of the equation and there would be little tangible support for Ukraine. There are other occupied peoples, including the Palestinians, who have suffered as brutally and far longer than Ukranians. But NATO is not arming Palestinians to fight against their Israeli occupiers or holding them up as heroic freedom fighters.
There will come a time when the Ukrainians, like the Kurds, will become expendable. They will disappear, as many others before them have, from our national discourse and our consciousness. They will nurse for generations their betrayal and suffering. The American empire will move on to use others, perhaps the “heroic” people of Taiwan, to further its futile quest for global hegemony.


231104-2214: Humanity?

If the US, Britain and the other nations who caused and continue to cause ALL the killing and suffering in “Israel” had any humanity, their Aircraft-carriers and fleet would be defending the innocent from their “ally” rather than aiding and abetting the evil mass-murder of innocents by the terrorist Israeli cowards who would not be doing what they are doing without the support of the US/UK/EU empire of evil.

The nations who give support to Israel’s ongoing genocide are terrorist states.



 A bit more efficient than their Humanitarian aid. I wonder why…

because they’re killers, not defenders. That’s why they consistently arm and finance the most evil people they can find in any of their victim-countries.

Former military officer Eliyahu Yossian said the IDF must enter Gaza “with the aim of revenge, zero morality, maximum corpses,” and told Channel 14 in Israel on Monday that “there is no population in Gaza, there are 2.5 million terrorists.”

The Face Of Evil-Israeli military spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari


231101-1724: Some thoughts for the defenders of the free world against US/Zionist terror.

I have just forced myself to watch sickening footage of mainly children being murdered in their hundreds, then this criminal terrorist evil being defended by people who claim to be fighting terrorism!!
This, apart from being evil mass-murder of innocents, is the ultimate provocation: it challenges all defenders, but puts our defence in a precarious position.
The Zionist/US war-criminals see it coldly and psychopathically roughly, but accurately, as follows:
This provocation, if not retaliated effectively against – by a power with the means to take down the airborne and armoured mass-murdering strikes – will lead to the final erasure of the Palestinian people in “Israel”: the ultimate aim, then, is the killing of millions and this current continuing slaughter of innocents is a “good start”.
If any of the big powers retaliate, these cowardly lunatics will, with pure pleasure, use any and all force against the populations of these countries – with nuclear strikes almost certain, as these people have no human emotions or cares. They would like nothing better than a good big, hot, nuclear war, since they have the resources to remove themselves from harms way in short order. So…
The solution should be total restraint; total sanctions of all nations involved: Israel; USA; UK; EU and more, since they are ALL terrorist states.
Total refusal to engage in ANY way with these anti-human criminals: no trade; no fuel; no discussion (that has long ago been proven to be mad, since these people do not recognise anything above deceit); no contact of any kind, but a comprehensive gathering of information and listing of the thousands of people who are verifiably guilty of a sickeningly long list of the most heinous crimes the world’s people has ever been subjected to.
We need our own structures – and we already have them, though they have not been used yet.
It’s time to speed up our moves towards freedom from tyranny and towards multi-polar, responsible, peaceful self-determination.
The path is clear.
Action is long overdue.
I have been offering my service for 11 years now, but the demons control of media deafens and blinds people to the way forward.
Please try to pass this message on to anyone who is genuinely concerned (ie those who see the situation as serious enough that they would give ALL of their time and resources).
I put it like this because anyone who would not be willing as above, does not even understand how bad things are…
The World is being led to it’s destruction by about 1% of it’s population – and they call this “democracy”.
Anybody conscious out there??


231031-1727: The Axis of Evil is USA; Israel; Britain; France; Germany.

There are more players in this evil, provocative, mass-murdering lying criminal gang, but Russia, China and Iran are verifiably not included.
As usual, the statement by a top US warmonger, is worse than lies: this is the transference of their own evil by the USA onto three countries that are currently being attacked by the real axis of evil.
These nations (USA; Israel; Britain; France; Germany) are ruled by psychopathic demonic mass-murderers who can spin a lie to make themselves look like God himself.
As they berate the Russian Federation for using criminals on their front-lines, the US/UK/EU, etc axis of evil uses criminals to rule their own countries – and more criminals to steal your resources to kill other innocent people!


231030-0920: How they do it: “Ireland”; “Israel”; the “Globe”.

Extreme violence does the first job of reducing resistance, killing the brave while finding the cowards and potential local servants…
During this phase, the native system is destroyed, lands are “cleared”: the people are forcibly removed from their “habitat” and means of independence.
By this stage, the victim community has already been defeated: though we keep fighting, we have already been changed. This change is not irrevocable, but the oppressor will make it almost so, over time. The oppressor is in no hurry, since we always pay for our own oppression – that’s the absolute foundation of this deadly, evil, anti-people tyranny.
Then they make us go to “school”, even though we had the best education-system that ever existed. But it didn’t make us accept our lot as slaves, so…
The sabotage is done slowly and invisibly, so few resist: those who do are soon made to be outsiders – strangers among their own people, since the invader now controls ALL aspects of life. The people themselves begin to call those not “tamed” “backward”, ”idealist”, “lawless” “out of touch”, “against progress” and many, many other names – names I have often been called by members of my own family who live the good-life as servants of the tyranny that has oppressed our people, via agents like them, who prefer luxury to their fellow-man, since the 12th Century or so.
The use of informer and agent networks is still in full swing here in Ireland. Just read “Stakeknife’s Dirty War” by Richard O Rawe and you will see how the British controlled what calls itself “The Republican Movement” since the mid-seventies – right the way to the “top”. They still control this, their current servant-organisation that has stolen the resources of the true republican movement, the Irish-language/culture movement and all the rest, who were infiltrated and turned by exactly the same methods.
The 26 county “Government” scamming and total corruption was learned well by Sinn Féin, who now dishonestly pose as republicans, leaving us the real Irish with nowhere to work, with no team, with not even a name – though we are slowly recreating the structures we have had stolen from us by our “own”. The totalitarian nature of these native oppressors is only visible to us insiders, who are given the special oppressive treatment by those who now have the ear of the world that their British masters deny to us who dare to oppose their unjust and criminal terrorist tyranny. This masked servility poses as the greenest green, as it increases the oppression of all that is good in Irish life: they force the English language on us and say it is to promote equality of opportunity. They know well that any facet of our culture practiced through the English language is made a facet of English culture: no doubt there. This insidious, deceitful cancer has been passed on to a new generation of posers who now say: “Is deas castáil leat” (a direct translation of “Pleased to meet you”) as they walk away from me, since Irish, though it provides their luxurious lifestyle, is their second language and not a part of their lives after they clock out. They get paid for sitting at a computer and talking at “meetings”, while I get ridiculed for being Irish: this is the future that the agent-riddled ex-Provo scammers have created for yet another tiny minority who now become the yuppie-class of another west-British dunghill, now centred on the Falls Road in Belfast.
The very “Peace Process” was a trap for our loyal people who thought they were being led by republicans when they were/are actually being coerced by servants of the enemy – by wolves in sheep’s clothing. As we made peace, these wasters closed their eyes to the obvious reality that the British were, as usual, cutting off yet another slice of our people and turning them into covert British agents, with smiley faces, bullshit speech, English manners and a total disdain for any human values higher than survival and comfort of Mé Féin.
The bribes were – and continue to be – massive: when you work for them, you have access to all the mainstream networks of disinformation that the British created for their loyalist servants.
And, for those of you who would think I am being parochial, focusing on the situation in my home country, I can assure you that this exact same system is used in all the colonialist enterprises world-wide, since it is the same criminal gang that has destroyed the freedom and peace of most of the human race already. The same tactics that they used in the fight against “terrorism” (ie the struggle for freedom from tyranny) are now used against what they now refer to as “domestic terrorists” ( ie those who in any way try to expose the truth of our being oppressed by a gang of clever criminals).
Incessant disinformation and propaganda is forced on us by “mainstream media” while any truth is suppressed – totally – the “anti-terrorism” laws are now quietly reintroduced for use against all dissent.
Our job is to reunite the real republican/democracy movement and to begin at last to live as independent Irish people – not as servants of a foreign oppressor.



231029-1605: Proof of intent

Why do the Israeli terrorists warn a hospital of immanent attack?
The strike is said to be on a Hamas underground position.
This warning gives Hamas lots of time to get away.
Therefore, the intent is to bomb the hospital only.
No excuse. Another war-crime.
When you clear away the “fog of war” – the lies of the US/Zionist terrorists – it is clear that this is the case with all their “airstrikes” – to kill as many civilians as they can, using the excuse of Hamas. When the US natives were being ethnically cleansed/Mass-murdered, the “settlers” called the natives “savages”: the same terrorists now arm and aid their co-terrorists in their ongoing war on the ordinary Palestinian people – now called “human animals”. The US and it’s co-mass-murderers in NATO are the single threat to world peace. All their words are lies. They justify their crimes by transferring their own intentions onto their victims – as true psychopaths do: “If we want to remain alive, we will have to kill and kill and kill. All day, every day…the only thing that concerns me is how to ensure the boys and men who are going to have to do the killing will be able to return home to their families and be normal human beings.” – The Institute for National Security and Zionist Strategy.
The goal of the Zionist régime is to move the people of Gaza to Egypt and those in the West bank to Jordan: total ethnic cleansing/genocide – they don’t care which happens – they probably prefer the genocide, thinking it would be “final”. What the West called the “Nazis” accurately describes the Zionists – fascist mass-murderers.
The USA, as a nation, by their failure to curb these criminals, are collectively guilty of the most heinous, ongoing,
mass-murder of innocents,
by cowards.


231029-1930: “The West”: Culture of the psychopath. No coincidence!!

Below are “9 Clues That You May Be Dealing With a Psychopath” from a site called “psychology today”
1. Uncaring; 2. Shallow Emotions; 3. Irresponsibility; 4. Insincere Speech; 5. Overconfidence; 6. Narrowing of Attention; 7. Selfishness; 8. Inability to Plan for the Future; 9. Violence
All of these traits are characteristics of the ruling classes of the nations who now terrorise the World: The USA; Israel; Britain; the EU and a few more.
These entities are all controlled by psychopaths – not by accident, but by deliberate policy of their systems of anti-democratic bribery and corruption that they call “democracy”
We often refer to these people as “the 2 percent” (actual number varying), but is the fact quoted below* a coincidence??
No, it is part of the plan. Not a conspiracy, but a designed system that promotes the evil and oppresses the innocent.

*While about one percent of the general population exhibits psychopathic traits, about three percent of business leaders scored in the psychopathic range in a 2010 study in Behavioral Sciences & the Law
They don’t experience genuine emotions toward others. But they can mimic other people’s emotions, and often they come across as very genuine.


231019-1059: Irish state totally anti-democratic. Proof:

Britain still rules the Dublin government via a “democratic” system corrupted by the censorship and propaganda of RTÉ so all our “elections” are decided – on false information – by the British system of “Parliamentary Democracy”.

But, in addition to that and much more serious, all elections are illegal anyway, since they exclude the people of the 6 counties who are not allowed to vote, in contempt of article 2 of the Irish constitution: “it is the entitlement and birthright of every person born in the island of Ireland which includes its islands and seas, to be part of the Irish nation…”

That means that the decision to sign Maastrict and the other Euro treaties was unconstitutional – illegal, as was the “election” of EVERY SINGLE “politician” who now co-operate in the misrule of our people.

See our www.omn.ie for a full report of how Britain still rules all of Ireland via two British parliaments and our map for future progress.



231018-1956: There is no international law.

International “laws” of war favour states over non-state actors and the strong over the weak: we are called terrorists and they are called defenders. UN has a US veto and is anti-democratic, but defends “democracy”. Israel is portrayed as victim as it attacks a hospital, killing hundreds of civilians, as it’s deliberate crime is blamed on the victim. Palestinians who do not heed Israel’s warnings to evacuate their homes and flee south become “legitimate military targets”. The Russian cease-fire resolution was vehemently opposed by the US, UK, France and Japan. Adding these votes to the six abstentions, the result was a failure to achieve approval of the measure. These 4 governments are accomplices.” So are the cowards who abstained. The media and the politicians are run by Zionists – Fascists – “Globalists”, as they like to be known.

Between 2008 and 2020, 5,600 Palestinians died, and over 115,000 were injured.

During this same timeframe, 250 Israelis died, and 5,600 were wounded.

The 0.2% of the world call the game. Netanyahu declares a state of war over the latest act of defence against occupation and ongoing genocide – and a U.S./British fleet is headed for Israel.

Over a million Iraqis lost their lives over a vial of talcum powder held by then US “Secretary of State” (chief war-criminal) Colin Powell.

The root causes of this and other conflicts emanate from the same seats of power they always have: Buckingham Palace and Whitehall, Washington, and Wall Street, and the Von-der-Liar elites clustered around Luxembourg banks.

There is no international law.



231015-1838: Irish humanitarian intervention.

If Ireland was free of British rule in either of it’s illegally-occupied states, our navy would already be in full sail on it’s way to Palestine and every ship we have would be loaded to the gunwales with supplies for these poor people who are the latest victims of Britain/US etc’s centuries-long list of victims in it’s criminal genocide and ethnic cleansing of anyone who can’t fight back.

The cowards, the cowards, the cowards, they have left us still under foreign rule as they eat, drink and make merry on another people’s wound. These cowards now have “Irish” people doing their dirty-work for them, under the brainwashing of RTÉ, the British propaganda outlet that poses as our national broadcaster.

If any of you know of any effort to do something good by any citizens of our country, let me know and I’ll go, too. Our voluntary organisation has some small funds, too, in spite of our being erased by the Irish Government’s so-called “Charities Regulator” which, as usual does exactly the opposite of what it’s name suggests.

And, as far as the two US carrier-strike-groups and the British navy is concerned, let them dare to interfere with our neutral Irish nation’s humanitarian intervention in a mass-murder that THEY are both guilty of.


It’s clear as day for anyone with eyes to see. Israel is blocking off the northern half of Gaza, bombing anyone who goes there, in order to push the entire population south into Egypt. It’s textbook ethnic cleansing and genocide.


To the Leaders of Muslim Countries:


Abdul Kadir Mohmand


These Israelis all grasped the sword of Zionism firmly in their hands. None among the adults who lived and worked in these encampments can be considered innocent—they were part of a system—Zionism—whose very existence and sustainment demand the brutal imprisonment and subjugation of millions of Palestinians who had their homes stolen from them 75 years ago.

America went to war with Iraq because of Israel—the lies told by Netanyahu, and the manipulation by Israel, through its American proxy, AIPAC, of the Congressional duty to the American people of responsible oversight.

I watched how the world rallied to the shock generated by the fiction of 40 beheaded Israeli babies, while remaining silent over the real deaths of nearly 400 Palestinian children killed—no, murdered—by Israeli air attacks.

Benjamin Netanyahu was able to sustain the modern-day version of the Zionist Israeli state by generating fear through the endless cycle of Hamas-driven violence.


231016-2211: This is the first light I have seen. Let it be the first of many. Though our governments have been taken from us, our peoples still stand against these massive crimes being openly committed by those who call themselves the defenders of the free World.


231015-1838: Irish humanitarian intervention.

If Ireland was free of British rule, our navy would already be in full sail on it’s way to Palestine and every ship we have would be loaded to the gunwales with supplies for these poor people who are the latest in Britain/US etc’s centuries-long list of victims in it’s criminal genocide and ethnic cleansing of anyone who can’t fight back.
The cowards, the cowards, the cowards, they have left us still under foreign rule as they eat, drink and make merry on another people’s wound. These cowards for too long have “Irish” people doing their dirty-work for them, under the brainwashing vomit of RTÉ, the British propaganda outlet that poses as our national broadcaster.
If any of you know of any effort to do something good by any citizens of our country, let me know and I’ll go, too. Our voluntary organisation has some small funds, too, in spite of our being erased by the “Irish” Government’s so-called “Charities Regulator” which, as usual does exactly the opposite of what it’s name suggests.
And, as far as the two US carrier-strike-groups and the British navy is concerned, let them dare to interfere with our neutral Irish nation’s humanitarian intervention in a mass-murder that THEY are both fully guilty of.


231015-1639: textbook ethnic cleansing and genocide

It’s clear as day for anyone with eyes to see. Israel is blocking off the northern half of Gaza, bombing anyone who goes there, in order to push the entire population south into Egypt. It’s textbook ethnic cleansing and genocide.


231014-1900: A free and independent Palestine

…is the only just solution, but the British and USA have caused a deadly torture and will never allow that. It is yet another of their proxy-wars… 75 years ongoing. The Israeli state has not – and never had – any right to exist. It’s people were imported from many countries, just as the population of the USA, etc were. The same end result will happen if they are not defeated: the total anihilation of the indigenous people. The fact that the guilty party – parties – are militarily much more powerful than their victims does not change their guilt, or the justice of their punishment. Justice should protect the innocent from the tyrant: cowardice fudges the issue and prolongs the suffering.

Do you have the courage to stand with the innocent Palestinian people?

Or do you allow your mind to be twisted by the US propagandists who help the oppression of the victim?


So, why wouldn’t “sanctions” work both ways?:

To the Leaders of Muslim Countries:


Abdul Kadir Mohmand


Scott Ritter – Why I no longer stand with Israel

These Israelis all grasped the sword of Zionism firmly in their hands. None among the adults who lived and worked in these encampments [Kibbutzes] can be considered innocent—they were part of a system—Zionism—whose very existence and sustainment demand the brutal imprisonment and subjugation of millions of Palestinians who had their homes stolen from them 75 years ago.

America went to war with Iraq because of Israelthe lies told by Netanyahu, and the manipulation by Israel, through its American proxy, AIPAC, of the Congressional duty to the American people of responsible oversight.

I watched how the world rallied to the shock generated by the fiction of 40 beheaded Israeli babies, while remaining silent over the real deaths of nearly 400 Palestinian children killed—no, murdered—by Israeli air attacks.

Benjamin Netanyahu was able to sustain the modern-day version of the Zionist Israeli state by generating fear through the endless cycle of Hamas-driven violence.


231013-1935: The “Irish Peace Process” was an evil lie.

One more in a long list of crimes by people who pose as our leaders.

The 6 counties is now being used as a major producer of weapons of mass-murder for use by the British and other terrorist states:

Thales Group, a multinational company that designs, develops and manufactures equipment for the aerospace, defence and security sectors, was recently awarded a colossal £223 million contract by Britain’s ‘Ministry of Defence’. That contract will see the development and manufacture of high-explosive anti-tank missiles in Belfast, Ireland, to be packed up and carted off for sale and use in global conflicts. The Thales-’MoD’ contract will see several thousand missiles delivered to the British Army from 2023-2026.

Another contract, worth seven times that of the Thales deal, will see Harland and Wolff ‘revive the shipbuilding industry’ in Belfast. The shipyard famous for building the Titanic will now assemble three new naval vessels for Britain’s ‘Ministry of Defence’. When complete, these ships will supply munitions, stores and provisions to Britain’s aircraft carriers, destroyers and frigates.

Survitec, a producer of inflatables and other materials, will produce equipment for Britain’s armed forces as part of a £25 million contract working from a site in Belfast. Spirit Aerosystems, formerly Bombardier, and one of the world’s largest manufacturers of aerostructures, including defence platforms, was initially awarded a £30 million contract to produce unmanned drones in Belfast, to be armed with missiles, surveillance and electronic warfare technology.

Deloitte, a well known consulting and financial advisory firm, now has a British ‘Defence Team’ and an extended global network helping to exploit new technologies, utilising data to improve outcomes and develop ‘smarter procurements’ for the British military. That company has two significant bases in the Six Counties, both in Belfast, and more recently helped Britain’s front line force in occupied Ireland, the PSNI, with recruiting more foot soldiers into the heavily armed force.

Belfast-based Kinsetsu is now utilising its technology on board British warships, including their aircraft carriers, for the purpose of beefing up security.

Kyocera AVX, working out of Coleraine, is a leading supplier of advanced components, developing ‘high reliability defence applications’ for use in munitions, radars, surveillance, fighter jets, unmanned attack drones, targeting systems and more.

The list is endless, with a plethora of small, medium and large enterprises contributing to Britain’s military machine and global imperialism through supply, design and manufacture; including, but not limited to, ADS (Belfast), Angoka (Belfast), ARLS (Bangor), Axis Composites (Newtownabbey), Boyce Precision Engineering (Portadown), Brolis (Larne), Causeway Aero (Lisburn), CCP Gransden (Ballygowan), Collins Aerospace (Kilkeel), DHL (Belfast), ECIT (Queen’s University Belfast), Electronic Automation Engineers (Belfast), Microchip (Belfast), Magellan Aerospace (Greyabbey), NI Precision (Lisburn), Rainey Mapal (Lisburn), RW Powder Coatings (Newtownards), Skytek (Belfast), Speedlink International Logistics (Belfast Aldergrove Airport), Spirit Aerosystems (Belfast), Thyssenkrupp (Newtownards), Trimite Global Coatings (Belfast) and Whiskin Precision Engineering (Belfast). These businesses are but a small insight into a much broader network of supply, manufacture and distribution.

‘Invest NI’, a ‘regional’ business development agency whose role is to grow the Six Counties economy, states that ‘the Defence and Security sector is a growing industry’ with air defence and short range missile capability ‘at the heart of the industry’, with engineering companies involved in the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning fighter jet, and the Airbus A400M Atlas military transport aircraft.

It is without doubt that a significant proportion of economic output in the Six Counties is inextricably linked to weapons production and the delivery of said weaponry on various military platforms to be used in conflicts across the globe. Mainstream political parties in the Six Counties praise job creation in the aerospace and defence industry and celebrate the ‘successes’ of high-end manufacturing without a second thought for the countless lives lost through imperialist wars worldwide.

Intelligence systems, weapons, electronics, composites, explosives and other components are daily designed, developed and manufactured in the Six Counties and delivered directly into war zones to be used by military organisations with a long history of human rights violations.

Extract from Lasair Dhearg: https://www.lasairdhearg.com/25-years-of-the-good-friday-agreement/

When the real Peace Process begins, it will begin with the decommissioning of these businesses of terrorism.



231012-1343: Informers and agents; God and “the collective”; totalitarianism and democracy.

An informer is one who directly, for personal gain, betrays his community. This weak individual is scorned, but the agent has his exactly coinciding motives hidden by the corrupt system (s)he serves – again putting self before “all”.

God is an English word for the “supreme being”: this, no matter what religion you follow, gives a code of conduct that protects the community above it’s members.

The term “communism” is now deliberately abused to refer to totalitarianism, with the intention of confusing people. A system that upholds the rights of all above those of individuals need not be – must not be – totalitarian and democracy IS the service of the common good, not the dictatorship of the powerful which is what it has been perverted to become.

In the two opposing languages of truth and deception, though, the terms are deliberately confused to “Thatcherise” (individualise) the community and to sink the requirements of the common good into the mire of empty waffle and argument. This is how the dictator-state divides as it proclaims it’s “Globalism” – another term destroyed by it’s deliberate misuse by tyrants who understand human psychology in all it’s weakneses.

When the truth raises it’s head, the censors and the saboteurs ensure that no good way forward is allowed the oxygen of publicity and that all our good deeds are infiltrated so they seem to be “idealistic” (i.e don’t work, when this is caused by the system to ensure failure of alternatives that threaten the dictatorship) when they are the outworking of a common human desire to live in peace and freedom from the coercers.

Our Irish language is at present still under sustained attack, since we, the Gael, have not lost the true meanings of our words. The first thing the oppressor does is to change your name, then your language, then the pillars of your society – and it replaces this perfect democracy with the bribery that the “job” ensures. Agents work for the tyrant simply because they accept the bribe called “salary” so they not only work for the enemy, but DO NOT work for the common good.

Every person employed by the corrupt state is one more for them and one less for us… the excuses of the recipients of the bribe are numerous and the bribery is done with the money and resources of the oppressed community, creating in it’s total perversion, a community led by the least worthy of it’s members. Perfect for them; fatal for us all.

And when the excuses are unmasked, the censorship and the sabotage of the work of the incorruptible is stepped up, giving us the impression that our work is useless, since most of our people have been bought by the usurpers of our once-cohesive society.

By remembering/rediscovering these truths, we in Omláñ- arrived at our formula/framework: “the implementation, by volunteers, of the decisions of fully and truthfully informed citizens” – without coercion.

When you use this as a measuring-stick for “democracy”, you immediately untangle the web of deceptions and arrive at the start of real democratic/republican “governance”. You also arrive at, in Christian terms, what we call the “Ten Commandments” – the framework law-system for a peaceful and free society. I’m no expert on the religions of the World, but I “bet” most of them are in fairly full agreement on what is and is not acceptable behaviour for the members of the community.

In conclusion, it is only when we return our community to self-determined governance that we will see the development of the life we all seek. To create Heaven on Earth is not a heretical aim, nor is it idealistic… but it is as it was and will be again as soon as we break free from the Empire of the lie, the criminal empire of the “less of them, more for me” club.

Since I never preach what I haven’t for long practised, I can recommend the return to our true culture as the solid road to a bright future, not just for the few, but for us all. Punishment (urgently: removal from positions of power) of the evil is not vindictive, but just.



231012-1422: Another BIG lie.

Calling the current conflict in “The Holy Land” a Civil War is simply a lie: it is the conflict between the invader, the “coloniser” – the land-thief – and the indigenous peoples of that land, backed, as usual, by the ultimate invaders. Not by any means the first, but possibly, hopefully, the last.

A Synopsis of the Israel/Palestine Conflict

Occupation: late 2022, Hebron – video


231010-1742: Israeli “airstrikes” i.e. War-Crimes.

Israeli airstrikes on what they call “Targets” i.e. innocent civilians.

NOT “airstrikes”, but terrorism – the use of the word “airstrike” implies a legitimate target:

Try to find either a uniform, a weapon, or ammunition in this footage.

Plenty of ordinary civilians, though – “targets” because they belong to what the British called “the terrorist community” here in Ireland. The Israelis call them “human animals”.

It is impossible to know, from the air, who or what are in these buildings. The Israelis don’t care: they are punishing an entire community…

I know what I call the entity that commits such war-crimes: terrorists, murderers.

It reminds me of “Ground Zero”… done by the same people.



231009-2335: The same process…

What has been happening since the creation of the illegal terrorist state called “Israel” by the axis of evil in 1948, is EXACTLY the same as what happened here in Ireland, in Scotland, in North America and in many other places at the bloody hands of the British Empire.

“Settlers” are backed by a powerful army and the indigenous people are slaughtered without mercy and called animals, terrorists, stupid, sub-human, as the colonisers do the butchering for the ruling class, then live it up on the fruits of their masters perversion.

The U.S.A. is just a clone of the British tyranny… and Israel is just another of their monsters: criminal murdering, self-righteous, evil mercenaries.

These criminals in suits must be brought to justice.

Don’t expect any help in that from the likes of Jordan Peterson, who owes his current comfort to his ancestors’ brutality and pure evil – as do most citizens of the “New World”: Canada, USA, Australia, etc… the same theme from the same “human animals”, as they have the cheek to call the poor oppressed Palestinians.



231009-1511: the perfect excuse.

Hamas has given the Israeli killers the perfect excuse… playing soldiers with the new toys they got somewhere, they have succeeded in just one thing: in giving the Zionists the excuse they need to massacre the Palestinian people and to destroy Gaza. The Zionists, as we all know, are loving this. They will show no mercy: they never do. Don’t forget that their “state” was created by the very same vermin that have given us the Ukraine proxy-war. This fanning of the flames of war is music to the ears of the very tyrants we still need to remove from power. Hamas has no air-force, no air-defence, no armour, no navy, nothing.

This, if ever there was, is a blow from the victim’s “defenders” that was not thought through.

The most just cause in history has been destroyed by a lunatic “militarist” group who think they can fight the US-backed Zionists with a few weapons they got on the black market. The Provos did something similar here in Ireland, then joined the enemy when they proved that they had not the first clue how to deal with tyranny. Our provo-led defeat here should be a lesson to these poor people – but it is the ex-provos who have the respect of World revolutionaries, who have been fed a false history of our so-called “Peace Process”, which was actually a surrender by an organisation that not only failed to defeat the enemy, but that actually became the enemy erasing any dissent and denying support to anything effective, just as the Free-Staters did before them.

The repetition of history serves only the tyrant.

Our new Irish Republic gives a framework for the resolution of all conflicts, but is being censored and sidelined now by the very people who used to complain about it happening to them.

As here in Ireland, the Palestinian defence has been infiltrated and misled by the enemy:

Self-determination does not involve accommodations with the tyrant; neither does it involve giving the tyrant the excuse to further torture us.

There is NO possible solution in the direction our two similarly-afflicted peoples have been taken by leaders who have no idea where we need to be going.


PS: I happened to find this piece after I wrote the above…


False-flag; Israel’s 9-11…



231008-2002: “Israel” – part of the U.S.

Dirty Joe Biden pledging support to “Israel” is like Dirty Joe Biden pledging support to Florida: it is part of the U.S – it’s illegally-held aircraft-carrier and nuclear-armed military base in the middle east, from which it can launch it’s ongoing imperialist war on the Free World.

The same evil from the same sources – US-Israel/EU/UK, etc reasserts itself for this new phase of the forever war of the criminals who hold us all at gunpoint. These terrorists and criminals continue their evil work, but our minds are slowly being cleared of the lies and we begin to be able to react in an effective way to the crimes of these parasites.


231008-1946: Ireland out of the E.U.

In case you had any doubt about the malevolent institution that the E.U. is, Queen Ursula the mass-murderer makes it perfectly clear, once again, as she changes her outfit from Blue and Yellow to the Star of David. The chameleon is changing it’s skin-colour again… the E.U. backs yet another tyranny.

Ireland out of the E.U.

It is incompatible with our neutrality.

No doubts.


The European Union DOES NOT stand with Israel, Ursula. Some of it does, but you are a dictator a criminal and a liar, soon to be charged with mass-murder, despite your theft of the publicity-department of the EU which you bring into disrepute by your crimes.

Proinsias Mac Bhloscaidh.


231007-1329: “Neo-Nazi-ism” is an inaccurate term for Fascism.

it has NOTHING to do with the Nazis, per se.

This deliberate, engineered confusion misleads our understanding of the central problem we face as human beings in our defence against this totalitarian, Fascist, psychopathic, wannabe-global dictatorship that, like the chameleon, has many guises…

The Zionists are also Fascists, despite the appearance – created, as usual, by Anglo-Saxon word-plays (ie deliberate lies)

This deliberate deceit also explains how Zelensky sees no clash of loyalty between the Azovs, right-sector, etc and his US-Zionist/British masters. All of these allied powers are Fascist dictatorships built on violence, coercion and deceit. The term “Nazi” is inaccurate and protects the guilty by allowing them to deny what they are – not Nazis, but Fascists: they unite an anti-democratic governance-system with the laundering of our common resources into the pockets of the business-parasites, who become weapons of oppression, paid for by government money-laundering, favouring the worst anti-people gangs: Big Pharma, the Military Industrial Complex, “Big Tech”/Media – the censors – and other sectors that should not even exist in a healthy society.

It is only after having corrected the lying perversions of truth by the enemies of humanity that we can even begin to rid ourselves of these parasites.

The Fascists are not we who were branded as such by “AntiFa” for objecting to the murder of innocent infants before birth: the denial of the fundamental right to life that all we living humans were allowed, but which is now under threat. AntiFa are a controlled opposition who attracted what we used to call “trendy lefties” – those who engaged in long discussions but always came to the conclusions that they had been swallowing in their spare time from their opium, the mainstream media.

That was what shattered the resistance against the Covid > JagMurder attack: – as it had defeated our resistence to British rule in Ireland… bullshit, based on misunderstanding of deceitful English terminology.

Our people allowed the clever manipulators to twist their thought-processes so they replaced effective defence with bullshit – empty discussions centred on misunderstanding of the language of the lie: English, the language of the oppressor, who uses it and many other weapons, to divide and conquer/rule.

Time to put all that bullshit away and to unite in our common defence.

Step two is to reject their lies:

Step one is to recognise them!



231007-1433: Anatomy of a Protection-Racket

“Dr. Gerson, you don’t understand. This man is a wealthy member of the W.R. Grace family. They own steamship lines, banks, chemical companies, and so on. You don’t cure a patient like this, you treat him.”

This simple, insidious message drives most aspects of the medical world. The motivation to keep people healthy is completely undermined by the permeation of profiteering throughout a deeply corrupted industry that depends on the vulnerability of the suffering.

Dr. Gerson’s conclusion that most illness is related to poor diet — and thus correctible, particularly in the early stages of disease — continues to be minimized and ridiculed.


231006: The truth behind the propaganda.

Judge Napolitano, Larry Johnson & Ray McGovern Judge Freedom:

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin describing Russia’s nuclear self-defence becomes “Putin threatens…” The Cowboy liars need their demonising headline… They also must hide his speech and lengthy press-conference, which shows us the real world they need to keep hidden from the people… (video with English translation here) (full English text here)

Makes Joe Biden look a bit childish, to say the least, but Biden’s country is well represented by him, since most of them think they are better than the rest of us: how could someone like this get elected if the electorate had any cop-on??? Well, I dunno, duh… turn on the TV…

…and the “defenders of truth” must have missed this part of Putin’s inputs:

the United States is the only country in the world that has used nuclear weapons and did it because it thought it was in their interests.”

shhhhh!!! not allowed to mention that – or the WMD’s that were in the USA when the USA attacked innocent Iraq; or their Twin-towers job; or the mass-murders in Libya, Yugoslavia, Ukraine and all the many other US-Zionist/UK/EU empire’s great victories… the mother of civilisations; the mother of parliaments; the Free World; Democracy; right-thinking people; the defenders against the terrorist threat, etc – their word “terrorist” describes themselves, not us, their “subjects”, their victims. We are their victims, once again rising up against their tyranny – a habit we will keep until we destroy their tyranny, allowing us at last to live in peace.

and this censored fact from Putin:

In December last year, we proposed to the United States to continue the dialogue on strategic stability, but they did not answer us”

I bet you didn’t see that one on your TV…


231006-1143: The Clever leadership of Ukraine…

has once again shot itself in the foot:

If ever there was a doubt, there is no doubt now, that, to protect it’s Black Sea fleet and the people of Crimea, the Russian Federation needs to control Odessa Oblast, the origin of the ongoing attacks – and more – to be out of range of these war-criminal NATO attacks.

Negotiations with these liars has always been impossible, since they are totally untrustworthy, so Russia rightly makes it’s own decisions, based on realities.

NATO probably has more aggressive notions – it has nothing positive to offer – so the defence preparations of the Free World’s main powers continues, as we in the less-powerful countries continue our resistance to this global criminal, terrorist network – sharing our far-too-long experience of life under the tyranny of those who think they own us all. We, unfortunately, but usefully now, understand the evil of

these parasitic, psychopathic creatures who insatiably gorge themselves on the human misery of their countless innocent victims.

Consider the massive saving of our common resources that the removal of the “hawks” from power in Washington, London, etc would cause.

They are the SINGLE threat to World Peace.

The Free World’s preparations for war are, as usual, defensive reactions to NATO criminal aggression. This criminal problem should be being solved by democratic means, but the criminals control all “peace-time” (in name only: they are still very much at war with us all) systems here, behind the Iron Curtain in the “West”‘s lunatic totalitarian state that is run by psychopathic mass-murderers.

When your country is ruled by criminals – no matter how they got control – your duty to your own people is to overthrow the criminals before they kill us all.

If you think this is over-reaction, just continue to do nothing…



231002-1550: The Perfect Crime.

Perfect since there is no hard evidence, because the murderers control all state apparatus – especially the “legal”, “policing” servants. They have made themselves “above the law” – having bribed their way to total dominance using OUR resources!!

First comes a warning: these killers are working still…

When the “Covid” virus was released (no direct proof) it was just one part of a “sell the dummy, score the goal” operation. I don’t use the term “conspiracy”, since this crime is just one of the recent uses of the system these criminals have been using to oppress us for centuries, but they have recently become even more powerful – and brazen in their status as “above the law”. Remember their term “rules based order”? This is how they deceive us. They call their reign of terror “democracy”!

So Covid was “the dummy”: it caused a problem – a serious, life-threatening problem – but nowhere as serious as they told us and easily cured with existing drugs…

The “solution” was a series of fear-engendering lies, using their mass-media to scare us, to cause us to “cellularise”, “individualise” almost voluntarily, to shatter the cohesion of any resistance and a long list of other coercion crimes, culminating in the production of an “untested” so-called “vaccine” that, though untested for safety, was adequately tested for it’s main purpose: to kill: to kill in massive numbers, but to be “plausibly deniable”, since the main ingredient was not a poison, but an immune-suppressor similar to the one they made and called AIDS – HIV. Remember now what these initial letters stand for and you can begin/continue your journey to understanding the enemy. “Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome” – caused by the “Human Immunodeficiency Virus” which they also created. Their only creative talent is for weapons and methods of mass-murder.

Immune deficiency… the invisible link in the chain that allows doctors to write an unconnected “cause of death” on a death-cert and which gives total Immunity to the murderers: a classic case of “plausible-deniability” and the perfect crime – almost!!

This essay is not the complete picture, but is a deadly accurate and succinct summary. Since another of their weapons is “hiding in plain sight”, I now offer the chain of events/causality/command in sketch form of the most heinous crime ever committed on this Earth:

They used to be called “colonisers” and used things like the bison as weapons: have sport killing bison to starve the native Americans; the potato: blame the blight fungus for a genocide that used the British army to forcibly remove our peoples crops and livestock to pay “rent” for our own land to “colonisers”, while we were forced to depend on one single “fast-recycle” invasive crop. Then they called us stupid and pretended to be concerned…

Then some of them thought they would further legitimise this and refine the work: they called themselves “eugenicists” and set about sanitising and justifying more of these crimes. They used – and still do – terms such as “the feeble-minded”, “useless eaters” and more, to tell us that most people were “not needed in this modern age”.

The “Eugenicists”, including Schwab, Gates, Harari and many, many more have been working on a “cleaner way to kill” for a long time and they even use the old landed-gentry word “cull”, which implies the removal of “surplus” animals by a conservation-minded, benevolent farmer. “Goyum” is another term used by the no-loyalty-club – the “less of them, more for us” club.

Holocausts, Genocides and all of their many “wars” all serve the same inhuman mindset. The “sporting estate” is the Scottish result of the same people’s work: the “population” “controlled” by murder and forced emigration and their land divided among the chosen people who live it up in splendid isolation.

Fomenting wars has been for long a speciality, but I think that one is currently getting it’s last outing in the unprovoked attack by the US/UK empire on a totally innocent – but powerful – Russia. They will get, in this crime, though, a taste of their just desserts, though the dying has so far not included the guilty. But the arm of the true law is long and the reign of the tyrant is always precarious.

So back to Covid: sell the dummy, score the goal:

Covid, etc are the “dummy”, which coerce people to take the jag, which causes the immune deficiency, which – and this is the perfect part – brings on a totally unconnected disease which does the killing, in millions, but completely remote to the long-planned operation to rid the World of 8 billion of us, it’s citizens. Death certs state cause of death as the secondary disease: perfect.

Sub-goals include the laundering of our resources into the pockets of a few ultra-murderers, so we, as usual, pay for our own oppression. There are many more aspects of this operation that all serve the main goal, for example: the lockdowns destroy society by isolating people, so their propaganda is unopposed, heading us towards the ultimate totalitarianism.

Those who are in on the deal can easily either refuse the jag or be given the saline placebo..

The target is “the feeble-minded” and that’s exactly who they are killing: those who their “culture” has de-landed, stuffed into cities, confined to overcrowded “estates” or flats, with no land to feed, to entertain and to employ them; indoctrinated in their “schools” that forced the English language on us not only in the “English” class, but in ALL classes, making it easy for the tyrant to create “feeble-minded” semi-people from what used to be the salt of the earth. “Crime is crime, is crime”.

But these mass-murderers are showing themselves now, in their over-confidence in the system their forefathers developed over hundreds of years.

And, as an example of our methodology we can take the case of ex-Brit PM Boris Johnson: this criminal among criminals is one among many who can be charged, tried and condemned for his direct causing – ordering – of ALL the deaths in the war in Ukraine since he visited Zelensky and gave him – their agent – the order to dump the peace-agreement last year… Johnson takes his place amidst the many “Global leaders” and subordinates who will soon be facing their citizens in open court and being questioned, in public, about their heinous crimes. The victims number hundreds of thousands and no punishment of this Earth could ever be severe enough to fit the crime. These people also have one thing in common: they pose as the defenders of democracy, freedom and truth. When these criminals are interrogated in public by people who can understand the mindset of the hypocrite, the bully, the psychopath,  we will quickly protect ourselves from this, the most dangerous criminal gang in the history of the human race.

Meanwhile, these murderers are still in power. Top priority, then, is their removal:

“Murderers out of government, into jail”.



231005-1428: So how much should be spent on paying politicians?


This saves not only the salary, but the inevitable corruption they automatically cause. Those who still vote for these parasites are insane.

The single cause of all the problems on Earth: professional politicians.



231005-1332: Truth and Propaganda.


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